B&B Transcript Monday 4/29/19

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 4/29/19


Episode #8086 ~ Shauna holds Zoe at bay with a stun gun for asking answers about Flo.

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Shauna: What did you do to my daughter?

Brooke: Mmm. [ Giggles ]

Ridge: Mmm.

[ Sighs ] Hi.

Brooke: Hi.

Ridge: So, I want to tell you something, but you got to promise me not to be mad.

Brooke: Oh, I can't promise that I'll agree.

Ridge: Well, that's fair enough. Um, I think you're beautiful, smart sister katie did the right thing.

Brooke: Oh! Ridge...

Ridge: Come on, think about it. This whole proposal came out of nowhere. You know what's spencer's thinking? And she's right to be guarded. And for her to say no was the right thing to do.

Brooke: And then she thought about it...

Ridge: Yeah, no, she didn'T.

Hope: Ooh, I'm sorry! I'm interrupting.

Brooke: No! No. No, not at all.

Ridge: Actually, yeah, i think you saved me from a lecture. Is that what was coming?

Brooke: Yeah, well, you deserve it.

Ridge: Maybe. You deserve something, too. To be continued.

Hope: Okay, so I did walk in on something.

Brooke: [ Giggles ] No! No, no, no. We can talk about this later.

Ridge: [ Groans ]

Brooke: How are you? Did you hear from liam yet?

Hope: Uh, yeah. He's having a great time in paris, you know, going on boat& rides, taking them to the park...

Brooke: I'm glad he's making the most of his time. You know, I was thinking... until liam comes back, you should move up to the main house.

Hope: [ Scoffs ] I'm okay. Really, I'm fine down at the cabin.

Brooke: Honey, you're alone down there, and we don't want you to be alone. There's plenty of room up at the house.

Hope: It is a sweet offer, but liam will be back before we know it.

Thomas: While he's spending time with his family, you should spend time with ours. It'd be fun. I think it's a great idea.

Ridge: We want you to do whatever's best for you.

Brooke: I just think it's a good idea that you're not spending so much time alone while liam's away.

Thomas: Well, think about it. I mean, you could start each day sitting across the breakfast table from douglas. It puts a smile on my face every morning.

Brooke: Yeah, it'd be great having us all under the same roof.

Hope: Well, it's definitely an appealing idea.

Thomas: Well, he'd be thrilled to have you around, knowing you're right down the hall.

Hope: Okay, yeah, um, I -- I like the sound of that. All right. Yes. I will move up to the main house.

Brooke: Good.

Zoe: Please, just don't shoot me. Please.

Shauna: It's a stun gun. But if you move, I swear, you're gonna feel it. Flo! Baby! Flo! Wake up! Flo -- I said don't move!

Zoe: Okay! I -- I won't move.

Flo: Mom? What are you doing?

Shauna: Honey, come over here. Grab my phone out of the purse, and call the police.

Flo: Mom, mom, mom, mom... put the gun down, mom. Put it down! I know her! She's -- she's -- she's here about hope. She's -- she's here about phoebe and beth. Put the gun down, mom!

To most, he's phil

mickelson pro golfer.

Brooke: I'm so thrilled you'll be at the house with us, sweetie.

Thomas: Yeah, so will douglas.

Ridge: Let me see what you got there.

Brooke: [ Giggles ] Really. I am so happy.

Hope: Mom...

Ridge: I'm sorry for interrupting you, but you're making it seem like she's moving back from africa. She's down in the cabin.

Brooke: Oh, no, I know! I know. It's just with everything going on recently...

Ridge: Okay, no, it's good. There's more logans in house, and more logans in the family.

Hope: Yeah, I still can't believe the fact that flo's my cousin.

Thomas: Yeah, you hear stories about people taking dna test, finding relatives they never knew they had...

Hope: Well, you know, she seems to be taking it in stride.

Brooke: She is a logan.

Ridge: Learning about her dad must have been a shock. And relief, I guess.

Hope: I mean, she always wondered about it.

Thomas: She never looked into it before.

Brooke: Her mom didn't want her to.

Hope: Yeah. Wyatt was actually the one who encouraged her to take the dna test.

Brooke: I keep thinking how proud stormy would be.

Ridge: [ Chuckles ]

Thomas: You really don't think he knew?

Brooke: No, I don'T. If he even had an inkling that he had a child out there, i think that he would have done anything to be with her.

Ridge: I agree. I think he would have loved to have met his daughter. And she never got to meet him. It's awful.

Hope: Yeah. It is heartbreaking, but... you know, she has us.

Brooke: And his memory will live on in his beautiful daughter.

