B&B Transcript Thursday 5/30/19

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 5/30/19


Episode #8109 ~ Liam sets up a romantic dinner for Hope to spend their last evening as a married couple. Flo and Zoe weigh the pros and cons of coming clean when they learn that Hope and Liam are divorcing.

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[ Cellphone rings ]

Wyatt: Well, hello.

Flo: Okay. Just checking.

Wyatt: What?

Flo: That you really are back in my life. Last night was, um...

Wyatt: Oh, trust me, that -- that was incredible.

[ Chuckles ]

Flo: So, what are you up to?

Wyatt: I'm actually, uh, just checking on my brother. Apparently he is washing away his cares in the shower.

Flo: Is hope there?

Wyatt: No, no.

Flo: Is she gonna move out, too?

Wyatt: I haven't asked yet. Um... I can hardly stand to think about it.

Flo: I know.

[ Knock on door ]

Hope: Hey. I didn't wake them?

Steffy: N-no, no. No, we just got through breakfast and bath time, and now everyone's pretty tired.

Hope: Aww. Well, I don't need to disturb them. Are you settling back in?

Steffy: Uh, yeah. Just some empty suitcases and a mountain of laundry.

Hope: Um... are any of the guest rooms made up? You know where things stand with liam and me, and I think this might be the night.

Steffy: For...?

Hope: The night when it would help if you allowed liam to move back in.

Flo: This is killing me inside. Hope thinks her baby died. Her family, her entire -- my family! They all think that beth died that night on catalina.

Zoe: Yes. And unfortunately, it has to stay that way.

Flo: No. I can make this better. And all I have to do is tell the truth.

Zoe: [ Sighs ]

Xander: Oh.

Zoe: [ Clears throat ]

Xander: Sorry, sorry. I-I thought you heard me come in.

Zoe: God, you know, we need like six models for a two-day beach shoot, and you'd think I'm asking for five years on the moon.

Xander: [ Scoffs ]

Zoe: Did I say something wrong?

Xander: You know, you're always a thousand miles away these days, and I've finally figured out what I've done to deserve it. Nothing.

Xander: I've been watching you get more tense by the day. I can't make you tell me what the problem is, but I'm through pretending not to notice.

Zoe: Hey, nothing is more important to me than you.

Xander: There's nothing more important to you than whatever it is that you're afraid to tell me. Look, I love you. I'm worried about you.

[ Footsteps ] Maya.

Maya: Hi.

Xander: Uh... tiffany said that you needed me in the showroom, but when i didn't find you there, I just...

Maya: Yeah. Sorry, I got sidetracked by brooke on the way in.

Xander: Everything all right?

Maya: Well, I guess everyone's gonna hear about it. I'll just save hope the trouble of announcing it over and over.

Zoe: Something's wrong with hope?

Maya: She's ending her marriage.

Zoe: No. She can'T.

Liam: Hope go out?

Wyatt: No, she was already gone when I got here.

Liam: Oh.

Wyatt: Are you, uh -- are you packing, or do you need help, or...? The text you sent me last night.

Liam: Oh! Oh. Sorry, yeah. No, I was -- I was just exploring my options. It wasn't an emergency or anything. I didn't mean to make it sound like that.

Wyatt: What, you think you need a reservation to stay at my place? Come on. Besides, when you tell me that -- that hope is ending your marriage, that's kind of an emergency to me.

Liam: Huh. Yeah, I-I've been living with it for so long, i lost sight of that.

Wyatt: What -- did something happen?

Liam: Hope...decided.

Wyatt: Yeah, but she's done that before.

Liam: Yeah. You know, I -- I thought that losing beth was hurting hope, and -- and one day she would allow herself to be consoled. But... in the end, you know what was hurting hope? Me. Me, holding onto the dream that we had for so long.

Steffy: Hope, you can't -- you can't just force liam to move in with me.

Hope: L-look, I know I'm going about this all wrong. I just -- I don't know how to go about it right.

Steffy: Hope...

Hope: Please don't feel sorry for me.

Steffy: What happened to you and liam shouldn't happen to anyone.

Hope: We're spending one last evening together to make our peace with letting go of our marriage. And I'm sure liam didn't think to make any plans, not wanting to think about it, and... you have room. And his daughter is here, and phoebe, and you.

Steffy: Liam is welcome here any time, hope.

