B&B Transcript Monday 6/10/19

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 6/10/19


Episode #8116 ~ Flo shares confidential information with Thomas, who in turn accuses her of being a liar. Hope and Brooke argue about Hope's choice to annul her marriage to Liam.

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Flo: [ Breathing heavily ]

Thomas: No. I don't believe it.

Flo: You said you thought i was hiding something from hope, and I was. You -- you were right, thomas. I just... I just didn't think I could say it.

Thomas: It doesn't make sense. Beth -- beth was stillborn.

Flo: No, she wasn'T. Hope's little girl is alive. Beth is alive.

Hope: Losing beth will affect me for the rest of my life, but -- I don't know -- maybe i could have dealt with the grief. It's just the guilt that i couldn't get over.

Brooke: Was annulling your marriage really the answer, honey?

Hope: For the sake of the children, I had to do it. And liam finally agreed. He signed the papers, and... as soon as carter files them, we can all move forward with our lives.

Brooke: I'm so sorry.

Hope: It's for the best. Liam needs to be a full-time father to those girls. And our marriage, the life we had planned together... ended that night on catalina. And today... we put it to rest.

Zoe: I can't believe you told hope and liam.

Xander: They're ending their marriage because of this, zoe. They think beth is gone. We have an obligation to tell them the truth.

Zoe: Well, then what, xander? My father goes to jail? Flo and I do, too? Is that what you want?

Xander: No! I'll explain to hope and her family that -- that it wasn't your fault, that you were manipulated into --

Zoe: Wait, wait, wait. So, they don't know? You didn't tell them everything?

Xander: No. But I wanted to. And I'm still gonna do it.

Brooke: What can I do to help, honey?

Hope: It's done, mom.

Brooke: But if this isn't what you really want --

Hope: I love liam as much as ever. But I can't keep him to myself when kelly and phoebe need him more.

Brooke: Honey, he can be there for the girls and he can be married to you.

Hope: He was willing to do that, but I'm not. Ending my marriage is the hardest thing I have ever had to do, but it is the right thing. And if I didn't believe that, i would have never picked up that pen, or at least that's what i told xander.

Brooke: Xander?

Hope: He burst in and tried to stop liam and me from signing the papers.

Brooke: Why would he do that?

Xander: I didn't have a change of heart, zoe. I was ready to tell them the truth.

Zoe: Yeah, but you didn'T. What stopped you?

Xander: Thomas.

Zoe: Steffy's brother?

Xander: Yeah. Then he started throwing his weight around -- literally got in my face, reminding me that forrester's a family-owned business and that he's -- he's my boss.

Zoe: Why?

Xander: He didn't want anything to get in the way of hope and liam signing those annulment papers.

Thomas: Beth is alive? That's what you want me to believe?

Flo: Yeah.

Thomas: How could you say something so cruel? Hope is heartbroken.

Flo: I know she is. So am I. It is killing me, keeping this secret.

Thomas: You have no idea what she's been through. Otherwise, you wouldn't be making up stories like this. She's your cousin, flo. She thinks you care about her!

Flo: You don't have to believe me. You know, it's actually probably better for me if you don'T. But what I'm telling you is the truth, thomas. It's true.

Brooke: Maybe I should have taken a cue from xander and made a last-ditch appeal of my own.

Hope: I think you've already tried a few, actually.

Brooke: I didn't barge in the front door and demand that you stay with liam.

Hope: It was... pretty dramatic.

Brooke: Did xander really think he could get through to you?

Hope: I mean, he was determined, which is why I'm surprised he didn't stay.

Brooke: You said that his car alarm was going off.

Hope: Yep, and then he went out to turn it off and then just got in the car and drove away.

Brooke: Maybe he wasn't as determined as you thought.

Hope: Or he just didn't want to make a difficult situation even harder, not that I think that was his intention. I just... I have thought this through quite a bit, and I finally got liam on the same page, and being interrupted wasn't about to change my mind about letting liam go to kelly and phoebe. There was nothing xander could have said.

Xander: "Beth is alive" -- that's all I had to say.

Zoe: Thomas stopped you.

Xander: Yeah. I mean, I didn't even realize he was in the house. Carter was there, and -- and hope and liam were about to sign the papers, so I told them to stop. Anyone can tell how much they love each other. She's just doing this for steffy's children. And she feels connected to them, especially with phoebe, and we all know why.

