B&B Transcript Friday 6/7/19

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 6/7/19


Episode #8115 ~ Zoe and Flo realize they are bonded by Reese's sinister deed; Xander demands to speak to Liam and Hope alone.

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Xander: Hope, please, just hear me out. Put down the pen. Okay? You won't want this annulment if you just hear me out.

Liam: Dude, you're just making this harder.

Xander: I know it's not a pretty story, but it can have a happy ending now. I promise, this will change everything for you.

Zoe: You are exhausting me.

Flo: You have got to stop treating me like I'm some emergency just waiting to happen.

Zoe: But that's what you are. You know, one minute, you agree to keep the secret, and the next, you're in a full panic, ready to tell the whole world what happened to hope's child.

Flo: Well, I didn't tell xander, did I?

Zoe: He overheard us talking. I had no choice.

Flo: Look, zoe, I know that you are just as unhappy as I am about this whole situation.

Zoe: Oh, this horror my father committed? Of course.

Flo: Zoe, we can personally undo the wrong that has been done. We don't have to just stand by and watch while hope and liam dissolve their chance of having happiness together. Don't you get that?

Zoe: It's too late.

Flo: No. Why?

Zoe: They would have already filed that annulment by now.

Flo: Well, if marriages can be annulled so easily, then annulments probably can, too.

Zoe: And how many other lives and families would we be tearing apart, including our own, if we just went ahead and told this ugly truth?

Flo: We deserve it. Hope doesn'T.

Zoe: I don't want to go to my grave with this sense of wrongness pounding in my veins. But I don't really see another choice.

Xander: I have something i need to tell you.

Carter: Xander, I know you think you're trying to help, but now is not the time.

Liam: Yeah, man, this is really personal and private.

Xander: But you don't want to that annulment. I know you don'T.

Hope: Of course not, but te right thing to do can't always be what I want.

[ Car alarm blaring ]

Xander: Yeah, but this isn't the right thing. That's what I'm trying to tell you!

[ Alarm continues ]

Carter: Whose car is that?

Xander: Yeah, it -- it's mine, all right? But I'll get it in a minute.

Liam: Okay, well, no, can you go turn it off?

Xander: Yeah, I will, but you need to hear what I have to say.

Liam: Xander, now, man! I can hardly hear myself think, please!

Xander: All right!

Liam: Thank you.

Xander: I'll be right back. Just --

Liam: All right.

[ Dog barking ]

Hope: Does anybody know what that was about?

[ Alarm stops ]

Thomas: You're not going back in there. You're done.

Liam: We do not have to wait for him, you know that, right?

Hope: No, just -- we'll let xander say whatever it is he has to say, and then we'll get on with it.

Carter: Probably hopes he can get through to you guys like i tried. You can't blame the guy. Anyone who's heard about you two doesn't want you to end it.

Hope: Yeah. He and zoe work with me on hope for the future together. We're tight-knit little team. We're almost like family, and i just -- I think it's better if we listen than to be blunt and say there's nothing he can do.

Xander: Excuse me.

Thomas: Are you hard of hearing?

Xander: Where did you come from?

Thomas: I live here, you don'T. Goodbye.

Xander: Uh, hope's waiting for me.

Thomas: Whatever you have to say, she doesn't want to hear.

Xander: You set off my alarm. Why are you doing this?

Thomas: Because you're interfering in something you know nothing about.

Xander: Well, let's let hope decide that.

Thomas: Because you're hurting someone I care about, and I won't allow it. Look, she knows what she wants from her life, you don'T. And she doesn't need to keep explaining herself, especially to someone who's nothing to her.

Xander: Hope would never say that about me, as a friend, an employee...

Thomas: You're right. You're right. Hope treats everyone the same, regardless of how good or bad their intentions are.

Xander: Look, she wouldn't be ending her marriage right now if she knew --

Thomas: If she knew what? Tell me.

Xander: I'll tell her myself.

Thomas: No, you won'T. Your being here is beyond inappropriate. If you need to tell her something, you tell me, and I'll pass it along.

Xander: She needs to know that flo wasn't --

Thomas: Flo wasn'T...what?

Xander: Why should I trust you? I mean, you're trying to bully me into finishing a conversation you were never even a part of. It's none of your business.

Thomas: Speaking of business, aren't I technically your boss?

Xander: Are you threatening my job?

Thomas: I'm reminding you my name is forrester, and ours is a family-owned business. So what is it you so urgently need to tell hope? Because let me be very clear. You're not setting foot back in that house.

Xander: Hope's house, right? Not yours. Fine. But hope won't be happy you were the reason she didn't find out today. And she will -- find out.

[ Door open, closes ]

[ Car starts ]

Thomas: Flo wasn'T...what?

Flo: We even supposed to be in here?

Zoe: Yeah, we're working. I volunteered us to help stamp and mail these invitations.

Flo: You know, in a way, I'm -- I'm close to you know than anyone else in L.A. Even wyatt. Unlike you, he doesn't know the worst of me.

Zoe: I hate this as much as you do. You know, you think I'm not listening to you when you rattle off all your reasons to tell the truth and end this, but the thing is, I do. I'm just waiting to be convinced that it's worth the cost.

Flo: Do you remember what xander was saying before you asked him to let us talk?

Zoe: Flo, he thinks that we can just run the streets yelling "beth is alive!" With no legal repercussions. It's noble, but naive.

Flo: Is it, though?

Zoe: Oh, come on, you can't seriously think we won't be prosecuted.

Flo: Well, just walk through it with me for a second here. What if you call your dad and tell him to just make himself disappear?

Zoe: And where do you and i go?

Flo: We go directly to hope.

Zoe: And a half-hour later, when the police come?

