B&B Transcript Tuesday 1/5/21

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 1/5/21


Episode #8436 ~ Carter puts Zoe on blast after Paris decides her future. Steffy switches tactics with Liam to keep him from divulging their secret to Hope.

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Liam: I can't believe it. I mean, you and I could be raising another child together.

Steffy: No, no, no, it can't be yours.

Liam: Well, I get that because you're with finn but--

Steffy: And you have a family with beth and douglas and you're married to hope. This baby has got to be finn'S.

Thomas: If liam thought you and I were kissing, why-- why wouldn't he say anything? Why--why would he just leave?

Hope: I--I guess he was shocked. He was devastated by what he thought was my betrayal.

Thomas: Yeah, but you would never betray liam.

Hope: No, I wouldn'T. Look, we don't need to get into this. We don't need to talk about this. You just got out of the hospital and you're still recuperating, so...

Thomas: Hope, you don't have to stick up for me, all right? I can own what I did.

Hope: But you didn't do anything. There was a medical reason why you behaved the way you did.

Thomas: Okay, I get that. I do. But that doesn't change what actually happened. I kissed a mannequin and I thought it was you. Okay. And liam saw and he thought that that you were cheating on him. I mean, that had to hurt the guy a hell of a lot.

Zende: I think it needs a belt.

Zoe: Uh-hmm.

Zende: A real statement piece.

Zoe: Uh-huh.

Zende: I'll talk to quinn, get her working on something.

Zoe: Okay.

Zende: I'm sure she'll have ideas for other accessories too. Maybe a brooch or like a handbag? A really gaudy one with glitter and rhinestones.

Zoe: Wait, what?

Zende: Welcome back.

Zoe: Sorry. My mind drifted.

Zende: I was talking accessories for my latest design but you were way off somewhere else. What's going on with you?

Zoe: Nothing.

Zende: Liar. What is it?

[ Knocks on door ]

Carter: Come in. Paris. Hey. How's it going?

Paris: I was actually looking for ridge.

Carter: Me too. He's--he's at a meeting downtown.

Paris: Oh.

Carter: Any reason why he wanted to see you?

Paris: We already met, actually. He offered me a position at the forrester foundation. He said that you had suggested me for the position.

Carter: Wow, that was-- that was fast. He offered you the job? Look, paris, you are-- you are very talented. About the position.

Paris: I'm gonna turn it down.

Zende: Something's -distracting you.

Zoe: Okay. Fine. I was thinking about paris.

Zende: As in france?

Zoe: My sister.

Zende: Is everything okay between you two?

Zoe: T will be if...

Zende: If what?

Paris: You don't seem too surprised.

Carter: Are you turning it down?

Paris: You spoke to my sister. You know how zoe feels.

Carter: I do. And I love and support my fiancee. And if you being here makes her feel-- I'm sorry you're turning it down. No. No, there has to be a way you two can work it out. Paris, you'd be great for this position. The forrester foundation needs someone with your drive and energy. And ridge feels the same way. We wouldn't have offered the job to you. Are you sure about this? This job is an opportunity of a lifetime. Are you really okay with walking away?

Thomas: What?

Hope: Oh. I was just thinking about how you never really cared about how liam felt before. I mean, it was just a lot of antagonism and hostility, but now...

Thomas: What can I tell you? I feel bad for liam, seeing what he did. And yeah, it was a huge misunderstanding but still, he had to--he had to deal with that because of me.

Hope: Okay. Thomas, please repeat after me.

[ Clears throat ] What happened that night was not my fault.

Thomas: Hope.

Hope: I mean it, thomas. I'm gonna make you say it until you believe it.

Thomas: Okay. Now, you hear me. I wouldn't be here right now if it wasn't for you. You saved my life, hope. And to think about the fact that I caused problems in your relationship, I feel terrible thinking that you and liam are having problems because of me. Liam thought that you were unfaithful because of me. And hope, I promise you, that will never, ever happen again.

