B&B Transcript Monday 5/27/19

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 5/27/19


Episode #8106 ~ Liam vows to Thomas that Hope may love Douglas but that she will never love him. Hope leaves Steffy speechless with her request to build her future based upon Hope's vision.

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Hope: A little logan.

Steffy: [ Chuckles ]

Hope: How cool is that?

Steffy: It still blows my mind that phoebe's birth mother is your uncle's daughter. But it kind of makes sense.

Hope: Because of how attached I've been?

Steffy: You're genetically linked. It's nice that you two have that bond.

Hope: It's amazing. We'll always be a part of each other thanks to flo.

[ Door opens ]

Wyatt: Mom! You here?

Flo: Wyatt!

Wyatt: Flo. Hi.

Flo: Hey.

Wyatt: [ Chuckles ] I-I -- I...kind of forgot that you're living here now.

Flo: [ Chuckles ]

Wyatt: Um... how's it going?

Flo: Good. Good, good. I, um -- I'm just kind of having a little bit of a "pinch me" moment.

Wyatt: Yeah?

Flo: I can't believe I live here.

Wyatt: [ Laughs ] Yeah, it's funny. I'm -- I'm kind of having a "pinch me" moment myself seeing you here.

Brooke: You didn't just say that, did you?

Ridge: I know this is not what you want to hear, but... maybe this marriage ending is for the best.

Brooke: No. No, it's definitely not for the best. Hope and liam love each other.

Ridge: But sometimes that's not enough.

Brooke: [ Scoffs ] This is my daughter you're talking about. This is her life and her future. She can't just throw it all away.

Ridge: If something isn't working, you have to move on.

Brooke: Do you really believe that? Or has someone gotten to you?

Liam: Listen, I know what you've been up to. I mean, you -- you're playing on hope's vulnerabilities, and you're trying to guilt-trip her into ending our marriage.

Thomas: Liam, whatever hope chooses to do, then that's --

Liam: Actually, what did you say to her? Because you know she's still getting over the death of our daughter, right? You -- you know that she's not in a good place.

Thomas: Look, what you went through was a terrible thing. But I'm not apologizing to you. I'm not gonna say I'm sorry for hope finally doing the right thing -- not just for herself, but for the kids.

Wyatt: Is my mom even here, do you know?

Flo: No, she and eric went up north for a few days. She didn't tell you?

Wyatt: [ Scoffs ] My mom literally tells me nothing.

Flo: Well, they said something about a romantic spa getaway.

Wyatt: Ooh, that sounds cute. Maybe it'll mellow her out a bit.

Flo: Oh, come on. Your mom is awesome.

Wyatt: Okay, look, I wouldn't trade her for the world, but I am not at all bummed that she's not here. Because now I can spend all my time with you.

Brooke: We should be supporting them, not encouraging them to give up.

Ridge: Hey. The two of them have been in a very bad place for a long time.

Brooke: Because of losing their daughter.

Ridge: I know. And I know you don't want to see your daughter in pain. I don't want to see her hurting anymore, either. So maybe moving on from that part of her life is the answer.

Thomas: Obviously you don't trust me.

Liam: Thomas, why would I trust you? You've been trying to stir things up ever since you got back to town.

Thomas: All right, it probably sounds self-serving, but first and foremost, I am a father to a son whose mother is gone. I'm also an uncle to two little nieces who need their father. So, yeah, for me, the solution is simple -- for hope to end your marriage so that you can finally be with steffy and your girls.

Liam: I love how, like, nobody ever asks me what I want in all this.

Thomas: [ Scoffs ] You don't want to be there for the girls?

Liam: You -- you have a talent for that, twisting people's words around. Like what you told me when I went to paris. You said that hope would be in good hands. You meant your hands. Yeah. Yeah, that. Smirk all you want. Regardless of what happens between hope and me, that is not happening for you.

Hope: You know, phoebe and i have had a bond since day one.