Hope: Yeah. I mean, the first time I met her, I felt an instant bond with her, and I didn't understand it at first. It actually kind of felt a little strange to me. I thought it was just because we were both mothers trying to move forward without our children, but it turns out it goes much deeper than that. We're related.

You're obviously happy about that.

Hope: I am. Flo's kind, caring...

Brooke: Very much like her father.

Hope: That's true. I mean, think of the sacrifice she made, giving her daughter up for adoption, having to make that choice. But, you know, it must put flo's mind at ease knowing that steffy is gonna give phoebe everything she could have ever wanted for her.

Thomas: That's true. Any child would be blessed to have my sister as a mother. Any child would be blessed to have you as a mother, too, hope.

Shauna: Baby, are you okay?

Flo: Yeah. Yeah, mom, I'm fine, I just -- I just hit my head.

Shauna: Are you sure? You know what, maybe we should just take you to --

Zoe: She said she's okay.

Shauna: You attacked her.

Zoe: She fell.

Flo: You pushed me.

Zoe: Because you wouldn't listen.

Shauna: Who are you, and what do you want with my daughter?

Flo: Mom, please, don'T...

Shauna: No, I want to know what's going on. I'm trying to protect you.

Flo: You didn't have to pull a gun out on her.

Shauna: You were knocked out, and this woman is in your apartment.

Zoe: My father's apartment.

Flo: Not anymore.

Zoe: Look, I'm her friend, and that's all you needto know.

Shauna: Yeah, well, friends don't act like this.

Zoe: I was trying to stop flo from doing something that could ruin her life and the lives of a lot more people.

Shauna: You said that this had to do with beth and phoebe.

Flo: Zoe's father is dr. Buckingham, reese.

Shauna: The one responsible for the --

Zoe: Don't you see what you're doing here? The more people you tell, the more dangerous it is.

Flo: Zoe, your dad destroyed a woman's life. He stole hope's baby and the entire future that she was planning, and he dragged us into it! You can tell me that it's all gonna be okay all you want, but it's not. It is not gonna be okay until i do the right thing, no matter what it costs. I need to do the right thing. I need to tell hope the truth. We call it the mother standard of care.

Thomas: Seems impossible, really. Phoebe's birth mother's a logan.

Ridge: Or it shows you that this adoption was always supposed to happen.

Brooke: Our families are more intertwined than ever.

Thomas: Does steffy know?

Ridge: Mm. Yeah. Liam told her when he went to paris. And I think she's okay with it. It's just, um -- it's a lot to process, you know? She thought she knew her daughter's story, but it turns out, she doesn'T. A logan gave her phoebe.

Hope: And that is beautiful, but steffy is phoebe's mother, and just because flo is a logan, that doesn't change that.

Brooke: That explains a lot, though, the closeness that you have with phoebe and the way that you've bonded with her.

Hope: Well, I always knew there must be something, you know, some reason. The way I feel about her, it's just -- it's so intense. When I hold her, you know, looking at that perfect little face, my need to protect her, my love for her, I just... see? I can't even talk about her without getting like this.

Brooke: Oh, honey.

Hope: I just -- I felt that way because it turns out we are connected, and I miss her. I miss kelly, too, but, with phoebe, you know, she'S... almost the same age as beth and, um, you know, I'm just glad that liam is there spending time with all of them.

Brooke: While you are spending time with us. Under the same roof, right?

Hope: Yes. And, actually, speaking of spending time together... I was thinking about flo. You know, she's already been through so much in her life, and... I was hoping maybe we could do something for her? I was wondering if we could offer her a position at forrester creations.

Flo: I thought I was just doing reese a favor.

Zoe: Yes. My dad did a horrible thing, and he's --

Shauna: Were you in on it?

Zoe: No! I had no idea. I hate what he did. It makes me sick to think about hope, her pain...

Flo: But you want to protect him. His greed and recklessness put us into this situation, zoe. And where is he? What is he doing while we're stuck with this horrible secret? I know you can't stand it, either.

Zoe: Nobody's gonna care about our feelings, flo! Not the cops, and not the logans. What's done is done. Telling the truth now isn't going to fix anything.

Flo: Yes, it will. Hope will have her baby back.

Zoe: And steffy will lose hers. You'll lose your new family, and we'll all go to jail. Is that what you want?

Shauna: No. No. We are gonna find a way out of this, in a way where we can help everyone. Honey, you can't go to hope and just blurt out the truth. You need to use your head. Don't rush into a decision that you can't undo. That's how you got into this mess. You didn't think it through, and I'm not gonna let it happen again. I don't know zoe. I don't know if she's your friend. I don't think she is. But she's right, flo. You will lose everything. You cannot tell hope that phoebe is her baby.

Brooke: You want to give flo a job?

Hope: Well, an opportunity, you know, to try something new, get to know all of us.

