B&B Transcript Wednesday 6/19/19

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 6/19/19


Episode #8123 ~ Xander blows up on Thomas after realizing he's continuing to manipulate Hope. Flo and Steffy agree, for different reasons, that baby Phoebe is "definitely a Logan."

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Hope: Am I misreading you? Because if I am, if everything really is okay with you, only... only I'm sensing it's not. I feel like there's something going on inside of you, and whatever it is, thomas, you can tell me. You can be honest with me. I'll understand.

Thomas: You see, this is -- this is why I can't imagine my life without you, why I'll always try and make sure you're in it. The way you care, the way you reach out... like you did when douglas and i came back to L.A. After losing caroline. You saved us, hope. Is it any wonder why douglas loves you? Why I have always loved you?

Zoe: Sorry, uh... we didn't know anyone was in here.

Thomas: The closed door wasn't a clue?

Xander: Everything okay, hope?

Hope: What do you mean?

Thomas: Yeah, xander. What do you mean?

Xander: Uh... uh, nothing, we should just... go. Unless you want us to stay.

Thomas: [ Chuckles ] You're acting kind of weird, dude. Do you want to get something off your chest?

Xander: No. Uh, anyway, uh... hope, have you, uh, seen phoebe lately?

Steffy: Flo, are you all right? Of course you're not. How could you be? This has to be emotional for you, you know, seeing the little girl you gave up for adoption here in this home with liam and me. I -- I know it wasn't easy for you, making the decision that you did. And who could have predicted that she's practically a member of this family? Flo, I never want to keep phoebe away from you. You have brought so much happiness into our lives by blessing up with phoebe. And we couldn't be more grateful. So thank you. Thank you.

Wyatt: Hey, bro, are you gonna hog my niece all day, or are you gonna share the wealth here? Let me, uh, give some love, too.

Liam: Uh, I don't know, uncle wyatt, are you any good with babies?

Wyatt: Am I good with --

[ Blows raspberry ] I haven't dropped one yet, I'll have you know.

Liam: Oh, well, in that case.

Wyatt: Yeah.

Steffy: I don't know who's the bigger kid.

Wyatt: [ Squeals ]

Liam: [ Laughs ]

Flo: I'm pretty sure I do.

Wyatt: Hi! How are you?

Steffy: It's crazy that you've known wyatt for so long. I can't wait to hear the stories.

Flo: There are plenty.

Wyatt: Oh, don't listen to them, please. Or at least don't judge me for them.

Steffy: Speaking of crazy, so much has happened in your life lately. You found out that you're a logan. Like, that's still so surreal to me, that phoebe's birth mother is a logan. I can even see the resemblance.

Flo: I see it, too. Phoebe is definitely a logan.

Liam: Oh, come here.

Wyatt: Yeah! Da-da!

Liam: I know, he's terrifying, I get it.

Wyatt: What? I did --

Liam: I get it. [ Laughs ] You did okay.

Hope: You're asking about phoebe?

Xander: Just if you've seen her lately, and kelly, too. Yeah.

Thomas: Why is that any of your business, xander?

Xander: It's just a question. I mean, I know how much hope cares for them, so I was --

Zoe: Look, look, look, look. Uh, we're clearing interrupting. Pam wasn't at the front desk. We just barged in thinking ridge would be here. But since he's not, we, um...

Thomas: Oh, you need to see my father?

Hope: I'd love to see ridge, too. To show him this. What do you guys think? It's thomas' newest design for hope for the future.

Zoe: It's breathtaking.

Xander: Yeah. You, uh -- you work fast, don't you?

Hope: Well, thomas is very committed to me and to my line's success.

Thomas: Uh, where you going?

Hope: To change and to make sure that this dress is stored properly. It -- it really is special, thomas.

Thomas: Don't be long. I'm not finished with you yet.

Xander: You're not finished with her yet? What the hell is that supposed to mean?

Thomas: I'm not hiding my feelings for hope from anyone. My vision of the future will come true.

Xander: Steffy and liam raising kelly and beth.

Thomas: And hope, me, and douglas. And if you keep fighting me on this, xander... you will regret it.