[ Giggles ] Yeah. Haven't we, angel? You know, I bet you knew we were family all along, didn't you? You're just too little to tell us the real story.

Steffy: [ Sighs ] At the rate she is growing, she's gonna be talking and saying "mama" before we know it.

Hope: [ Gasps ] Bet you can't wait.

Steffy: Yeah. Well, I better put her down for a nap.

Hope: Oh, I can put her back in the crib, if that's all right.

Steffy: Sure.

Hope: Okay. All right. You heard your mama. Ooh! It's time to go night-night.

Steffy: Night-night. Night-night.

Wyatt: So, how's your mom liking it so far?

Flo: Oh, she is very into it.

Wyatt: Yeah?

Flo: Yeah. [ Chuckles ] She's actually driving out to vegas to get more of her stuff today.

Wyatt: Really?

Flo: Yeah.

Wyatt: So... are you saying we have the place all to ourselves?

Flo: Yeah, I guess we do.

Wyatt: Now I'm really happy I stopped by.

Flo: [ Giggles ] Me too.

Wyatt: [ Chuckles ]

Ridge: Hope has been struggling for a while. It's time for a shift.

Brooke: Not her marriage.

Ridge: [ Sighs ] Her and liam, they're just in a bad place, and they're -- they're going through the motions. May-maybe it's time to take a break.

Brooke: Ridge, no. She doesn't want to do that. She's feeling pressured right now.

Ridge: Pressured by whom?

Brooke: You tell me. Look, she's not in the place to make a life-changing decision. She loves liam and wants to be with him. They have dreams together. They planned a future together.

Ridge: Okay, they planned things. Sometimes that's -- that'S... sometimes you need more than that. She's made the decision this is what she wants, and I think maybe you need to respect that. What, do you -- you think you can talk her out of it?

Brooke: [ Sighs ] No. I don't know. I've tried. I've tried. She's not listening to me for some reason. She's listening to thomas. And I don't know why. I just hope he's not getting into her head and gonna make this situation worse.

Liam: Okay. We both agree that hope has the biggest heart of anybody we know, right? She's looking out for the children. And I'm not just talking about phoebe and kelly, but douglas, as well.

Thomas: They have a special relationship.

Liam: Yeah. And you wouldn't bother taking advantage of that, would you?

Thomas: I'm not making hope do anything she doesn't want to do. She enjoys spending time with my son. Okay? I-it... it's been helpful to her. It's been healing for both of them.

Liam: I know. I know. And, actually, I think that's wonderful. Obviously douglas misses his mother, and the fact that he's looking to hope, it means a lot to her, too. I know.

Thomas: You should see them together, liam.

Liam: [ Sighs ]

Thomas: The way he looks up to her. The way that she loves my son.

Liam: Okay, but that, see -- don't get that twisted. Hope cares for douglas. She may even love douglas. But she'll never love you.

Hope: Phoebe went right to sleep. I sang to her for a bit, she just conked right out.

Steffy: Thanks for putting her down.

Hope: No, thank you. I really missed her a lot. Both of the girls. You know, they've brought so much joy into our lives. And as difficult as it's been for me, being able to spend time with phoebe, it's really made things easier. Getting to hold her and sing to her every once in a while, it's been nice. I mean, if I didn't, I might still be hiding under my covers in the cabin, afraid to come out and face the world. But she came at just the right time.

Steffy: Yeah, she's a little piece of heaven, that one.

Hope: Yeah. [ Chuckles ] She really is. Thank you again, steffy, for letting me spend all this time with her. It means more to me than you'll ever know.

Wyatt: Oh, look at you being all fancy now, pouring champagne.

Flo: [ Laughs ]

Wyatt: Can you imagine if we had this place back in high school? The parties we would throw?

Flo: Oh, my god. It would have been crazy.

Wyatt: Oh, ho-ho-ho.

Flo: We had so much fun back then. But this house would have been insane for parties.

Wyatt: I know. Have you been to the pool yet?

Flo: Yeah, it's amazing.

