B&B Transcript Friday 5/10/19

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 5/10/19


Episode #8095 ~ Sally gives as well as she gets when Quinn expresses pleasure that Sally is out of Wyatt's life forever. Liam rallies to defend his marriage as Thomas expresses that Hope belongs to him.

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Liam: You had no right interjecting yourself into my marriage while I was in paris. It was wrong, it was manipulative, and it was self-serving.

Thomas: How is wanting a mother for my son self-serving?

Liam: That's not. But you and I both know that's not all this is about.

Thomas: Okay, my son lost his mother --

Liam: What, do you -- you think I don't know that? Caroline's my cousin, thomas. She was special to all of us, and I hate that douglas has to grow up without her. But if you think you get to use the son that she loved so much in order to make a play for my wife, you're delusional.

Flo: I still can't believe sally moved out.

Wyatt: Neither can I.

[ Sighs ] But just, sally keeping that secret from me, like, that thomas was trying to sabotage my brother's marriage? No. I mean, there are certain things that I just -- I cannot accept in relationships, and lies and secrets are my top two. Not that you'd know anything about that. You're like the most open and honest person I know.

[ Scoffs ]

Sally: [ Sighs ]

Quinn: 'Scuse me. Just need to get... this. It's gonna be perfect for one of thomas' designs for hope for the future.

Sally: You know, don't you? That's why you couldn't wait to bring up thomas' name? You know he's the reason why wyatt and I aren't living together anymore.

Quinn: For the record, I wasn't throwing thomas in your face.

Sally: Yeah, well, I screwed up. And now I'm paying the price. Something I doubt you're too broken up about.

Wyatt: I mean, if sally had just been honest with me from the start, we could have dealt with this together, you know what I mean? Yet she felt the need to keep thomas' confidence over mine, and that -- that's what sucks.

Flo: Well, maybe she just got caught up in it and didn't think it through. That has certainly happened to me before.

Wyatt: What has?

Flo: Never mind. This is between you and sally. I shouldn't be inserting myself. I'm -- I am sorry.

Wyatt: Flo, what could you possibly have to be sorry about?

Hope: Why don't we all take a step back?

Thomas: No, it's -- it's fine. We're good. I won't deny what liam's saying. I've always loved you. You know that. I was up front about it.

Liam: What is -- stop! Stop. What are you doing right now? You're -- you're acting like this is the most casual, normal thing to say in the world. It's not. Hope is my wife. We love each other. You can't just decide that she belongs to you, and then set out to make that happen behind my back. You-- you're losing your perspective, thomas. Now -- [Stammers] I don't know if it's 'cause you're still struggling with caroline's death and the fact that you got to raise douglas or -- or something else, but I'm gonna say it again -- hope is my wife. She's my wife. So back off.

Quinn: You should be discussing this with wyatt, not with me.

Sally: Yeah, well, it's kind of hard to do now that I've moved out.

Quinn: That was your call. Wyatt didn't kick you to the curb.

Sally: Though he should have, right? For not telling him right away what thomas was up to?

Quinn: Is up to. But not anymore. Liam should be back from paris, and hopefully he's confronting thomas right now as we speak. Meanwhile, your relationship with my son may never be the same again.

Sally: Did wyatt tell you that?

Quinn: Sally, you and I both know that the most important thing to wyatt in a relationship is transparency. If you can't give that to him, there's another young woman out there who can.

Wyatt: I'm the one who should be sorry here. I-I'm dragging you into this whole thing.

Flo: You're not dragging me into anything. I just -- I just hate the way that things are right now.

Wyatt: With sally and me? Or thomas, and how hell-bent he is on destroying hope and liam's marriage?

Flo: I just think it's all so wrong. Hope and liam need to stay married. They need to try to have another child.

Wyatt: That's what I'm saying.

Flo: If they were to break up right now, right after losing beth, it would just make everything so much more tragic. They can't do it. Hope has lost so much already.

Wyatt: I-I love how much you care about this. You know, you just -- you've always been kind and -- and compassionate and everything. I mean, no wonder i fell in love with you in the first place. Which is why I was kicking myself to leave you the way that I did.

