B&B Transcript Friday 1/8/21

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 1/8/21


Episode #8438 ~ Upset that Zoe is the reason why she is leaving, Zende chases after Paris. Hope becomes anxious when Liam stalls after revealing he has news to share.

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Hope: Liam, I love you. You're my husband. We're a team. And whatever this is, we're going to be okay.

Liam: That-- [ Clears throat ] That is what I keep telling myself. You know how precious you are to me, right?

Hope: Wait. I mean, you don't think I'm upset with you because you went over to steffy's, do you? Is this--

Liam: No. Just-- I just want you to try to remember... how much we love each other. That's the main thing. And if--and if we can get through that-- if we can hold on to it, then--then maybe, um...

Hope: Now you are making me nervous. So what's happened? What's going on?

Steffy: I'm pregnant.

Liam: You think I'm the father?

Steffy: Obviously, there's a chance.

Steffy: Oh.

Finn: Hey.

Steffy: Hey. How was your swim?

Finn: Exactly what I needed after getting called into the hospital. Kelly get off okay?

Steffy: Mm-hmm. Yeah. She loves spending time with her grandparents.

Finn: We have the whole evening to ourselves.

Steffy: Yeah.

Finn: You wanna stay in or go out?

Steffy: I thought we could talk.

Paris: No, I can definitely handle it. I mean, I've been preparing for a job like this for years.

Zende: This is the ideal situation. I mean, forrester gets the best social advocate in town, and you get paid for doing what you love. I'm super psyched for you, paris. I can't think of anyone better suited for this than you. You're going to be awesome. I mean, there's no way you can leave now. I won't let it happen.

Zoe: Zende. Perfect timing. I actually need you.

Zende: What's going on?

Zoe: Well, katie wanted my opinion on this layout, but I really can't decide. And I know that you know me so well, so... which one do I like?

Zende: I spoke with paris. She told me about the job offer. Pretty exciting.

Zoe: She might not take it.

Zende: But she'd be so good at it. I think paris would be an amazing addition to forrester creations. Don't you?

Carter: I was hoping you'd still be around.

Paris: Hey, carter. I was hoping to see you, too.

Carter: About the job, I hope. I don't wanna push, and I know that I told you to think more about it. So if you feel like I'm rushing, just say so, but I was-- I was wondering if you changed your mind about not accepting the offer.

Zende: The forrester foundation feels like the right place for your sister. Paris gets to be here with you, doing the kind of outreach she loves. You must be really stoked for her.

Zoe: I mean, I'm touched that carter and ridge would give my little sister a chance. But I've talked to her, and I'm pretty sure she's gonna turn it down.

Zende: She was, but I told her that she has to take it.

Finn: Yeah, we can just hang out. Sure, that sounds great.

Steffy: And I'm sure you're wiped out from that monstrous shift.

Finn: No. Not at all. I'm down for whatever you have in mind. I mean, work has been intense. It's long hours. But I like helping people. It's fulfilling. I gotta tell you, steffy. I mean, as much as I love what I do, my life has even more meaning now that I get to come home to you.

Liam: Steffy needed to see me about something important. It was the last thing I ever expected. And we're gonna be okay. We're gonna be okay. I have to believe that. But... it's going to affect our family. Both our families.

Hope: What is it, liam? What is going on?

Lean cuisine.

Zoe: Wait. You told paris to accept this job offer?

Zende: I told her she has to.

Zoe: She can make up her own mind, zende.

Zende: Oh, she wants the job, and she's going to take it. I don't know why that bothers you. Do you really not want her here?

Zoe: Is that what she told you?

Zende: No. She didn'T. And I get the feeling she wouldn'T. So I'm asking you. You're her sister. And whenever you talk about her, you seem really supportive.

Zoe: I am. I'm proud of everything paris has done, and I would never bad-mouth or put her down.

Zende: But there are issues between you two. I'm not judging. This happens in families. And anything I can do to help, I will. But I'm not going to let paris pass up on this opportunity. And I don't believe you really want her to either. Come on, zoe. There has to be room here at forrester creations for both of you.

Paris: It's a really incredible offer. Thank you so much for talking to ridge about it. Zoe's lucky to have such a considerate and kind guy.

Carter: Thank you for that.

Paris: It's true.

Carter: You still haven't answered my question.

Paris: I did what you said. I thought about it. And it's an amazing opportunity. I mean, the forrester foundation does incredible work, and I have loved getting to know more about it, and it's an honor to even be considered for the position. I know this shouldn't be such a hard decision, especially with so many people rooting for me. So maybe you can do me a favor.

Carter: Sure.

Paris: Can you tell ridge and zende that I appreciate their faith in me, but I can't take the job.

Finn: I didn't mean to throw you with, um, what I said earlier. Coming home to you. We just don't live together. I mean, I have my own place. But, um... I gotta admit, you know, being here with you and kelly, it feels like home to me. And it makes me think about what it might be like. To see you all the time. You know, have a life together, being a family. Maybe you think about that, too.

Hope: You said this could affect our family?

Liam: It will-- it will affect our family. No matter how this turns out, it will. But you just have to know how much I love you 'cause, hope, you're the center of my universe. You really are. I treasure every second-- every second that I get to spend with you. Even--even the really difficult moments. Because they always ended up bringing us closer together. Right? They always end up making us stronger...

Hope: Liam, just stop.

Liam: ...And more resilient. Right?

