B&B Transcript Monday 1/4/21

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 1/4/21


Episode #8435 ~ Thomas has an emotional reaction when he learns what Liam witnessed.

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Liam: Steffy, you-- are you serious, you're pregnant?

Steffy: I know. I was in complete shock, too.

Liam: Oh, my god. Oh, my god. Oh, my god. Like, how? I--I mean, I know-- I know how, it's just I can't believe that-- you--you're really pregnant?

Hope: All right. Uh, I should probably head out, let you rest.

Thomas: Look at me. You aren't exactly interfering with my relaxation here. Plus, worrying together is better than worrying alone.

Hope: Oh, I don't want you worrying at all, okay? I should--I shouldn't have said anything.

Thomas: If my sister might be in trouble, then... that's something I wanna know.

Hope: Well, that's a big if. We--we don't really know what's going on. And besides, you need to be focusing on your recovery.

Thomas: That's what I'm doing. And being here is... pretty amazing. Uh, and, uh, I get to see douglas on a regular basis. I'll be--I'll be back to normal in no time. Well, my new normal, I mean.

Hope: [ Sighs ] I'm glad my mom offered.

Thomas: Me, too.

Paris: You're being so unfair.

Zoe: No, you are. You're worming yourself into somewhere you do not belong.

Paris: Why wouldn't I belong working at the forrester foundation? What do you think I went to school for? I've been working towards a job like this for years.

Zoe: Okay. And you're gonna keep on building 'cause you're not going to be working here.

Paris: Well, ridge already knows how excited I am about this. I mean, won't he think it's weird if I turn him down? What am I supposed to say?

Zoe: Uh, it's easy. Thanks, but no thanks.

Paris: But--

Zoe: No, there is no buts, paris. You're turning down the job, all right? You're turning it down. Today.

Paris: Look, I realize that you consider forrester creations your territory.

Zoe: [ Laughs ] Well, I am the one who got to la first and I'm also the one who got hired here first, so...

Paris: I'm not trying to take anything away from you. I'm just trying to say that maybe I have something to offer, too.

Zoe: Uh, I agree, paris. You have a lot to offer. As a social worker. Like, at a clinic or a shelter somewhere, wherever. You know, out there in the world actually helping people, not pushing papers at a fashion house.

Paris: That's what the foundation is about, helping people. But do you even understand the opportunity that this would be for me? Zoe, please. Please don't make me turn this down.

Thomas: Did i guilt you into staying? Because if you need to go, I--I understand.

Hope: No, no, no. No. Not at all. Actually, you are, um, helping distract me.

Thomas: From liam and steffy?

Hope: Yeah. I'm just--I really wanna know what's going on. And liam, he was so on edge.

Thomas: And he said that he really had to tell you something?

Hope: Yeah. And he was telling me but then steffy called and interrupted, and I don't wanna speculate, but I just-- I just really hope something isn't wrong with kelly.

Thomas: Okay. But you-- like I--I said this before. I mean, if there was something truly wrong, then liam would've told you already.

Hope: Yeah, you're probably right. Although he did say it would be something hard for me to hear.

Thomas: [ Sighs ] He's a parent. And we both understand, like, sometimes, we take little paper cuts and turn them into massive tragedies, right? That's probably all this is.

Hope: Probably. It's just steffy's already been through so much this year and I would just hate for something to happen to kelly now after everything. And... I'm just going to hope and pray that everything is all right.

Liam: And I mean, you're sure?

Steffy: Yes. Yeah, I just took a test. And I called as soon as I saw it was positive.

Liam: Okay. Okay. But, you know, those-- those home tests are-- are not always reliable.

Steffy: I took a few, liam. Of course I'm gonna confirm it with my doctor, but this isn't my first pregnancy. Like, I--I know what's happening to my body.

Liam: Well, how-- how far along-- uh, I mean, are you saying there's a chance-- are you saying there's a chance I'm the father? I'm frankie thompson. The best dressed assistant

Zoe: You know how much I want you to succeed.

Paris: You do?

Zoe: Of course, I do. You're my little sister, okay? I want you to do well in this world. Just... not here. And do I have to remind you what's happened before?

Paris: What? I've never had an opportunity like this.

Zoe: Yeah, I know. I'm talking about how you just move in on my life. My--my friends, my--

Paris: Okay. We're not in high school anymore, zoe. I'm not your embarrassing little sister. I actually have a skill set now and I have things to actually offer.

