B&B Transcript Thursday 6/6/19

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 6/6/19


Brooke pleads with Hope about her next move; Liam calls out Thomas about his relationships with Hope and Steffy.

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Xander: I know you're a good person, flo. Keeping this secret has got to be eating you alive.

Flo: Yeah. I think about it all the time.

Xander: Because you know it's wrong. Hope thinks her baby died!

Flo: I know. I know. It -- it is terrible.

Xander: You can fix it.

Flo: [ Sighs ] God, xander, it's not that simple.

Xander: The truth is always more simple than a lie. You can't keep something this life-altering from hope. Beth is alive. Across town, at steffy'S. Hope has to know.

Brooke: You don't have to do this, sweetheart.

Hope: I know you don't approve, mom, but this is my choice.

Brooke: Honey, it's not a matter of approval. I just don't think you should give up on your husband. On your marriage. Yes, I understand that you're concerned about the children. And you should be. All of you should be. But why don't you sit down with liam and steffy and thomas, and you can figure out what times are good for liam to spend with the girls, and what times are good for you to spend with douglas. That way, you can feel good about what you're doing for the kids, and you can still come home to your husband.

Hope: Believe me, I've thought this through, and this is the hardest decision I have ever had to make. But... it's the only way it can work. I have to set liam free.

Brooke: I wish you wouldn't do this, honey.

Hope: I know. But it's happening. Carter's on his way over now with the final version of these, and liam and I are gonna sign the annulment together.

Carter: Hey, man, I just wanted to confirm you'll be meeting hope and me at brooke's to finalize the paperwork.

Liam: What if I say no?

Carter: I'd cheer you on.

Liam: Heh. Thanks, man. I'll be there.

[ Knock on door ] Oh. You.

Thomas: Glad to find you here. Where you belong.

Liam: If you're looking for steffy, she's at a doctor's appointment with kelly.

Thomas: Is kelly okay?

Liam: She's fine. It's just a routine check-up. I'm watching phoebe until either steffy gets back or amelia shows up.

[ Sighs ]

Thomas: Well, that's good to hear. This is exactly why you need to be around for steffy and the girls. Uh, I'm actually glad I ran into you. Hope told me that carter stopped by with the annulment papers. You're not gonna make this more difficult for her, are you?

Liam: And how would I do that, thomas?

Thomas: By taking your time.

[ Sighs ] She needs this to move on. You need to sign those papers today.

Brooke: Hope, listen to me. It's heartbreaking that you and liam are ending your marriage.

Hope: I don't disagree. I love liam, mom. He's the man I wanted to grow old with. We had so many plans together for our future, for our family. But those dreams shattered the night we lost beth, and nothing has been the same. Nothing will ever be the same.

Xander: Look at you. It's all over your face. You hate keeping this secret.

Flo: Of course I hate it.

Xander: I mean, how could you not? You're hope's cousin. I mean, you love her. At least, you say you do.

Flo: I do.

Xander: Then how could you let this stand? I mean, you've seen how much hope's suffered since beth supposedly died.

Flo: I know.

Xander: And now she's losing her marriage, too? I mean, what's fair about any of this?

Flo: Nothing.

Xander: You have to speak up, flo. Tell hope and liam the truth so they can go get their daughter and start living the life that was literally stolen from them. I mean, it's the right thing. Flo, it's the only thing to do.

Zoe: [ Scoffs ] You're going to hope, aren't you? No way, flo. I won't let you.

Liam: Thanks, amelia. Okay. I'll see you soon. Bye. Look, hope may trust you. Steffy may trust you. But I don'T. Because I see who you really are.

Thomas: And who's that?

