B&B Transcript Wednesday 5/29/19

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 5/29/19


Episode #8108 ~ Hope and Liam share an emotional moment over the life they were supposed to have with Beth. Wyatt and Flo rekindle their romance and make love for the first time since Las Vegas.

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Liam: [ Sighs ]

[ Cellphone whooshes ]

Brooke: [ Gasps ] What is happening to this family?! Has everybody lost their minds? You can't treat love like musical chairs!

Liam: I take it you've talked to hope.

Brooke: You have to take control, liam. This has gone too far.

Thomas: I-I -- I probably shouldn't have kissed you.

Hope: Probably not.

Thomas: I didn't mean to be inappropriate. It just happened. Expressing my gratitude. Look, douglas needs so much right now. And so much I can't give him. The maternal side, a woman's touch. But you -- you're willing to give that to him. At great personal cost. Your selflessness is amazing, hope. It makes me love you even more.

Flo: [ Exhales softly ] I can't believe this.

[ Gasps ] I never thought I was gonna see you again, but here we are.

Wyatt: I mean, here we are.

Brooke: I'm glad I found you. Wasn't sure where to look. Steffy's house crossed my mind.

Liam: Yeah. I -- heh. I was actually just texting wyatt to see if maybe I could crash on his couch. But he hasn't written back.

Brooke: Why don't you just go home?

Liam: Hope doesn't want me living in the cabin anymore.

Brooke: And you're gonna just accept that? A marriage that you fought so long and hard to have is just over?

Liam: Hope has made her feelings very clear.

Brooke: My daughter is still distraught about losing beth. You can't give up on her. You have to fight for your marriage.

Thomas: I hope I'm not overstepping. Kissing you. Telling you I love you. But, I mean, my cards are on the table, so there's no sense in being coy.

Hope: You can't have expectations of me.

Thomas: I don'T. Not beyond what you can give me right now. Ending things with liam, that was a huge step for you. And I know it has to hurt. But it's how everything can shake out for the good of the kids. Liam with steffy, kelly, and phoebe, and you, me, and douglas.

Hope: Look, thomas --

Thomas: [ Stammers ] I know I'm getting ahead of you. But I have to believe that we're gonna be in perfect sync one day. And I'll do anything to make that happen. Ok everyone!

Wyatt: Wow. I mean... wow.

Flo: Yeah, I know.

Wyatt: [ Chuckles ]

Flo: After all these years.

Wyatt: Yeah. I mean, it felt the same, but -- but, like, completely different. It was just in-- it was amazing.

Flo: Yeah? You know, when I woke up this morning, I didn't know I was starting the best day ever.

Wyatt: [ Sighs ] This is -- this feels good, doesn't it?

Flo: It does, yeah. Even better than I remember.

Wyatt: Mm?

[ Sighs ] I couldn't be happier for you, you know? With everything that's going on in your life, all the good things. I just... I can't think of anyone who deserves it more.

Flo: Well, I don't know if i deserve that, but...

Wyatt: Hmm?

Flo: But it is just crazy, you know? Literally every single thing in my life has changed. But... you know I never stopped thinking about you, right? Even when I dated other guys and had other boyfriends, I never --

Wyatt: You had other boyfriends?

Flo: I did, yeah.

Wyatt: God! Oh, no.

Flo: [ Laughs ]

Wyatt: [ Groans ] No.

Flo: Don't worry. None of them measured up to you.

Wyatt: [ Chuckles ] Well, I mean, one -- one kind of did, right?

Flo: What do you mean?

Wyatt: Well, you -- you got pregnant. I mean, I-I -- I -- look, I don't mean to pry. I'm just -- I'm just curious, um... you know, who phoebe's dad is.

Liam: Okay. I should be clear here. I-I am not giving up on hope and me.

Brooke: Good! Then you'll fight for her?

Liam: I've been fighting for her, brooke. But you of all people know how stubborn hope can be, and that's without thomas tinkering around in her head, trying to use his son to -- to prey on her vulnerabilities. I mean, thomas has a thing for hope, okay? I know this because he told me to my face. And before you defend him, I just want to say --

Brooke: No, no, no. I'm not gonna defend him. Thomas needs to mind his own business and stay the heck away from your marriage.

Liam: [ Sighs ] Thank you.

Brooke: But he won't do that, liam. He's going to be there, whispering things in hope's ear, saying that she should be a mother to douglas, and how you should be a father to kelly and phoebe. You have to stop thomas from manipulating your wife.

Hope: You've been here a while.

Thomas: Heh. Is that your polite way of asking me to leave?

Hope: I just think you should check on pam and douglas and see if they're doing all right.

Thomas: You're so in tune with this. You're so connected with him.

Hope: Yes, and I will help douglas and comfort him and be a safe place for him.

Thomas: That means everything. To both of us.

Hope: Well, that's my purpose now. To help with your beautiful little boy.

Hope: Thomas, there's something you need to understand. The man I love, and the man I will always love, is liam. (Announcer) do you push through migraine?

Liam: I-I love hope. I have zero desire to end our marriage. Th-this is all coming from her, not me.

Brooke: Hope doesn't know what she wants.

Liam: Well, she says she does. And I have --

[ Chuckling ] I have reasoned with her, I have pleaded with her, I have tried everything i can think of, and she either can't or won't hear it.

Brooke: I know you're conflicted. Just don't let her walk away. She may never come back.

Liam: Because of thomas.

Brooke: No.

Liam: That --

Brooke: No, not because of thomas. Because of douglas. That bond is just going to grow more. And you know hope. Once she's fully committed, she won't want to abandon that little boy.

Liam: [ Sighs ] I think about this all the time. Nothing's the same. Nothing's ever gonna be the same again. Life was we knew it ended for hope and me the minute our daughter was taken from us.