Wyatt: Right?

Flo: I was actually thinking about going today.

Wyatt: Really? Well, I mean, don't let me stop you. I haven't seen you in a bikini in years, so...

Flo: Mm. And I haven't seen you belly-flop in years.

Wyatt: Those were graceful dives.

Flo: Were they?

Wyatt: Yeah.

Flo: Uh-huh.

Wyatt: You know, because i didn't want to hurt anybody. If I speared them, it would be a bad thing. It would be an eye poked out or something.

Flo: [ Laughing ]

Wyatt: I've gotten a lot better, too.

Flo: Oh, you have?

Wyatt: Yeah.

Flo: Why don't you come show me, then?

Wyatt: Fine. I-I will. I know exactly where they hide the spare swim trunks, too.

Flo: Oh, damn.

Wyatt: What?

Flo: I was kind of hoping you'd have to strip down to your skivvies.

Wyatt: Oh, you'd like that, wouldn't you?

Flo: Mm-hmm.

Wyatt: I see that look in your eye. I see what's going on here. Let's go. All right? It's a beautiful day in sunny california. Let's get to the pool, then.

Flo: Okay.

Wyatt: I will see you in a minute.

Brooke: Are we done? I-I'm not gonna just sit back and watch my daughter make the biggest mistake of her life.

Ridge: You said you tried getting through to her. What else can you do?

Brooke: I don't know. I'll just try again. I'm her mother. I'm not gonna give up. Hope and liam love each other. They should be together. And I know they're strong enough to get through this.

Ridge: Hey. We made a promise to each other. Remember that? We're not gonna fight about our kids.

Brooke: [ Sighs ] I don't want to fight about our kids.

Ridge: Okay.

Brooke: But you just don't seem to have any sympathy for hope.

Ridge: Really?

Brooke: Yeah, really.

Ridge: How can you say that? Of course I do. But I -- these -- these are my kids, too. And I've got thomas sitting here with douglas, I got steffy with -- with two girls, she's on her own.

Brooke: Ridge, my god! Steffy is proud of that. That is her choice, her decision that she made. And yes, I -- I have compassion for thomas, and, yes, douglas should have a mother. But why does it have to be hope? Out of all of the women in the world, why hope?

Ridge: You should ask hope that.

Brooke: [ Sighs ] She can still be there, and she can still be a mother figure to douglas. But the fact that thomas is filling her head --

Ridge: Thomas -- he's not doing that at all. This is hope's idea. She wants liam and steffy and the girls to be together. She said that.

Brooke: Okay. Okay, that is fine. Liam can be there for steffy and the girls while he's still married to hope.

Ridge: What if your daughter doesn't want that? Can you respect that, maybe?

[ Sighs ] Come on. And -- and what if... what if steffy and liam can find their way back to each other? Wouldn't that be the best for everyone?

Brooke: [ Sighs ]

Steffy: You really don't want to end your marriage to liam.

Hope: Well, it's the only option at this point.

Steffy: What? Why? Why do you say that? He loves you. He's committed his life to you.

Hope: It's me. You know, it's my issue. I haven't been able to move beyond my grief. You saw it just now with phoebe. I get these overwhelming feelings, like the need to nurture her. That's not okay. She is your child, not mine. And she doesn't need me. She has you and liam. But there is a child who does.

Steffy: Douglas. Look, I know what I'm saying is not healthy. You know, I shouldn't have these feelings towards a child who already has a mother. So thomas suggested that i channel those feelings towards douglas. So I will do everything I can to pull away from phoebe. And in the meantime, maybe douglas is the child I was meant to raise since i couldn't raise my own.

Wyatt: [ Murmurs ] Wow. I-I mean, you look...

[ Whistles ]

Flo: [ Giggles ]

Wyatt: [ Chuckles ]

Flo: Thank you. And you look, um...

Wyatt: What? Beggars can't be choosers here, okay? These are -- these are eric's, probably from the '70s.

