B&B Transcript Monday 1/11/21

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 1/11/21


Episode #8439 ~ Steffy is torn about divulging the truth when Finn opens up about his desire for their future; Liam and Hope face a seemingly impossible challenge.

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Liam: Hope, I... I know that sorry doesn`t even begin to cut it. I know I messed up so bad.

Hope: You thought I was kissing Thomas, so you went to Steffy`s and you... No, no, you wouldn`t do that, you wouldn`t do that to us again. Tell me I`m wrong! Tell me I`m wrong! Tell me that you didn`t sleep with Steffy!

Finn: I mean, I think I knew it from the start, what we had was more than just an attraction. It`s a real depth. It feels like we could have a really good life together. I mean, I never thought past the next day with any other woman, but it makes sense, because you`re not like any other woman. You`re in a class all by yourself. And I want you by my side. I can see a future for the two of us, Steffy. Family even.

Steffy: Yeah, I can definitely see that happening.

Paris: I was so out of here, thinking about moving on and then you came running after me. Again, thank you, Zende, for reaching out like that and saying all those wonderful things.

Zende: Were we talking? The only thing I remember right now is that kiss.

Carter: Zoe, I don`t get why this is a problem. I really don`t.

Zoe: Wh--why did you go talk to Zende?

Carter: I, I didn`t go talk to him, he came in, he wanted to know what was going on, so I told him that Paris turned down the job offer.

Zoe: Ok, and what did he say?

Carter: He didn`t say anything, he just-- he left. He ran, actually. I don`t think he`s gonna take Paris`s no for an answer.

Zende: What do you say we make it official?

Paris: What exactly?

Zende: You coming to work here. I`ll have Ridge make you sign a contract if I have to. And it`ll be air tight. Carter will draw it up and... he doesn`t do loopholes. I`m really not about to lose you again.

Finn: I mean I don`t wanna get ahead of myself, but I can picture it. You, me , Kelly, dinner and bonfires on the beach. Another child of our own, maybe? What do you think, you prefer... one sibling or two? Nothing? I`m talking about our hypothetical future family, I thought I`d get at least a smile. Should I be concerned?

Hope: You and Steffy? I don`t believe it, no, I don`t.

Liam: I`m so sorry.

Hope: How could you?

Carter: I know you`re stressed, but... you`re beautiful when you`re stressed, like, your nose does this little thing, and... I can look at it all day.

Zoe: Well... that wouldn`t be good.

Carter: How come?

Zoe: Well because then in no time flat you`ll have seen everything I have to offer and get really bored.

Carter: Not possible. You stole my heart, lady, and now that you`ve got it you`re responsible for it.

Zoe: (chuckles) Well I don`t think that`s exactly how it works, but I don`t mind.

Carter: You don`t know this, at least I don`t think you do, but umm... I`m not as slick as I think I am. I was into you for a long time before I came out about it. But you were committed, you know... Xander, Thomas, and... the only way I could fit in your life was being your friend, and I was happy to be your friend, but deep in my gut I just knew those guys weren`t the right guys for you and... and I was. And eventually you`d find your way to me.

Zoe: Well, I, uh, hope I was worth the wait.

Carter: You`re perfect.

Zoe: Ok, don`t put me too high up on this pedestal, ok, because it makes it really hard to survive on the fall down.

Carter: I`m not worried. There`s nothing about you that could disappoint me.

Zoe: You`re such a wonderful man, Carter. And lucky for me, you`re also very patient.

Carter: (chuckles) By the time we started talking, I was already, uh... I was already in love with you, already thinking about our future. So if things felt fast, that`s why. You`ve been in my heart for a long time, Zoe. And for the record, as much as I was relieved that you didn`t marry Thomas, I wanted to punch him in the face for treating you like that.

Zoe: Well, thank you, but you definitely shouldn`t be fighting Ridge`s son.

Carter: You`re worth it. I wanna give you all the things that you deserve, Zoe, I want you to have the best life, and I think Paris needs to be part of it. So I`m hoping you two can work out whatever`s going on between you, so you can start living that life as soon as possible.

Zoe: I-- I just, I wonder what`s going on between Paris and Zende.

