B&B Transcript Tuesday 5/14/19

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 5/14/19


Episode #8097 ~ Brooke stands beside Katie as she asks Shauna for a favor about Bill.

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Brooke: How's my nephew?

Katie: He is great. He's spending the day with bill, which makes him very happy.

Brooke: Bill's a good dad.

Katie: He is. He's been incredible latelY.

Brooke: Just to will?

Katie: Subtle. It's really subtle.

Brooke: Well, I'm curious how you and bill are getting along.

Katie: We are, um, fine. We're friendly.

Brooke: Fine. Friendly.

Katie: Mm-hmm. Yep.

Brooke: Oh, katie. You know how I feel. I really think you should give bill another chance. I think that he's changed.

Katie: Well, I'd like to believe that, too. The question is -- can he be trusted?

Bill: Well, so far, you haven't given me any incentive. I raise your allowance in return for what?

Will: No, that's not how it works. I've already earned the bump.

Bill: Oh, really? You think so?

Will: I deserve the raised based on having earned it. You don't need incentive. I earned the raise based on doing a good job.

Bill: Excellent. Never accept a run-around. And you're right. You have been doing a pretty good job on your chores, so... a raise it is.

Will: Yes!

Bill: [ Chuckles ] And a dance, too! Are you ready for your sleepover?

Will: Pretty much, but i thought I'd hang out with you a while longer.

Bill: I like the sound of that. Come here. We don't even have to negotiate it.

[ Chuckles ]

Shauna: I still can't believe this is really happening.

Quinn: Eric and I are so excited to have you stay with us. And it's a little selfish on my part because I get to have my best friend stay under my roof!

Shauna: Oh, wait until we tell flo! She should be here any minute. Although, she's not super-excited about leaving wyatt, according to her text.

Quinn: [ Gasps ] They were together?

Shauna: Apparently.

Quinn: Oh, nothing would make me happier if those two got back together.

Shauna: I know. Me, too.

Quinn: [ Giggles ]

[ Knocks on door ] It's open!

Flo: Wow! Quinn... oh, my god, your house is amazing.

Quinn: Oh, I'm glad you think so. [ Giggles ]

Shauna: You're never gonna believe this.

Flo: Is everything okay? You said it was important.

Shauna: Oh, everything's way more than okay.

Quinn: Mm-hmm.

Shauna: Are you ready? We're moving out of that dreary apartment.

Flo: What are you talking about?

Shauna: You and I are gonna be living here at the forrester estate.

Quinn: [ Giggles ]

Justin: Thank you for the loan.

Bill: You're welcome.

Justin: [ Chuckles ]

Bill: And that ought to tell you something. I don't let just anybody drive the ferrari, do I?

Justin: Yeah, yeah. I know, I know, and I appreciate it. It made quite the impression on emma.

Bill: Yeah? How was the birthday?

Justin: Oh, man, it was great. Got me all nostalgic. Wow, they grow up fast.

Bill: [ Chuckles ] Tell me about it.

Justin: [ Chuckles ] You know what, man, let me get out of here. I'm interrupting father-son time.

Will: It's okay. I got a sleepover tonight.

Justin: Oh!

Will: You can keep dad company.

Bill: Well, that's not a bad idea. Why don't we hang out? We can have a drink or two.

Justin: That sounds good. Yeah.

Bill: Nice. Hey, uh, go finish getting packed for your sleepover. Brady and his mom are gonna be here any second.

Will: Okay.

Justin: [ Chuckles ]

Bill: What a kid, huh?

Justin: Yeah.

Bill: I still can't believe i made something that good.

Justin: Well, you did have help. Speaking of katie, how is progress on that front?

Bill: Uh, you mean since she turned me down flat on my marriage proposal?

Justin: Yeah, but be patient, all right? Give katie the time she needs and don't give up on working on getting your family back together.

Katie: I just can't stop thinking about bill and shauna at il giardino. I mean, I went there because i was thinking about reconsidering his proposal...

Brooke: And you said you saw them at the bar together.

Katie: And they seemed close. I mean, she's a beautiful woman.