Zoe: Okay. Well, at least phoebe is being raised in a loving home with a wonderful mother.

Xander: That's not good enough, zoe. Hope and liam are her parents. And I was about to tell them that, till my car alarm went off.

Zoe: What?

Xander: Well, I was ignoring it at first, but then liam insisted that I go turn it off, so I did. When I went outside, that's when thomas showed up. He set off my alarm to get me outside -- to stop me from interrupting hope and liam.

Zoe: And what did he want?

Xander: Me... off the property.

Zoe: He said that?

Xander: I couldn't believe it at first. And then he was all, "stay out of it. Hope's been through hell. You have no idea how much she needs this." So I told him I needed a minute, that what I had to say was important. Then he just got in my face ad demanded to know why I wanted to stop the annulment.

Zoe: And what did you tell him?

Xander: Well, I wanted to tell him everything.

Zoe: Okay, xander. You wouldn't tell thomas that beth is still alive?

Xander: No. No, I just wanted to get out of there. Thomas doesn't know anything.

Thomas: I-I don't know what kind of game you're playing... but you need to tell me what's going on.

Flo: I want to know the kind of person my grandfather invited into his home.

Flo: I have wanted to tell her the truth for so long.

Thomas: What you're saying... isn't possible.

Flo: I know it sounds crazy. I know. I swear to god, thomas, it's -- it's the truth. Beth didn't die.

Thomas: No. No. Hope -- hope is grieving, okay? That's real.

Flo: It is. Hope doesn't know.

Thomas: What are you saying -- that hope believes her baby died but she didn't? She was there, okay? She held beth in her arms. That moment is seared into her memory, okay? Liam was there. The doctor explained.

Thomas: What? What -- what is that look? What aren't you saying, flo?

Flo: [ Sniffles ]

Thomas: I want to know what's going on. I want the whole story, and right now. It was here.

Zoe: Hey, please, just listen to me. I-I-I understand that you're still processing a lot. I mean, you just found out that hope's baby is still alive and you want her to know, and --

Xander: Don't you?

Zoe: Of course I do. Being around hope is torture for me. Every time I see her, I'm screaming the truth in my head. But you have to realize what my father did is a crime.

Xander: You're damn right it is. It's despicable.

Zoe: And flo and I hate ourselves for being dragged into it. But a crime means prison.

Xander: I won't let that happen.

Zoe: If you tell hope the truth, it could.

Xander: Your father did this. He's the one to blame.

Zoe: We just -- we need a little more time to figure out what to do.

Xander: Look, hope thinks her baby is dead. She's been grieving for months. Hope and liam need to know the truth.

Zoe: I can'T. You have to see that.

Xander: Hope is suffering. Do you want her little girl to pay for that, too?

Zoe: Beth is fine. Steffy loves her.

Xander: Look, I know she does. But every day, the bond between them gets stronger. I don't know how steffy's going to react when she finds out who phoebe really is, but she needs to know. Everybody needs to know. Look, I know there will be consequences. But hope is that little girl's mother.

Zoe: Xander, do you love me?

Xander: You know I do. That's why I'm trying to help you. You can't keep this secret any longer. Hope needs to know that her baby is alive.

Thomas: Okay, flo. I want the whole story. Don't leave anything out.

Flo: First of all, you -- you need to understand that I didn't know any of this when I came to L.A. I-I didn't know about hope. I didn't know anything about beth or catalina or anything.

Thomas: Okay. Then how could you possibly know beth is alive?

Flo: Well, it all goes back to that night -- the night that hope went into labor and there was that storm and -- and there was only that one doctor at the clinic, and she --

Thomas: You're right. She -- she, uh -- something happened and -- and she passed out, right?

Flo: Well, yeah. That part's true. But -- but her baby wasn't stillborn.

Thomas: Were you there?

Flo: No.

Thomas: Then how could you know?

Flo: I know the doctor. I kn-- I know dr. Buckingham, zoe's dad.

Thomas: Yeah. He told hope her baby died.

Flo: He lied. Hope delivered a healthy baby girl.

Thomas: Okay, then. That doesn't make sense. Why would he do that?

