B&B Transcript Monday 1/25/21

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 1/25/21


Episode #8448 ~ Zoe is beside herself when she discovers that she missed a text that could have changed the course of her life.Eager to determine who the father of her baby is, Steffy, asks for a paternity test.

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Zende: Apps are working faster, emails are loading. We're back at business, baby.

Paris: What are you doing?

Zende: I had to fully reset this thing, do all the upgrades, it was running so slow. Hey, can you send me a text message? I wanna see if that's working too.

Paris: Yeah, sure. I mean, you're lucky you just had to do a reset instead of being on hold with some help line for hours.

Zende: I know right. Ah. There it is. "Thank you." Why are you thanking me for?

Paris: Oh, you've just been so awesome today, introducing me to everyone.

Zende: Yeah. My pleasure. Starting a new job can be intimidating. Anything I can do to help, you let me know.

Paris: I appreciate that. I have to admit, I was a little nervous. But everyone has been so warm and welcoming.

Zende: Everyone but zoe?

Zoe: Wait. Tonight? What--what is he talking about? How is this coming in just now?

Carter: There she is. The woman I have been looking for my entire life.

Zoe: Hi, carter. Uh, what about life?

Carter: [ Laughs ] Okay, my beautiful phone addict. You don't put that up. Is something wrong?

Paris: Zoe is very protective of the life she's created here. And that having me here feels jarring to her.

Zende: She models and works for hope for the future. You work for the foundation. Two worlds that rarely collide.

Paris: It--it's not only about her professional life here, it's her personal, too. The relationships that she's working hard to build and the friendships within the company, with your family, and with you.

Carter: Did you get bad news?

Zoe: Uh, no. It's just unexpected, uh, work thing I need to take care of.

Carter: Okay. And hopefully, it doesn't take up too much of your time.

Zoe: Yeah.

Carter: Because we have a wedding to plan. Now first on the agenda is picking a date. Hopefully sooner than later. Have you been thinking about this as much as I have?

Zoe: [ Chuckles ]

Liam: Are you serious?

Hope: Yeah. Thomas overheard.

Liam: And this was-- this was earlier when we were talking at the house? Okay. Okay. Uh, what did-- what did he hear?

Hope: All of it. That his sister is pregnant and you might be the father.

Dr. Campbell: Obviously it's a stressful situation for you if you are not sure who the father is.

Steffy: Stressful, yeah. And life-changing, no matter how this turns out. It could be one of two men. Either one of them would be an amazing father but I'm-- I'm really hoping it's finn'S. I just need to know asap so I can start making plans.

Dr. Campbell: This isn't necessarily my place to ask, but are both men aware of the situation?

Steffy: Yeah. That's why I have to find out as soon as possible. I need to figure this all out so I can move forward.


Carter: Here's what I'm thinking. Tonight, we order in, pour some wine, open up the calendar, and choose a date. And once we're feeling accomplished, we celebrate.

Zoe: [ Chuckles ] Well, I like the way you wedding plan.

Carter: I thought you'd say that.

Zoe: [ Chuckles ]

Carter: Well, I'll let you get back to it. Just text me when you're on the way home.

Zoe: Yeah. I--I will. Yeah.

Donna: Hi, there.

Carter: Hey, donna.

Donna: Hi. How are you? I am trying not to be jealous, but it isn't easy.

Zoe: Hmm?

Donna: I just passed by your husband-to-be. Is it me or is he getting better looking by the day?

[ Laughter ]

Zoe: Yeah. I think maybe he does.

Donna: Yeah.

Hey, donna. Have you seen zende?

Donna: Yeah. I think he's upstairs. You--you want me pass along a message?

Zoe: Yeah. I was hoping, like, if you could tell him I--I need to see him as soon as possible.

Donna: Oh, yeah. Yeah. Sounds important.

Zoe: Yeah. It is.

Zende: So, scale from one to ten, how's the job so far?

Paris: Easily a ten.

