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The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 1/12/21


Episode #8440 ~ Liam pleads with Hope to find a way to forgive his ultimate betrayal; Paris stuns her sister with news of her shared kiss with Zende; Finn reacts when Steffy confesses to cheating on him with Liam.

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Liam: Hope, I`m so sorry. I`m so sorry knowing that I hurt you this way. Even if, even if I thought I saw you and Thomas together, I never should have gone over to Steffy`s, I never should`ve done it and I never sh... I was wrong. And I`m just... I`m so... if there`s some way, if there`s any way, any way you could f... you could try to forgive me. That`s all I`m asking. Look, can you just try? Just try.

Finn: So you and Liam... slept together.

Steffy: I know, I know, it was wrong, it was wrong. We weren`t... we weren`t thinking. I mean it was a whole misunderstanding, he thought Hope and Thomas were kissing and then when he spoke to Hope and he realized that they didn`t, it was... a stupid mannequin.

Paris: Thanks again, Ridge! Ha-haa!

Donna: I`m so excited for you!

Paris: I`m so excited for me, too!

Donna: Ohh, Ridge sure thinks highly of you. Look at you! You are exactly what the Forrester foundation needs. Youth and energy, full of new ideas.

Paris: I`m just hoping I can live up to everybody`s expectations.

Donna: Are you kidding? We`re rooting for you already. Your sister especially, I`m sure.

Paris: I actually haven`t told her yet.

Donna: What? I, wait, I just... I just figured that Zoe would be the first person you would tell.

Zoe: Tell me what?

Donna: Ah, Paris`s big news! You are looking at Forrester`s latest hire (laughs).

(Short opening credits)

Donna: I was just telling Paris how thrilled I am for her. But, I mean, I`m sure it goes double for you because you`re her sister, right. Guys, it is so amazing working with family. I should know, right, I mean I have Brooke and Katie here. I`m sure it`s-- it`s gonna be the same for you two. Anyhow, umm, I should probably head over to HR like Ridge asked, to get your paperwork started. Ahh, congrats, again, really, I`m so, so happy for you!

Paris: Thanks.

Zoe: Umm, I thought you were turning down Ridge`s offer. I mean, that`s the impression you gave me last time we spoke, so... what happened? Did you change your mind? Or do I already know?

Steffy: Liam showed up here and he was hurting and honestly, I never thought something like that would ever happen again. Finn?

Finn: I... I`m not sure what you want me to say. I-- you just told me you and Liam had sex. What am I supposed to do with that? Especially with that picture of you and Liam always staring down at me.

Liam: I`ve done something so terrible. To you, to us, to our family. And I know, Hope, I know I have no right to ask, I know that. And yet here I am, I`m begging, I`m... I`m pleading, I`m on the ground, hoping that... you could somehow find it in your heart to forgive me. I know the pain you`re in. I hate that I`m the cause of it, because I made vows. I promised to honor you, I promised to cherish you. I promised to love you. I do love you. This doesn`t change that, nothing could ever change that. But I want our marriage, I want that future that we always envisioned for ourselves and I believe, I really believe that we could have it if you could find a way to move past this. Hope, I don`t wanna lose the most precious thing in my life - it`s you, it`s you and, and the children that we`re raising together and... I don`t know, all I can do is hope that you don`t want to lose it either.

Hope: Of course I don`t want to. I don`t want any of this. But you and Steffy... how am I supposed to forgive that, Liam? How do I ever forgive that?

Paris: I knew you`d react like this.

Zoe: How else would you expect me to react? You-- you knew how I felt about this.

Paris: Yeah, you made that really clear.

Zoe: I thought I had, but apparently I was wrong.

Paris: No, Zoe, you weren`t wrong. I went to Carter and I told him that I couldn`t accept the job and that I was grateful to him and Ridge for the offer, but that it wasn`t gonna happen.

Zoe: Yeah, I know, Carter already told me. So... what? You were just lying?

Paris: (sighs) No. I had every intention of doing what you asked me to do. Don`t I always?

Zoe: Obviously not or you wouldn`t be here about to start a new job. And then here you are just flaunting it in my face.

