B&B Transcript Tuesday 5/21/19

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 5/21/19


Episode #8102 ~ Eric and Quinn welcome Shauna and Flo as they move into the Forrester Mansion. Hope is clearly affected while reading the letter that Caroline wrote before she died.

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Wyatt: I mean, it's just -- I just can't get over it. Thomas is making a blatant play for your wife, and he's using his own kid to do it.

Liam: After douglas just lost his mother, by the way, and -- and hope and I just lost beth.

Wyatt: Thomas is targeting hope where she's most vulnerable.

Liam: You know -- you know something? You know what's -- what's crazy about all this is that I used to have sympathy for the guy. I really did. Because thomas suffered a loss, too, you know? I mean, regardless of whether he and caroline were romantically involved, they still shared douglas, and -- and they shared a whole lot of history. But [Scoffs] My sympathy has run out. Like, this guy, he has to stay away from my wife.

Hope: It's almost as if caroline knew the -- the woman she describes...

Thomas: Read it again.

Hope: "But if something happens to me and I can't be there for douglas, I have a dream that there's a woman out there that needs a child, who needs my son as much as he needs her." I mean, that -- that gives me chills. And then there's this -- there's, um, "a woman who will bring him love, as he will bring her love. That is my hope for my son's future." I feel like caroline wrote this about me. That I'm the woman she had in mind.

Quinn: This is the beginning of a new chapter. Your first night staying with us. It's really happening.

[ Quinn and shauna giggle ]

Flo: I still can't wrap my head around it.

Eric: Wait till you wake up tomorrow and see that beautiful view from those rooms of yours.

Shauna: I can't even imagine what that's gonna be like.

Quinn: Well, you can stop imagining. Welcome to your new reality, my friend.

Flo: I-I -- I really can't thank you enough for all of this. It's -- it is so beautiful here.

Eric: Quinn and I have been talking about you and your mother -- how close you all were. She's had nothing but smiles on her face realizing that you're all gonna be living under the same roof. And anything that makes her happy is okay with me.

Quinn: Oh! You see why I adore this guy?

Shauna: Because he is the most generous man on the planet? And he's very handsome.

Quinn: Mmm.

Eric: Flattery at every turn. I can get used to this. Welcome.

Shauna: Cheers!

Shauna: You sure you're okay living in a house full of women?

Quinn: [ Chuckles ]

Eric: There are worse fates.

Quinn: He's used to it. I mean, it's been quiet around here lately, but this place used to be filled to the brim with female energy.

Eric: That's the way I like it.

Shauna: This is quite a change from our tiny little apartment in vegas.

Flo: I know. We could fit like three of those in here and still have tons of room.

[ Flo and shauna chuckle ]

Shauna: Flo and I are incredibly fortunate. And this is a new adventure for us. Couldn't have come at a better time. And we are so ready to put the past behind us. Right, honey?

Liam: I mean, hope is -- is trying. She's trying really hard, you know? She's doing anything that she can just to get through the day. And the thought of thomas taking advantage of that --

Wyatt: Yeah. But, see, what kind of guy does something like that?

Liam: [ Huffs ] I got a better question for you. What kind of guy lets another guy ruin his marriage?

Hope: I feel like the woman caroline's describing. What I want, what I've lost, what I need...

Thomas: I can see how you'd read it that way.

Hope: When did she write this?

Thomas: I can't tell. I mean, based on some of the other things in the box, a couple years after douglas was born, if you can go by that.

Hope: She wrote this just in case. But then the unthinkable happens. I lose my baby. And then caroline is taken away from us, leaving douglas without a mother.

[ Exhales softly ] And now you're both here. It's like...caroline knew.

Thomas: She knew?

Hope: All of it. The future.

Holy mother of thin.

Shauna: Are there any house rules we should follow?

Quinn: Like what?

Shauna: Like after a certain time, we can't get through the gate, or some rooms that are off limits?

Quinn: [ Scoffs ]

Eric: No, there's only one rule, and that's you treat this house as if it were your own. Which, of course, it is.

Quinn: Yeah, we -- we don't stand on ceremony here. I mean, this house is big, it's beautiful, but it's meant for casual living. So you can just put your feet up.

Flo: [ Chuckles ] I don't know if I'll ever feel comfortable putting my feet up here, let alone just walking around without feeling a little bit overwhelmed.

Shauna: [ Chuckles ]

Quinn: You're gonna get used to it. I don't want you to feel intimidated. Just relax. You know, live here like you would live anywhere else.