Zende: Yeah?

Paris: [ Chuckles ] Yeah. Great company, even greater people.

Zende: There's that buckingham flirtatious side. But you don't have to butter me up. You have the job already.

Paris: I wanna get something clear.

Zende: Uh-oh.

Paris: No, it's not anything bad.

[ Sighs ] I just wanna say that I've been enjoying getting to know you and I enjoyed our kiss. And I wouldn't complain if it happened again after hours. But I'm not one to blur lines when it comes to work. I'm here to do a job. And that means no flirting or playing games.

Zende: Gotta respect that.

Donna: Oh, zende. Good, you're still here.

Zende: Hey, donna. What can I do for you?

Donna: Uh, no. Not me. Zoe. She's backstage. You better hightail it down there because it sounds like she really needs you.

Liam: Yeah. I can--I can picture the look on his face. It must have been nice for thomas to be able to say he was right all along.

Hope: Oh. I mean, I was kind of expecting that too but...

Liam: Nothing, he didn't-- he didn't trash me? No "I told you so"?

Hope: It's the exact opposite. Thomas thinks that I shouldn't give up on us.

Liam: What?

Hope: Yeah. He urged me not to break up our family. Thomas said I should forgive you.

Dr. Campbell: I understand how important it is for you to move forward,& to make plans, but unfortunately, we can't test today.

Steffy: Why not?

Dr. Campbell: It's too soon. We have to wait until after the eighth week of pregnancy, and based on when you say your last--

Steffy: Well, can't we at least try?

Dr. Campbell: There's no point. The lab won't be able to find conclusive results just yet. You won't have to wait long, I promise. Let's schedule something right now and, look, I realize this is difficult. But please, stressing about it is not good for you or the baby. You need to find a way to find a little bit of peace. Stay calm. For everyone's health.

Steffy: I know. It's just so disappointing.

Dr. Campbell: You want answers and you'll have them. I will see you soon.

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Liam: So, thomas encouraged you to forgive me?

Hope: Yes.

Liam: Okay. Wow. Did--I mean, did you believe him?

Hope: He was being sincere.

Liam: Yeah. I know. That's--well, that's surprising, that's very surprising news. It's welcome news. But it--it's-- can I ask if he had an effect on you? Did--did he-- did he... change the way that you've been thinking about this?

Hope: [ Scoffs ] You know how much I wish I could forgive you but it's not as simple as me just snapping my fingers and deciding to do that. And it's not something that I'm going to be talked into and certainly not by thomas. It's something that... it's going to take time, lots and lots of time for that to happen, if it even happens.

Liam: Yes, of course. I was not trying to rush you at all, I just-- I got to say I miss what we were. I miss... how it was before I hurt you.

Hope: Well, I do, too. I want our life back. I want us. I want our family. I--I--I also want to just close my eyes and have none of this to have ever happened. But I can't do that, can I? And especially-- especially not if you're that child's father.

[ Phone rings ]

Hope: Go ahead.

Liam: Um, um, it's steffy. She said she wants to see both of us as soon as possible.,

Donna: So, how--uh, how are you settling in?

Paris: So far, so good.

Donna: Good. Good. Well, you know, if you need anything, just, uh, please let me know.

Paris: Thank you. I was just telling zende how nice everyone is here.

Donna: Zende? Yeah. I--I've noticed that, you know, zende has kind of taken a special interest in you. I saw him introducing you around the building earlier.

Paris: Yeah. He's been very helpful.

Donna: Uh-huh.

Paris: Uh-hmm.

Donna: You buckingham sisters sure are lucky. I mean, zende is quite the catch if that's going where I think it's going. And as for zoe? I mean, talk about hitting the jackpot. I mean, carter is so sweet and handsome and strong, and successful. I mean, imagine going home to that hunk of a man every night.

Paris: Um, donna, remember when I first got here, and I embarrassed myself talking about zende, not knowing that he was standing in the doorway?