Steffy: I can't believe this. I can't believe this. And you love hope.

Liam: And you love finn.

Steffy: Look, I'll always see this life inside of me as a miracle, but you're right. I found love with finn and you're committed to hope. And now, we're faced with this one night that could change our lives forever.

Kids can change minds.

Zende: I don't mean to pry or make you feel uncomfortable, what's going on between you and paris is your business.

Zoe: Thanks, but hopefully it's not going to be an issue at all.

Zende: Good. Because you have a lot of good going on in your life right now. Your career is off the charts. You're engaged to a cool, successful guy who adores you. Plus, you have your sister in town to share it all with.

Zoe: Yeah. I'm glad paris is here. Yeah. It's given us this opportunity to reconnect. But I know how anxious she is to get back out there and do her own thing, which I fully support. No, I wanna see my little sister find a place to land, make her dreams come true.

Zende: Wouldn't it be great if that place turns out to be right here in la?

Paris: I will always be so grateful to you and ridge.

Carter: But you're still not taking it.

Paris: [ Sighs ] I don't expect you to understand. Everyone here has been so nice. It just still might not be the perfect fit.

Carter: And the perfect fit for whom? For you or for zoe? You're turning this down because of your sister? Paris, I can't begin to understand the dynamics between you and zoe. I know firsthand that sibling relationships could be difficult and as much as I love and support my fiancee, I wish you think long and hard about what you really want before making a decision. Signing on to the forrester foundation is a huge career move for you. Allows you to do so much more for the organizations and causes you care about that you believe in. I'm not telling you what to do. I'd never be so presumptuous. I just don't want you to-- to look back one day at this opportunity and regret your decision, possibly for the rest of your life.

Hope: Please stop apologizing.

Thomas: Why? Because it's so unlike me? Thomas forrester never apologizes to anyone for anything. Come on, you know what, maybe a blow to the head is exactly what I needed to finally have some humility.

Hope: Okay. No, no, don't even joke about that, all right? It was a really serious injury.

Thomas: I get that. Okay. I do. But it still embarrasses me thinking about how messed up I was.

Hope: You were only messed up because you had a subdural hematoma putting pressure on your brain that was causing delusions. We need to put that night behind us once and for all. We all do. That night with the mannequin can just be forgotten. Nothing will ever come of it.

Liam: I can't believe what I did to hope, you know, what I did to our marriage, that the vows that I just... shattered.

Steffy: You never meant to betray your wife. You thought you saw hope and thomas kissing and you were distraught and you came here and-- I mean, we didn't plan on getting together any more than you expected to learn that hope wasn't kissing thomas the next day. We didn't expect any of this and now it's set off a chain reaction and...

Liam: And you're pregnant.

Steffy: Yeah. Yeah. Finn's in my life and I am thankful for that. I love him and, you know, we've been intimate for a while now, so it has to be. It has to be his baby.

Liam: I know, I know. And no matter who the father is, you're gonna love this kid with all your heart. And if it's me, so will I. But steffy, you got to see now why we can't wait any longer. I got to talk to hope. She has to know about our night together.

Zoe: If you're working on hope for the future's latest budget, don't forget to give me a nice salary bump, you know, for being the lead model.

Carter: I'll do that. But at the moment, I'm working on forrester foundation business.

Zoe: Oh. Okay. Well, I probably shouldn't be interrupting then.

Carter: You are not and never will be an interruption. A distraction, yes, but a welcomed one. Speaking of the forrester foundation, I talked to paris.

Zoe: Oh. Well, did she say anything about ridge's offer?

Carter: Yeah. You--you got what you wanted. She's turning it down.

Paris: [ Clears throat ]

Zende: Hey. We were just talking about you.

Paris: Yeah. I hate to break it to you but it seems like you're the only one in here.

Zende: And now you. Talk about my lucky day.

