B&B Transcript Thursday 4/25/19

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 4/25/19


Episode #8084 ~ Zoe has a visibly intense reaction when Brooke innocently shares the news of Flo's father; Bill runs into Shauna at Il Giardino.

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Brooke: All right, so, we'll need six girls for the big shoot on the 14th.

Zoe: Uh, which six?

Brooke: Oh, you know them best, you know their personalities, so you choose. That way I can help hope take one thing off of her plate.

Zoe: How's she doing?

Brooke: Oh, that's right. You were away, so you didn't hear the big news. We have a new family member.

Zoe: Brooke, I-I don't know what you heard or from whom --

Brooke: Well, it's from a dna test.

Zoe: Well, those test can really only tell you so much, though.

Brooke: Hope has a new cousin, and I have a brand-new niece.

Zoe: That's --

Brooke: Oh, and you know her, I think -- flo? Flo fulton?

Flo: Where are you going, anyway?

Shauna: To see some of the city.

Flo: Well, try not to run into anyone I know.

Shauna: That has to stop. I thought I got through to you. You didn't do anything foolish, right?

Flo: Not unless you count taking your advice and keeping this secret to myself.

Flo: Good. [ Sighs ] And, so, your so-called friend reese is still out of the country?

Flo: Yeah.

Shauna: So if this baby-snatching story gets out and they can't get to reese, they'll come after you? Well, never mind. By the time you found about it, it was too late. But you need to forget about this and move on with your life. And what a great life it's gonna be now that you're a member of the logan family.

Bill: Thanks very much. I really appreciate it.

Always a pleasure, mr. Spencer

Katie: Oh, hi. Uh... I can come back.

Bill: No, this is actually a, uh -- a great surprise. In fact, it's a -- it's a perfect surprise.

Katie: Um, I was out running a few errands, and I know that there are a few things we need to go over, so if you have a minute?

Bill: Yeah. I-I -- I do have a minute. In fact, I-I wanted to -- to talk to you about something involving, uh, will and -- and our family.

Katie: Okay. What's going on?

Brooke: Didn't you introduce flo to hope? You know, it was such a coincidence, really, to find out that flo was old friends with wyatt. And then to discover that flo is my brother's daughter.

Zoe: No. She can't be.

Shauna: I still can't get over brooke's house. How much do you think it's worth?

Flo: I don't know. Millions?

Shauna: Many millions. Not some paltry number like eight. And one day you'll be able to inherit it.

Flo: [ Scoffs ] What, if every other living logan dies?

Shauna: Ah, well, if you have to divide it between those cousins, so what.

Flo: I just can't believe how warm and welcoming they've been to me.

Shauna: [ Sighs ] I am so happy for you, honey. Being a member of the logan family is really gonna transform your life.

Bill: I'll be the first to admit that, for a while, there, I -- I kind of lost my way. I neglected will. I let him think that I didn't care about him, and that's something a father should never do. And we can never let that happen again.

Katie: We agree.

Bill: So, I have an idea that will give him the assurance that it never will.

Katie: Okay. I'm listening. What's this big idea?

Brooke: What do you have against flo? She seems very humble and very charming to me.

Zoe: I'm -- I'm not saying that she's a bad person.

Brooke: Well, that's what it sounds like you're saying.

Zoe: It's just that all she and your daughter really have in common is a missing child.

Brooke: And the logan dna. Hope really needs an understanding friend right now, and she has that in flo. And flo is family. But if there's something that you know about flo that I don't, you really should tell me.

Flo: Do you remember anything about my father?

Shauna: Oh, of course. Your father -- oh! He was too handsome to be true. And I'll never forget the very first time he took me to a restaurant. As we're walking to the private dining area we had for ourselves, every head in that restaurant turned to look at your dad. And I was thinking, "oh, who is this guy?"

Flo: [ Exclaims softly ] Sounds like a fairy tale.

Shauna: Oh, he was a prince. Opened the doors for me, poured my wine. Just before we kissed, leaned in just enough for me to have to kiss him back.

Flo: [ Chuckles ]

Shauna: He was definitely a gentleman, unlike the other candidates that could have been your dad.

Bill: [ Stammers ] Let's consider, okay? Just sit down for a -- for a second.

Katie: Okay. Consider what?

Bill: What does a boy want most in the world?

Katie: Uh, I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say a girl.

Bill: Yes. Well -- well, no, no. I'm talking about boys will's age. I mean, he still thinks girls are gross.