Flo: Because he was trying to protect his daughter. I know reese from vegas, and he gambles a lot with the wrong people's money, and he owed a lot of bad guys a lot of money, and they were threatening to hurt zoe if he didn't come up with the cash, and so he -- he was desperate. He was just trying to figure out a way to make the money.

Thomas: So, he what -- he stole hope's baby? How could he even do that?

Flo: There was another patient at the clinic that night. She delivered a baby before hope arrived. Her baby was a stillborn, not beth.

Thomas: No.

Flo: Hope was unconscious, and reese had gotten this threatening text, and he -- he made the worst decision of his life.

Thomas: He switched the babies?

Flo: Yes. And when liam got there, he -- he told him that -- that beth didn't make it. I-I know that this is all impossible to understand, but [Sniffles] I swear to god, I-it's true, thomas. That is what xander was coming here to tell hope and liam. He had just found out about it.

Thomas: So, there was no problem with the delivery. Beth is alive.

Flo: Yeah. But that's -- that's not the only thing that hope needs to know.

Xander: Hey. This isn't you... keeping secrets, lying to people.

Zoe: [ Voice breaking ] I wanted to tell hope. I wanted to tell her the moment I found out. But my father -- I mean, those people that he got mixed up with are still out there.

Xander: I'm not worried about any of that.

[ Voice breaking ] I'm worried about you.

[ Sniffles ] I mean, look at you. You're shaking.

Zoe: Because I'm scared, xander. You say that we have to just tell the truth, and you have no idea how anyone's going to react.

Xander: Okay. But whatever happens, just know -- hey -- just know... that you won't have to go through it alone... because I'm here for you. I care about you and I love you because you're a good person. I mean, I know you didn't want any of this to happen. And I can see that it's killing you. But it's killing hope, too. I mean, she's probably gonna end her marriage with liam because of this. And now steffy's bonding with hope's little girl. Zoe, the longer you keep this a secret, the more messed up things will get. We can make it right. It won't be easy, and, yes, there will be a fallout, but hope needs to know the truth. Please, zoe. Please tell me that you understand that.

Hope: Part of me thought it would be a relief.

[ Voice breaking ] It's not.

Brooke: Honey, you need time to process what's happened.

Hope: That's what liam and i have been doing. But I finally realize that our lives have been too shattered to put it back together again. There's too many missing pieces. So, the only way to move on and heal... is to just begin anew. I love liam. I always will. But without beth, it just didn't make sense anymore.

Brooke: Oh, honey.

Hope: [ Crying ]

Brooke: It's okay.

Thomas: Zoe's father took hope's baby.

Flo: Yeah. And when liam arrived, reese told him the news, and then liam had to tell hope that beth didn't make it.

Thomas: She would have asked questions. She wouldn't have just taken the doctor's word for it.

Flo: She did. She wanted to see her baby, but reese -- he... reese... he put the other woman's stillborn baby into hope's arms, and hope believed it was beth.

Thomas: That is sick.

Flo: I know. I know. But when he called me, I-I-I did not know what he wanted me to help him out with. I-I didn't know what I was getting myself into.

Thomas: You helped him sell hope's baby!

Flo: No, I did not! He set up this whole adoption. There were legal papers and lawyers there and everything. He just needed a birth mother.

Thomas: You!

Flo: I didn't know any of the details until I was in it too deep.

Thomas: You knew he wanted you to lie. You knew that the baby wasn't yours! Think about hope -- all the pain that she's been through!

Flo: I didn't know her. All I heard was her name once. I didn't know her. If I could go back and do it all again, I wouldn't be involved in this. I would ask more questions. I -- I hate that I played a part in this.

Thomas: It worked! Reese -- reese got the money?

Flo: The new family, they -- they gave him the money and he paid off his debts, and so he was safe.

Thomas: What about hope's daughter?!

Flo: She's safe, too.

Thomas: You gave up your own baby, and then you pretended to be a birth mother for this guy?

Flo: No.

Thomas: Wait. Your -- your baby... the baby you gave up was beth? Steffy adopted your baby.

[ Voice breaking ] Phoebe -- phoebe is beth? Phoebe is hope's daughter?

Flo: Yes. Yes. Phoebe is beth. Your sister is raising hope's little girl.

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