B&B Transcript Thursday 1/14/21

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 1/14/21


Episode #8442 ~ Accusations fly when Finn confronts Liam about his night with Steffy; Hope tries her best to hide the truth from Brooke.

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Kelly: Bye!

Steffy: Bye, sweetie! Have fun at the aquarium. Thank you, Amelia.

Liam: Aquarium, huh? Ah, how cool! You tell me all about it when you get back, ok? Steffy? Hey.

Steffy: Hey. I didn`t realize you were coming over.

Liam: Yeah, well, I thought we should probably talk in person. Umm... so I told Hope last night. She knows everything.

Brooke: Didn`t you get much sleep last night? That`s a pretty big cup of coffee.

Hope: Whatever it takes.

Brooke: You`re launching your own collection, you`re taking care of the kids. You`ve got a lot on your plate, honey. I know, I`ve been there. It can be exhausting.

Hope: On days like today I appreciate the distraction.

Brooke: You and Liam are doing such a great job parenting Beth. And Douglas. It`s a big responsibility, bringing another child into your home. But, you are doing it with grace and with ease. You`re giving Thomas`s son a home that is safe and very loving.

Vinny: Hey, Thomas.

Thomas: Vinny!

Vinny: Hey.

Thomas: What are you doing here? Wait, wow wow wow! Who let you in?

Vinny: (laughs) I missed you too, pal. Hey, look at you. Good to see you doing ok, man. We could`ve lost you.

Vinny: Hey, look at you, you`re working away already.

Thomas: Yeah, well, I couldn`t really wait any longer. I was lying in that hospital bed, I couldn`t get Hope For The Future designs out of my head.

Vinny: I heard what happened to you, man, I was worried about you. You got my text, right?

Thomas: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Thanks for that.

Vinny: And you know I would have come sooner, but it`s just you know, work`s been crazy.

Thomas: Nah, nah, nah, no big deal. I mean, I, honestly, I wasn`t up to seeing visitors anyway. But I`m feeling much better now.

Vinny: Good, I`m glad to hear it, man, cause when I heard "brain injury", I thought you were a goner.

Thomas: Well, me too.

Vinny: Well, you must have had a primo team of doctors, cause you look brand new!

Thomas: Thanks, umm... yeah, I mean, I`m definitely a lucky guy, but I wouldn`t have even made it to the hospital if it wasn`t for Hope. I owe it all to her.

Brooke: You deserve a lot of praise when it comes to balancing work and family life.

Hope: Mom, can we please stop talking like I`m perfect.

Brooke: Honey, you are perfect. To me, you are. You`re an incredible mother to those children and you`re a wonderful wife to Liam. You should be proud of what you`ve built with Liam. Look, everything`s calming down now. Thomas is working on himself and Steffy is more and more serious about that handsome man in her life. This should be a peaceful time for you and Liam. You need to enjoy this time. Your relationship is as important as anything else in your life, sweetie.

Hope: Mom, can we please not talk about this right now.

Brooke: Right, it`s too early in the morning for a mom pep talk.

Hope: No, no, no it`s not your fault, I just have a lot on my mind right now.

Brooke: Yeah, I can see that. Is everything ok? Is something wrong?

Steffy: You told Hope? Everything?

Liam: Yep.

Steffy: That must have been... I told Finn, too. Pretty sure he`s still in shock, but we had to do it, we had to come clean.

Liam: Yeah, we did. I tried to explain it all, you know, that... I spent the night here after I thought I saw her kissing Thomas. And that, umm... you`re pregnant now.

Vinny: So what exactly happened? You must have hit your head pretty bad.

Thomas: There was a little more involved than that, but that`s basically the gist of it.

Vinny: And, and Hope found you unconscious?

Thomas: Actually, ah... she was already there at the apartment when I collapsed.

Vinny: They know why you passed out?

Thomas: Umm... you know, that... I-- I hit my head a few times before then, I guess, and then umm... you know actually, the last time was after Liam and I got into a fight.