Liam: An opportunist. A spoiled socialite blinded by his own privilege. Look, you are hiding your true motivations behind your son, because who's gonna call you out on it, right? Douglas is a child who just lost his mother. I get it. I lost mine too, okay? Of course he has issues. Of course he needs help. But you are manipulating his very real needs in order to get what you want for you, which is hope. The funny thing about that, whether hope and I are married or not, I'm still gonna be in her life. You get that, right? I'm still gonna be around. I'm still gonna be looking out for her. I'm still gonna be protecting her. And, yes, of course her relationship with douglas is good for both of them, and I'm not gonna stand in the way of that mutual healing. But you -- you are a different story. And I am not gonna let you use this situation. I will not let you use "the children" to take advantage of hope.

Hope: Carter's on his way.

[ Sighs ] Liam should be here shortly.

Brooke: Honey, you haven't done anything you can't take back. No one has to sign these annulment papers.

Hope: I wish that were true.

Brooke: Well, it is true. You can make it true. You have the power to do that. This is your idea, your solution. Liam doesn't want this. He made that perfectly clear. He thinks, as I do, that you can work through this. And you can. That's what marriage is all about. You have to stick together through thick and thin, through good times and bad.

Hope: And it's killing me. It is. But the girls need liam. And douglas needs me. It's just the way it is.

Zoe: Xander got to you, didn't he? Convinced you to go to hope and liam.

Xander: They have to know, zoe. The baby they've been mourning all this time is alive, right under their noses.

Zoe: You can't, and you know why.

Flo: Maybe prison is where we belong.

Zoe: You don't mean that!

Xander: Prison doesn't have to be the outcome here. I mean, once the truth is out.

Zoe: Xander, what? Do you really think that hope's gonna say, "hey, thanks for finally let us know," and bless us to get on with the rest of our lives? My father will be arrested.

Xander: Well, I'm sorry, but he needs to be held accountable for this...atrocity.

Zoe: You know it's not just my dad, right? Flo and I are both in this way deep. She signed false adoption papers, and I'm an accessory after the fact. We're talking serious crimes.

Xander: If someone were to press charges. Hope wouldn't do that.

Flo: I would do that if I were her. After the hell we've put her through?

Xander: Look, you're family now. There's no way she'd turn you in.

Zoe: Yeah, me, however -- she'd just throw me to the wolves.

Xander: I won't let that happen.

Zoe: And how are you gonna stop it?

Xander: By doing whatever it takes. I'll make them understand that you guys got caught up in something that was already in motion. I mean, you and flo were reese's victims, too. Liam, hope, brooke, they'll see that in time.

Zoe: Don't listen to him. Xander means well, but he doesn't understand what's at stake.

Flo: A-aren't you exhausted by carrying around the weight of this guilt everywhere? Come on. Don't you want to just tell hope the truth, and just finally let her have her baby back?

[ Door opens ]

Zoe: [ Sighs ]

Carter: Everything all right in here?

Zoe: Yeah, we're -- we're good. What's up?

Carter: I'm supposed to meet hope and liam at brooke's, and I left the, uh, annulment papers. Sorry to interrupt.

Xander: You heard carter. Liam and hope are signing annulment papers today. Zoe, enough is enough. You have to tell them the truth. Humira patients, you inspire us.

Flo: They're actually going through with it today. The situation keeps going from bad to worse.

Xander: It'll keep doing that. Unless you stop it.

Zoe: This has been killing me, too. But we've kept quiet this long, and we have to see it through.

Flo: If we never tell hope that beth is with steffy, then we are no better than reese.

Zoe: I know my father has done some horribly awful things. And I hate that I'm his excuse.

Flo: You were in real danger.

Zoe: And why was that? Because of him.

Xander: Reese is a disaster! You have to stop protecting him at that family's expense. Hope would be a completely different person right now if she still had that little girl, and you know it. I mean, this annulment wouldn't be happening in a million years. Hope and liam would be happy raising their little girl, maybe even thinking about having another. And it's not like you're doing steffy any favors. I mean, every day, she keeps bonding with this little girl -- a girl that's not even hers to keep. I mean, come on!

Zoe: You know what, flo and i need to be on the same page one way or the other, so can you just give us a minute? Maybe take some time to get this off your mind.

