B&B Transcript Tuesday 4/23/19

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 4/23/19


Episode #8082 ~ Quinn prompts Wyatt to question Sally's loyalty after witnessing a moment between her and Thomas; Hope and Liam make love for the first time since Beth's tragedy.

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Thomas: I mean it, sally. Hope will be with me, whatever it takes.

Sally: Thomas --

Thomas: You can't talk me out of it. I'm gonna make this happen.

Sally: You and your son are going through a terrible loss. Okay? Caroline is gone. Douglas' mother is never coming back. It is a very raw and emotional time for both of you. You are not thinking clearly. Look, just come here. Please.

Thomas: Sally -- look, I-I -- I only told you this 'cause you -- you promised that I could trust you. I-I am thinking clearly. I know what's best for douglas and me. It's hope. The more that I spend with her, the more time that douglas does, the more I realize, this is how it needs to be. It's best for everyone involved for hope and liam's marriage to end. So hope can be with me.

Liam: Losing beth, that's -- it's been tragic for both of us, and there were days where it felt... unbearable. And I understand. I-I know why it's excruciating for you to even consider having another child. But the worst thing that we can do right now... is push each other away. I mean, we need closeness and -- and love and intimacy, and we need it now more than ever. I need you right now, and I know -- I know you must need me, too.

Quinn: Oh! Your secretary wasn't at her desk.

Wyatt: Would it have made a big difference if she was?

Quinn: Not when I'm feeling so -- I just -- I don't have the words.

Wyatt: Words for what?

Quinn: Not only do you roll out the red carpet for that girl here at spencer, but you risk your future in the family business to give her her own fashion house, and how does she repay you? By cozying up to thomas forrester.

Wyatt: Wait, what -- what -- what are you talking about?

Quinn: I saw it, wyatt, with my own eyes. The redhead and her ex. I saw your girlfriend, sally, in thomas' arms.

Sally: Look, I know I said that I would keep what you're telling me in confidence, and I will... but this is really difficult. I have to be honest with you. You're talking about sabotaging hope and liam's marriage. They have been through so much.

Thomas: You don't think my son has, too? He needs a mother.

[ Sally sighs ] And she is right there. Hell, he even asked her to be his mother.

Sally: What?

Thomas: Douglas asked hope to be his mother. And I saw it for myself -- their relationship is genuine.

Sally: I'm not questioning that, okay? I'm just asking --

Thomas: Okay, look, maybe you don't get it 'cause you don't have children. But one day you will, and you'll do anything you can to keep them from hurting. I can't bring douglas' mother back, but... he needs a woman in his life. Someone that can love him and care for him. And hope is that woman.

Sally: Okay, I'm not saying that she's not. Just ask yourself this, thomas -- how much of this are you doing for douglas, and how much are you doing for yourself?

[ Sighs ]

Hope: I miss you, too, but... being intimate, I -- I could get pregnant, and --

Liam: And you're not ready for another child.

Hope: I wish I were. I-I know it's not fair to you.

Liam: No. Stop. It's totally understandable. But... being together as husband and wife, I mean, th-the physical intimacy of it... we'll be safe. I won't let you worry about getting pregnant, I promise.

You wouldn't accept

an incomplete job

Quinn: I'm not gonna let sally make a fool out of you.

Wyatt: That's not what sally is doing.

Quinn: Really? What do you call her and thomas working side-by-side together at forrester while you're here at spencer?

Wyatt: Wait, wait. Come again?

Quinn: He wants to take over thorne's role as head designer for hope for the future. He and sally will be working together all the time now, falling into each other's arms every chance they get. I'm sorry, I'm not gonna let you be played for a sucker.

Wyatt: That's not what's happening here.

Quinn: Maybe not now. But you cannot be happy about this.

Wyatt: Okay, fine! Just because you saw sally in thomas' arms, doesn't mean that anything is going o-- caroline just recently passed away, okay? We are all grieving from that whole situation. So maybe she was just being, I don't know, supportive.

Quinn: Supportive.

Wyatt: Yeah.

Quinn: Supportive?

Wyatt: Yeah.

Quinn: Wyatt, I raised you better than that. Open your eyes! Sally is not the girl for you. Especially now that flo is back in town.