Vinny: He knocked you out?

Thomas: No, he was... he was already gone. I just, I-- I lost my balance and collapsed and, umm... yea, the doctors said it was a subdural hematoma.

Vinny: Eh... a subdural hemo-what?

Thomas: Like, ah, bleeding in the brain.

Vinny: Yikes!

Thomas: Yeah, it was ahh... it was pretty gnarly. And it, uh... it was tough, for a minute, I mean I-- I couldn`t really tell reality. Uhh, I was... I was having these delusions. Umm, I just didn`t know how dangerous it was.

Vinny: Delusions? Like, like, like what?

Thomas: Like your mind`s playing tricks on you.

Vinny: Like you`re seeing double?

Thomas: Umm...sure, yeah.

Vinny: Oh, man, you know, I-- I got clacked with a baseball when I was a kid. They said I had a mild concussion. I-- I remember I was seeing two of everything for a week, you know, it`s...

Thomas: Yeah. Yeah, pretty bad. And umm, well, for me it was so bad that, ah, eventually I was just - boom, out like a light.

Vinny: Whoa, man...

Thomas: Yea, it was pretty bad and uh that`s when Hope called 911 and the ambulance took me to the hospital.

Vinny: She was like your guardian angel.

Thomas: Yeah, ah... nobody would have known what had happened to me. I could have been lying there for days.

Vinny: I`ll say.

Thomas: Yeah, but ah... they took me to the hospital and, umm... apparently I was having seizures. And the pressure on my brain from the bleeding got worse and worse and eventually they rolled me off to emergency surgery.

Vinny: Wow, get out of here...

Thomas: Thankfully the doctors were able to stop the bleeding and I`m okay now. It`s pretty remarkable I was able to walk out of there.

Vinny: Unreal. A--and it`s all thanks to Hope, man. She saved you, dude, I-- I get it, I get why you feel like you owe your life to her now.

Thomas: Yeah...

Brooke: Are you alright, honey? You`d tell me if something was bothering you?

Hope: Ahh... just been thinking a lot. You know, what it means to be a part of a family and how becoming a parent can change the course of your life.

Brooke: Yeah, but in the best way possible. You finally have everything you`ve ever wanted with Liam. And you deserve all the happiness that comes along with that. You both have been through a lot, you`ve overcome so many obstacles.

Hope: I was almost afraid to get comfortable. Always having that nagging in the back of my mind, but then I... I finally let go.

Brooke: Well, see? There you go. That`s a sign of a healthy relationship. I mean if you can let your guard down just let all of your worries melt away.

Hope: Yeah, and then you think things are going well, that things are lining up exactly the way they should, but then... you get thrown a curveball.

Brooke: Are you talking about Douglas? How he almost lost his father? Honey, nobody wants to see tragedy come to that family. But there`s really nothing to worry about. Thomas is fine. Nobody is going anywhere.

Hope: Thank you for listening to me.

Brooke: Of course.

Hope: Right, I am, uhh.. going ahead into the office.

Brooke: Alright. Have a good day, honey.

Hope: I`ll see you later.

Steffy: I hated telling Finn, but he and Hope deserve to know the truth.

Liam: I mean, Finn`s aware it`s probably his baby, right?

Steffy: It`s either his or yours. He was excited of the thought of becoming a father. I just pray he`s able to forgive me.

Liam: Well, give him time.

Steffy: It`s a lot for anyone to deal with. I mean, not only am I pregnant, I betrayed him with my ex. If this child is his, then I have completely robbed him of that pure, joyful moment of finding out that he`s a father. If he walks out the door, if he never talks to me again, I mean I... I can`t blame him. But I`m really hoping that we`re gonna get through this because I love him so much. And I know he`d be there for the baby once we get the paternity test and find out that he is the father.

Liam: Well I hope it... I hope it all works out for you, I don`t wanna turn your life upside down any more that I already have.