Flo: It -- it wasn't your fault.

Wyatt: Well, maybe not, but you just -- you deserve better. You deserve a lot better. I don't know. I guess... part of me is glad that you're back. Like, it's -- it's a way for me to...redeem myself in a way. Flo, I... we know each other like few people ever get to do. You know, I value that. I-I value that I can be open with you a-and trust you completely.

[ Sighs ] Oh, god. Look, they -- they say you can't turn back the clock, but...

[ Sighs ] I mean, the way you look right now.... it's like no time ever passed at all. And you are -- you are even more beautiful and sweet. If that's even possible.

Thomas: If you actually think about what I'm suggesting --

Liam: Sorry. Can I ask you something? Was -- was this all part of your plan from the start?

Thomas: My plan?

Liam: Yeah. Insisting I go to paris, and assuring me that hope would be in "good hands"?

Thomas: She was.

Liam: Okay, you know looking after hope and going after hope are not the same thing, right? You knew she was vulnerable, and you made moves on her anyway.

Thomas: Give me a break.

[ Scoffs ] You come charging back into town, leaving your ex-wife and your daughters behind, trying to stake your claim. And as much as you want hope, you want steffy, too. Of course you do. Why wouldn't you? She's the mother of your children. She and kelly and phoebe, they're your family. It's where you need to be. And just think about it. Think about the time you just spent with them. How -- how great it was to be in their lives like a completely committed father.

Liam: Yeah. It was great. I cherished every minute of it. So what?!

Thomas: And it must be horrible not to be in their lives --

Liam: Okay, tho--

Thomas: ...For any length of time.

Liam: Thom-- listen. It is not a huge revelation that it pains me to be away from those girls. But you do not get to pull those strings in order to go after what you want.

Thomas: We're all trying to deal with this situation the best way we can --

Liam: There it is again. "This situation." How did you become a part of this situation? Hope and I are still grieving our precious beth.

Thomas: And douglas and I are still dealing with the loss of your cousin, caroline. I'm trying to be there for my son. My little boy needs a mother.

Liam: Do you -- do you think that I don't understand that? Tom, I commend that. But not by making hope into douglas' mother so that you can have her for yourself.

Quinn: I'm not an unfeeling shrew, sally. I can see that you're heartbroken. And I do feel for you.

Sally: Though you'd be just as glad if I were out of wyatt's life permanently.

Quinn: As a mother, you want what's best for your son. And I believe there's a young woman out there who can make my son truly happy.

Quinn: A girl who... won't disappoint him the way you have.

Flo: This is, um... well, you -- you know how I feel. I love you, wyatt. I always have. But, um... I don't know. I mean, you -- you just had a fight with sally, and -- and you're upset, and i don't -- I don't want to take advantage of that.

Wyatt: No, no, no. No. No. I -- when -- when I -- when I first ran into you at bikini, I-I knew, somewhere inside, that our -- our -- the pull of our past was, like, bringing us back together somehow. Don't -- don't get me wrong. I... I-I -- I love sally. I do. I care about her. But you're -- you're two different people. And I know you. Flo, I-I -- we have this history. I-it feels like this -- this unfinished history that we have to deal with. Like, I feel like there's a reason why we're being brought back together. A reason that I-I think we owe ourselves to -- to pursue.

Thomas: I didn't mean to upset you, hope. I just -- as much as liam claims to understand, he doesn'T.

Hope: You're wrong. Liam does understand, because he's been through every moment of loss with me. We've grieved together. We've cried together. And we've held onto each other. But still... liam, it wasn't until steffy put phoebe in my arms for the first time that I finally felt my grief give way to something so powerful that I just wanted to hold phoebe and love her and never let her go. But I can'T. Because she's not mine. She already has a mother. But douglas, he doesn'T. And he can't reach out to caroline, but he can, and he does, reach out to me, and... it feels nice. To be wanted. To be needed. And, no, it's not the same bond that I have with phoebe, but douglas and I still -- it is a bond.