Brooke: There's lots of beautiful women in L.A.

Katie: I know, you're proving my point.

Brooke: The beautiful woman that bill proposed to and wants to spend the rest of his life with is you.

Katie: Still... bill and shauna have a past. So before I even consider a future with bill, she and I need to talk.

Shauna: Look at her, as blown away as I was.

Quinn: Nobody is more excited than I am, and even though this is all my idea, eric is totally on board.

Shauna: Yeah, he's actually the one that extended the invitation.

Quinn: I don't want you to go back to vegas and disappear from my life again. I -- you do want to stay in L.A., Don't you?

Flo: Yeah, sure, I mean, i really like it here, and a lot of great things have happened since I've been here, but... I just -- I don'T...

Shauna: That's my daughter, doing what she does, overthinking.

Quinn: Mm.

Shauna: Don'T. Just thank quinn for her generous invitation and say yes!

Quinn: You will stay, won't you? (Dana) it's very difficult for the family

Bill: You know what I miss most about being with katie?

Justin: What?

Bill: The little things. You know, giving her a little nudge on her waist to move her out of the way when we we were maneuvering through the kitchen, rubbing her feet at the end of a long day, sharing drinks together, rehashing what happened that day, putting will to bed, stuff like that.

Justin: I thought I would never hear you pay homage to domestic bliss.

Bill: Well, that's the thing, justin. It was bliss. I just didn't know it. I mean, I pontificate about the importance of family, and what did I do? I treated mine with disrespect and contempt. Well, that will never happen again, I promise you that.

Justin: You know, I believe you.

Bill: Wouldn't blame you if you didn'T. Katie, either.

Justin: Just let time do its thing. Eventually, she'll see the difference in you just as I do.

Bill: Patience isn't exactly one of my best virtues. You know that as well as anybody. But katie deserves to put me through my paces. No doubt about it. And I have to earn her trust. She has to see that I've changed. I just wish I could figure out how to make her believe it.

Brooke: What does shauna have to do with your decision to go back to bill?

Katie: Well, she's one of us now, at least by extension, being flo's mother...

Brooke: So, what are you getting at?

Katie: Bill seemed serious about wanting to put our family back together.

Brooke: But maybe you're not feeling the same thing?

Katie: Well, it doesn't really matter if I am or if I'm not because I have to be smart about this. Whatever decision I make, it doesn't just affect me. It affects our son. Positively or negatively. I can't even consider any kind of reconciliation if there's any doubt in my mind.

Brooke: I think that's smart. But where does shauna fit in?

Katie: Shauna seems very excited about flo's new position in the family, and she always seems very eager to please. So I'm hoping that she can help me with my situation with bill.

Shauna: Say yes, baby.

Quinn: Please do! The two of us both want you here so much.

Flo: Are you sure eric really doesn't mind?

Quinn: Okay, my husband is about two things -- family and whatever makes me happy.

Flo: [ Laughs ] That is really so kind of you both, to open up your house to us...

Quinn: Well, look, I love you both so much. It's been so fantastic having you here in L.A., And I want you close to me. I want you close to wyatt. You know, nothing would make me happier than...the two of you getting back together.

Shauna: Mm.

Flo: Actually, he, um... he asked me out. Apparently, he and sally aren't doing so well, and she moved out.

Quinn: Oh! I heard.

Shauna: Oh! Hmm, permanently?

Flo: I don't know, I -- i guess so, but, um, he wants to go out on a date so that we can, I don't know, see how things could be between us.

Quinn: [ Squeals ] That's my boy.

Shauna: Oh, baby, that's wonderful.

Quinn: Look, and, hopefully, it is just the start. I want you and wyatt to find love again. I want you both to experience the kind of life that I've been living here in L.A.

[ Sighs ] I can't even tell you how my life has changed since i became part of the forrester family. And you're a logan now. You guys have worked so hard. You have struggled to make ends meet. You deserve a better life, and if I can be a part of that -- just -- just say that you're gonna stay!

Flo: Yes. Yes! Yes, yes.