Paris: Oh, come on, Zoe, I`m not flaunting it in your face.

Zoe: Right, ok, so then what do you call what I just walked in on? With Donna? "Oh, wow, I`m so thrilled for Paris and Zoe, I can only imagine how excited you are, I mean, you guys are sisters, you`re very close!"

Paris: I don`t think she put it exactly that way.

Zoe: Right. But my point is, everybody here expects me to be happy, just because we`re sisters.

Paris: Sis, I didn`t deliberately go against you, I just changed my mind. And you could change your mind and be happy for me.

Zoe: I would be happy for you if you were working at some other foundation. Look, Paris, I want you to be fulfilled and successful, but just at another company.

Paris: Yeah, in a different city or in a different country.

Zoe: I don`t mind if you stay in L.A. And please stop trying to deflect, okay. I`m trying to figure out what happened between the time that you told Carter that you weren`t going to do the job, from just a few minutes ago when I walked in on Donna being so excited about, oh, Forrester`s newest employee. It was Zende, wasn`t it? Yeah, he-- he got to you. He got to you, he convinced you to take the job, to stay here at Forrester.

Paris: Can we just please not do this? Something really big just happened in my life and I don`t wanna argue.

Zoe: And neither do I, but what I do want is some answers. Starting with why you would deliberately go against me.

Paris: Upsetting you was never my intention. I just think this is the opportunity of a lifetime. An opportunity that I was about to walk away from.

Zoe: Yeah, until someone or something changed your mind.

Paris: I`m gonna be working at Forrester, but in a completely different division, so I will steer clear of you if it makes it easier. But can you just meet me halfway?

Zoe: You never intended to turn down Ridge`s offer, did you? You just made me think you were.

Paris: It wasn`t like that.

Zoe: Then explain the sudden flip-flop! Someone must have gotten to you, alright? It wasn`t Ridge because he had a meeting. It wasn`t Carter and it obviously wasn`t me. So that just leaves Zende. Right? He got you to change your mind. Didn`t he?

Paris: Okay, yes, Zende convinced me to take the job, but for the life of me, I don`t know why that would matter to you. Zende was just thinking about what would be best for me, my future, and I`m grateful to him. I just don`t understand why this is such a big deal for you. Why are you reacting like this?

Steffy: Finn, it was a huge misunderstanding and we were drinking, like, none of this would`ve happened otherwise.

Finn: Are you sure about that? Are you sure that picture isn`t about more than just showing Kelly that her parents were happy? I`m not accusing you, I`m just... I`m just asking a question. You know I love you, right?

Steffy: Yeah.

Finn: And I believe that you love me, too.

Steffy: I do.

Finn: Yet here we are. You just told me that you slept with your ex-husband because Liam needed you.

Steffy: He-- he was gut-punched.

Finn: Yeah, kind of like I am right now. It`s just, umm... I`m trying to put myself in his place. You know, what would I`ve done if Hope was my wife and I had seen what Liam thought was happening in Thomas`s apartment. Yeah, it would`ve hurt like crazy, sure, but I don`t think I would`ve bolted. I would have stormed in. Told Thomas to take his hands off my wife and demanded to know what the hell was going on. But Liam, he didn`t do that. No, because if he had, it would have all been cleared up. He wouldn`t have wound up over here and you guys wouldn`t have... Still, you know what? We`re not, you know, married and we`re not engaged, so... I guess the question is... what does that mean for us? Where do we go from here?

Hope: If you had been unfaithful with anyone else, it would`ve hurt. But Steffy, given the history the three of us share... it`s like a knife, Liam.

Liam: I hate myself for the pain I`ve caused you. And I know I have no right to ask for your forgiveness and yet here I am asking anyway, because... because I know how big your heart is. I mean, we`ve-- we`ve faced obstacles before, big-- big obstacles. Ones, that would tear any other couple apart forever. And yet our love always carried us through and... I don`t know, I guess I just keep telling myself that that`s gonna happen this time because I have to believe that, I don`t have a choice. You`re too important to me, Hope, you`re just, you`re too important. Please, just... just say that you`ll try. No, say that you`ll let me try.

