B&B Transcript Friday 5/3/19

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 5/3/19


Episode #8090 ~ Douglas becomes the newest pawn in Thomas' scheme to be with Hope. Shauna takes the opportunity to wear a Forrester Original when it presents itself.

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Ridge: So, what do you say, flo? You want to join us?

Brooke: It would make me very happy to have storm's daughter here.

Hope: It's a family business, so you'll fit right in.

Shauna: Think about it. No more working for tips.

Flo: Mom, please.

Hope: Just know that it would mean so much to me -- I mean, to all of the logan women, if you accept the offer. Will you do it? Will you work here at forrester creations?

Thomas: Hey, stef. No need to call back. I was just checking in. Um, I'm glad that, uh, liam was able to make it over there to paris. You guys can all be together. Oh, hey, while I'm thinking about it, why don't you send a picture? It'd be nice to have a picture of the four of you -- you know, you, the girls, liam. Anyway, uh, be well.

Au revoir!

Douglas: Hi, dad.

Thomas: Hey, bud! You got your crayons?

Douglas: Yeah. Still gonna draw together?

Thomas: Yeah, of course. No pressure to become a designer, but it's never too early to hone those skills, right?

Douglas: What's your favorite color, again?

Thomas: Oh, uh, well, I guess that depends, you know, if we're talking about couture versus casual, and fabric makes a difference, too, so...

Douglas: Cars. I want to draw a car for you.

Thomas: Oh! Uh, go with black, then. But, you know what, um, why don't we try something else first? Let's draw a picture for hope.

Douglas: Okay. What's her favorite color?

Thomas: For a car? I don't know. But maybe we try something else first, huh? Like something that shows her how much she means to you.

Douglas: Something like... a heart?

Thomas: Yeah! That's a great idea. Let's draw a heart for hope.

Hope: I know it might be difficult for you, working here in the same building as steffy, knowing that she'll be bringing phoebe into the office, but... now that you're part of the family, phoebe is gonna be a part of your life regardless. So, in a way, you can't avoid it, and I'm really hoping that you don't let that scare you off because I -- I really do feel like you belong here.

Brooke: You do. You're one of us, a logan.

Ridge: Okay, but no one's putting any pressure on you. If you want to take some time to think about it, you can.

Hope: Yeah.

Shauna: Oh, she doesn'T. There is no way flo is gonna turn this down. I mean, it's a dream come true.

Flo: I -- I mean, it is an incredible opportunity, and I'm -- I'm very thankful. But you're right, it is a little bit daunting to know I have to come in and work with steffy every single day. When I signed those papers, I -- I thought that I was walking away from that little girl forever. I -- I thought I would just move back to vegas and never have to think about her again.

Hope: Well, that's because you knew you found her such a good home, right? I mean, obviously. You gave birth to her. Of course you think about her from time to time.

Flo: Well, that's -- that's just the thing, I, um... I just -- I just really misjudged the whole situation. Because I do think about her. I think about her a lot. A lot more than I thought i would, and, um... god, especially now that I know I'm related to you and that I'm a logan and that she's gonna be a part of my extended family... it kind of makes it hard to even, um, think about staying in L.A., Let alone taking this job. But, um, my mom is right. I can't, uh -- I can't let this opportunity get away from me, so... I'm gonna do my best to try to put the past behind me, and, um, embrace my future and... take this incredible opportunity.

Hope: Does that mean -- is that a yes?

Flo: Yes.

Hope: [ Giggles ]

Flo: Mom, you were right. You always said that dreams can come true. I -- I would be thrilled to work here.

Hope: [ Squeals ] Yay! Well, that makes me so happy. Trust me, flo, you will never, ever regret this. Yay! What patients don't realize is

Thomas: Cool picture!

Douglas: Thanks. Hope it works.

Thomas: "Works?" What do you mean?

Douglas: Making hope happy. I don't want her to be sad anymore.

Thomas: Yeah, I -- I don't, either. But, you know, I've been thinking a lot about when we got back to L.A. Something you said. Do you remember what that was?

Douglas: I wanted mac-and-cheese?

Thomas: [ Chuckles ] No. After that.

Douglas: You mean when i asked her to be my mommy?

Thomas: Yeah. Yeah, I was thinking maybe you're onto something. Maybe she could be that for you.

Douglas: But how? She's not my mommy.

Thomas: Well, not yet, but maybe she could be someday. How awesome would that be?

Douglas: Would she want to?

Thomas: Maybe if we treat her right, you know, show her how much we like her, how much we love her. You should tell her.

Douglas: That I love her?

Thomas: You do, right?

Douglas: Sure.

Thomas: Well, then tell her! She needs to hear that. She needs to know how much we care about her.

Douglas: This picture will show her.