Steffy: I imagine Hope wasn`t so forgiving when you told her.

Liam:(laughs): Telling Hope not only about our night together, but that you`re pregnant... I think that was the hardest thing I`ve ever had to do.

Steffy: So where do you guys stand now?

Vinny: Liam`s probably not thrilled that you owe your life to Hope now?

Thomas: I don`t really care what Liam thinks.

Vinny: Atta boy. You gotta stand up to that guy.

Thomas: I am trying to be more accepting of their marriage for Hope`s sake.

Vinny: He is your kid`s step dad. I get it.

(phone chimes)

Vinny: Hang on. Oops. I mean you are stuck with that guy for the rest of little Dougie`s life, right?

Thomas: You know what? I`m letting go of the animosity. Ok? I`m not gonna interfere in Hope`s marriage. That doesn`t mean that I don`t wonder if Liam is incapable of.... of committing to Hope. I mean she deserves someone who is devoted to her and only her.

Vinny: Look at you. That`s big of you, man.

Hope: I can use another office.

Thomas: Oh no, no, Hope. You can stay. Vinny just stopped by to say hi.

Vinny: Yea, you know this guy, talking my ear off, right? It`s good to see you, Hope. I was just checking in to see my old buddy.

Thomas: Yea, I was telling him what happened. All the gory details.

Vinny: Oh, what a miracle you were there to save his life. You-- you`re an absolute angel.

Hope:(laughs) It was just, right place, right time, we`re all just glad he wasn`t there by himself.

Thomas: I am a lucky guy. That`s for sure.

Vinny: Seriously, most people panic in a situation like that, but you didn`t. So, on behalf of all of his friends... we would have missed giving him a hard time at poker night.

Thomas: Allright, alright.

Vinny: Well, I-- I do got to split. So if you need anything just give me a call. And I mean anything. You know I got you. Alright?

Thomas: Thanks, man.

Vinny: And Hope, always a pleasure.

Hope: Bye, Vinny.

Thomas: He`s a... he`s quite the character. And we couldn`t be more different but he`s always been a loyal friend. And he`s definitely right about one thing: I owe you my life.

Steffy: Hope must have been heart-broken.

Liam: She was shattered, absolutely shattered. You-- you should`ve seen the look on her face, Steffy, I don`t think I`ll ever forget it.

Steffy: I`m sorry, Liam. I know this has been hard on you.

Liam: Not just me. I mean, I-- I made vows, you know, to never hurt her, to honor my marriage and look what I did. At first it was kind of looking like it was the end, you know. Like, we weren`t gonna make it, but I think because of her compassion for the children she said she was... she was willing to try. To try to move forward, cause she didn`t want what I did to destroy our family, you know?

Steffy: Well that`s incredible, I mean she loves you, she doesn`t wanna lose you.

Liam: Oh, believe me, I was beyond grateful, I was so relieved. Just that, that she was even willing to try, you know, but... then I had to tell her that you`re pregnant. She was not expecting those words to come out of my mouth. I mean, it... it rocked her. And you know something... if it does turn out that I`m the father, I don`t think we`re going to make it. I think there`s only so much Hope can take.

Steffy: We put Hope and Finn in a really tough position. And they deserve to know who`s baby I`m carrying.

Liam: Yeah, we have to find out, for everyone`s sake.

Steffy: Yeah, I know, I`m going to get a paternity test.

Liam: I wish there was something else, anything else I could do to-- to help.

Steffy: No.

Liam: Either way, it`s gonna be your son or daughter. It`s pretty amazing. Maybe mine, too.

Steffy: Whether the child is yours or Finn`s, they`re gonna have a great dad. Right, I gotta go to work, get some stuff done.

Liam: Yeah, okay. Oh, ahh, hey... I, umm, I brought this over for Kelly, it`s a rock shaped like a heart. Umm, I`m just gonna put it on her dresser in her room, add to her collection.