Shauna: Oh, we're finally back! The quinn and shauna show!

Quinn: [ Laughs ]

Shauna: Oh, we've lost so much time.

Quinn: I know. We have so many years to catch up on.

Flo: My mom and I are just -- we're -- we're so grateful --

Quinn: No, no, no, no, no. You have to stop saying that. I mean, nobody benefits more than I do.

[ Scoffs ] I mean... look, I love my husband very much. And he fulfills all of my needs. Except for one -- girlfriends. Women that I know have my back, and I have theirs. You're the only woman that's ever been that way for me, shauna. And, flo, you've always been like a daughter to me. So no one is more grateful than I am.

Flo: I know, but what -- what you're doing is just so above and beyond. I just --

Quinn: But you've worked so hard. You've struggled so much. You are -- you are two amazing women, and I'm just so glad that I can repay your -- your goodness and your honesty. So, welcome to your new home, and everything that comes with it.

Wyatt: [ Sighs ] Look, I'm sorry you have to deal with all this, bro.

Liam: Thanks. I mean, I don't -- I don't know what's worse. Some dude working in the background to steal your wife or just saying right to your face what he plans on doing.

Wyatt: Oh, it's always better to see it coming. You don't want to by blindsided by something that has to do with your marriage. I mean, I think you and i both have learned our lesson over the years.

Liam: Touché. But agh! Just the -- the brazenness of this guy!

Wyatt: I know.

Liam: Just putting it right out there for me!

Wyatt: I know.

Liam: And hope.

Wyatt: I know.

Liam: It's -- ugh!

Wyatt: Look, I get why you... I get why you're mad at the guy, how--

Liam: [ Scoffing ] Yeah.

Wyatt: ...Ever...

Liam: What?!

Wyatt: I ju-- okay. Just -- just listen to me for a second.

Liam: Thanks for the warning?

Wyatt: Okay, look. I'm not defending the guy, because you know I never would. But -- but... do you think that a part of what's driving him is concern for his sister? Like, he thinks that you and steffy and kelly and phoebe, you guys all belong together. And -- and we all know -- we all know how much you miss them when you guys are apart. So I'm just asking this because I've got to keep you honest -- is there any part of you that feels that your place should be with them full time rather than with hope?

Hope: It feels like caroline is talking specifically about me. It'S... [ Exhales softly ] It's almost prophetic.

Thomas: It's uncanny, that's for sure. Especially since douglas fell in love with you pretty much on sight. It's like he knew you were a safe place. Is it possible that, somehow, caroline is... connecting you two? I-I don't know if I believe in that sort of thing.

Hope: Well, you know, some things are meant to be taken on faith.

Thomas: You mean like, "what belongs to you will find you"?

Hope: Well, it does, doesn't it? Eventually.

Douglas: Mommy! Mommy!

Hope: [ Gasps ]

Douglas: Mommy!

Thomas: You okay? What happened? Another bad dream?

Douglas: I want mommy!

Quinn: And this is flo's room.

Shauna: [ Gasps ] Oh, my.

Flo: Wow! It is incredible. I-I feel like I'm still dreaming.

Quinn: Oh, no. You deserve the very best. You're such a good person. You care about people. And you were so much help to your mom.

Shauna: Aww. Flo missed out on so much because I needed her -- and i didn't have the means to get her extra things.

Flo: Well, you're my mom. I love you. It was always us against the world, and I was okay with that.

Shauna: Aww, honey! I feel like we're in some kind of fantasy land.

[ Quinn chuckles ] And it's all because of you.

Quinn: Oh, stop.

Shauna: No, I feel the same way as I did in vegas. You are my very best friend ever.

Quinn: We are more than that. We're like family. And who knows? If things progress between you and wyatt, we could be family for real.

Wyatt: Don't get me wrong -- I am not questioning your love for hope. We all know how devoted you are to her. But you guys aren't the same people you were before that night in catalina.

Liam: How could we be? Our daughter was born dead.

Wyatt: [ Sighs ] I know. And, look, that's so awful. You -- you and hope deserve to have your child. But another little girl came along. It basically is your second chance at -- at having a daughter with phoebe. A sister to kelly that you wanted beth to be. And both girls, they -- they need you right now.

Liam: [ Scoffs ]

[ Laughs ] I wish I could just clone myself, you know?

