B&B Transcript Thursday 6/20/19

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 6/20/19


Episode #8124 ~ Thomas refuses to back down when Brooke confronts him about controlling her daughter. The web of their deceit begins to unravel as Thomas, Zoe and Xander argue amongst themselves.

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Emma: Hope and Liam's daughter is alive?

Zoe: No. No, of course not. He didn't mean to say that, right Xander? Tell her you didn't mean it.

Xander: It's too late.

Zoe: No, we were talking about Hope and how we wished that Beth were still alive.

Emma: That's not what you said. You said something about a stolen baby.

Zoe: Tell her she's wrong.

Xander: It's over, Zoe. She heard us.

Emma: Oh, my God. It's true?! Beth is alive.

Liam: Nice job, mama. Babies are bathed and fed and sound asleep. Are you okay?

Steffy: Hm?

Liam: Oh, no.

Steffy: What?

Liam: Oh, no. I knew this day would come. It was only a matter of time. I'm the annoying house guest.

Steffy: Oh!

Liam: I'm getting on your nerves already. Oh, my God. Are you kicking me out? Is this my eviction notice where-

Steffy: Get out, get out. No. No, I'm really happy that you're here, and that you're spending time with the girls. It's nice.

Liam: But?

Steffy: But I am concerned about you and Thomas not getting along. But you have to remember he's had a rough time lately.

Liam: I know he's had a tough time. That's part of the problem. He shouldn't be acting this way, especially given the tough time he's been through. And listen, I really feel for Douglas losing his mom, but Thomas does not get to use him to get closer to Hope. I know he's your brother, but I don't trust him.

Brooke: Oh, Thomas. I thought you would've gone home by now.

Thomas: I was just sketching another design for Hope.

Brooke: Did she ask you to do that?

Thomas: Oh, not really, but she liked the last one so much. I was inspired.

Brooke: You suddenly seem very interested in Hope for the future.

Thomas: I'm all in. I'm excited. I only want the best for the line and for Hope.

Brooke: Well, then you'll understand why Hope needs room to heal.

Thomas: She needs support now and I plan to be there for her. I'm not hiding my feelings, Brooke. I'm in love with your daughter.

Brooke: I know how you feel about Hope. Your father shared that with me.

Thomas: Oh, you're his wife. I'd hope he'd fill you in.

Brooke: We've talked a lot about you and Douglas, and the difficulties that you've been through.

Thomas: My son is my number one priority.

Brooke: But this seems to be going farther than just your concern for Douglas. Let's be honest, you and I both know that you've had some issues in the past and I'm not going to get into them. I just hope you understand why I'm asking you to give Hope some space. She needs time to heal. So focus on Douglas, not on Hope. She and Liam did end their marriage, but that doesn't mean that she doesn't love him. And she's still mourning the loss of her daughter.

Emma: Oh, my God. This is crazy, this whole thing.

Zoe: Please keep your voice down.

Emma: How? You said something about Zoe's father. Switching babies?

Zoe: Emma, listen to me.

Emma: No, I want to know what happened and I want to know right now. Where is Beth?

Xander: Steffy is raising her.

Emma: Steffy? Wait, Phoebe? Are you saying that Phoebe is actually Beth?

Liam: Listen, I don't want my issues with Thomas to become a problem for us, but I am worried about Hope. Now, obviously she doesn't need me to go in and protect her, but she is vulnerable right now. And Thomas knows this and he's using Douglas to get to her.

Steffy: Thomas cares about Hope and he wants you to know that he's there. That's Phoebe. I'll be right back.

Liam: Oh! Hi. Come on. Come on in.

Hope: I don't want to intrude. I just want to see the happy family for myself.

Thomas: You don't approve of my interest in Hope? She and Douglas have formed a pretty strong bond since we got back. They've been great for each other.

Brooke: That's wonderful. She's enjoyed spending time with Douglas.

Thomas: Okay, but they've been really helping each other get through this.

Brooke: But that's one thing. But for Hope to jump back into another relationship? That's not the answer, and I'm sure you would agree with me.