Zoe: Okay. Great. So you should be using those skills somewhere else. I mean, and I don't even care if you live in la, I--I'm totally fine with that and I've actually liked having you around, but just not constantly around. I mean, seriously, paris, this city is huge. There's plenty of opportunities here.

Paris: Yeah, well, I like the one right here.

Zoe: And I can guess why.

Paris: Excuse me?

Zoe: Oh, I've seen you, you're already operating.

Paris: Oh, I'm operating?

Zoe: Yeah. Flirting with zende.

Paris: [ Scoffs ] What?

Zoe: Oh, come on, paris. It is so obvious.

Paris: Okay. And is that a problem? I mean, I've been really open with you about how attracted I am to him. I mean, who wouldn't be? He's super hot. A talented designer.

Zoe: And he's also a member of one of the most famous families in fashion, a wealthy family, I might add. And here you come, new to town, and you completely zero in on zende? I mean, seriously, do you know what that could look like?

Paris: I like zende for who he is, not for where he comes from. I didn't even think of that. But obviously, it's occurred to you. So why is that? Are you projecting?

Zoe: Excuse me?

Paris: Okay. Okay. Maybe I shouldn't have said that. I apologize. But if it's not that, then explain it to me. I mean, you're so territorial about these people and this company. Why is it so important to keep me out of it?

Thomas: Thank you.

Hope: You're welcome. You know, one good thing about you staying here is that it makes dropping douglas off a whole lot easier.

Thomas: Right? Oh, I can't wait to hang out with him. It's gonna be so much fun. Maybe we'll, uh, you know, like, play a game and I'll tell him a story.

Hope: That would be great. Actually, I might have him come up and spend the night. I mean, that's depending on if liam needs me to help him through whatever it is he's going through.

Thomas: Yeah, well, I mean, uh, you know, I'll always look after douglas and, uh, if there's anything I can do to--to help you out.

Hope: Okay. I should be the one saying that to you. You are the one that just got out of the hospital. Like, I hope you know that if you ever need anything, please don't hesitate to reach out. I live just down that hill.

Thomas: I appreciate that. And I hope you know that just because I'm living here that... it doesn't mean I'm--uh, I won't always be around, okay? I know how to make myself scarce. And yeah, I'm gonna wanna spend as much time with douglas as-- as possible, but, uh, I'm not gonna interfere in your family with liam, okay? Um, I'm--I'm really not that person anymore.

Hope: I can see that. And I think my mom does, too. So does ridge, steffy. You have a lot of people in your corner.

Thomas: You think--um, do you think liam's ever gonna be on that list?

[ Laughs ] Yeah, that's too much to hope for.

Hope: [ Laughs ] Well, never say never. Although, I don't think it will be any time soon especially after...

Thomas: After what?

Hope: Uh, liam saw something or thought he saw something.

Thomas: Something involving me?

Hope: Involving us. Liam thought he saw us kissing.

Steffy: I won't know how far along I am until I go to the doctor, liam.

Liam: I mean, we-- we only-- it was one time.

Steffy: Sometimes that's all it takes. Especially considering it was, you know, spontaneous for us.

Liam: I mean, but you and finn are serious. You're really serious, right? So--so--so the odds are much greater that he's the father. Does he know?

Steffy: No.

Liam: He--what, you didn't tell him?

Steffy: You're the first person I called, nobody knows.

Liam: Why would--why would i be the--because--because why? You think I'm the father?

Steffy: Obviously, there's a chance.

Liam: I'm kind of freaking out, steffy. I'm kind of freaking out right now.

Steffy: Yeah, yeah. !Makes two of us.

I'm erin.

-And I'm margo.

Paris: Zoe, everything that you're saying, all this attitude, it doesn't surprise me. You've always been like this, controlling and jealous.

Zoe: Jealous of you?

Paris: Because I know who I am and you never have.

Zoe: [ Scoffs ] Are you kidding me?

Paris: [ Scoffs ] I mean, look at you. You are gorgeous, you have a beautiful smile, you're a talented singer, a talented artist, you have so many things going for you. And for some reason, you don't have confidence and it makes you possessive. You feel threatened by me. Someone who's always wanted the best for you. But you've always wanted to keep me down. I mean, can we move on from that, please? The bossy, big sister persona? It got old years ago. We don't have to keep falling into the same patterns. I mean, why not try being proud of each other, supporting each other? I mean, wouldn't that be better? Like, the relationship we should have? I mean, this could be big for us. The buckingham sisters united.

[ Sighs ] What do you say?

Thomas: Liam saw what?

Hope: Nothing. I mean, that's the point. But he thought he saw us kissing.