Steffy: She`ll love it, especially coming from her dad.

Finn: What the hell are you doing here?

Finn: We`re alone, right? Kelly`s out with Amelia?

Liam: Yeah, but I was just going...

Finn: Good. This is better. I thought I was gonna have to come looking for you.

Liam: Suppose I owe you the same explanation I gave Hope.

Finn: Explanation? No, see, I`m pretty clear what happened that night.

Liam: I know. I`m not defending myself, Finn.

Finn: Wait. You thought you saw Thomas kissing Hope? Okay, Liam, so why didn`t you confront them? Right then and there? Demand Thomas to take his hands off your wife? Because if you had, you would have realized it was a mannequin! We wouldn`t be in this mess! Steffy and I would be growing happier and closer by the day. And you wouldn`t have dishonored your marriage. But no. No, no, no, Liam, so you went and overreacted! You ran right out the door and drove straight to your ex-wife`s house.

Liam: Okay, okay, Finn. Listen. Listen, I know what you`re implying and I can`t even pretend I blame you, but it`s not true.

Finn: What am I implying, Liam?

Liam: I wasn`t looking for a reason to spend the night with Steffy.

Finn: Mm, you sure about that?

Liam: Yes, yes, yes. I`m sure about that. None of this was calculated.

Finn: Even if you weren`t conscious of it, you still came over here that night because you wanted Steffy. You still haven`t gotten over her, have you? You`ve probably been looking for an excuse to come over here for years!

Liam: Okay, you know you don`t have to think this to be angry with me, right?

Finn: You only cared about yourself. You didn`t think about Hope, you didn`t think about Steffy or the fact that she was in a committed relationship. And you sure as hell didn`t give a damn about your vows to your wife.

Thomas: I-- I wouldn`t be here without you, Hope.

Hope: You don`t have to keep thanking me, Thomas.

Thomas:(laughs) I know it`s probably getting annoying at this point, I just, but I-- I feel like I need to express my gratitude.

Hope: I just did what anyone would`ve done in that situation.

Thomas: Well, the fact that you were there in the first place, I mean that`s... that`s huge. After everything that I`ve done in the past, and I`ll never take that for granted.

Hope: You`re already doing so much. I, ah, I`m honestly surprised to even see you back here at work.

Thomas: Yeah, well I was anxious to get these designs that are in my head finally onto some paper. Plus, I have a few ideas. What do you think about a capsule collection? Maybe working with one of the big department stores, you know? I mean it could create a lot of buzz for the line and... and... Hope?

Hope: What?

Thomas: You know if something is wrong I hope that you feel like you can talk to me about it.

Steffy: Thomas? I-- I can`t believe you`re already back at work.

Thomas: I was just telling Hope how I, I was just anxious to get back and put some designs finally onto paper.

Hope: Thomas, would you mind giving Steffy and me a moment alone?

Steffy: Yeah, Hope and I need to talk.

Thomas: Okay, yeah, sure. I`ll just, uh...

Steffy: Hope, I am so sorry. I know you probably don`t believe me. I can only imagine what you`re thinking - Liam and me and that night, but you have to understand it was a huge misunderstanding, and if he could go back...

Hope: Would he? I don`t know, Steffy. You tell me. Wow. Wow have I been naive.

Steffy: Hope, please...

Hope: No, no, no. No, because it`s all starting to make sense now. You know, that giant picture of you and my husband that`s been hanging on your wall this entire time? That he never even once asked you to take it down, did he? And you never had the decency or the respect to take it down yourself. Pretending like it was up there for Kelly. When it`s not even hanging in her room. You put that up there for you and your sick little fantasy and congratulations - now you`re pregnant with a child that might be Liam`s. From a night that I... I bet you would love to go back and do all over again, because my marriage and my family might be destroyed.

Steffy: Hope...

Hope: Admit it, Steffy. Admit it. You finally got what you wanted. Another chance with Liam. Another chance with my husband.

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