Quinn: [ Squeals ] Oh, my gosh, it's gonna be so much fun!

Flo: Thank you so much.

Quinn: Oh, that's so great. Okay, I'm gonna hire a moving company, I'm gonna get you out of that apartment.

Flo: We don't have that much, so...

Quinn: Well, that's all the better because then you can move in right away. I'm -- I'm gonna go to the den. I'm gonna go see if eric is off his conference call, and I'm just gonna tell him the good news! Okay!

Flo: Thank you so much.

Shauna: So much!

[ Squeals ]

Flo: I can't even begin to believe this.

Shauna: Can you stand it? Oh, we need to take a selfie so we can remember this moment!

[ Gasps ] I'm so excited. Okay. Oh, honey... ugh, you're thinking about that secret, aren't you?

Flo: Yes, mom.

Shauna: Don't! Honey, accept all these wonderful blessings. Life is finally good. Embrace it, okay? Things are so good. (Announcer) do you push through migraine?

Flo: [ Sighs ]

Shauna: Can you believe this? We are living at the forrester estate in beverly hills. You work at forrester. You're a logan. And you and wyatt are back on track.

Flo: Okay, well, let's not get ahead of ourselves, mom.

Shauna: Oh, honey, love is gonna triumph everything. You're on a roll, sweetheart!

Flo: Living the dream. Or I would be if it wasn't for the --

Shauna: Oh, don't! Stop. Don't even say it.

Flo: I can't stop thinking about beth, mom.

Shauna: Honey, I know. I know it is so tragic --

Flo: Hope's baby is alive.

Shauna: Shh! What are you doing? Don't say that, especially here. We made a pact. There is no looking back.

Flo: Mom, I -- I can't stop myself from thinking.

Shauna: Sure you can. Quinn's right. We have worked so hard our whole life, and we deserve all of this. We earned a shot at the good life, and, yes, were mistakes made? Yes, there were. But don't let them swallow you whole. Take the gifts and be grateful.

[ Cellphone rings ] It's katie. Hello? Hey, katie.

Katie: Hey, uh, I hope I'm not catching you at a bad time.

Shauna: Oh, un, not at all. Of course not. [ Chuckles ]

Katie: There was something i wanted to talk to you, and I'm wondering if you can come over to brooke's right away.

Shauna: It has to be in person?

Katie: I would prefer it, but if you're too busy...

Shauna: Oh, no, not at all. Of course not. Um... yeah, no, of course, I can meet you.

Katie: Great. See you soon.

Brooke: What are you up to, katie?

Bill: Got everything?

Will: Yep.

Bill: Toothbrush?

Will: Check.

Bill: Pjs?

Will: It's a sleepover, dad.

Bill: Oh, yeah. Duh! Cash?

Will: Always.

Bill: That's my man.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Cellphone chimes ] Oh! All right, they're here. Let's go. I'll walk you out, come on.

Will: Bye, justin.

Justin: All right, see you later, little man. All right. Oh, dollar dad. Wow.

Brooke: Would you like something?

Shauna: Oh, no thanks. I'm good. You both have been so wonderful, the way you've accepted flo into your family.

Katie: Well, she's storm's daughter, so she's precious to us.

Shauna: Oh, well, that she is. She is a good kid. Oh, before I forget, quinn and eric invited flo and me to stay at the forrester estate.

Brooke: Oh! Wow.

Katie: Yeah, didn't -- didn't quite see that coming.

[ Laughs ]

Shauna: That was quinn. She's so sweet. Considering how far we go back, and we used to be really close. She really wanted us to have a soft landing in L.A. With all the recent family developments. Anyway, I thought you should know because I guess we'll be neighbors.

Katie: Great. I'm happy for you.

Shauna: Thank you. So, what did you want to see me about?

Katie: Um... bill wants to put our family back together again.

Shauna: I think that's wonderful.

Brooke: I keep telling her the same thing.

Katie: Well, it could be wonderful, or not. Bill and I have on this roller coaster ride a few times before, and there are reasons why it didn't work out.

Shauna: Okay. What does that have to do with me?