Wyatt: Oh, my god.

Quinn: Flo is beautiful, and she is so smart, and she's a logan! You helped her with that. I know you still care about her.

Wyatt: Of course I do! Of course I care about her. I will always care about flo.

Quinn: I'm just... the last time that I saw flo, you could tell that, you know, she was going through something heavy.

Wyatt: She just found out about a whole other family she didn't even know existed. Of course she's going through something.

Quinn: So then be there for her. You be there for flo.

Wyatt: [ Scoffs ]

Quinn: Forget about sally.

Sally: You know, I always wondered why, when I was with you, I felt like I never fully had you. I used to think that it was because of caroline. But now I see it's because you never truly got over hope.

Thomas: You found love with wyatt. And I did with hope years ago. And lately, she's all I can think about. She needs a man who's totally committed to her.

Sally: She has a man like that -- her husband.

Thomas: Really?

Sally: Seriously? You know the kind of man that liam is!

Thomas: Yeah, I also know what it's like to grow up with a mother who loved a man who ended up having children with another woman. I see that same thing happening again. Liam -- liam loves steffy, and he loves those children.

[ Scribbling ]

Sally: What are you drawing?

Thomas: Nothing.

[ Cellphone chimes ]

Sally: You're making drawings and pretending they're from douglas?

Thomas: I told you -- I am determined to make this right. The next generation of my family is not going to suffer the way that my sisters and i did because of brooke.

Sally: This is hope's marriage to liam we're talking about.

Thomas: Liam belongs with steffy. Hope belongs with me.

Liam: Hey. Heh... I know you're concerned. I know. But I promise you, there's not gonna be a baby until you're ready. I had a heart problem.

Quinn: I have tried not to meddle in your love life.

Wyatt: Ha! Wha...

Quinn: I have tried to tolerate sally for your sake. But after seeing her with thomas... I can't forget all of the horrible things that she's done. I-I think it's a huge mistake for ridge and eric to allow her to keep designing for forrester.

Wyatt: They're allowing her to design there because she's talented.

Quinn: Mnh... she's not talented. She's tacky.

Wyatt: Okay.

Quinn: Look, you and sally had your fun.

Wyatt: Mmph.

Quinn: But now that flo is back in town, you need to ask her out, get to know her again. I -- [ Huffs ] Tell sally to move out.

Wyatt: [ Laughs ]

Quinn: Let her be with thomas.

Thomas: Hey, amelia. It's thomas.

Amelia: Hmm. Thomas... thomas... name sounds vaguely familiar.

Thomas: How quickly I'm forgotten.

Amelia: I heard you're back in L.A. -- Just after I left for paris with steffy and the girls, darn it.

Thomas: Talk about lousy timing.

Amelia: I assume you're calling for your sister. She's out at the moment.

Thomas: Okay, well, how are my adorable nieces?

Amelia: Growing, changing so much every day. Kelly's really starting to talk. Every time steffy shows her a picture of liam, she says, "dada" over and over.

Thomas: Really?

Amelia: I know. It's the sweetest thing.

[ Sighs ] She really loves her daddy.

Thomas: Well, hey, heh, I know you're having a great time over there in paris, but, um, when you get back to L.A., We could meet up, grab some dinner.

Amelia: I would like that. A lot. Heh.

Thomas: Great. Uh, so, steffy's not there?

Amelia: Right. She and your mom are out.

Thomas: Kelly and phoebe are -- are with them?

Amelia: No, they're here with me. Why?

Thomas: I need you to do something for me, amelia, but, um, keep it between us.

Amelia: For you, thomas, okay. What is it?

Thomas: It's about my nieces. A way to secure their future and family. Return their father to them. I can make it happen... with your help.

Hope: You were right. We needed this.

Liam: Did you just admit that I'm right?

[ Hope giggles ] Like, all the time? Like, every day, like, I'm always right, right, because I think that's what you said. That's what I heard in my head.

Hope: Liam. Liam.

[ Both laugh ]

Liam: It's weird, it -- you know, it almost felt like it was our first time together or something.

Hope: Okay, come on. It hasn't been that long.

Liam: Hasn't it?