Thomas: Yes, it will. You did a great job.

Douglas: Can I have a snack?

Thomas: Oh! Got yourself a little hungry from doing all that coloring? Okay, well, um, you know what, I think I saw brooke filling the cookie jar last night. Why don't you go grab one?

Thomas: Hey, pam. It's thomas. Yeah, um... yeah, is hope still in that meeting? Great, and she's -- she's coming home right after. Awesome. Yeah, no, that's -- that's all i needed. All right, thank you. Bye. And thank you, douglas. Thank you very much.

Shauna: By the way, happy birthday!

Flo: Shh!

Shauna: I couldn't think of a better present than this.

Flo: Mom, please, I don't -- I don't want everybody to know.

Hope: Wait. Is it your birthday?

Shauna: Yeah, today's her birthday!

Hope: Oh, my gosh!

Flo: I didn't want to bring it up. No, it's -- it's not a big deal.

Shauna: Well, honey, they're family. They're gonna want to celebrate you, right?

Hope: Definitely! Oh, my gosh! Happy birthday!

Brooke: Happy birthday!

Ridge: You know what that means -- that means a cake. I'm gonna tell pam and charlie. What kind of cake do you want?

Flo: No. No, no. I don't want any cake. Don't bother.

Shauna: Honey, if they want to make a fuss, let them make a fuss.

Flo: I don't need any cake. This is seriously the -- this is the best birthday ever. The job really is enough. I mean it.

Hope: Well, this is like a new beginning for all of us, and now that you're team logan, i mean, you're kind of stuck with us.

Brooke: Well, it is true. The logans are notorious for sticking together. So don't worry the past, and don't worry about the time that we've lost together. We have you now, and that makes us very happy.

Hope: I guess what we're trying to say is we love you and we're grateful to have you as a part of our lives.

Flo: I love you all, too. I do. This is really the most amazing thing that could happen to me. I just, um... I still just kind of think i don't really deserve it.

Hope: Yes, you do. You're uncle storm's daughter. I mean, how can you possibly question your place in the family? Pyou deserve this. You deserve all of this and more. Okay?

[ Giggles ]

Hope: So, I hate to do this to you, flo, on your birthday, but I have -- I've actually got to run.

Ridge: Why? What, you have another meeting?

Hope: Uh, not quite. I actually -- I promised douglas I'd hang out with him today.

Ridge: Ah. That boys cares about you.

Hope: Well, I care about him. Douglas is ridge's grandson. He recently lost his mother.

Flo: Oh, my god, I am so sorry about that.

Shauna: Oh, that's awful.

Ridge: Yeah.

Hope: Actually, she was wyatt's cousin, caroline. I'm just trying to be there for the little guy as much as possible, and, you know, he's comforting me just as much as I'm comforting him, so...

Flo: I -- I understand. I get it. You -- you should go. Go spend some time with him. I can't -- I can't thank you enough for giving me the job. I'm so appreciative.

Hope: Of course. Shauna, it's always a pleasure. Mom, ridge, I will see you at the house.

Brooke: All right, honey. Have fun!

Hope: Bye!


Ridge: Yeah?

I don't mean to interrupt, but...

Ridge: Oh, no. No, no, no.

[ Groans ] I forgot. I was supposed to meet you downstairs. I'm so sorry.

It's okay.

It's family stuff, so...

Shauna: That is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.

Ridge: Well, I think you have a fan.

Brooke: As beautiful as pearl is, I think that shauna was talking about the gown.

Ridge: Ah.

Shauna: Is that one of your designs?

Ridge: Yes.

Shauna: Oh! You know, we sell dresses at the boutique I work at, but they're definitely not as pretty as this.

Ridge: That's -- yeah. Now, this is not quite there yet, but, um, I'm gonna see you downstairs for alterations.


Ridge: I'm -- I'm so sorry. I will be there.

Sounds good.

Ridge: Goodbye.

[ Sighs ]

Shauna: Uh, you know what, can you excuse me for a minute? I am going to make a quick phone call.

Ridge: Your mom, she's very kind.

Flo: Kind, yes. Subtle, not really.

Ridge: No.

Flo: I think she's just a little infatuated with all of this. I hope she didn't make you guys feel uncomfortable, or anything.

Ridge: Not at all.

Flo: Okay. Wow, I just, um... I can't believe I'm here. I can't believe I'm working here now. This is so overwhelming.

Brooke: You'll be fine.

Flo: I mean, there must be people I need to meet and things I need to learn before i actually start, right?

Brooke: Hope will help you. She'll help you get acclimated. But probably not till tomorrow because I have a feeling she's gonna spend the rest of the afternoon with douglas.

Ridge: Mm.

Flo: I'm so sorry about that, again.