Xander: [ Scoffs ] Yeah. Okay.

Carter: The papers I gave you and liam earlier were just copies for you to review, mainly about division of property and debt. Not that it's relevant in this case, but neither of you will ever receive spousal support.

Thomas: Oh, um... sorry to interrupt.

Hope: You live here. Don't apologize. Actually, maybe we should take this down to the cabin.

Thomas: No. No, no, no. Stay. I'm heading upstairs, anyway. Uh... unless you need me.

Hope: No. Uh, that's fine. Thank you, thomas.

Thomas: All right. Well, let me know if you need anything when you're done signing.

[ Knock on door ]

Hope: That's liam.

Thomas: I'll get out of your way.

Liam: Hey.

Hope: Hey.

Liam: So this is it, huh? Hey, carter.

Carter: Sorry about the circumstances.

Liam: Yeah, me too.

Carter: Okay. So, you both had time to review the paperwork. What you'll basically be signing today agrees that there is no issues to be argued, and the annulment is uncontested. Okay, look, I got to say this as a friend. You know I care about you guys. Your love is... it's inspirational. I'm not the only one that feels that way. Your friends, your family, we've all watched you overcome every obstacle thrown in your way. Is there any chance you can overcome this? Are you really prepared to end your marriage?

Zoe: [ Sighs ] It's more private in here. Were you really about to risk everything and tell hope and liam about beth?

Flo: I don't know what I was gonna do. But xander was making a lot of sense, saying things that i thought to myself so many times.

He's more focused on righting the wrong, not thinking about what happens after, trust me.

Flo: But now somebody else knows. It's only a matter of time until it gets out.

Zoe: Okay, xander finding out doesn't change anything. Once he finally calms down and realizes what's at stake if this gets out... it'll be okay. But you and I made a pact with your mom to keep the secret. We have to stick to it.

Flo: Zoe, I just don't know how much more I can live with.

Zoe: I know, okay? And I'm sorry about all of it. But we either keep quiet or risk our futures. And yours is brighter than ever. You want to trade being a logan for being in prison? Hope and liam can never know the truth.

Carter: Since... since you're moving ahead with this... there's no jointly-owned real estate, and there's no custody issues because you don't -- I'm sorry. I-I didn't mean to go there.

Liam: It's okay.

Hope: Beth is gone, and there's nothing anybody can do about it. So, is it time to sign?

Carter: If you need some time together...

Liam: No, we -- we, um, said our goodbyes the other night.

Carter: All right, then.

Liam: Wait. I-I -- I want -- I have something I want to say. Um... this is the last thing that I want. We were supposed to have a life together, and a future and a family and... beth. And over the course of one night, all that's gone now. And no matter... what I do, and no matter how hard I fight, I can't seem to get us back to where we were. So this is where we are instead. In this awful place. About to end our marriage. Annul it, actually. We're about to annul our marriage. We're about to pretend that it never happened. And that -- that... breaks my heart.

[ Sighs ] And then I look at you. And I remember the pain that you've endured this whole time. And I realize I don't want to put you through that anymore. I have to accept that this is what you need, and I have to... I have to give it to you. I wish we could... move past this. I wish we could try again for another child. But I know that that's not what you want. In fact, I know that the thought of that haunts you. And I just want you to have some peace. No one's more deserving. I love you. And I'm letting you go.

Hope: [ Sobs ] I love you, too. You know that, right? Ever since I met you, you've been the love of my life. And you always will be. And going through these papers, picking up this pen, knowing that I'm about to walk away from the man I love, who I th-thought I'd share my life with... this is the hardest thing I've ever had to do. With the exception of losing my children. I am so [Sniffles] So grateful for the love that we shared. But it's time to move on. Kelly and phoebe need you.

Xander: Stop!

Hope: Xander?

Liam: What are you doing here?

Hope: We're about to sign annulment papers --

Xander: No, no. Please, I can't let you do that. You're not gonna sign those papers.

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