B&B Transcript Wednesday 1/13/21

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 1/13/21


Episode #8441 ~ Paris and Zoe's sibling rivalry goes next level; Finn is stunned when Steffy reveals why she came clean about her night with Liam.

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Hope: What are you trying to tell me?

Liam: First of all, I just-- I just wanna say... I can`t tell you how much what you just said means to me, just-- just knowing that you even think it`s possible for us to move past this...

Hope: In time. Maybe. I said I would try.

Liam: Yes, of course, and I`m not gonna pressure you. Just even knowing you`re willing... knowing-- knowing how much our marriage means to you... It gives me hope.

Hope: If our marriage ends it doesn`t just affect us. Beth`s future is at stake. Douglas. And so... we have to try. And it won`t be easy, but we-- we have to put your night with Steffy behind us.

Liam: The thing is, that... might not be possible.

Finn: Forgive you? I-- I don`t even know what to say to that, I...

Steffy: I know it`s a lot to process.

Finn: You think? I mean, you slept with another man, your ex. And even if it was based off of a misunderstanding, it`s just-- it still happened. You let him into your house that night. Into your bed. What am I supposed to do with that? Especially when I know how you feel about him. I mean, yeah, you`ve-- you`ve been honest since day one, that you`ll always care about him and that you`ll always want him in your life. I just... I didn`t think you meant like that.

Steffy: No. No, I didn`t, I never meant-- Look, if you want to walk out the door and never speak to me again, I understand, but I`m really hoping that you don`t. Maybe it`s too soon, but I`m-- I`m really hoping that you`ll find it in your heart to forgive me. That it`s still possible. That you`re willing to give me another chance.

Zoe: Ugh, I-- I can`t believe you!

Paris: Why are you so upset about this?

Zoe: Oh, gee, I wonder? First you defy my wishes and then you take this job.

Paris: Because it`s a great opportunity.

Zoe: Yeah, and to make matters worse you celebrate by kissing Zende?

Paris: Okay, uh, help me understand. How does a positive step forward in my love life make anything worse for you?

Paris: Couldn`t-- couldn`t you just be happy for me for once?

Zoe: You know, I would like to be, but you keep making poor decision after poor decision.

Paris: You mean like accepting a prestigious position at a charitable foundation? Or kissing a handsome available man? (Laughs) Oh yeah, look at me, just making terrible life choices.

Zoe: Ok, you know what I`m talking about. I already told you why working here would be a bad idea. And now this thing with Zende. You know, I`m just trying to protect you. The guy is rebounding from a recent divorce. You`re gonna get hurt.

Paris: Ohh, okay so you can just rebound from Xander to Thomas to Carter without blinking an eye, but Zende is off limits to me? Zoe, what`s really going on here?

Steffy: I hurt you. I lost your trust but I`m willing to put in the work to regain it if you`ll let me.

Finn: Do I seem like the kind of guy who walks away when things get difficult? I`m hurt, I`m confused, I`m upset, frankly, yeah, I`m a little pissed off. But forgiveness, that`s... that`s not a stage that I`m ready for, but it`s the goal. Because you and I are the goal. What we have, that`s... that`s worth fighting for.

Hope: You`re confusing me. I mean, didn`t you come to me, confessing what you did so that we could put it behind us?

Liam: Yes. In part, yes.

Hope: In part?

Liam: As I said, there`s a bit more.

Hope: Okay. Well, what is it? Did something else happen? Liam, please keep being honest with me. Tell me what is going on.

Zoe: You`re missing the point.

Paris: Which is...?

Zoe: I`m trying to look out for you.

Paris: Yeah, you keep saying that. But to me it feels like the same childhood nonsense. I mean, the big, bossy older sister throwing her weight around, claiming her territory. I still haven`t forgotten when you taped a line down the middle of our room saying I couldn`t come on to your side.

Zoe: Ok, little Miss Hold-a-grudge-forever. You know that lasted, like, two days. And by the way, all teen girls who are forced to have a room with their little sister has done that at some point.

Paris: Yeah, but they eventually grow out of it. And look at you, I mean, we`re adults and you`re still taping down imaginary boundaries.