Hope: I believe you love me. I believe you`re sorry for what happened. But be honest with yourself, Liam. You love Steffy, too.

Zoe: You already know why I`m reacting this way.

Paris: Do I? Because it feels like I`m missing something.

Zoe: Well do you know what it feels like to me? It feels like you`re disrespecting me.

Paris: Zoe, I just changed my mind.

Zoe: I thought you said Zende changed your mind for you.

Paris: Ok, I had every intention of leaving. But Zende was so persuasive, I mean you should`ve seen him. He came in rushing after me telling me he didn`t want me to go. Telling me that he wouldn`t let me pass this opportunity up. I`d never heard any man say those things to me. Let alone a man like Zende Forrester. I want this chance, Zoe. And I want a chance with Zende, too.

Finn: When you and I first became a couple we knew it was clear that we were building something special together. I let myself think about our future. Look, we were just talking about it, the two of us building a family. Look, if this is not meant to be, then... you know, they say a picture is worth a thousand words, maybe this one tells me everything I need to know. That, and the fact that you just slept with Liam. Do you still love Liam? You still want your ex-husband?

Hope: To know the woman was Steffy, that`s... that`s painful enough, Liam. But to hear that you slept with Steffy because you thought I`d cheated on you, that you thought our marriage was over... You know, I don`t-- I don`t care if you were drinking because you of all people should know the issues that Steffy and I have, and you just ran right to her. Without even giving me a chance before the two of you... before the two of you let what happened happen. And I understand that you felt betrayed, but you didn`t even take a second to learn that it was just a misunderstanding that could have been solved that night. You just wound up in Steffy`s arms, that`s where you were instead. Is that really what you want? Is that what you want? You want your family with Steffy?

Liam: No, no. I want you. Only you.

Hope: Well, then why? Why do you always turn to Steffy? You don`t make love to your ex-wife unless you miss her and you want to be with her.

Zoe: I warned you not to get involved with Zende. I mean, he`s coming off a recent divorce.

Paris: I`m aware.

Zoe: Yeah, but you still let yourself fall for him. I mean this is-- this is what`s happening, right?

Paris: Sis, please.

Zoe: You`re not even denying it.

Paris: I can`t. I kissed him!

Zoe: What?

Paris: I-- I kissed Zende. And the best part is that he kissed me back.

Finn: You don`t have to spare my feelings if you still wanna be with Liam. You still want him?

Steffy: No. Look, I`m always gonna care about Liam. We share a beautiful child, we have beautiful memories, but we have painful ones, too. I don`t know what my future holds, but I do know I want you in it. I care about you, Finn. You brought something special and wonderful into my life and into Kelly`s life. I can`t lose that. I can`t lose you. Will you forgive me?

Liam: You`re my wife, Hope. You`ve-- you`ve made me happier than I ever thought possible. I do believe we can come back from this, I do believe that. If you just-- if you give me a chance, a chance to prove my devotion to you, to prove my commitment to you, to prove that you are the most precious thing in my life. If you just... can you just give me that? Can you give me that chance?

Hope: I`ll give you this. At least you told the truth. You and Steffy, you could`ve kept it a secret between the two of you, there was no reason for anyone to know, so... but you were honest. And I do love you. It would take time to move past this, if we even can, and things wouldn`t be the same, not at first, if ever. But I love our family. We finally got Beth and the life that we made for her. And Douglas, and they -- they mean everything to me. Their happiness means everything to me. So I will try. For our children. For their future, I will try. But that`s all I can offer you right now. And Liam, it can never ever happen again.

Liam: It will never happen again. It will never happen again and that`s all I ask. Thank you. Thank you! I am going to repair the damage that I`ve done. I will.

Hope: I do have one question, though. Why now? Why are you telling me everything now?

Liam: There is, umm... there`s one other thing you need to know. And it`s-- it`s big. I also wish that I could just put that night behind us, I wish I could never think about it again. But that may not be possible.

Hope: What are you talking about? What, Liam?

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