Liam: Yeah. I think that's beautiful. That's a relationship I'm always gonna support, hope. I promise. I still think it's part of his bigger plan.

Hope: Liam, douglas comes to me on his own.

Liam: I know. It doesn't mean he didn't engineer the whole thing. Look, tom... I know you, okay? Hope has been a box that you have wanted to check for years. You proposed to her in cabo. She turned you down, so you moved on to other women, and... that worked out the way that it worked out. But now you're back, and here you are. You're trying to manipulate her once again.

Thomas: [ Clears throat ] This picture. That's a picture douglas drew for hope. The two of them holding hands. He even called her "mommy." I didn't coach it. It just came out of him.

Liam: Are you falling for this?

Thomas: Fall for what? Douglas adores her.

Liam: Yeah. And she's gonna be a really special person in his life, always. Explain to me how that justifies you trying to break up our marriage, tom.

Thomas: So you're just gonna deny hope the chance or the choice --

Liam: No, I'm not denying hope anything. Hell, we -- we still could have children of our own one day. We really c-could.

Thomas: How could you say things like that to her? Look, it's tragic, but she can't go through that again. She's told you that before. You don't listen. Look at this picture again. That could be hope's future. With douglas. Guiding him and comforting him. Being a mother to my little boy.

Sally: I know that I've let your son down. But I'm not giving up, quinn. Yes, I've moved out. But I still love wyatt. And I believe that we can and will survive this.

Wyatt: Okay. It is -- it is taking everything in me not to just --

Flo: It is taking everything in me not to let you. But...

[ Sighs ] Look, wyatt, I -- I lost you once, and it -- and it was really, really painful. I... you know, I-I would wait by the phone, thinking it was gonna be you every time it rang.

Wyatt: I-I -- I know. I know. And I-I -- I hate that I hurt you that way. I-I really think that we are supposed to be in each other's lives. I really do. And -- and -- I don't know. Maybe we're supposed to pick up where we left off.

Sally: [ Sighs ] You have no idea how much i wanted to hear those words. But... I mean, you -- you -- you -- you and sally just had this fight, and I... look, I'm -- I'm just afraid that if I -- if I open my heart to you right now, it's just gonna be shattered all over again. Look, wyatt, you -- you know how I feel about you. You know I love you. But I... I just -- I just don't know if it -- if it can work out with us, you know, long-- long-term. I just really don'T.

Wyatt: Why? Why? Okay, look, I know things aren't settled between -- between sally and me, but she -- she kept a huge secret from that I just -- I don't know. I can't let go of. I can'T. And you, me, like, we -- we are here, right now, together, and... I mean, all of my feelings for you are coming up, and I just -- I think you feel the same way. I don't know. Maybe we're -- we're supposed to give ourselves a chance to, like, see what happens. Look, I-I want that. And I think you do, too.

Thomas: Part of being an adult, a parent, is putting kids first. And douglas has grown attached to hope. And the -- the three of us have had some time together while you've been away. Like a family. It's been great for my son. And it's been great for hope, too. I believe that. I don't want to speak for her. She's her own woman. But think about it, liam. After you lost beth, hope put aside her own feelings. She -- she -- she told you to go be with my sister and -- and -- and your daughter. It wa-- it was killing her knowing that she was keeping you away from kelly and phoebe. So she put the children first. It's time to do the right thing. It's time to man up. To go back to steffy. To go back to kelly and phoebe. That's what those girls want. That's what hope wants. She's told you repeatedly. She'll tell you again. She has a child in her life. Douglas. A child who loves her and needs her. You have to let her move on with her life. Let her finally have the family she desperately needs.

Liam: With you?

Thomas: [ Sighs ]

Liam: Hey. Be honest with me. Is that what you want? Do you want to -- do you want to end our marriage and take up with him? My love, I know -- I know that you're thinking about the children. I know that. But we also made vows. And, yeah, we've had obstacles. Phew! But I kind of promised you that I would never stop being your husband. You're really raw after losing beth. And I-I still believe that he's taking advantage of that. But we really can have a good life together. With joy and happiness. We just... you just have to believe in us. Tell me this isn't the end.

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