B&B Transcript Friday 5/17/19

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 5/17/19


Episode #8100 ~ Bill and Katie share important news about their family with Will; Zoe becomes concerned that Flo is making things more complicated with Hope.

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Brooke: Oh, gosh, I wish i knew what was happening.

Donna: Katie could be making a huge mistake.

[ Door opens ]

Hope: With what? What are you talking about?

Justin: You really don't want to know.

Hope: Okay... I think I'll sit down. Spill.

Justin: So, dollar bill proposed to katie.

Hope: Yes, but I heard she turned him down.

Donna: But she's reconsidering.

Brooke: Katie wants to know that she can trust bill again, trust his feelings for her.

Hope: Well, that sounds like a smart idea. I don't see what's wrong with that.

Donna: She's testing him.

Hope: How?

Donna: [ Sighs ]

Brooke: Shauna. She convinced shauna to go over there and try to seduce bill, and katie's going to listen in to see if bill goes for it.

Hope: [ Scoffs ]

Brooke: Yeah. Our thoughts exactly. Even if bill passes the test, he's going to find out that katie set him up, and I don't think that he will forgive her.

Bill: Mmm.

Katie: Mmm. I've missed this.

Bill: Mm. I've missed you.

Katie: [ Chuckles ] How is this happening?

Bill: You scared?

Katie: Honestly? No.

Bill: Good. Because you don't ever have to be scared again. I'll never let you down, not you, not will.

Katie: I believe that now.

Bill: You do. You do, don't you?

Katie: [ Giggles ]

Bill: And I hear the confidence in your voice. I don't know what I did to sway you, but I'm sure glad I did.

Katie: [ Sighs ] Yeah, well, um, about that -- there actually is something.

Bill: Something I did?

Katie: No, something I did, and you need to know about it.

Zoe: [ Scoffs ] So it's true. You're really doing it. You're moving in with the forresters?

Flo: Wow, word really travels fast, doesn't it?

Zoe: Are we alone?

Flo: I don't know, it's a huge house. I don't know if --

Zoe: Are we?

Flo: I think so, yeah. Quinn and eric left earlier, and apparently, there's a maid, but quinn said that she's not here today, so I guess so...

Zoe: Look. You can't move in here.

Flo: [ Scoffs ] Quinn is an old family friend of ours. I'm not gonna insult her by --

Zoe: You can'T. And we both know why.

Hope: This really could backfire on katie.

Donna: That's what we're afraid of.

[ Knocks on door ]

Justin: [ Sighs ] Can you imagine if bill sees shauna's phone? That'S...

Brooke: Shauna! Come in!

Shauna: Hi.

Brooke: Uh, so what -- what happened? Did you go through with this crazy plan?

Shauna: Uh, I did.

Brooke: And?

Shauna: [ Chuckles ]

Brooke: Oh, it -- it's okay. I filled them all in. We all want to know.

Shauna: Well, bill passed. Yep, he is 100% committed to your sister.

Donna: [ Laughs ] Oh!

Justin: [ Laughs ]

Donna: Oh, my god.

Bill: Something you did to trust me?

Katie: Yeah, um... your proposal, it -- [ Sighs ] It surprised me, and I really wasn't in the position to even consider it, but then... I realized that I wanted to consider it. I remember what it was like, what it felt like when we clicked, when we were at our best. I mean... it's easy to focus on the worst, but we really had more good moments than bad. But I just didn't know how i could possibly allow myself to be vulnerable again and how i could possible trust that you meant everything that you were saying to me.

Bill: Well, you obviously found a way.

Katie: [ Sighs ] Yeah. Shauna.

Bill: Shauna?

Katie: I, um -- I asked her to come onto you. She called me on her cellphone. She put me on speaker so I could hear everything you were saying. I just -- I had to -- I had to be sure, you know? I had to hear you say those words to somebody else so that i could be sure that your commitment was true, and... it may seem underhanded, but it was necessary. I had to protect myself. I had to protect my son. Please tell me that you understand and I haven't just ruined everything. Brows for days.

Flo: You know, zoe, I am getting really sick and tired of you trying to dictate to me what I can and cannot do.

Zoe: It's bad enough you're working at forrester creations, but to weasel your way into --

Flo: My mom and I are invited guests. We didn't ask to move in here. Quinn wants this. She wants to reconnect with her old friend. What is the big deal?

Zoe: It's reckless and you know it. Eric is steffy's grandfather. You think it's okay to just make yourself at home? The idea is absurd. You should be keeping your distance from these people, not moving in.