Carter: I can pretty much guess. Zende`s an interesting guy, and he`s affable, he goes along to get along. He`s also very determined to get what he wants and once he zeroes in on something, he is relentless in his own quiet way. In this case, it`s Paris accepting Ridge`s offer. And he won`t stop until she says yes. Look I know you don`t want to talk about Paris and the foundation anymore, and I don`t wanna push, so how about we move on from Paris and Zende?

Zoe: Yeah, yeah, by all means. So, umm... what do you wanna talk about?

Carter: It`s funny you should ask. Umm, as thrilled I am about our engagement, I don`t want you to be my fiancÚ anymore.

Zoe: What are you saying?

Carter: I don`t wanna wait any longer. I want you to be my wife, so let`s set a date. The sooner the better.

Zende: Think about how much fun we could have, working together.

Paris: I wouldn`t think our paths would even cross if I worked with the foundation.

Zende: Absolutely. Our lines raise lots of money for charitable causes, not to mention Hope For The Future`s mission.

Paris: Right.

Zende: And, because Forrester is an international house, from time to time, we go on location with those showings. Sometimes the foundation throws events then, too.

Paris: Get out!

Zende: I`m telling you, you have to take this job. Your life is going to change in ways you can`t even imagine. Plus, you get to hang out with me.

Paris: I wouldn`t be mad at that.

Zende: Ok, well then I need to hear you say the words. Repeat after me: Zende... Come on!

Paris: Zende...

Zende: I promise I will hereby accept...

Paris: I promise I will hereby accept...

Zende: ...the position Ridge is offering at the foundation.

Paris: ...the position Ridge is offering at the foundation.

Zende: There, that seals it, you`re committed. No backing out now.

Paris: I won`t, I wanna work here.

Zende: You`re going to be such a great addition to Forrester.

Steffy: You can always get a smile out of me. It`s one of the reasons I love you. I do, you know. I`m not easy, but try to remember that.

Finn: I fell head over heels for a beautiful, talented, funny, warm, complicated woman. I mean, I don`t expect you to be anything else.

Steffy: See, I love that about you. How accepting you are of me. I hope it never stops.

Finn: You can count on it.

Steffy: I`m grateful to have you in my life, I really am. You came into my life right when I needed it.

Finn: Well, timing`s everything.

Steffy: Yeah, no kidding.

Finn: Is everything ok? You seem a little off. So there is something.

Steffy: Yeah. It`s important.

Hope: How could you do this? We have a family, we have Beth, we have Douglas. The man I married... the man I married was loyal! He was faithful, he was respectful to me, and our marriage and our life together!

Liam: I thought I was that man.

Hope: Yeah, well you were in bed with Steffy.

Liam: I wish I could take that night back. I wish I had confronted Thomas and realized my mistake...

Hope: I would`ve never kissed Thomas!

Liam: I know.

Hope: But you--- you didn`t believe that, so you turned to Steffy. And you betrayed our marriage.

Carter: How do you feel about long engagements? This is probably something I should`ve asked, but I don`t-- I don`t think we need one, do you?

Zoe: I mean, weddings take time to plan.

Carter: I can do it right now. Or we can grab a Forrester - Brooke or... or Quinn, they can fastrack a wedding like nobody`s business.

Zoe: Don`t you wanna savor the journey?

Carter: I wanna get to the destination and savor my wife. But, I got to run, I got a meeting, so... so think about the earliest we can do this. I wanna marry you.

Zende: You have no idea how much fun work can be until you put in time at Forrester Creations. Everyone is so cool, so good at what they do. And it`s not stuffy, the energy is upbeat. And creative. You`re going to fit right in. Why are you frowning?

Paris: I`m just thinking about how my sister is going to react when she finds out I`m accepting the job.

Zende: Ah, she`ll probably be annoyed, but don`t worry about Zoe. I`ll help you handle her. Just enjoy the moment. You`re on the brink of something super exciting. Like, life-changing stuff.

Paris: I know. And I am excited. I mean, suddenly life is full of possibility.

Zende: I`m just glad you listened. You should always do that, by the way. Listen to me.

Paris: I can`t wait to be a part of the company.

Zende: I can`t wait to see you every day.

Finn: I can see what you have to say is serious.

Steffy: Yeah.