Hope: And you won't tell him to leave? Tremfya® can help adults with moderate to severe

Xander: Was it mutual?

Maya: Brooke made it sound like it's coming from hope.

Zoe: Of course it did.

Xander: Why do you say that?

Zoe: Well, she thinks she can never become a mother. But she can at least give steffy's children a father.

Maya: When I think about everything that we went through to have lizzy, everything that could have gone wrong and almost did, I mean, people think that hope is having trouble with the loss of her baby, but I think, if I had lost lizzy, I would have walked into a room and never come out. Zoe?

Xander: Hey. I'm sorry I upset you earlier.

Zoe: This is just really sad.

Flo: Katie said I should come learn how the shoot schedules are made. Am I interrupting something?

Maya: No. No, flo. Come on in.

Zoe: Wait. So, liam just said yes to this? He couldn't hold on and wait it out?

Maya: I'm sorry. I don't have those answers for you.

Zoe: [ Sighs ] Hope and liam are splitting up.

Flo: I heard last night. From wyatt. It's not right. And you know it.

Wyatt: How do you want this to work out, huh? Because right now, you agreeing to end your marriage with hope sounds like the only guy getting what he wants is that wannabe dressmaker thomas forrester.

Liam: You know who you sound like right now, right?

Together: Dad.

Liam: [ Chuckles ] Well, I don't have the answers you seem to think I have, and I can't just think my way to happiness. Sometimes the only thing to do is whatever hurts the least.

Wyatt: [ Sighs ] This is -- this is awful, man. Like, you and hope need to, like, just take things at your own pace. And I know you already have a key, but... believe me when I tell you, you staying at that crummy hotel is not an option.

Liam: Thanks, man. All right. I, uh... better get ready and do some stuff.

Wyatt: So, what do you... what do you want to do? Where -- where do you want to go?

Liam: You're going, not me. There's something I want to do for hope.

Wyatt: One last-ditch effort at persuasion?

Liam: No. I've done enough of that. We've all done enough of that. All hope hears is how wrong she is from everyone. I just... I want to give our marriage a more dignified end than our daughter had.

Steffy: You think you're helping liam. But what if you're only hurting him?

Hope: What's hurting liam is staying committed to a life that we both know we can't have anymore.

Steffy: But you don't -- you don't know that. You could try to get pregnant again. You really don't believe you're gonna change your mind? I mean, you adore my adoptive daughter. Why don't you adopt?

Hope: How could I justify adopting a child to, you know, see if maybe it holds my marriage together?

Steffy: How can you not justify staying in a marriage for love? You think you're doing the right thing, hope. But it's not what anybody wants. Including you

[ Baby fusses on monitor ] We're not done here.

Hope: [ Sighs ]

[ Chuckles ] Aww. Did phoebe have a bad dream?

Steffy: Looks like she's happy to see you.

Hope: You ask how I know I'm doing the right thing. It's when I remember what it will do for this amazing child.

Zoe: This is some kind of turning point.

Flo: This is damage. God, who were we kidding thinking that beth's just gonna be safe in a loving home, and that everything would just blow over with time? The lies we told ourselves are almost as bad as the lies we told everybody else.

Zoe: You know, for once, i might even agree that something needs to be done.

Flo: I know. I just... I just wish that...

Zoe: You wish that we would have spoken up sooner?

Flo: Yeah.

Zoe: You'd be right to blame me for that.

[ Sighs ] I could go to the uk, and you... they'd just find you in vegas. Okay? I mean, there has to be someplace that we can --

Flo: No, no. Zoe, no. I am -- I'm not going anywhere. I love my life here. I love every single part of it. Except for this.

Zoe: And there's wyatt. You know, just having him back in your life again.

Flo: Yeah. Now more than ever, there's wyatt.

Liam: Hey. Thanks for being my cavalry.

Wyatt: I'm totally self-taught. I didn't even attend superhero school, so there's that.

Liam: [ Chuckles ]

Wyatt: [ Chuckles ]

Liam: [ Sighs ] So, where do you go from here? Dad cracking the whip at work?

Wyatt: Yeah, well, he's -- he's strangely happy these days.

Liam: That's not always a good thing.

Wyatt: Never. Never. Ah, it -- it doesn't really bother me. I'm actually kind of happy right now, too.

Liam: Oh, yeah? You and sally getting back together?

Wyatt: No. No, I'm -- I'm -- I-I don't even know where we stand, exactly.