Hope: Katie overheard everything, bill turning you down?

Shauna: Every last word. And I hope she marched right upstairs and told him that she is ready to accept his proposal.

Donna: Oh, I'm sure that's exactly what she did.

Brooke: Problem is, I know katie, and she's not going to let him think that she decided to trust him out of the blue.

Hope: Yeah, she'll tell him the reason.

Brooke: Yes, she will, and who knows how bill will react?

Bill: [ Sighs ]

Katie: Say something, please.

Bill: You actually thought you had to test me.

Katie: [ Sighs ] I know it's hard to understand, but I -- I saw you and shauna at il giardino the other day.

Bill: What?

Katie: I was reconsidering your proposal, and... I thought maybe you were right, that we do belong together, and I knew that you were at il giardino, so I headed over there, and imagine my surprise to see that you weren't alone.

Bill: Well, yeah, I remember that day, and, actually, I was alone, till shauna approached me at the bar. I mean, there was nothing to it, katie. You could have joined us.

Katie: I -- I realize that now. But you have to understand how it looked. It -- it looked intimate, the way you touched her, the way she allowed it, and... she's a beautiful woman, and you have a history with her, however brief, so... I asked her to do this because i had to see for myself if you would go for it. I hope that there's a part of you that can understand that.

Bill: I do understand. I've hurt you in the past, more than once.

Katie: You're not upset?

Bill: No. I mean, have you ever known me to close a big business deal without doing a little reconnaissance first?

Katie: No.

Bill: Okay, well, is there any bigger deal than marriage?

Katie: I thought that you would be furious.

Bill: Mm, not furious. Actually, it's kind of a turn-on.

Katie: It is?

Bill: Yeah. You know it turns me on when you outsmart me.

Katie: Oh! I'll have to remember that.

Bill: Mm-hmm.

[ Cellphone chimes ]

Katie: Mm. Uh, is that...?

Bill: Yeah. Will's just probably calling to say "good night."

Katie: Okay.

Bill: Oh, no, no, no. Uh...

Katie: What?

Bill: Brady's not feeling well. His dad wants to know if he can drop will off.

Katie: Okay.

Bill: There goes our sleepover.

Katie: [ Giggles ] Yeah, but will's coming home.

Bill: Mm.

Katie: Makes tonight even more special, don't you think?

Bill: Yeah. I can't wait to tell him.

Katie: I can't wait, either. If only there was a place nearby you could get one of these.

Flo: Okay, look, I -- I get it that you're concerned. You want to protect your father and you think --

Zoe: I'm trying to protect us all. But how can I when you keep putting yourself in these impossible situations?

Flo: It's a place to stay with friends.

Zoe: You know you can't be here, at the forrester house, of all places. If you let something slip and hope ends up finding out, we all go to prison.

Hope: Okay, yeah. Thanks again.

Brooke: Honey, you don't have to go back to work, do you?

Hope: Uh, no, just to eric'S. Quinn's put together some ideas for hope for the future, so I'm just gonna go over and take a look at them.

Brooke: Oh! I'm glad to see that you're getting back into your work.

Hope: I'm trying.

[ Cellphone chimes ]

Brooke: [ Gasps ] Oh, it's katie!

Shauna: Oh! What'd she say? How'd it go?

Brooke: Uh, you're on this text, too. Uh... she said that she told him everything, and she said that it's fine.

Justin: What?

Brooke: He understood!

Donna: He did? He did! Oh, my god! He did!

Justin: This is huge, okay? Oh, my...

Brooke: Will's gonna be so happy.

Hope: His family. Reuniting.

Will: He tried to play it off like he was fine, but when his mom checked his temperature, we knew it was over.

Katie: Yeah, well, it's probably for the best. You two would have been, uh, up all night long playing video games, I'm sure.

Will: But coming home and seeing you two together makes it okay.

Katie: Hmm.

Will: Hey, maybe we can have our own sleepover. Play video games, watch a movie.

Bill: Hmm.

Will: And invite mom to stay, too.

Katie: Hmm, well, I don't know. Is there popcorn involved?

Will: Yes. Can we do it? Can mom spend the night?

Bill: Um, well...

Katie: I'll have to check my schedule, you know, but... I'm very busy, but I think tonight could work.

Bill: Well, how about -- yeah, we do a sleepover tonight, and, uh... and every night?

Will: Huh?

Bill: Well, your mom and i have been talking, and we think it's about time...

Will: Time?

Katie: Well, we know, um, how much you've wanted us to get back together.

