B&B Transcript Friday 1/15/21

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 1/15/21


Episode #8443 ~ Hope challenges Steffy about her affair with Liam; Zoe attempts to get Zende to admit his true feelings for her.

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Steffy: I was trying to apologize.

Hope: I don`t want an apology from you. I want you to say it. You never stopped wanting Liam.

Steffy: If you wanna have this conversation, we can, but if you`re just gonna go off on me, I don`t want it.

Hope: You will take it. You will stand there and face what you did. I mean, you owe me that.

Steffy: Hope, I wasn`t trying to steal your husband.

Hope: Oh, okay, then what would you like to call it, Steffy? You had sex with him and now you`re pregnant. And you might be carrying his child.

Finn: Don`t tell me you didn`t know what you were doing.

Liam: I was in shock, Finn. I thought Hope had betrayed me, I-- I saw Thomas in his apartment.

Finn: I don`t give a damn about what you saw or didn`t see. And I don`t wanna hear any of your excuses. You came over here that night for one reason, Liam. You weren`t looking for a place to vent or a shoulder to cry on. You were looking for Steffy, because the truth is, you wanted her.

Zoe: You know I`m glad that we`re working in here a lot more. It`s actually one of my favorite places in the building. During a show it`s just buzzing with activity. And the rest of the time it`s quiet. Private. Kind of makes it the perfect place to sneak away. If these walls could talk...

Zende: You forget I grew up in this building. I know all it`s secrets.

Zoe: Oh? You wanna share some with me?

Zende: Funny.

Zoe: What? Not tempting?

Zende: Might be. Except... you`re engaged. Are you flirting with me, Zoe? What`s going on here?

Zende: You know I was just kidding around, right?

Zoe: (laughs) You sure? I mean, the way you were looking at me...

Zende: I mean, you are a beautiful woman. I could pretend not to notice, but... umm... okay, ah, seriously, I feel like something is going on with you. What is it?

Zoe: Ahm, something happened with Carter.

Zende: You guys ok?

Zoe: He wants to set a wedding date.

Liam: Hey, I don`t blame you for being pissed. You probably want to take a swing at me, and believe me I understand.

Finn: I don`t think you have any idea how I feel, Liam. Cause if you did you would have charged into that apartment when you thought you saw Thomas with your wife. But you didn`t. You didn`t defend Hope or your marriage, you ran straight back to Steffy`s as fast as you could.

Liam: That`s not the...

Finn: And maybe you were confused by the mannequin, but your reaction, it wasn`t a mistake. It`s who you are. You`re a man with no integrity, no principles, who cheats on his wife when his ego gets wounded. It`s pathetic.

Steffy: This baby has to be Finn`s. We`ve been together for a while now.

Hope: Well there`s still a chance that it might be Liam`s. And it doesn`t change what happened that night. But I mean go ahead, defend yourself. Tell me your side of the story. Tell me that I`m wrong.

Steffy: Are you going to listen?

Hope: Are you going to tell me the truth? Because that`s all I care about, Steffy. I want you to be honest about what happened that night.

Steffy: Liam already told you.

Hope: And I am asking you. How did you end up in bed with my husband? I really wanna know.

Zende: So Carter wants to set a wedding date?

Zoe: Yeah. He`s really excited about it and he doesn`t wanna wait.

Zende: Is there a reason to?

Zoe: No, but there`s also no reason to be rushing into it, either.

Zende: Ah, if you`re a planning a wedding, you kinda have to lock in the date, even if it`s far off in the future.

Zoe: Yeah, but that`s the thing. I`m not too sure how far out Carter`s willing to go. I mean I thought that we could take this slow, you know, just kind of ease into all this wedding stuff. But he`s just ready to make it happen.

Zende: You`re not?

Zoe: I mean I wanna be. I love Carter. And I wouldn`t have accepted his proposal if I didn`t. You know he`s an incredible man and he`s gonna make a wonderful husband.

Zende: But?

Zoe: I mean I`ve just given this a lot of thought. Ever since I said yes to this engagement I`ve just had all these questions and I haven`t been able to talk to anybody about this. I mean, Carter, he is the COO of the company, so I can`t really talk to my friends here about it and I`ve never gone to my sister about advice. So I`ve kind of just... been trying to sort this out on my own.

Zende: You can talk to me.

Zoe: Well I don`t know. I feel like I`ve already said more than I should.

Zende: I`m not an expert on marriage, clearly. But I do know the things that can tear one apart. If you have questions you need them answered before the wedding. After you get married things get a lot more complicated. So... if there are things that you need to discuss or work through, it`s better to do it now. And if I can help with that, I`m here.