Xander: You've made yourself clear, thomas. So you can stop threatening zoe and me.

Thomas: No one's threatening you. I'm telling you how it's going to be. You and zoe will keep this secret.

Xander: Even if hope and liam deserve honesty and openness?

Thomas: They do deserve honesty and openness. That's the kind of relationship we're going to have. And that's the kind of relationship she's gonna have with douglas, too. But that won't happen if hope finds out the truth.

Xander: Are you even hearing yourself? I mean, the way you're rationalizing things --

Zoe: Xander, please. Thomas just wants what's best for his little boy. For everyone, really.

Thomas: But that won't happen if you or zoe or flo go to hope with this. You get that, right?

Emma: Hope for the future has an opportunity to do something new, showcase our designs that reflects the movement and spirit of this generation.

To the top

never gonna make me stop

to the top, to the top

'cause my moves, they really pop

to the top, to the top

yeah, that's how I like to rock

to the top, to the top

to the top, top, top

boy, you better pump

better pump your brakes

boy, you better pump

better pump your brakes

boy, you better pump

[ Cellphone chimes ]

Wyatt: Guys, come on. It's not like the beach is going anywhere.

Liam: I know, but... we feel bad.

Wyatt: Why? We got to hang out, the girls got to spend a little time with their awesome favorite uncle, which I thought was very productive.

Steffy: Well, thanks for understanding. I mean, we'll do the picnic another time when the girls' schedule isn't off. I had this conference call with international that kind of messed up their routine.

Wyatt: Yeah, but the life of a working mom. It's all good, seriously. Right?

Flo: Oh, totally. It was just great to see both of you.

Steffy: Thank you again for coming by, and you're always welcome to see phoebe.

Wyatt: You, too, uncle wyatt. You're awesome! You can stop by anytime. Steffy, thank you. I really appreciate that.

Liam: Mm, no, you call first.

Wyatt: Why?

Liam: Because you're uncle wyatt.

Wyatt: "Funcle" wyatt. I'm fun uncle wyatt, okay?

Liam: This is why he has to call first.

Steffy: Phoebe and kelly are way better behaved.

[ Laughter ]

Liam: And, flo, um, again, I -- I can't thank you enough. You've brought so much joy to our lives, and -- and I just want to assure you that I will raise phoebe like she is my own daughter.

Hope: Thank you, again, for the exquisite dress. I -- I really appreciate how invested you are in my line.

Thomas: Oh, it's not just the line I care about. I care about you, hope. More than you'll ever know.

Zoe: Well, it looks like no one's around, so we can talk without anyone hearing, but first things first...

Xander: Wait, zoe... what are you doing?

Zoe: It's called a kiss.

Xander: I don't get it. I don't know how you can think like that after what just happened.

Zoe: Xander, please. You have to let this go. We both have to just forget the truth about beth.

Wyatt: Hey, you were, uh... pretty quiet on the way home. Is this about phoebe? About seeing your little girl?

Flo: Only she's not. Someone else is her mother, not me.

Wyatt: Yeah, but still, that doesn't mean you're not gonna be affected by being around her and everything. Like, yeah, steffy adopted her, but on some primal --

Flo: Hey, hey, hey, hey. Hey. Can we drop this, please? I don't want to talk about this right now, and there are so many other things that we could be doing. Right?

Wyatt: Mm-hmm. I agree.

Flo: Hey.

Wyatt: Hmm?

Flo: So much of my life is amazing right now. And it all started because you came back in.

Steffy: I'm really glad flo cam by. I think it well with phoebe, don't you?

Liam: Yeah. Well, partly because of how open and welcoming you were. I mean you really made flo feel like she's part of phoebe's life still.

Steffy: She'll always be part of phoebe's life. She gave birth to her. She felt her growing inside of her. A mother never forgets that. Even if they give their child up.

Liam: Or if they... lose their child.

Hope: Thomas, please know I'm touched that you care so much. I just -- I don't want to give you any false expectations.