Thomas: Look, Caroline's death taught me a lot. Taught me that life is short. Why wait around for something when it's right in front of you? Hope and I have spent enough time apart to know what we want.

Brooke: And you've been in love with her all of these years?

Thomas: I keep it to myself. She was Liam.

Brooke: And you were with Sally and Caroline.

Thomas: I wish that she had accepted my proposal way back when ... back in Cabo. But maybe we needed that time apart.

Brooke: And you think your time is now?

Thomas: Hope's future is with Douglas and me, and I'll do anything to make that happen.

Hope: You look good, happy. It must be nice to be near the beach, being with the girls. I'm sure they're excited to have their dad home.

Liam: Yeah. Well, I better soak it up now before they're teenagers. I'm really glad you came by. It's nice to see you. I miss you.

Hope: I miss you too.

Steffy: Hope, hi.

Hope: Hi. I hope it's okay.

Steffy: Oh, yeah. Yeah, of course. You must've known Auntie Hope was coming by.

Hope: Hi.

Steffy: You want to say Hi?

Hope: Hi, Phoebe. Hi sweet angel.

Steffy: Would you like to hold her?

Hope: Could I?

Steffy: Absolutely. You are family. I know Phoebe loves her Auntie hope.

Hope: Hi. Who's that? Is that your daddy?

Phoebe: [inaudible 00:07:58].

Liam: Yeah.

Hope: Yeah.

Emma: I can't believe what your father did. How long have you known about this? How long have you known about that night on Catalina?

Zoe: Xander just found out recently.

Emma: And you didn't go straight to Hope? What about you Zoe? When did you find out?

Zoe: A few months ago.

Emma: A few months ago? And you kept it a secret this whole time?

Zoe: I was trying to protect my father. If this gets out, he'll have to go to prison.

Emma: He deserves to go to prison. He deserves to be punished for everything he's done. And Hope deserves to know the truth. Why haven't you told her? Answer me! What is wrong with you, Xander? This isn't who you are. You should have done the right thing. You should've told Hope.

Emma: She's been nothing but kind to you, but now she's miserable and devastated. She's lost her marriage, she's lost Liam, she's lost everything because of you and your father. Hope needs to know that her little girl is still alive.

Emma: I'm calling Hope. I'm calling Hope, right now.

Zoe: No, Emma. Listen, to-

Emma: I'm going to tell Hope the truth about her baby.

Zoe: Emma, please. I'm serious.

Xander: This isn't something you should do over the phone. Think about it.

Emma: Who are you? This isn't you. You hate keeping this secret. I can tell. But Zoe is making you, isn't she? She's pressured you into protecting her father and you're falling right in line.

Xander: Emma, this is bigger than you realize.

Emma: And you, you should be ashamed of yourself for keeping a secret like this. My God, baby Beth is still alive. I'm telling Hope right now.

Zoe: Emma.

Hope: She's beautiful. She's getting so big. Trying to savor all the little moments.

Steffy: I bet. It's good to see you. I'm happy you came by.

Hope: Yeah. It's always nice to get a little baby fix. Here. You take her.

Steffy: Okay.

Hope: I could hold her all day.

Steffy: You know you're always welcome here?

Hope: Thank you. It means a lot. I wanted to see all of you, this wonderful family. It's what I wanted, and it brings me joy knowing that Phoebe and Kelly have their parents together.

Thomas: I love you, Hope. Today our family begins, forever.

Hope: My husband, my soul mate. You came into my life when I needed you the most. I was so lost, but you found me. You saved me from a man who didn't know true commitment. I am blessed to be your wife and to be Douglas's mother.

Thomas: What's up?

Zoe: Thomas, it's Zoe. I really need to talk to you.

Thomas: What's wrong?

Zoe: She knows. She heard Xander and me talking and she knows everything.

Thomas: Who?

Zoe: Emma. She's going to tell Hope the truth about her baby.

Thomas: What?

Zoe: Yes. She's on her way to Hope, right now.

Pam: Hey, Emma. What are you still doing here?

Emma: I'm looking for Hope. Have you seen her?