Wyatt: But you can'T. Like, you have to be in one place or the other. And hope says she -- she wants you to be with steffy and the kids. I see you being pulled in that direction.

Wyatt: And, look, you're an awesome father. Nobody's questioning that. But... there's -- there's always gonna be love between you and steffy.

Liam: So -- so what are you -- [ Scoffs ] What are you saying right now? Do you -- are -- do you think thomas is right? You think that -- that I should just go be with steffy and the girls, and -- and... hope should be with thomas?

Thomas: You were having a bad dream, okay? It wasn't real. Whatever scared you is gone. It can't hurt you.

Douglas: Why can't mommy come?

Thomas: Well, 'cause mommy's in heaven, remember? But she's still looking down. She's still watching over you, still loving you and protecting you.

Douglas: I want to see her.

Hope: Hey, douglas? Can you look at me? Hi. There you are. Can you tell me about this bad dream?

Douglas: If I tell, it will come back.

Hope: No, actually. It's just the opposite -- it makes it go away. Because when you share it, it takes away its power. Yeah, 'cause it's no longer inside you anymore.

Douglas: I was all by myself. I didn't know how to get back home. I was so scared.

Hope: And I've had those same feelings. You know, I-I've actually had that same nightmare.

Douglas: Really?

Hope: Yeah. I was alone and I was scared and I was -- I didn't know what to do. But then I woke up, and I realized it was just a dream, and those feelings went away. Okay. Here's what we're gonna do. Hold my hands. You're gonna look in my eyes, and I'm gonna send you so much love that you're not gonna be scared anymore. Okay? And then, when you feel that love, and you feel better, you can look away. You don't have to look anymore. Yeah? All right. Ready?

[ Inhales sharply ] All good?

Douglas: You took away the scare like mommy did.

Quinn: You probably think that I'm the pushiest mother ever. I don't really try to control my son's life. I mean, I just can't help myself. I'm already so fond of you. You know, you're the perfect girl for wyatt. You already have a relationship, you already love each other.

Shauna: And don't try to deny it. It's very obvious.

Quinn: Yes. And now wyatt is single, 'cause his girlfriend moved out, sparing us that travesty.

Shauna: Mmph, I get the feeling you weren't much of a fan of sally'S.

Quinn: Well... she wasn't a very honest person, so I didn't trust her.

Shauna: Mm.

Quinn: But, yeah, I'm glad sally has moved out. Even if flo weren't an option. You know, I want my son to be with a woman who's principled, who's truthful and -- and trustworthy. A woman exactly like flo.

Wyatt: Look, whether you end up with hope or steffy, that -- that isn't my decision to make. I'm just trying to be a supportive brother here. I'm trying to be a safe sounding board for you to figure out what to do with your life.

Liam: You know I appreciate you, right?

Wyatt: Mm.

Liam: [ Snorts ] Yes, of course. Of course I miss kelly and phoebe. They're little miracles.

Wyatt: Mm-hmm.

Liam: They grow and they change every day, and I don't want to miss a second of it. And... yes, I miss steffy. I miss her spirit. I miss the way she makes me laugh. I-I don't want to be apart from them. It's -- it'S...weird. It's unsettling.

Wyatt: You know steffy would love to have you be with the girls every single day. And as much as I disagree with how thomas has gone about things, he wants that, too. And hope does, as well. They -- they all just want what's best for the children here -- kelly and phoebe and... now douglas.

Hope: Would it be okay if i lie down next to you?

[ Sighs ] Hey.

Douglas: That's what mommy would do.

Hope: I know how much you must miss your mommy, especially when you're scared. Hey, I'll bet she knew exactly what to do to make you feel better, huh? I'm so, so sorry that she's in heaven. But, with time, I promise, the nightmares are gonna go away, and they will never come back.

Douglas: Really?

Hope: Yeah. And more and more, you're gonna smile and laugh and have fun and play with your daddy.

Douglas: And you?

Hope: Do you want to know something? Your mommy knew that if she ever had to go away, that you would never be alone like you are in your nightmare. She knew that you were gonna have your daddy and someone else.

Douglas: Who?

Hope: A woman who loves you and wants to take care of you.

Douglas: You?

Hope: Yeah. You can always count on me, douglas. I'm gonna be here for you. Promise. Mm! That was such a good hug. Thank you. But I think it is finally time for you to go to sleep and have good, fun dreams, okay? Okay.

Douglas: Will you please stay here until I fall asleep?

Hope: Of course.

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