Thomas: In the hospital? You mean like we were talking and he somehow misinterpreted?

Hope: No, no, no. This was before you collapsed. Uh, I guess he came to your apartment, wanting to talk.

Thomas: I don't remember that.

Hope: Well, you wouldn't because you didn't know he was there. He was so shocked that he just turned around and left.

Thomas: Oh, well, hope, I'm--I'm sorry. I...

Hope: [ Laughs ] I'm sorry. Oh, god. I could only imagine how horrible that must have been for him, thinking that I had cheated on him, uh, and...

Thomas: Uh, but liam should know that you would never ever cheat on him.

Hope: I know. But his eyes told a different story.

Thomas: Okay. But he knows now, right? So--so no long lasting effects?

Hope: Yes, I am very happy to say that liam and i have put that entire night far, far behind us.

Liam: I can't believe this. I can't believe this.

Steffy: I know. I know.

Liam: I mean, it was-- it was one night, that stupid mannequin. I never should've gone over there. I never should-- you must be under so much stress right now.

Steffy: Yeah, you think?

Liam: Which is not great for this baby.

Steffy: I can handle it.

Liam: Hey, you know how much you mean to me as a mother, right? How important kelly is to me. Uh, I mean, raising her with you has been one of the great privileges of my life. But this... cannot-- uh, I mean, don't-- don't get me wrong, uh, every baby is a miracle, I believe that.

Steffy: Yeah, it-- it is a miracle. But a hell of a complicated one. These are real people, not actors,

Zoe: Wow. Well, now, I just feel like I'm being attacked.

Paris: Oh, that's not what I'm doing. I'm just trying to make you see the potential here.

Zoe: Of what? Of us working together?

Paris: I mean, after all, it is a family company. You wanna know the truth, zoe? I was so nervous to come to la, to see you and how you'd react. But you were so welcoming and nice, and it seemed like you were actually happy to see me.

Zoe: I was. You know I love you. Come on.

Paris: Yeah, but if I'm on the other side of the coast or in another country.

Zoe: Okay. I already said that you can stay in los angeles.

Paris: Gee, thanks. Glad I got your approval. Zoe, where I work and where I live isn't really up to you.

Zoe: Look, I'm sorry, paris. But you're not going to move in on my territory. So you're gonna talk to ridge, thank him for his very generous offer, and then tell him no. And if you wanna call me bossy, that's fine. But that's just how it's gonna be.

Thomas: You know, it's-- it's just too bad that liam didn't just come into the apartment. We could've explained everything to him.

Hope: I don't know if that would have been good or not. Something tells me he would have still been pretty upset.

Thomas: Why? Because we're spending time together at all? Look, god, liam has got to get over that. Like, we're--we're-- we're working together I'd hope for the future, and--and we're raising douglas together. Look, I--I feel bad that he think he saw us kissing, but...

Hope: Well, that's just the thing. There was a kiss.

Thomas: What?

Hope: But I wasn't there. It was dark and I guess liam couldn't exactly see and after what you were saying and the state you were in, I think...

Thomas: Oh, god, no. Wait. He saw--liam...

Hope: Yeah. Um, he saw you kissing the mannequin. Although to him, it didn't look like a mannequin at all. My poor husband, my loving devoted husband thought you were kissing me.

Liam: I'm so sorry, steffy. I'm so sorry. I hate-- I hate that I'm the reason you're going through this. I just--I, like, came straight here after what I thought I saw that night and we-- listen, every child is a blessing, I really do believe that every child is a blessing. And--and if this one is mine, then, you know, I'll be there.

Steffy: Oh, no. Don't-- don't even go there.

Liam: Well, trust me. I get it. I get it, okay? We're living very different lives. You're with finn and I'm with hope, I get it.

Steffy: Yeah, yeah, exactly. Exactly.

[ Groans ]

Liam: Hey, when we talked about that night, it was really important to me that I--I didn't paint it as this--this ugly thing. But it was based on a terrible mistake and--and I--I think if either of us could take it back, we would, right? It's just that we can't now because...

[ Laughs ] You're pregnant and-- wait a second. You took the test and then you called me right away? Is there something you know that you're-- you're just not telling me yet?

Steffy: No. But I had to call you. I couldn't tell finn. Liam, you're the only person I can to turn to. I've made so many changes in my life. I have been through so much recently. And I finally felt like I was able to build something real with him. I can't lose that. There's only one way this can turn out. This baby. It has to be finn'S. It has to be finn'S.

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