Katie: I hate to burst your bubble but, uh, no, he doesn'T. Not anymore.

Bill: Okay. What -- what a boy wants most -- what any child wants, but in our case, what a boy wants most is his mom, his dad, his -- his family, his -- his home. Because that's where he feels right. That's where he knows who he is.

Katie: Well, will is very fortunate, then, because he's got you, he's got me, he's got his brothers, his aunts, he's got this new girl, flo. I'm sure he'll be happy to meet her.

Bill: Yeah. Right, right. Um... will is your priority, right?

Katie: Mm-hmm.

Bill: Well, I want to assure you that he is mine, as well. Yeah, my -- my whole family is my priority. Now, I'm not sure about how you feel in terms of where you fit into that, okay, but -- but -- but you -- you absolutely do fit in. How could you not? You're the -- the wonderful mother of our incredible son. Do you believe me when I tell you that I will never let our son down again?

Katie: Yeah, I believe you.

Bill: Well, I'm just gonna kind of throw this out there. Do you have any idea how many eligible-bachelor lists that I'm on?

Katie: [ Snorts, laughs ] Um... uh... I've seen three, but I haven't really been looking.

Bill: So many more.

Katie: Oh, my god.

Bill: But that's not the point. The point is... [ Sighs ] I don't necessarily feel that I'm such a great catch.

Katie: Oh, come on. You don't believe that.

Bill: Come on, katie. I'm -- I'm vain, I'm -- I'm arrogant, I think the world revolves around me. And you know what? Even if it does, I shouldn't think that way.

Katie: [ Chuckles ]

Bill: It's a double-edged sword. Because on the one hand, it's made me incredibly successful, and on the other hand...

[ Sighs ] I don't know. May-maybe, uh, it's, uh, part of the reason that I keep people at arm's length, because I think that if they really get to know me, they are not gonna like me at all.

Katie: Well, I've known you for quite a while, and I like you.

Bill: That's because we have something special, don't we?

Katie: We do divorce pretty well.

Bill: Come on. [ Scoffs ] Trial runs. And -- and, hey, you know, practice makes -- makes perfect, doesn't it? So, um, to -- to that end... katie logan, will you do me the honor of marrying me? Again.

Zoe: I-I just think that, being well-known and well-off, your family needs to be careful. You know, people will want to get close to hope, to you and your sisters -- people who may have more in mind than it first appears.

Brooke: I thank you for your concern, but we've developed a sense for this sort of thing over time. And even flo's mother, she seems delightful. She seems like a wonderful person. And hope really needs a friendship right now -- somebody who's as transparent as she is. And that bond is only going to grow as they become closer, and as that family feeling grows.

Zoe: Okay. Well, um, I'm gonna just type this up and get it back to you later.

Brooke: Okay. You do that. Thank you, zoe. I'm glad we had this talk.

Shauna: Are you sure you don't want to come with me?

Flo: No, you -- you go. I don't -- I don't really feel like going out.

Shauna: Oh, but it'll be good to get your mind off things. Come on.

Flo: Mnh... did you love him?

Shauna: Your dad?

Flo: Mm-hmm.

Shauna: Oh... have you ever met somebody that, when you talk to them, they really look at you in the eye? They don't blink, they don't turn away. They really listen to you? That was storm. And maybe it was his lawyer face, but I've never had anyone make me feel the way he did and give me that kind of attention. Mm. I don't know. It's funny, the things you remember.

Flo: Was he married?

Shauna: Oh, god, no.

Flo: Then what was the problem with you guys?

Shauna: [ Sighs ] Between us? Nothing. He was wounded by I don't even know what. But he had always told me he wanted an ordinary life -- settle down, have kids, have a small law practice that didn't take much of his time. But whoever wounded him made him feel like he couldn't have those things, that they were for somebody else. So... it's a shame. He was so kind and considerate. And he'd be so proud of his perfect daughter.

Bill: You're surprised. But not in a good way.

Katie: Surprised. Um, yeah.

Bill: I love you. I do. But come on, katie. You know me. What I want most is what makes me happy. And what makes me happy is you.

Katie: [ Sighs ]

Bill: You need time to think about it.

Katie: Uh, you don't know. You -- you can't -- you couldn'T...

[ Sniffles ] You couldn't possibly know...

[ Sighs ] ...What it feels like to hear you say those words.

[ Sniffles ] To hear you say that you love me. There was a time when I would do anything to hear you say those words, when -- when they used to feed me. But you stopped saying them.