Hope: [ Chuckles ]

Liam: I think this has been a test for us. For our marriage. And for a minute, there, it kind of seemed like -- just, like, if I had been a better husband, you know, that --

Hope: Liam, no. No woman and no wife could ask for a more supportive and caring husband. I wouldn't have been able to make it through those months without you, and that's what made it so hard. Wanting to show you, to be... close with you like this, but not being ready. I'm just -- I'm really grateful that you were so patient with me.

[ Cellphone chimes ]

Liam: Uh, sorry. I --

[ Groans ] I meant to turn that off.

Hope: No, it's fine. It's fine. It's wyatt. Seems urgent.

Liam: Oh, it's wyatt? Is it wyatt?

Hope: [ Giggles ]

Liam: Um... listen, you said you were grateful. I'm grateful, too. Every minute, every day, good or bad -- it doesn't matter. To... that I get to have you, that I get to love you, this -- this kind, beautiful woman I'm sharing my life with, I love you, and I love who I am because of you.

Wyatt: [ Sighs ]

Liam: Well, this better be worth it. Your text said come see you right away. What's so important?

Wyatt: Oh, am I pulling you away from something?

Liam: [ Scoffs ] Yes, as a matter of fact. I was with my wife.

Wyatt: So?

Liam: No, I -- I was with my wife.

Wyatt: Yeah, I'm not deaf, dummy, I heard you the first time.

Liam: Wyatt.

Wyatt: Oh!

Liam: [ Laughs ] Oh, yeah. Right?

Wyatt: That's great!

Liam: Yes! That's what I'm saying.

Wyatt: Wow! But then why -- wait. Why are you here?

Liam: Because you kept texting me, and hope insisted I go find out what the problem was.

Wyatt: Oh, I'm sorry. If I knew that was what was happening, I wouldn't -- okay. You're -- you must be happy.

Liam: Ecstatic. Thank you. Yes. Yes!

Wyatt: Okay. Yeah. I-I knew you were -- you were worried that that wall was slowly building between you guys. But, I mean, that -- that must not be the case, then, right? You might be right back on track.

Liam: Yeah. I mean, not that I'd ever question hope's love and commitment to me, but, you know, losing beth really -- really pulled us apart for a minute, there, and I'm just -- I'm just grateful that we're back on track. It really feels like hope and i and our marriage are -- I think we've weathered the worst of it.

Hope: Liam had to run to see his brother.

Thomas: Oh. I-I don't want intrude. I -- I just wanted to thank you for all your care and concern for douglas. And, um, to give you this. Special delivery from my son.

Hope: Heh... oh! Douglas did this for me?

Thomas: He's a good little artist, huh?

Hope: [ Chuckles ] Yeah. The printing is really good, too.

Thomas: Yeah, well, I-I -- he had me double check on that for him. To spell "I love you" correctly. HeH...

Hope: Well, it's sweet.

Thomas: It's been tough for him, getting over his mom. But the only thing that really brings him joy is thinking of you. I-I just don't want it to be a burden -- you know, my son's love for you. I -- [ Sighs ] You're still probably dealing with the loss of beth, and I wouldn't want --

Hope: No, it's okay, thomas. Really. I, um... douglas is a wonderful little boy, and it means a lot to me that -- if I'm able to help him through this difficult time.

Thomas: Well, you know, you've, um...heh... you've done that for me, too. You've been a godsend to both douglas and me through all this.

Hope: Well, thank you for bringing me the drawing.

Thomas: Yeah, yeah. Um... uh, but before I got, I just -- I think there's something you need to see. Amelia called me earlier. Um... she, uh... she's concerned about the girls. Uh, especially kelly. Here. Um... she -- she sent this to me.

Kelly: Dada! Dada!

[ Babbling ] Dada! Dada!

Thomas: Amelia said that kelly calls out for liam all the time. Um... I think those girls really miss their father. Um, and, uh.... well, steffy doesn't know that she sent this video. She didn't want liam to be upset. But I-it's clear how much those precious little girls need their father. And I-I can tell from your reaction... you know that's true. Those girls need to be with their dad. I think you know it's time. Right? Liam can't wait any longer. He has to go to paris. He needs to be with those girls. He needs to be with his family.

Kelly: Dada! [ Babbling ]

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