Zoe: I can`t stop thinking about the first time that we met.

Zende: You and Carter?

Zoe: No, Zende. You and me.

Zende: It`s normal to feel overwhelmed when you`re planning a wedding.

Zoe: I`m not thinking about my wedding, that`s the problem.

Zende: Well there`s nothing that says you have to be the one who`s into planning it. Carter`s officiated enough weddings, I`m sure he can put one of these together with his eyes closed.

Zoe: I`ve been thinking about you, Zende. I mean, do you remember the first day that we met? I do. I`ve never felt that immediate spark before. It was like, one look at you and all the air out of the room just rushed out.

Zende: Zoe, I...

Zoe: What? I mean is it just me or do you feel this too? Look, I know I`m probably not supposed to be even asking this, but it`s too important. And at this point I`ve already asked you way too many things, like, should I move in with Carter, or should I marry him.

Zende: I said yes.

Zoe: Yeah, and you also said to follow your heart. Do what feels right.

Zende: And you did. You thought about it, you took your time. And when Carter proposed you accepted.

Zoe: Yea, but, I don`t know, did you ever wonder what might have happened if you would`ve said something else?

Zende: Like what?

Zoe: You never thought about you and me, what we could be like together?

Zende: You were already with Carter when I moved back to L.A.

Zoe: I know, but...

Zende: Zoe, Carter`s my friend!

Zoe: Yeah, I-- I know, and you don`t wanna hurt him and neither do I. Seriously. But the way that we connect, the way that this feels... I don`t know... Maybe it`s actually something worth exploring.

Liam: I know what you`re picturing, Finn, and it didn` happen...

Finn: Steffy`s pregnant! And you could be the father.

Liam: Yes, yes, but not because we were having an affair, not because we had, like a thing going on, it was one night. It was an error in judgment.

Finn: You could have gone anywhere that night. You could have gone home. Then you would`ve realized Hope wasn`t kissing Thomas. She was there waiting for you while you were cheating on her.

Liam: I wasn`t ch--... This was not deliberate. I made a mistake because I thought that Hope was betraying me.

Finn: Call it what you want, you broke your wedding vows. And you made Steffy break her commitment to me. And that`s why you did it. Right there. That damn picture. You saw it every time that you came over here. You knew that Steffy is vulnerable to you, that fantasy of the two of you raising Kelly together. Never mind all of the work that she has done to break that cycle, to finally move on. So you can lie to yourself, pretend that it "just happened", but I don`t buy it. You knew exactly what you were doing that night. Because you`ve been doing it to Hope and Steffy for years.

Steffy: Liam thought you were cheating on him. And not just with any man. With Thomas. The one guy he can`t stand, like you know all of this, so what else do you want to hear?

Hope: You say you saw how much pain he was in, how much he was hurting. But you let him start drinking and you should know all about enabling, I mean, how many times did you refill his drink?

Steffy: Really?

Hope: It`s not like Liam walked in the door and fell into your arms.

Steffy: No, he told me what happened. And I said go home to you and get the truth.

Hope: You think that absolves you? You thought that what Liam saw wasn`t possible, but you had sex with him anyway. So don`t act like I`m being unfair, like it`s wrong for me to call you out, ok? I see what you`re doing here. You sabotage my marriage with Liam again.

Zoe: You don`t wanna see where this could lead for us?

Zende: I didn`t say that.

Zoe: Ok, then what? Are you-- are you not attracted to me, I mean have I misunderstood all the looks and the flirtations, the compliments...

Zende: I didn`t say that either.

Zoe: Because you can`t! Because it`s never been all business between us. And you know that, from the beginning. I mean, the electricity and the chemistry between us. That`s why we`re such a good team. But, we could be more than that.

Zende: You`re engaged, Carter`s my friend. And I wasn`t going to mention this, but... earlier something happened. Your sister kissed me.

Zoe: Yeah, I know. She told me, but I don`t care.

Zende: I`m not going to disrupt things between you and Carter because you`re nervous about setting a wedding date! I care about you too much to do something like...

Zoe: Yea, and I care about you too! That`s what I need you to hear, before it`s too late. Look, Carter and I, we started dating right when you moved to L.A. And I was a big fan of yours, you know, we interacted a little bit over social media. But I never expected to feel the way I did when we met. I-- I`ve never even felt this way for anybody. Zende, what if these feelings aren`t wrong? What if it`s just bad timing? What if we`re meant to be together?

Finn: And Steffy thought she was helping you, Liam. She was there for you and you turned her life upside down like you`ve done so many times before. It never ends!

Liam: Finn, Finn... I know. All I can tell you is that my commitment is to Hope and my family with her.