Katie: I saw you at il giardino with bill, and I'm just wondering if there's anything going on between the two of you.

Shauna: Between bill and me?

[ Scoffs ] No. Not at all, I swear. I ran into him, he was having a few drinks. He was disappointed that you didn't accept his proposal, and so I sat down and had a drink with him, and we just reminisced, talked a little bit, but that was it, I swear. There is nothing between us.

Katie: Well, if you are seeing him, it's okay. I mean, I'm not gonna get mad. He has permission to see whomever he chooses, but I -- I just don't want to be blindsided by it later on.

Shauna: Understood.

Katie: I just want to be able to trust you.

Shauna: You can, 100%.

Katie: Good, and I'm -- I'm also hoping that you can help me out with something. Um, a favor?

Shauna: Sure. After how you treated flo and me, of course.

Katie: Well, you may not feel that way after you hear what it is, and if you don't want to do it, that's fine. I won't hold it against you, but, um... I'm hoping you can help me out. We call it the mother standard of care.

Justin: Yeah, will is an amazing kid.

Bill: [ Chuckles ] Yeah, i think so.

Justin: Yeah, he's not only hella smart, he's got a good heart. Perfect mix between you and katie.

Bill: Yeah, you know, I love that kid so much, sometimes it actually hurts.

Justin: Yeah, you did good there.

Bill: I can't take much of the credit.

Justin: Mm. Okay, look, don't do the modest thing. It doesn't, uh, look good on you, okay? Just accept the props.

Bill: All right. Thank you.

Justin: Yeah. You're welcome.

Bill: [ Chuckles ]

Justin: You know, I really hope things work out and you get your family back.

Bill: [ Sighs ] I'm willing to put in the time and the effort to get katie back again. I just want to know that I have a shot.

Justin: I know she didn't accept your marriage proposal, but, uh, I mean, she is being receptive to you, right?

Bill: I think so. But it's hard to tell with katie. I mean, she can be so guarded.

Justin: Yeah, that's probably because she's protecting herself.

Bill: I understand that. I mean, I really do. And like I said, I'm gonna walk the walk. I mean, I'm the one who broke the faith. But just because I laid down my sword doesn't mean that I've been stripped of all my pride. So if katie can't get past the way I hurt her -- and if she can't, it' my fault -- but I'm gonna have to move on with my life. I just really hope it doesn't come to that.

Shauna: What's this about?

Katie: I have issues with bill -- trust issues.

Brooke: Katie has good reasoning for questioning bill in the past, but I think that he's changed.

Katie: Well, I really hope that he has, but, um, I've been burned more than a few times. Bill has lied, he's been with other women, he left me. So I would be a fool not to be wary, and not just for myself. For my son, as well. I mean, will wants his family back together more than anything else in the world, but he's also grown comfortable with our current situation, and I am not gonna disrupt his life and get his hopes up for something that's not gonna last.

Shauna: Mm-hmm. I totally get it. I just don't know where I fit into this.

Brooke: Yeah, I'm curious about that myself.

Katie: Will is at his dad's tonight, but he's going to a sleepover, so bill will be alone. You and bill have a history. Even though it was in the past, I saw the two of you together, the easy way you interact.

Shauna: [ Sighs ] Nothing happened between us, I swear I'm not lying.

Katie: No, no, no. I -- I believe you. I believe you, but it could have. You know, all the elements were there. I could see it. Bill likes you. It was one of the things that caught my attention in the first place. Bill says he wants a future with me, but for how long? Until he gets restless, until another woman comes along? I need to be sure of his commitment. I am not gonna put my son through the agony of losing his family all over again. And I have a plan, but I need your help.

Shauna: What is it you want me to do?

Katie: Test his resolve.

Shauna: How?

Katie: Come onto him.

Brooke: What? Katie, no!

Katie: Yes! Whatever bill does, that will be my answer. Listen, you have told us how grateful you are that flo has been accepted by my sister and me.

Shauna: I am. I --

Katie: And that you would do anything to help me if you could. So... what do you say? Will you help? Will you help to prove whether bill is dedicated to me, our son, and our family, or not?

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