Ridge: Yeah, it's, uh -- it's tragic. But we're all pulling together for the little kid.

Brooke: Yeah, we are. And hope's really stepped up. She really wants to be there for him and help him get through this. But how? I mean, how do you ever really replace a mother?

Hope: Douglas? Douglas, are you here?

Thomas: Oh! Hey!

Hope: Uh, hi.

Thomas: I didn't realize anybody would be home. I just got out of the shower.

Hope: Yeah, I -- I just -- I promised douglas some one-on-one time, and, plus, I'm in some desperate need of "go fish!"

Thomas: Oh, well, you'll have to settle for me as an opponent, then. Maya took him and lizzie to the park.

Hope: Oh. Okay, I'm -- I'm not having that. I see what maya's trying to do here. Yeah. Replace me as douglas' favorite.

Thomas: Oh! Yeah, you -- you better give her a piece of your mind when she gets back.

Hope: Well, you know what, I'll forgive her just this once, but that's only because I'm in such a good mood.

Thomas: Oh, yeah? Why?

Hope: Flo accepted the job.

Thomas: Oh, yeah? That's great! I can't wait to meet her.

Hope: Yeah, I just -- I really think you'll like her. You know, she's really sweet and genuine.

Thomas: Oh, well, I'm sure I'm gonna like her. She gave my sister that amazing gift, that beautiful little girl. I think the whole family's gonna like her.

Hope: Uh, what's that?

Thomas: Oh, uh, proof that you'll always be douglas' favorite.

Hope: [ Gasps ]

Thomas: Yeah, he -- he drew this for you.

Hope: Aww!

Thomas: [ Chuckles ] Yeah, he can't really express himself with words, but give him a crayon, a piece of paper. You'll see exactly what he's thinking.

Hope: Yeah. I can see that. Well, I'll put it with the other one.

Thomas: Do you understand how special you are? The way you've been there for him. The way you put children first?

[ Cellphone chimes ] And, um, not just douglas. But these little girls. Steffy's daughters, liam's daughters. Your instincts were spot-on when you told him to go to paris. That's where he needed to be.

Brooke: Fulton, yes. Perfect. I'll tell her. See you tomorrow. That was the head of our security, and he's making up an id badge for you so you can have that first thing in the morning. Not that we wear the id badges, because we don't, but we just want charlie to feel important.

Flo: [ Chuckles ]

Brooke: Certain things we do around here to make people feel happy, like eating pam's lemon bars.

[ Laughs ] Anyway, I have to run to a meeting, and I'm probably giving you too much information. So I'll let hope catch up with you tomorrow. And, in the meantime, just enjoy yourself and hang out a little while.

Flo: Thank you.

Brooke: I'm really happy that you're here.

Flo: I'm really happy to be here. Aunt brooke. I have an aunt. I have multiple aunts. Oh, my god, this is all so crazy. I have a job at forrester creations.

Shauna: Ta-da!

Flo: Mom, what are you doing? Where did you get that?

Shauna: I am going to the ball wearing this beautiful dress designed by the gorgeous ridge forrester!

Flo: You are too much!

Shauna: Aren't I beautiful?

Flo: You look amazing.

Shauna: Thank you.

Flo: You know, now that i work here, maybe I'll get to wear dresses like this all the time.

Shauna: Oh!

Flo: Maybe we both will. Finally be going to the ball. No more fantasizing. We're finally gonna be able to walk the red carpet, all because of this amazing job.

Shauna: It's because of your new family, honey. And good things happen to good people. I am so happy for you with all of this.

Thomas: You've known it all along. That's why you told liam to go to paris. To be with steffy and these girls.

Hope: Well, I do want that for kelly and phoebe. Two parents in the same home, raising them together.

Thomas: And they can have it, too, a family. You can, too. You won't be alone. You'll have douglas and me. We'll heal together. This picture? It says it all. As do douglas' drawings.

Hope: What -- what are you trying to say?

Thomas: Three little kids have a chance at something better than what they've got now if the adults in their lives could just figure out how to give them the families they need. They need to step up and do the right thing, like you did when you took off your ring and you told liam to go be with steffy. There's a reason you did that. You knew it was best for those girls. It can still happen. The four of them could be together if you're strong enough to let him go, and you can be because I'm here. Douglas and I are both here. You won't be alone. You'll never be alone again. You'll have a child. A little boy who needs a mother.

Hope: I understand that you and caroline had an agreement, you know, co-parenting douglas without getting involved, but... I don't think that's something i could ever do.

Thomas: I'm not asking you to. We fell for each other once. We can again. There's life after liam. Let him go. Let him be with his daughters, with steffy, where he belongs. We can move on, okay? We'll move on together. . . .

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