Zoe: Honestly, Paris, I just think you`re overly sensitive to any advice I give you. Seriously, you-- you dig in your heels and then you do the exact opposite of what I`m saying, simply because I`m saying it. And then you think I`m bullying you, just because I tell you not to work here or not to get involved with Zende. But the truth is I`m actually trying to prevent you from getting hurt.

Paris: And I appreciate that. All right? But just because Zende recently got divorced, doesn`t mean he`s guaranteed to hurt me. Life is about taking chances.

Zoe:(laughs) That`s the thing, Paris! You don`t take chances. I do. And then you waltz in here and wanna ride my coattails.

Paris: You really think that?

Zoe: Umm, yeah, I mean, I moved here to Los Angeles, got a job at Forrester, all on my own, by the way, and then you just show up here demanding half after I laid down all of the groundwork?

Paris: This isn`t even about looking after me at all.

Zoe: Paris, how can you not see that it`s both? Right? Of course I care about you. I-- I don`t like thinking of you in a stressful job that you can`t handle. Or being in a relationship that`s doomed to fail. And yeah, there is a part of me that is protecting myself. Because Forrester is my world, not yours.

Paris: Okay, I mean I can understand that. At least in terms of Forrester, but what about Zende? It`s not like I`m walking in on your territory there, and even if you`re right, even if it goes nowhere, what possible difference does that make to you?

Paris: Well I don`t agree with it, but I could see how it feels like I`m stepping on your toes, having me work here. And I hope it doesn`t take you long to realize how ridiculous that is. But when it comes to Zende, it makes no sense. It`s not like I`m stepping in on your territory there. It`s almost like you`re jealous.

Zoe: Hardly.

Paris: Are you sure?

Zoe: Are you actually serious? Just because Zende kissed you? Paris, I don`t know if you realize but I actually have an entire life outside of you. Yea, you know, I have my dream job, I`m engaged to my dream guy who`s the COO of Forrester, I think I...

Paris: Why-- why do you say it like that?

Zoe: Like what?

Paris: Always bringing up his title, the COO of the company. I mean, why are you bringing it up, it has nothing to do with anything.

Zoe: Oh, come on, Paris. You know I was just trying to make a point.

Paris: Well you`ve made many points with how often you bring it up.

Zoe: Alright, Paris. How about you just say what you`re really trying to say.

Steffy: I`m so grateful knowing that you`re willing to fight for us.

Finn: We`re still in a committed relationship as far as I`m concerned.

Steffy: A commitment I betrayed and I feel terrible...

Finn: Yea, I don`t feel very good about it either. But I guess a positive did come from it.

Steffy: What do you mean?

Finn: You could`ve kept what you did a secret. But you didn`t, you came to me with the truth. I`m sure that was scary for you. And knowing that you would do the right thing when things got difficult, that`s huge, ok, that`s ... that`s a foundation that we`ll need moving forward. Building a future.

Steffy: A future with you is worth building. But if that`s to happen, if you really want me to show you how much I believe in honesty, then there`s something else you need to know.

Hope: I want this to work. I don`t know if it can but I want it to, so if there`s more, please just tell me, please just tell me so that we can heal and just move on.

Liam: That`s exactly what I want. Is to heal. And, and I believe that we can. Not because I deserve it, because I don`t, but... because of how loving you are and how generous you are, the way that you always put the children first, it`s amazing. You, me and Steffy, we`ve... we`ve worked so hard to create this-- this life, this amazing life for the kids. I mean, separate homes, but... but we`re a family. I mean it really feels like we`re a family. And that family may be growing. Actually, it`s definitely growing, the only question is... whether I`m... umm...

Hope: Are you telling me what I think you`re...

Liam: Hope, Steffy is pregnant.

Paris: All I`m saying is I thought you changed.

Zoe: Meaning?

Paris: Meaning, do you see Carter for who he is or do you just see him for his title? And same with the Forresters. They`re more than their money, Zoe. They`re more than their celebrity status.

Zoe: Of course I know that, Paris.

Paris: Because if that`s all you`re thinking about...

Zoe: No, hold on. Who are you to be lecturing me about this when you`re the one parading yourself around here until Ridge offers you a job? And then now you`re flirting with Zende trying to land him...

Paris: Okay, it`s not like that. And you know that.

Zoe: Oh, do I? Then prove it.