Pam: She was with Thomas a little earlier. Oh, wait. She did mention she was going to go to Steffy's, but she's probably home by now. You know what young lady, I would like to thank you so much for filling out the survey for Robbin's baby shower unlike some people. I probably actually should go talk to her right now. Honey, are you okay?

Emma: Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine. Thanks.

Pam: All right. Well, if I don't see you later, have a good night.

Thomas: Hey, I couldn't know overhearing you and Pam. Are you looking for Hope?

Emma: Yes. Do you know where she is? I would call her, but Xander is right. I should probably speak to her in person. It's important.

Thomas: Look, Emma. You should probably stay out of this. You don't know what might happen if you get involved.

Emma: You're in on this too? You know, don't you?

Thomas: Know what? What are you talking about?

Emma: The truth about Beth.

Thomas: Emma, you need to calm down. Take a breath.

Emma: I can't calm down. I just overheard Zoe and Xander. They told me everything. You're in on this too?

Thomas: Okay. Look, I just found out myself, all right? And I had the same reaction as you did. I wanted to go straight to Hope and tell her.

Emma: Why didn't you?

Thomas: Because it's complicated.

Emma: Complicated? No, it's not. Liam and Hope had their baby stolen from them. Your sister is raising their child. Shouldn't Steffy know the truth?

Thomas: There are a lot of other factors involved.

Emma: Like what?

Thomas: Have you seen Phoebe?

Emma: You mean Beth?

Thomas: No, I mean Phoebe, okay? That's her name. My sister is her mother.

Emma: No, she's not. Hope is her mother.

Thomas: Would you keep your voice down, all right?! I'm trying to explain this to you. Phoebe is happy. Steffy is raising her.

Emma: Phoebe is not her name. It's Beth.

Thomas: It's Phoebe, okay? Her sister is Kelly. She's happy. She's nurtured and she's thriving and now Liam is in the home with her.

Emma: What about Hope? She's heartbroken.

Thomas: Look, I am going to take care of Hope. Me and Douglas both. We will take care of her. I'm planning a life for the three of us.

Emma: You and Hope?

Thomas: Yes, and Douglas. He's been through a lot. I want you to think long and hard about this before you go to Hope and tell her.

Emma: I don't need to think. Hope needs to know the truth right now.

Liam: She's got all the traits of a Logan, this one. I see it more and more everyday. Honestly, I look at her and I see you and your mom. I'm not kidding.

Steffy: The Logan gene is a beautiful gene to have.

Liam: Yeah.

Steffy: I'll take her.

Liam: Okay.

Steffy: Phoebe is a very, very lucky girl. Now I'm going to give her a bottle and hopefully she'll go down for a nap. You want to say bye Auntie Hope? Say bye. Bye.

Hope: Bye, sweetheart. So glad I got to see you.

Phoebe: [inaudible 00:15:48].

Hope: Come by soon.

Phoebe: [inaudible 00:15:48]

Steffy: Come on.

Hope: She's a precious baby.

Liam: Yeah. She's a sweet one, that's for sure. So you okay? I think about you a lot. I was wondering if it might be hard for you coming here.

Hope: It's what I wanted, you to live here with Steffy and the girls.

Liam: Yeah. Well, I love being here with them. It doesn't exactly stop me from worrying about you.

Hope: Don't worry about me, Liam.

Liam: I can't help it, especially with Thomas lurking. Listen, I know. I know he's a charming guy and he's also got issues of his own that he's dealing with and I love that you're bonding with Douglas, but it's not okay that Thomas is using Douglas to pull at your heartstrings.

Hope: Well, you're moving on your life, and I need to move on with mine.

Liam: With Thomas? Is that someone you're sure you can trust?

Hope: He's been supportive. He's made beautiful designs for my collection, and it's like I told him, I'm just trying to get through one day at a time. But I still do think of you, and how things would be different if Beth were still here. I know we would still be together.

Emma: Hope will find out her baby is alive.

Thomas: No, she won't.

Emma: You can't stop me, Thomas.

Thomas: This is none of your business. This is my family. Stay out of it. Hope will never know about Beth. Don't push me, Emma. I am dead serious. You do not want to mess with me.

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