Bill: And you certainly spent enough of my money trying to make it happen.

Will: You mean... it worked?

Katie: Well, I think we were already headed in that direction anyway, but maybe, you know, a little nudge from you made us see things more clearly, faster than we would have.

Bill: You're one tenacious kid, and you were smarter than the adults were.

Will: Are you saying what i think you're saying?

Bill: What I'm saying is that your mom and I are getting married again.

Will: You are?!

Bill: Yeah.

Katie: I mean, that is if it's okay with you.

Will: Duh! You just made me the happiest kid in L.A., In los angeles, in the world!

Katie: In the world? Wow, that's a pretty happy kid.

Bill: Yeah, that's great, and that's what we wanted. As we've always wanted. Mm. Your mom and finally realized that we are happiest, the three of us, when we're together.

Will: Are you crying?

Katie: Only happy tears. I just -- I love seeing how much this means to you because it means so much to me, my sweet, sweet boy. We are so, so blessed to have you. And this. And us. All of us together.

Bill: [ Chuckles ]

Will: What are you reading to me, dad? We finished that finance book.

Bill: Oh, that was a good finance book, too, wasn't it? You know what, how about we don't do a book tonight? I'll -- I'll tell you a story.

Will: About money?

Bill: Uh, no. This one isn't about money.

Will: It isn't?

Bill: Okay, I guess, actually, it kind of is. Once upon a time, there was a king, a king who lived on top of a big hill.

Will: What was his name?

Bill: Well, as it happens, his name was king bill. And he had more money than anyone in the world.

Katie: Of course he did.

Bill: Yeah. And horses. And livestock. And peasants. A lot of peasants. Everything a king could want.

Will: Gold?

Bill: Oh, so much gold. I mean, so much gold that his throne was made of gold.

Katie: [ Scoffs ]

Bill: But it was cold. So it was cold, gold throne.

Katie: [ Giggles ]

Will: Was it actually physically cold to sit on, or is this one of those metaphors?

Bill: How about you just let daddy tell the story, all right, kid? Just go with me on this, all right?

Katie: Yeah, just trust him.

Bill: So -- yeah, so the king, even though he had all the money and all the land, he was lonely.

Katie: Well, what about all of his horses?

Bill: Yeah, even the horses. Even though he had the horses. And he had the livestock and the peasants, yeah, he was still -- he was still lonely, he didn't have anybody to share it with. So the, uh -- the court wizard asked the king who he was going to share all of his riches with. So, uh, one day, the wizard asked bill...

[As justin] "Hey, king bill, who's gonna live in your big castle with you, and who's gonna sit next to you on your golden throne?

Will: And the king said, "mommy!"

Bill: Indeed, that's what the king said. The fair maiden mommy would become queen mommy.

Katie: Mm.

Bill: And they would ride their horses together, and they would rule over the kingdom, and then one day -- one day, they would have a son. A handsome, smart, financial savvy boy by the name of will. So now the king wasn't lonely any longer, and he learned a very valuable lesson. That even though he had all the money and the all the land, none of that mattered if he didn't have his queen and his prince to share it with.

Will: You're forgetting the best part.

Katie: Oh?

Bill: What's that?

Will: They lived happily ever after.

Bill: Oh, hell yeah! I mean... they certainly did.

Will: Just like us?

Bill: Just like us.

Will: The end.

Bill: No, will. It's not the end. It's just the beginning.

Flo: You wouldn't go to jail, zoe. I might, your dad definitely would, but you -- you would lose your job and possibly your boyfriend. Now, if you don't mind, I would like to finish unpacking, please.

Zoe: I -- I just -- I don't understand why you would risk that. Why ask for trouble? You could easily go back to vegas and live a happy life.

Flo: I could, yeah, but I'd rather live that happy life here. And you have to learn to just accept that.

Zoe: I -- I'm trying. I really am, okay? You're a logan now, and I get it, okay? There's this whole new world and new people, but can't you just get to know your father's family without putting yourself right in the thick of things? I mean, it's ridiculous, okay? You should be keeping yourself a safe distance from all of them. Including wyatt, by the way. I can't believe that's he your ex, hope's brother-in-law.

Flo: Uh, about that, um...

Zoe: Please tell me that you have enough common sense to keep him at arm's length.

Flo: Actually, no. I don't know if you heard, but sally moved out.

Zoe: What?

Flo: Yeah, I don't know what's gonna come of it, but... we, uh -- we're gonna -- we're gonna see a lot more of each other. He asked me out on a date.

Zoe: Oh, my god! Flo!

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