Finn: Hey, it`s okay. Steffy, look, there`s nothing that you can`t tell me.

Steffy: Look, it all started when Liam thought Hope and Thomas were kissing. Except it wasn`t Hope at all.

Finn: Thomas, he had his delusions from the brain injury.

Steffy: Yeah, yeah, yeah, we-- we know that now. But Liam didn`t know that night and neither did I. Umm... Finn, something happened. And, as hard as it is for me to tell you, you need to know the truth.

Liam: If you just let me try to explain...

Hope: (laughs) Explain? Explain what? You slept with Steffy.

Liam: I know. And there`s no excuse for that. But there are reasons, and I-- I keep thinking, that maybe if you understood those, then we have a shot, a shot at moving past this.

Hope: Oh you want me to move past this? Again?

Liam: I betrayed you. I betrayed all of you. And I know, Hope, I know that me saying I`m sorry, I`m sorry, it means nothing to you right now, I know that... but I`m really sorry! I regret everything about that night. Everything, starting with thinking that you would ever kiss Thomas, ever!

Hope: I wouldn`t have kissed any other man!

Liam: I know that. I know it now. And I should`ve known it then. But I believed my own eyes, Hope and I was devastated. I thought that you had betrayed our marriage with the worst possible person. And then I learned that I did that. I did that. And I`m beg-- I`m begging you, I`m begging you, please, please, do not let me have destroyed our life together.

Finn: Look, obviously whatever you`re struggling with has you very upset. Just... hey, just tell me.

Steffy: Finn, this time together has been, it`s been incredible. And you make me feel so good. You make my whole body smile, inside and out. Like, I want you to know how much I love you. I love you so much.

Finn: Okay. Yeah, it goes both ways.

Steffy: Yeah, okay, something else happened, umm... when Liam came over he was, ah... yeah, he was really stunned and he was reeling and he felt betrayed by Hope, especially since he can`t stand Thomas, you know, for keeping the whole Beth secret, and he couldn`t accept that Hope had forgiven Thomas, and... and then he thought they were kissing and I, uhh... oh, God, why am I doing this, why am I doing this, why am I, why am I just, why am I rambling, okay, I don`t know, I don`t know why I`m doing this. Okay. Umm, oh my God... Liam came over and we started drinking and uhh... one thing led to another and we started reminiscing about our past and talking about Kelly and all these memories, and, umm... Finn, we kissed.

Finn: Wait, you and... you and Liam kissed?

Steffy: Yeah. Yeah.

Finn: Okay, umm... is that it, that`s, you just, you had me a little scared for a second, I just... I mean I don`t-- I-- I don`t like it. I think Liam needs to stop putting you in the middle of his personal life, because it`s pretty disrespectful to us and, um, our relationship. But hey, I think, umm, hey I can live with... with a kiss. It`s all that happened, right?

Steffy: Liam spent the night. We slept together.

Liam: I`m not trying to justify what I did. I know that`s impossible, I know that. I`m just... I`m just trying to explain how it happened. Hope, when I thought I saw you kissing Thomas I thought I was seeing the end of my marriage. I thought I was learning that everything I ever believed about you and your love for me was a lie, and suddenly nothing made sense anymore. Nothing! I felt crazy, I felt like one of those people, who-- who wakes up from a nice dream only to find themselves in a world of cruelty and chaos. I was spiralling, Hope. And then I started, then I started questioning how long had it been going on, how long had you and Thomas been carrying on with this affair, reassuring me to my face and then laughing at me behind my back. I was losing it! I needed an anchor. I needed a constant. Something... familiar.

Hope: Then you went to Steffy.

Liam: I wanted so badly for my life to make sense again, and so yeah, I-- I went to Steffy`s. Even she said it was crazy, even she said she couldn`t believe it, that you would kiss Thomas, and that-- that should`ve told me something. But she took my word for it when I said I saw it with my own eyes. And then... when I started drinking, she... she did too. For me. I love you so much. I do, and if you let me, if you let me I will spend the rest of my life making this up to you. I will never betray our vows again. Cause I-- I need you. I need our family, I need our life together. I need it! Just... just tell me I didn`t completely screw this up, okay, just... just tell me, that it`s not over, that there`s... there`s a chance, a small chance you could forgive me. Please? please?

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