[ Exclaims ] If it was just me -- if it was just me, I -- I could -- I could risk my heart, I could. But -- but it's not just me. It's not. It's -- it'S...

[ Sniffles ] It's will. It's our boy. And... [ Sighs ] And I -- I can't let him get his hopes up just to have them dashed if we can't make it work.

Bill: You're scared. And I don't blame you. But, katie, you -- you can trust me. I'm -- I'M... I'm smarter, a-and I'm wiser.

Katie: [ Sighs ]

Bill: And I'm sorry it took me so long to realize, the only thing missing in my life is you.

Katie: Not brooke? Do you know how much it hurt me to have you leave me for my sister? Thank you for your beautiful words. Nobody says them quite like you do. I'm sorry I can't give you the answer you want.

Brooke: The lighting and the setups are good, but we really need to find a photographer who's a little more creative. Thank you. What happened to you?

Katie: Heh, heh. Three guesses.

Brooke: Uh, you heard from thorne?

Katie: No.

Brooke: Will got in trouble at school?

Katie: No. Will doesn't get in trouble at school.

Brooke: Oh, you're right. He's too well-behaved.

Katie: Yeah, well, he is his father's son. He says one thing and then does something else.

Brooke: Bill said something to you?

Katie: [ Sighs ] You know, he talks about commitment and family, but how -- how can I believe him after everything that's happened?

Brooke: What are you talking about, katie?

Katie: Bill proposed to me.

Brooke: That's wonderful! What did you say?

Katie: What do you think I said?

Brooke: "Yes"! [ Giggles ]

Katie: No, brooke. I said no.

Bill: [ Sighs ]

Shauna: Bill? I thought I saw you sitting here.

Bill: You see good. You look good.

Shauna: Well, thank you. Drinking alone?

Bill: Not anymore.

Shauna: Well, it's a little early for me.

Bill: Mm.

Shauna: Heh... isn't it wild that you and i were almost parents?

Bill: Ah. I almost thought we were.

Shauna: What would you have done if it turned out that way?

Bill: Mm... well... I would have bought you and your daughter a house.

Shauna: A house? [ Scoffs ]

Bill: Yeah, well, that's -- that's what I do. I buy homes. I did that for my older boys. Because I wasn't around when they were kids to give them a home, so...

Shauna: I have to say, now that we're alone, you're not nearly as bad as quinn says.

Bill: Hey, you know what? Maybe, um -- maybe you could sign an affidavit on this napkin saying that, uh, dollar bill spencer is not so bad, after all.

Shauna: [ Laughs ] Okay, sure. I mean, I am glad that my flo's a logan. I do wish, obviously, her father was still alive, but the women, they're very interesting.

Bill: Well, yeah. They will, uh -- they'll keep you guess for sure, those logans.

Shauna: You know what, on second thought, could I actually get a pinot grigio? Thank you. You look like you need someone to talk to. So why don't you tell me all about yourself like you did that very memorable night we had in vegas years ago?

Bill: I probably told you a hundred lies.

Shauna: I already forgot them. You can tell them again.

Bill: [ Chuckles ]

[ Knock on door ]

Zoe: A logan? Seriously? How and when did that seem like a good idea?

Flo: You're back.

Zoe: Look, how did you even know that I was gone?

Flo: Well, you weren't in my face every single day. And I texted your dad, because I wasn't sure if something had happened to you.

Zoe: [ Scoffs ] Okay. You were threatening to tell everything, and, what, now all of a sudden, you've turned yourself into a logan?

Flo: I didn't turn myself into a logan. I found out who my father is. He's stephen logan jr.

Zoe: Unreal. You know, why couldn't you have just gone back to vegas like you said you would?

Flo: Zoe, what -- what does it matter? Reese is in london, and you're back here again trying to shut me up for his safety. Zoe, look, you have always known who you are. You've always known who you belong to. You've always known who your family is. I haven'T. It has been me and my mom against the world for my entire life. I don't get to meet my dad. That opportunity is gone. But I have met my people. I've met my family. And this -- this name, this random name, "hope," is this woman who turns out to be a friend and now my cousin. No one has ever been kinder to me than the logan women have.

Zoe: If they knew, they would hate you.

Flo: And they'd be right to. Or... maybe they would forgive me for the sake of my father.

Zoe: No, flo.

Flo: It's a risk. I know. It's a risk. But I... I just can't live with this anymore.

Zoe: What are you trying to say, flo? What are you gonna do? Tell me!

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