Thomas: I hope you know how much I love being a part of your world. Here at work, and especially away from it. I am so grateful for you, for everything you've brought into my life and into my son's life. And it's only gonna get better. You, me, and douglas, a family.

Hope: Thomas...

Thomas: Look, when I want something, when I really want something, I go after it. Okay? It may not always be right, but that is who I am. And I want you, hope.

Xander: Zoe, listen to me.

Zoe: I have listened. I know how much this is tearing you apart inside, and I hate it, too. I hate that you ever got mixed up in this.

Xander: Look, I'm not blaming you, you know that. But the longer that this goes on...

Zoe: Can we please just let this go? I mean, the best thing that we can do is to put it out of our minds.

Xander: Come on. Like that's even possible. It's all I think about. I'm sure it's the same for you, too. Only worse, how long you've known the truth. All these months, you've been fighting to hold on to this secret...

Zoe: You know the reason I kept quiet.

Xander: Because you're trying to protect your dad, I know. But what he did was horrible, zoe.

Zoe: I know that! I know that better than anyone.

Xander: Look, if only hope and liam knew the truth... their whole world would be different. They'd have their family, zoe. Their family!

Flo: I don't want to lose this -- you, your love... I don't want to lose this life I'm living right now.

Wyatt: It's not gonna happen.

Liam: All right. Trash is out, turned the compost... I think I got to upgrade the wi-fi here. Do you have a signal?

Steffy: Mm. Yeah, I got full bars.

Liam: Full -- how? I have one bar. How is that even possible?

Steffy: You're the it guy.

Liam: Oh, that's funny. That's so funny. I should probably get some work done before they're up again.

Steffy: I have to admit, it's really, really nice having you around. I know the girls love having their daddy here, too.

Liam: They told you that, did they?

Steffy: I can see it when they smile.

Liam: [ Chuckles ]

Steffy: When you hold them, when you sing to them, when you feed them... they love you so much. Still thinking about hope?

Liam: I -- [ Sighs ] I mean, I love being here with you and the girls. I just never imagined that hope would... and then -- and then I start thinking about thomas and what he's done. I know he's your brother, but... I really wish he would just let hope go through what she's going through instead of hovering over her all the time.

Steffy: Maybe he thinks he's being helpful.

Liam: Oh, really? Like he was being helpful when he was making moves on hope while I was in paris with you? I -- I don't -- I don't trust him, okay?

[ Sighs ] And I wish that hope wouldn't, either.

Thomas: Hey. Listen, I realize I can come on a little strong sometimes. I didn't mean to freak you out, or anything.

Hope: I know. It's just that I'm still pretty raw from ending my marriage, and I am not ready to make any promises or commitments.

Thomas: Yet. But you will be. And, in the meantime, I'm gonna keep reminding you what a family would be like with douglas and me. How wonderful it could be. Will be.

Hope: You seem pretty sure of yourself.

Thomas: Well, when something's right, you know it.

Thomas: I know this isn't easy, okay? But you have to move on. Liam has. I'm not saying that to hurt you, okay? It's just -- the family that you wanted, it's gone. Beth is gone. That doesn't mean that you can't find happiness. You're beautiful. You're too beautiful to close yourself off, and I think you know that. I think you know I'm right. I think you know I'm good for you. You just have to let go of everything else. Let go, hope. I'm gonna help you let go.

Xander: There has to be a way that we can tell the truth. A way that we can tell hope and liam.

Zoe: I don't see how. I can't even imagine the words we would use.

Xander: We shouldn't have to. Your father did this. He should be the one going to hope and liam, confessing everything. How he stole their baby, robbed them of their precious little girl!

Emma: You can't be serious! What are you talking about?

Zoe: Emma --

Emma: No. No, that's -- that's crazy! That's impossible! Beth was stillborn! Hope held her in her arms!

Zoe: Stop! Stop! It's not what you're thinking.

Emma: I don't trust you for a second. Be honest with me. We used to be close. I know you're a good person. What I just overheard. Is it true? Baby beth is still alive? Answer me, xander! Tell me! Is it true?

Xander: Yes! Yes, it's -- it's true. Hope's baby is alive. . .

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