Finn: You think that makes you so noble? It`s sick, this constant back and forth!

Liam: I`m-- I`m not excusing what I did, are you hearing me? It`s my fault! I`m standing here telling you, it`s my fault! I made a mistake and it`s going to affect all of our lives forever and I feel horrible about it. Now, Steffy is pregnant and one of us is the father, hopefully it`s you.

Finn: Thomas, he warned me about this. He said that you would do this. That you would always circle back to Steffy.

Liam: That`s...

Finn: It stops. Now. You hear me? If I`m the father of this child, you are going to have a very different relationship with Steffy in the future.

Hope: You know what the saddest part about this is? I really believed in us. I convinced myself that we had finally outgrown our toxic rivalry.

Steffy: Hope, I wasn`t trying to sabotage your marriage.

Hope: You made a decision that night, Steffy. And it speaks to who you are. A homewrecker.

Steffy: But your home isn`t wrecked. Liam wants to be with you. I mean, yeah, we spent a night together, it wasn`t planned, but he wants a life with you. And I wanna have a future with Finn, I love him.

Hope: You love Finn?

Steffy: Yeah.

Hope: Did you think he was cheating on you?

Steffy: No.

Hope: Did you believe, under imaginary circumstances, that he had betrayed you and you went running off to Liam?

Steffy: Oh, God, it wasn`t like that.

Hope: No, it wasn`t, you`re right. Because you wanted Liam. You wanted to be with him. How could you do that? Forget about me, how could you do that to Finn? After he stood by you through everything and you still betrayed him.

Steffy: I don`t know! I don`t know! But I can`t lose him. Especially not now. Especially when I could be having his child.

Zende: We do have something special, Zoe.

Zoe: And we can`t ignore it.

Zende: We can use it to fuel our work, that`s what we`ve been doing.

Zoe: Yeah, but now Carter wants to set a wedding date. And I don`t know what to do with these feelings.

Zende: I don`t know what to tell you. That is a line I cannot cross. Carter doesn`t deserve that. And neither do you. Carter is a solid, stable guy. The kind of man you could build a good life with. So... no.

Zoe: No?

Zende: We can`t talk about us. We can`t talk about what we would be to each other. It`s not going to happen.

Liam: Steffy and I already have a child together, Finn. Whether or not we`re about to have another one won`t change that.

Finn: If you`re not, if this child is mine, things will change, Liam. So you can wrap your head around that right now. Steffy will not be your fall-back anymore. You`re going to stop disrespecting her and disrupting her life.

Liam: It`s not your call.

Finn: I`m just telling you what`s gonna happen. I`ve put up with you coming in and out of here, for Kelly`s sake. Making yourself at home in this home that you`ve abandoned. Right from the beginning you questioned Steffy`s relationship with me. Not my motives, my feelings for her. Her feelings for me. And we`re building something good and now you`ve threatened that, too. I`m done playing games, Liam. I`m not gonna keep you from your daughter, you can see Kelly. But if this child turns out to be mine, your days with Steffy, those days... are over.

Steffy: Making accusations won`t make this less painful.

Hope: Alright, let`s not focus on what happened. Or on how or why, let`s just forget about it altogether and put our emotions aside so that you can feel less guilty, hmm? Yea, I`m not going to fall for that again.

Steffy: Okay, come on... please don`t do this. Don`t throw away everything we`ve done, all the work we`ve done. Kelly and Beth are sisters. Liam doesn`t want this to come between them, he loves them.

Hope: And now Liam may be having another child with you. Or maybe not. Maybe it is Finn`s, like you claim to want. What kind of a woman gets herself in that kind of a mess anyway? Oh I can think of a word for it. It`s actually a word that your mom used to call mine. Only I won`t stoop as low. So instead I`ll say this: you`re a liar. And you`re desperate. And you`re selfish.

Steffy: Go ahead and say all of that. It`s not true.

Hope: Steffy, everything could have been different. That night Liam was upset, but you had a clear head. You could have prevented all of that from happening, but you didn`t. Instead you just confirmed every fear I have ever had about you, which is that you were just waiting for another opportunity with my husband. Just dreaming for a night like that to happen ever since your marriage with Liam ended. Only him showing up at your door all heartbroken and hurt and you are there for him. Him needing you, I bet you just dreamed of that night. Gosh, it`s been staring at us in the face this entire time, right? That, your little fantasy picture still hanging up there in the living room? It was right there. And we saw it all along. You know, I-- I do have a question for you, though, Steffy, as a mother. What is your intuition telling you? Who`s the father? Is it Finn? Or is it Liam?

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