Flo: Okay, well, I don't really want to talk about other men. That's not very hot.

Wyatt: No, fair point. Fair point.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Hmm.

Flo: Someone must really want to get ahold of you.

Wyatt: I definitely wasn't gonna answer it earlier.

Flo: [ Chuckles ] Well, you can answer it now. What if it's important?

Wyatt: What could be so important, huh? You and I are here together. Nothing lost along the way. Or do you need a little reminding of that?

Flo: I might need a little reminder.

Wyatt: Oh, yeah?

Flo: Yeah.

Wyatt: Okay.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Oh, damn it. Really?

Flo: You have to either answer that or turn it off.

Wyatt: Okay. Yes, ma'am. Yes, ma'am.

[ Chuckles ] Whoa.

Flo: What?

Wyatt: Uh, liam just said that hope's ending their marriage.

Flo: What? No.

Wyatt: I-I -- I don't believe it, either.

Flo: No, no. That -- that -- that's terrible. They -- they can't break up.

Wyatt: Thank you for caring so much about my brother's marriage.

Flo: No, tho-those two have been through so much loss already. They can't lose each other now. Hope and liam don't deserve all of this.

[ Stammers ] Their marriage can't be a -- a casualty of all this mess!

Wyatt: Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. What I-- what is wrong?

Flo: Look, what hope and liam went through as a couple is -- is -- is not fair. It's -- it's hell, and they -- they can't just walk away from each other now.

Wyatt: Why do I get the feeling that you're investment in what happens to hope and liam goes deeper than what you just said? Flo. Hey. You can talk to me. We have known each other for forever.

[ Scoffs ] You're one of the only people I trust right now, so I -- i hope that I've earned those stripes with you.

Flo: Of course I trust you.

Wyatt: Okay. So, then, tell me. What -- what has got you so upset?

[ Door opens ]

Liam: Hey.

Hope: Hey. So, ah, I just left your mom at the office. She tracked me down.

Hope: I can only imagine how that went.

Liam: Mm, yeah. She's not on board with our breakup, to put it mildly.

Hope: She made that clear to me, as well.

Liam: She's really passionate, you know? That's your mom. Um... she, um... she referred to herself as the voice of experience, which is a little hard to argue with, given her history with ridge. And she... thinks that ending our marriage is a huge mistake, and I... obviously agree with her. I said I wouldn't do this. You know, put you on the spot. Make you defend your decision. I just... I-I'm -- I'm at a loss here. I don't -- I don't know what to do, and I don't know what I'm supposed to do.

[ Exhales loudly ] And -- and part of me just wants to take brooke's advice and, you know, fight like hell for our marriage, because I don't want to lose you. I love you. I love you. And I know you love me.

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Hope: Of course we love each other. That's never been in doubt.

Liam: Then your mother's right, and it is crazy to let each other go.

Hope: I need to do this, liam.

Liam: And that is where the other part of me comes in. The part that knows that you've struggled and suffered. And as much as I don't understand it, I get that it's what you genuinely want.

Hope: I don't want it. But it's the only thing that makes sense to me, because i can't go another day looking in the mirror knowing that the time you're wasting worrying about me is time that could be spent with the children. We're supposed to make their lives better, more secure. I mean, that's what they're dependent on us for -- making the right choices. And we have to take ourselves out of it. We have to do what's best for them. Otherwise I can't live with myself.

Liam: So you have to live without me? I don't think it's selfish to want you. To want a life with you. A family with you.

Hope: What about the family that's already here? Kelly, phoebe, douglas?

Liam: We'll take care of them. We can give them everything they need to be functioning people in the world. You don't have to tear us apart to do right by them.

Hope: [ Sobs ] I'm sorry.

Liam: [ Sighs ] You don't have to apologize. Come on.

Hope: Please just know that this is not about my feelings for you. I love you. I hate knowing that I'm hurting you, and that I'm causing you this pain. I wish I wasn'T.

Liam: You don'T... have to. We can figure this out together.

Hope: I keep having this dream. About [Breath catches] The life we would have shared with beth. You know, heh, our family. Living together in this cabin, and our days filled with laughter and fun. And then it flips. And the beautiful dream becomes the nightmare of that night on catalina, and you coming in and telling me that beth didn't make it, and holding her lifeless body. It isn't fair, liam. Our lives would be so different if we had beth.

Wyatt: Flo, it's okay. You really can tell me anything.

Flo: I just feel so awful for hope and liam. They don't deserve any of this.

Wyatt: Look, I agree with you 100%. But am I such a terrible person that I-I don't want to go down that road right now? Like, I-I would rather be in this moment with you.

Flo: I know. I don't -- I-I don't want this to end, either.

Wyatt: Yeah. Like, look where you are. Like, everything that has happened to you. It's incredible.

Flo: [ Sighs ] I know. It's like -- [ Chuckles ] It's like every dream of mine came true.

Wyatt: Yeah. Except that you're not dreaming right now. Which only goes to prove that good things really do happen to good people. And I can't think of anyone more caring and loving and honest than you.

Flo: I am a good person. At least I -- I try to be. But... everyone makes mistakes, right?

Wyatt: Wh-what are you talking about? Does this have to do with phoebe?

Flo: I got myself in a situation that I... I didn't know how to deal with.

Wyatt: Look, I-I can only imagine how difficult of a decision it was for you to give up your baby for adoption. Okay. I'm sorry I, uh -- I keep bringing up sensitive subjects. But, just, you know, you got to -- [ Sighs ] I don't know. Leave it in the past or -- or... look at your life now. It's -- it's incredible. And I'm -- I am not gonna let anyone or anything take that away from you. All right?

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