Hope: Stop. Please. Just tell me. Because if it's something bad, I need to know.

Liam: Okay, but we're gonna have to focus on how to go forward.

Hope: Go forward? Go forward from what?

Liam: A mistake... that I made... that I should've told you about right away. Is that net carbs or total?...

Zende: Carter. I was hoping I'd run into you.

Carter: What can I do for you, zende?

Zende: I heard about the job that ridge offered paris. Really cool of you to put her up for it. It's a great position for her.

Carter: Yeah. Seemed like a good fit.

Zende: I'm really happy for her. I thought you would be, too.

Carter: I was. She was so passionate, you know. I thought here's someone who can make a difference. And not just for the people the foundation helps, but for the foundation itself. And it would be great to have zoe and her working here together.

Zende: That's great. So where is she?

Carter: She's gone.

Zende: Gone?

Carter: Paris turned down the job. She left.

Zende: When?

Carter: Just now. And she asked me to t--

Steffy: Why do you have to be so sweet?

Finn: Is that what I'm doing? I was afraid I was putting you on the spot.

Steffy: No. Saying you feel at home with me? I think that's wonderful. I feel the same way.

Finn: Well, it's more complicated for you.

Steffy: Why would you say that?

Finn: Isn't it? I mean, you share a child with liam. You guys are navigating parenting together, creating this extended, enlightened family. And one's that gonna get bigger and more complicated. And that picture on the wall, it's, uh, pretty clear you have more commitment and emotional ties than I do. Look, and I'm not threatened by that because I know how we feel about each other, steffy. You know, what we bring to each other's lives and how much we have to look forward to. All I see there is a memory. It's just a snapshot of your past. And I hope you see your future differently. And I hope you see a happier and more fulfilling future with me.

Liam: So the only way that this is gonna make any sense is if you go back to the night that I--I thought I saw you with thomas.

Hope: Liam, what does this have to do--

Liam: I thought you were kissing him. That's what I thought. And I--and...I was so... shocked...and hurt, I didn't even-- I didn't even confront him. And you know what? I should've. I should've. Because if I had gone inside the apartment, I would've seen the mannequin.

Hope: All right. Liam, we have been through this. I'm sorry you thought I betrayed you. I hate that for even one second you believed it. But come on. What were you supposed to think? No one would have ever even been able to imagine what really was going on.

Liam: Not in a million years. No.

Hope: Okay. So I am going to tell you exactly what I told thomas. All right? That night, it's in the past. It's not relevant, so we can just put it out of our minds and forget about it.

Liam: No, we can'T. I wish we could. I even tried, but we can'T.

Zende: Paris! Paris, wait.

Paris: Zende.

Zende: Paris, you can't leave. Don't go.

Itchy? Scratchy? Family not

getting clean?

Zende: Carter said you're leaving. You can'T.

Paris: I'm not gonna take the job, zende. There's no reason for me to stay.

Zende: I think there is. This job is too good an opportunity to pass up.

Paris: I already told carter.

Zende: Well, tell him you changed your mind. He'll be thrilled. He wants this for you as much as I do, and I know you want it, too. Now, I talked to zoe. I don't know what's going on between you and your sister, but you can't let it hold you back. You can't let anything hold you back. You have too much going on for you. You're...beautiful, intelligent, compassionate, and you have the biggest heart of anyone I know. And we need you here, paris. This position is perfect for you. You can't turn it down. I won't let you.

Paris: How do you do that? You say exactly what I need to hear. This whole time I was heading out of here thinking, "stop, paris. Stop. This is a mistake. Turn around." But I couldn'T. I couldn't drown out the sound of zoe's voice in my head. And then I heard you. And now I feel like there's nothing that could make me drive away from here. Thank you, zende. Thank you.

Steffy: When we're together like this, I do see a future with you.

Finn: I, uh, think about it a lot. [ Chuckles ]

Steffy: [ Laughs ]

Finn: And I probably shouldn't tell you that, but it's the truth. I've never met anyone like you, steffy. Not even close. And I wanna spend the rest of my life with you. Tell me you want that, too. Tell me you want a future together. A family even.

Steffy: Finn, I--I think that's a real possibility.

Liam: I never should've doubted your commitment to me. I was so wrong-- so wrong-- to think that was you. And it devastated me. The idea of you and thomas together. And you know what? I should've--I should've run into the apartment. I should've run in there and confronted him. Because if I had just done that, if I had done that, then I would've-- I would've realized what was really going on. I would've known that it was a damn doll and not you. But I don't know. I don't know. But I just--I-- I froze. I... short-circuited. And then I-I just left without saying a word, and I... drove back to steffy'S. I wanted someone to talk to, you know. Someone to vent to. And even--even steffy said, "that's crazy. That's absolutely crazy. Hope would never be with thomas like that."

Hope: Never.

Liam: But I was certain because I saw it with my own eyes. Right? That's what I thought. And then I started drinking. You know? To numb the pain. And then I kept drinking. And I'm not saying it's an excuse 'cause there isn't one. I'm so sorry. I wish I could take that night back. I wish I had come home to you and the kids. I wish I had walked through that door because I would've seen you and I would've known. I would've-- I would've known. [ Sobbing ] But I-- I didn't come home. I didn't come home.

Hope: Where did you sleep, liam? Where did you sleep? Is that what you're trying to tell me? You and steffy? No. No. You and steffy. You and steffy!

[ Crying ]

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