Liam: Oh. Someone else is making you happy -- flo. You two are getting close again, huh?

Wyatt: Yeah, I mean, I guess you could say that. After what happened last night.

Liam: Oh. Oh!

Wyatt: [ Chuckles ] Yeah.

Liam: That's -- that's great. That's -- I'm -- I'm happy for you. I mean, that's -- if that's -- that's what you want, right?

Wyatt: Yeah. Of course, yeah. But you know -- you know what I wish? You know what I'd trade everything for? Like, just that you -- if you and hope could just stay here, together, loving each other, and just... holding beth in your arms. Bye.

Hope: You're a little world traveler now, aren't you, phoebe?

Steffy: Oh, the concierge in paris spoke french to her every day.

[ French accent ] The child must learn.

Hope: [ Gasps ]

[ Speaking french ]

[ Giggles ] Hey, do you think it will be all right if I still stop by from time to time, even after everything?

Steffy: Hope, don't -- don't do this. Don't end your marriage. I know you think you're doing this for phoebe, but she doesn't need that kind of sacrifice.

Hope: Well, what if I need it?

Steffy: Why?

Hope: Maybe not failing phoebe will help me forgive myself for failing beth. Please. Steffy, just... can you do what I asked and allow liam to make a life with her and kelly?

Steffy: Hope, I can't tell liam what to do.

Hope: All right. I trust that you and he will figure it out. And you -- you, sweetie, are gonna have a daddy. The best daddy in the whole wide world.

Zoe: Okay. So, it's crucial we understand which models are under contract and which we're just hiring for the day.

Flo: It seems pretty self-explanatory.

Zoe: Except I'm telling you it's not.

Flo: And I'm telling you that I can't sit here and talk about schedules and spreadsheets knowing that hope is going through what she's going through because of us.

Zoe: Okay. Then tell me what you want to do.

Flo: Well, I don't see any other option other than telling hope and liam that beth is alive. Zoe, we are the ones who should suffer the consequences for this, not them. They wouldn't be walking away from each other if they knew everything that we know.

Hope: This all looks very nice.

Liam: Yeah. Well... castles in morocco were all booked up.

Hope: [ Chuckles ]

[ Clears throat ] Smells good, too.

Liam: Hey, that's one upshot of all this -- you don't have to put up with my cooking anymore. Sorry.

Hope: I love your cooking. And I love you.

Liam: Um... I found you something.

Hope: [ Giggles ] A thesaurus? I didn't realize hard copies still existed.

Liam: Look up the synonyms for love. I was, uh -- I was trying to find a book that was undisturbed. Uh, so undisturbed, in fact, that I almost forgot. Olive leaves. From puglia. Our wedding.

Hope: You saved them?

Liam: You could still change your mind.

Hope: But that wouldn't change reality.

[ Sighs ] Liam, I never wanted this.

Liam: I'm not accusing you of that.

Hope: We're supposed to be a family right now. Surrounded by bassinets and car seats and sleep-deprived and wanting to spend every moment with the little girl that we adored -- or planned to adore.

Liam: Maybe, um... yeah. Maybe we just take tonight to honor everything good that we had and were to each other. Would you do that for me? With me?

Hope: Of course.

Liam: Good. [ Sighs ] Good. 'Cause, uh, um, I'm not... I'm not so sure I see a way forward yet. For me. Without you.

Hope: [ Crying ]

Flo: Well?

Zoe: "Well?"

Flo: Well, didn't we just agree that something has to be done?

Zoe: Well, don't let me stop you.

Flo: We can't do nothing. I just can't believe that we actually convinced ourselves that everything was gonna be all right.

Zoe: It's ugly. It's the ugliest thing I've ever done. I wear a stain on my soul that i will carry till my dying day. If anyone were to find out that hope and liam's daughter was still alive, it would only get uglier. Okay? There was never any good way that this could end. But if this is the best way that it can be, what other choice do we have but to live with it? My father is in london. This is a story he will never tell. And neither will you.

[ Door slams ]

Zoe: Hey. Look, I'm sorry about earlier, but, uh, this isn't really a good time for me to talk --

Xander: Beth's alive? What's going on, zoe? Is ts what's had you tossing and turning and crying out in your sleep? Hope and liam's little girl didn't die? So where is she? Huh? I mean, you know, don't you? 'Cause it kind of sounded like you did. Tell me, zoe. Tell me!

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