Flo: Zoe, we're victims, too. We didn't know what he had done until it was all set into motion already? The only thing that we are guilty of is this -- keeping the secret for as long as we have. That is our crime. And our reasons are very understandable. We were afraid.

Zoe: And, to you, that seems like a workable defense.

Flo: I think we need to stop being afraid and see what happens. Can you at least think about it?

Hope: We'll listen quietly and thank him for his thoughts.

Liam: Yeah, but we don't have to defend ourselves.

Hope: Well, I understand. I'm the same way. When I feel really strongly about something, there's no... stopping me, as you well know.

Carter: Okay, you're not gonna believe this, but... he left.

Liam: Are you kidding me?

Carter: I thought he went to move his car, but he's gone.

Hope: That's odd.

Liam: Then what was all the urgency about?

Carter: Maybe he felt he embarrassed himself a bit. Shall we continue? If another day would be better...

Hope: No. This is what's best.

Liam: That's how you see it, but I'm not gonna revive the argument, I promise.

Hope: You'll see it's right when you're back with kelly and phoebe.

Carter: An annulment -- immediately, it frees both parties. But it's not as simple as a divorce. Divorce is no-fault in california, but an annulment requires grounds. We're petitioning on the grounds of "physical incapacity."

Hope: Because I can't have children?

Carter: We believe we have the adequate documentation. On the first page, it states that you do not have any children together. Please sign. You flip over, there are copies of your marriage license, stating you've been married within the last four years. Finally, the petition itself, with all the relevant details not requested anywhere.

Hope: So... is that it? We're done?

Carter: Almost. I'll take these down to be filed. At some point, I have a brief hearing before a judge. I don't anticipate any problems.

Hope: Thank you, carter.

Liam: Yeah, we know this wasn't easy for you, either.

Carter: Yeah, it wasn't the happiest day in my legal career. Be well. I wish you the best.

Hope: I'm sorry.

Liam: For what? Don't say "losing beth." You've done nothing wrong.

Hope: Okay, then, for everything else. Except loving you.

[ Door opens ]

Zoe: There you are. Did you get my text?

Xander: I've, uh -- I've been busy. So, what decision did you and flo come to?

[ Scoffs ] Yeah, I guessed that's how it would go.

Zoe: You expect me to be blasť about sending my father to prison? Maybe for life?

Xander: No, but I expect you to care about right and wrong and be able to tell the difference.

Zoe: [ Scoffs ] Okay, yeah, I see. So much for unconditional love.

Xander: Zoe... you know I love you. But I've never personally known anyone who's done something as vile and inexcusable as what your father did. I know you're too conflicted to do anything about it, but i don't have that problem. That's why I went to stop liam and hope from annulling their marriage.

[ Door opens ]

Flo: Thomas! Hi! Hey, your, um -- your grandfather and quinn are away.

Thomas: I'm not here to see my granddad. I called the office, and pam said you'd left forrester. I came here to see you.

Flo: Okay. What's up?

Thomas: What did xander want?

Flo: What do you mean?

Thomas: Liam and hope, they were signing their annulment papers, and xander rushed in to stop them. He said he knew something that would change their minds. What is it?

Flo: I don't know. What -- what did he say?

Thomas: I got rid of him. Hope's been through enough without people constantly reopening the wound. But he mentioned your name.

Flo: Me?

Thomas: I can see you know what it is. I want to hear it. Now.

Zoe: I can't believe you told hope and liam, even though i asked you to hold off.

Xander: I don't think you have to right to withhold the fact that their daughter's alive and well.

Zoe: So they know? Oh, my god, you told them everything?

Liam: Seems xander's not coming back, doesn't it?

Hope: Do you want me to call him?

Liam: I suppose it doesn't matter now.

Hope: Do you want to stay for dinner?

Liam: Are we dating?

Hope: I don't know what we are.

Liam: Maybe we're going backwards in time. Married, and then almost married, then you in milan and me here. Then puglia. And then dating. And then meeting for the very first time.

Hope: So, where will you be staying?

Liam: [ Sighs ] Um, wyatt offered. Why, will you be looking for me? I won't be far.

Hope: I know. What?

Liam: [ Sighs ] It's just -- this room. It's where our marriage began, and it's where it ended.

Hope: Is it strange that i look around and remember all the memories we never had? Beth's first steps. Her first birthday, bringing an art project home to her grandmother.

Liam: It may be a while before I can come back here again.

Hope: You're free to be with kelly and phoebe now. And you'll be a father to phoebe in all the ways that matter. Because that's what I wanted for you. Because I -- I knew you loved me too much to want it for yourself.

Liam: I can't say goodbye.

Hope: [ Laughs ]

[ Door opens, closes ]

Hope: [ Sobbing ]

Thomas: You're hope's cousin.

Flo: I know.

Thomas: You like seeing her suffer?

Flo: No! Why would you say that?

Thomas: She's been devastated for months. Grief won't leave her alone, and xander seems to think he has the answer. Which is what?

Flo: He's an emotional guy. I -- I guess he just feels things really deeply.

Thomas: So do I. Obviously you don't, if you don't care enough to tell me what it is you're keeping from hope.

Flo: If I was keeping something, why -- why would i tell you?

Thomas: Because I care about her. Because I've known her most of my life, and because if things had worked out differently, she would be married to me instead of liam. Well, she's not married to anyone anymore.

Flo: They signed the annulment papers?

Thomas: Yes.

Flo: Oh, my god.

Thomas: Look... whatever xander was gonna tell hope and liam, obviously you know what it is. What's going on? Look, if there's anything you know, anything that can help hope --

Flo: It's about hope's baby. It's -- it's about beth.

Thomas: Beth? She -- she died. She was stillborn. Why would you bring that up? What?! Tell me!

Flo: She's alive! Beth is alive!

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