Paris: I wish I could say the same.

Zende: Excuse me?

Paris: I--I--I didn't mean it in that way.

Zende: Okay. Well, how did you mean it?

Paris: I don't know how else to say this but just to say it, I came to say goodbye.

Hope: Still no word from liam.

Thomas: You think he's still at my sister's?

Hope: I don't know. I just hope everything's okay.

Thomas: I hope he's not being a waffle.

Hope: Thomas.

Thomas: Sorry. It's a force of habit. I--I just think you-- you deserve someone who's totally committed to you.

Hope: Liam is, okay? I'm certain of that.

Thomas: For your sake, I hope that's true.

Steffy: Liam, we made a decision not to tell hope for all the right reasons. You can't keep doing this.

Liam: It's not fair, steffy. Do you understand-- do you understand that I'm lying to the woman I love?

Steffy: You're protecting the woman you love, the family you love. Don't you see? This baby--this baby has to be finn'S. You can't tell hope about our night together. What happened between us, it doesn't have to destroy you and hope. You don't have to destroy your family with beth and with douglas. That's what you're risking if you tell her, especially since we're not even certain whose child this is, so don't tell her. God, you can'T.

Carter: I don't understand why you don't want paris working here, but... it appears you've gotten your way.

Zende: Goodbye? What, are you taking a trip or something?

Paris: I don't know where I'm going or where I'll end up but I'm almost certain I won't be coming around forrester anymore.

Zende: I don't understand. You're always welcome here especially since you're zoe's sister. Okay. If it isn't obvious, I really hate this. I mean, I'm happy for you if this is what you want. It's just--I mean, we're just getting to know each other. And now you're taking off? I'm gonna miss you. I'm gonna miss talking to you, laughing with you. It won't be the same without you. You sure you won't reconsider?

Thomas: Can I say one more thing?

Hope: Look, if--if it's about liam...

Thomas: No, it's not. It's--it's about me. The old thomas, you know, the guy that-- that could not stop putting the moves on you, he's not here anymore. I'm so happy to be here in this house, to be recovering and I am excited to go back to work because I--I value our working relationship together. And I value our relationship as co-parents. And it's because I care about you. And I'm not gonna try and deny that. I--I've already told you I love you, hope, and that's--that's not ever going to change but what is going to change and what already has changed is... how I love you. I'm not obsessed anymore, okay? I'm not that guy. It was unhealthy and it was destructive. I've moved forward, okay, and I accept how things are now. I accept your marriage to liam.

Liam: Steffy, I hear what you're saying and--and trust me, I understand what's at stake here but this--this expectation that I'm just--I'm just gonna, like, keep this secret from hope forever? It's not possible anymore. It's not possible. I got to tell her.

Steffy: No, you don'T.

Liam: I got to tell her, steffy. I--

Steffy: You just got to hold on. You got to control yourself until we know for sure that finn is the father. You have to think about your family. You have to think about hope, and beth, and douglas, and you got to think about finn too. Look, I didn't think I was gonna be able to move on from you and now I have this wonderful, caring man in my life, so it has to be his baby. No, it--it has to. I get that this is hard for you, liam. I get that. You're honest, and you're forthright, and you wanna be truthful with hope. I wanna be truthful with finn but doesn't it make sense to get a paternity test first? I know this is really complicated and confusing right now. We're scared. We're scared that we're gonna hurt the people that we love and we don't wanna do that. And that doesn't have to be the case. We just have to keep it to ourselves, okay? We're gonna get the paternity test and I know it's gonna be finn's baby. It's gonna be finn'S. I know it. And all of this uncertainty and confusion, it's gonna be gone. We just have to get that damn paternity test.

Liam: Don't you see that whether we get the damn test or not, it doesn't erase what happened that night? It doesn't erase what I did to hope, to my marriage, to my family. How could I do that, steffy? Look me in the eye and tell me how I did that.

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