Donna: Oh, no.

Paris: Oh, yeah.

Donna: No.

Paris: Yeah.

Donna: Oh, okay. Uh, I'm gonna just go hide behind my desk, okay? Or maybe even under it.

Carter: Don't--don't be embarrassed donna. I appreciate the compliment. Especially coming from you. But I had hit the jackpot having zoe in my life.

Zende: Zoe? You wanted to see me?

Zoe: Yes.

Zende: Donna said it was important.

Zoe: Very. Zende, this could affect the rest of our lives.

Steffy: Thanks for coming.

Finn: Oh, yeah. Of course. So, what--what's going on? Your message sounded urgent.

Steffy: Yeah. Yeah. There's a lot we need to discuss. The four of us.

Finn: Four?,

Steffy: You, me, hope, liam.

Finn: [Sighs] Okay. Um, look, uh, I--I love you, but I am not ready yet for some big kumbaya sit-down with liam and hope.

Liam: Uh, hello? Hey. Am I, uh...

Finn: Not ready but here we are.

Steffy: Hey, yeah. Come on. Come on in.

Hope: So, what's this about? Why are we all here? One of the worst things about a cold sore

Zende: The rest of our lives? Zoe, what are you talking about?

Zoe: Have you ever made a decision without having all the information?

Zende: I know carter has been wanting to set a date. Is that what this is about?

Zoe: Life married to carter would be good. Uh, I know that but I can't stop wondering... about us, what we could be.

Zende: Don't go there.

Zoe: Look, I know this is uncomfortable, neither of us wants to hurt carter. But, I mean, I feel like we should figure out what's going on between us before I commit to him.

Zende: Zoe, you're engaged. You're living together.

Zoe: Yeah. Because of one night, one night that didn't go the way either of us expected. But if I would have known...

Zende: Known what?

Zoe: How you felt.

Zende: I'm not sure what it is you think you know, but it doesn't change what happened that night or any night subsequent. Zoe, you are engaged.

Zoe: Yeah. But I wouldn't be. Okay, not if things would have gone the way they should have. You were trying to get through to me. You didn't want me to be with carter. You wanted to see if we could have a chance.

Zende: Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. How--how do you...

Zoe: I got your text, you're saying that I should take it slow with carter and-- and meet up with you instead. And--and you were right here the whole time at forrester, waiting for me to come and I didn't know. I didn't get your message. Hey, it just came through today, zende.

Steffy: I thought it would be good to get the four of us together so we could talk.

Hope: Well, rehashing that isn't something that I--

Steffy: Not about what happened. I already apologized for that so as liam and we feel awful for hurting you. We do. We need to talk about what happens next. I just came back from a doctor's appointment. It's confirmed. I'm pregnant. I asked if we could do a paternity test but they said it's too early so, we're just gonna have to wait. I know. I'm disappointed, too. But we're just gonna have to deal with it, okay? Something else the doctor said. I, um, I need to stay calm for the baby's sake. I have apologized and I have meant every word but I need to stop stressing. I'm carrying another child, a child that I need to protect. You understand. Finn, I am so ashamed that I betrayed you. I really am. But there is nothing ugly about this baby. I'm gonna love it fiercely no matter who the father is, or how it came to be.

Finn: As you should.

Steffy: I really hope you're the father. I wanna see you hold your child for the first time, raise him or her with such care and tenderness. I mean, that's what I envisioned for us, a future that I want with you. But if this baby turns out to be liam's, and I'm-- I am praying to god that it's not, hope, I want you to know that I never meant to hurt you. I never meant to undermine your marriage. I love beth and douglas, a sweet family. I--I--I don't wanna tear their family apart. We're all dying for an answer. And I wish we could find out today, but it's-- it's not meant to be. We're just gonna have to wait a little bit longer. We'll find out whose baby I'm carrying. I'll do a paternity test and we'll find out if this baby is-- is finn'S... or liam'S.

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