Ridge: Does she know anything about fashion? I mean, is she interested in what we do here?

Hope: I -- I don't know. I just feel like she's already done so much for us, you know, it would be nice if we could do this for her. You know, her courage and generosity brought phoebe in your family, gave kelly a little sister, and... you know, phoebe brought me peace for the first time in a -- in a very long time. And I'm grateful to steffy for that, but I'm also grateful to flo. She's made a huge impact on all of us and our lives, and... I don't know, I just -- I would like to do this for her. I -- maybe we could find a place for her at forrester creations.

Ridge: Yeah, you know, finding a job is not the problem. I'm sure we can find something for her. But... I'm more concerned about you. I mean, it this what you want? You've been through a lot. You're working through it, and i would hate for anything or anyone to jeopardize that. I mean, would it be okay to see her every day? That -- that wouldn't be difficult for you?

Hope: No. Thank you, but no. You know, flo and I, we're family. And I want to give back to her.

Flo: I don't care what you guys say, I have to tell hope the truth.

Zoe: Flo, come on. Just listen to your mom.

Flo: No.

Shauna: It won't be forever. You can't just --

Flo: I have to, mom! I can't take it anymore! I was just about to call hope when zoe pushed me. I already made up my mind.

Zoe: You're making a mistake.

[ Cellphone rings ]

Flo: It's hope.

Zoe: Well, don't answer.

Flo: Hello?

Hope: Hi, flo! It's hope! Did I catch you at a bad time?

Flo: No, I was, um... I was actually just about to call you.

Hope: Really? That's funny. What's up? Oh! Wait, actually, before you tell me, you should know you're on speaker, and I'm here with my mom and her husband ridge and steffy's brother thomas, which you actually still have to meet them.

Brooke: Hi, flo!

[ Laughter ]

Thomas: Yeah, but don't worry. We've heard great things about you, flo.

Flo: Hi.

Hope: We were actually just talking about you and the beautiful gift you've given to all of us with phoebe, and how great it is that you're a logan and you're part of the family now, and... we were wondering if you would like to come work at forrester creations.

Flo: What -- what?

Hope: [ Chuckles ] Yeah. It's a family business, and you're a part of the family, so... what do you say?

Flo: Me? Work at forrester creations?

Hope: Yes! Flo, are you there?

Flo: Yeah. Yeah, I'm -- I'm here, I just, um... I'm just a little bit shocked. I wasn't really expecting...

Hope: Please say yes.

Flo: Look, it's so, so kind of you to think of me for this, but I -- I don't really know what I could do.

Hope: You know, I have my own line, and I'm always looking for talented people to add to the team. We could work together.

Flo: Work with you? I -- hope, I don't -- I don't think I -- I don't think I can.

Shauna: Take it!

Hope: Look, I know this is coming out of nowhere, and you've gotten a lot of surprises lately.

Flo: Yeah, more than I could even imagine.

Hope: How about this? Why don't you come into the office and we can talk about it, and, I promise, you know, i won't pressure you into anything. Just -- I think you'd be a really good fit here. Plus, you know, working together means we'll get to each other. Just think about it?

Flo: I'll think about it, yeah. Um, thank you. I'll be in touch.

Zoe: Hope offered you a job?

Flo: Yeah, she wants me to come into forrester and talk about it.&

Shauna: Oh, honey. She wants to feel like you're part of the family.

Flo: Mom, I -- I can't possibly take it, though. It's hard enough as it is. Like, I can't go into forrester creations every day and work with her. Being around her family...

Shauna: Yourfamily.

Flo: And steffy and steffy's brother and all of them --

Zoe: It's just too much pressure. I agree with flo. It's just a bad idea. You need to get away from all of this, go back to vegas. Both of you. Go home. Forget any of this ever happened.

Shauna: Oh, no, we're not going anywhere. My daughter was just given this wonderful opportunity, and we have been embraced and welcomed by the logans. And they appreciate you so much, honey. They care about you. You can't just cut them off. Don't listen to her. And don't let what her father did ruin this. I mean, you can't sacrifice everything just because he committed a crime. I know you're conflicted, and that's because you are a warm, wonderful, caring woman, honey. And I know you want to do what's right and what's right for hope. But that baby is living a wonderful life. You don't want to throw her into chaos or yours. You want to help hope find peace? Be there for her. Support her. Help her find happiness again. You, too! You deserve happiness, honey! And what better way to put this terrible, awful, horrendous situation behind you than to start something new? And you can work at forrester creations with your aunts and your cousins. I mean, this is a wonderful opportunity, and you finally get to live the life that you've deserved all these years. You need to take it and say "yes" and go with the flow and embrace this, embrace the company, and embrace your new wonderful family, the logans.

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