Flo: Well, they're very, um... very groovy. I -- I-I like them.

Wyatt: You can't lie to save your life. Luckily for you, I have these more appropriate ones.

Flo: Ah, okay.

Wyatt: I left these here last time I was here.

Flo: Okay. I should've known. Always the prankster.

Wyatt: [ Laughs ] Well, I have to balance out your beauty, so...

[ Clears throat ] So, what do you say? We head down to the pool?

Flo: Yeah. Yes.

Wyatt: Yeah?

Flo: Let's go walk down that dramatic staircase into that beautiful, sparkling beverly hills pool.

Wyatt: Are you having another "pinch me" moment right now?

Flo: Uh-huh. A little bit.

[ Both laugh ] I just -- I just can't get over, this is my life now -- living in this amazing house, being surrounded by family and friends, and... especially you. My first boyfriend.

[ Chuckles ] Look at us after all these years.

Wyatt: Yeah.

Brooke: [ Sighs ] Hope has lost everything. Her daughter, and now her marriage. No. It's too much, ridge. It's going to break her.

Ridge: Hope is already broken. It's time for her to move forward with her life.

Brooke: How? By pushing liam into steffy's arms? By being mommy to douglas? That's not going to heal her.

Ridge: It might.

Brooke: No. That's like putting a band-aid on a huge wound. Hope loves liam. She would be devastated if she were to lose him. He is her person. You and I know a little bit about that, ridge. You've got to fight for the person that you love. You can't just let it go. You can't just give them up.

Ridge: But this is about the kids.

Brooke: Okay. Well, if it's about the kids, we'll take care of that. We'll be one big beautiful family. Kelly and phoebe and douglas will be well-protected and taken care of and loved and cherished. But hope cannot -- cannot end her marriage to liam.

Hope: Don't you see? This connection I-I have with phoebe -- I know she was born around the same time as beth, but now knowing that we're related and that we're both logans... I don't know. I-I -- I can't explain it. I just -- I...

[ Sighs ] I love her so much. And when I hold phoebe, I feel this need to watch over her, and to nurture her, and...

[ Scoffs ] I don't know. I d-- I guess maybe it's, uh, transference of some kind, or maybe it is because we're related, but this connection I have, it is so deep. And I know it's not --

[ Sighs ] It's not okay. Because you're her mother. And beth is gone. And I know that. And she's not coming back. And I've begun to accept that. I really have.

Steffy: You and liam could try again.

Hope: No. I-I can't put any of us through that pain again.

Steffy: Maybe you could adopt.

Hope: I appreciate what you're trying to do, but it's so much more than that. You know, I love phoebe. I really do. And I want what's best for her. And I believe that is having you and liam raising the girls together, under the same roof. I do. And, you know, the time I spend with liam, I just feel like that's time I'm taking away from the girls. And I can't live with that. And, steffy, something amazing happened while you were gone. Douglas and I, I mean, we have really bonded. Our shared loss has brought us together. And, you know, he's in need. Just as much as I'm in need, still yearning for my daughter. That's the same feeling he has towards his mom, wishing that she were still alive. But she's not. You know, they both are gone. Beth and caroline are gone. But douglas and I are here. And so we will make something magical out of this tragic situation. The same way that liam will take care of kelly and phoebe the way they should be taken care of. But the only way to do that is to end our marriage. And I-I have to start a new path. I have to.

Steffy: Hope, I'm so sorry.

Hope: [ Sniffles ] I just -- I can't keep living this way. And I can't -- I can't make liam live this way, either. Especially when he could just be happy here with you and the girls. I mean, it's the only thing that brings me comfort, that takes me out of this darkness, is knowing -- knowing that the kids are gonna be okay. So please, steffy, please help me. Encourage him to be here with you and the girls, because it's -- it's what's best for his future, for your future, for your family.

Steffy: Hope, I --

Hope: [ Crying ] No, please. Help him understand that -- that you and the girls can make a life with liam.

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