Paris: And how would I do that?

Zoe: Start off by turning down the job offer from Ridge. And then, say goodbye to Zende and go somewhere else. That`s how.

Paris: No. I know you don`t wanna hear this, but this is the opportunity that I`ve been wanting. And I`m taking it. And Zende is an awesome guy and I`ve enjoyed getting to know him. Why would I leave if I`m so excited to see where it might go? I won`t. I`m staying. And I hope that you`ll learn to accept it. And that some day you`ll be excited for me, too.

Finn: Steffy, what is it?

Steffy: There`s more going on. More you need to know.

Finn: Okay, look, hey, I understand.

Steffy: No, no, you don`t-- you don`t understand, Finn, you don`t understand any of it. Umm... I found out something. Something that happened that night with Liam that made it impossible to keep from you.

Finn: What? What is it?

Steffy: I found out today, but it still has to be confirmed, but like... I know.

Finn: What are you talking about?

Steffy: I don`t know if it happened that night or another night, but we just need to figure it out. We just, we have to figure it out because it might be you, it might be you, I don`t know, umm...

Finn: What?

Steffy: Finn, I`m pregnant! I`m pregnant.

Liam: I-- I know it`s a shock.

Hope: ... my God....

Liam: This is why Steffy wanted to talk to me earlier. Hope, please say something, just say anything, say...

Hope: What do you want me to say?! You tell me... you slept with Steffy and that`s difficult enough to hear and now you`re telling me she`s pregnant! I take it safety wasn`t a concern that night? So there`s a chance you could be the father? That`s why you came to me about this. This is what this entire confession has been about. Steffy might be carrying your child.

Liam: Yes.

Finn: You-- you`re-- you`re pregnant?

Steffy: Yeah.

Finn: When...ah, what did... when did you ... how long have you known? Like, what , wh--

Steffy: I took a test earlier today.

Finn: Oh my God! Wait, so I...you-- you could... you could be... and I could be...

Steffy: Having a child together. Yeah. I know how much you`ve been looking forward to it, you know, becoming a dad.

Finn: It`s something I`ve always looked forward to, you know. Having a child of my own.

Steffy: You`d be a wonderful, a wonderful father. You would.

Finn: I`d like to think so. But it could be, umm... it could be Liam`s, huh? Does he know?

Steffy: Yeah, yea, he was here earlier today.

Finn: Well then I guess we know what we need to do.

Steffy: We do?

Finn: You need to get a paternity test. To take away any of the doubt.

Steffy: You know how lucky this child would be to have a kind, caring father like you. I mean, this child would feel so loved.

Finn: It would. If it`s mine.

Steffy: If it is yours... I know it doesn`t take away what I did. That night with Liam, it won`t be easily forgotten, but I am willing to do whatever it takes to prove that you can trust me. And I am grateful that you`re willing to try, at least I hope you are. I know it feels like you`ve been on this, like, emotional rollercoaster and I hate that I`ve hurt you, but think about what this could mean for us. Despite all the pain that I`ve caused you, think about our future. Especially since we could be having a baby together.

Hope: Steffy is pregnant.

Liam: Which is why we can`t put that night behind us, at least not until we know...

Hope: ...if you`re the father. She has to take a paternity test.

Liam: Yeah.

Hope: There`s a chance it could be Finn`s, right?

Liam: A very good chance.

Hope: All of this is too much. All of this because you thought I kissed Thomas. Something that I would never ever do, but you didn`t even stop to think. You made a choice to run to Steffy, and now what? One moment of weakness and everything changes. You just went and threw our entire future into question.

Liam: Please don`t give up on us.

Hope: You gave up on us. You betrayed our vows. It wouldn`t have been easy, but I think I would`ve been able to eventually move on and find forgiveness, but now... with Steffy carrying a child that could be Kelly`s little brother or sister, I mean... How do we move on from that? We were so close!

Liam: Hope...

Hope:(crying) You know how much I love you? How much I dreamed of our life together? And our family? And then you just went and threw it all away. Because... because you forgot who I was. You lost faith in me and you lost faith in us and you turned to Steffy... I thought you knew who I was. So... so what do we... what do we do now? What do we... how do we move past it if you`re that baby`s father?

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