B&B Transcript Wednesday 4/10/19

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 4/10/19


Episode #8073 ~ Flo wrestles with her conscience when Hope is adamant they become friends; Wyatt divulges a secret to Bill, Quinn and Shauna.

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Wyatt: No, no, no. You're -- you're trying to freak me out, here.

Quinn: No, wyatt --

Wyatt: Dad doesn't even know shauna -- do you?

Bill: Not to speak of.

Shauna: 'Scuse me.

Wyatt: [ Exclaims ] You -- you live in vegas! H-how --

Bill: Yeah, I'm not buying it, either.

Quinn: Are you denying that you and shauna might have had a night together?

Bill: I am not that girl's father, all right, whoever she is. You cooked this up. The whole, uh, "las vegas showgirl in distress."

Shauna: [ Scoffs ] You know what? I don't kneed to listen to this.

Wyatt: No, no, no. You -- you have to tell me the truth here, okay? Of the three people in this room, you have not lied to me yet. So... could flo really by my sister?

Hope: Um... you seem a little uncomfortable. Are you sure it was okay to tell donna?

Flo: I guess I just, um... I would rather not be known as phoebe's birth mother.

Hope: I am sorry.

Flo: No, it's okay. It's just, um... I don't know. I guess it doesn't really matter that much, but it... it kind of feels like it does.

Hope: Well, I-I mean, I would not want to embarrass you for the world. I mean, I'd -- I'd really like it if -- if we could be friends.

Flo: I would have liked that, too. But I just -- I just don't think that's possible now.

Hope: Why?

Flo: For so many reasons.

Hope: Well, I'll settle for one.

Hope: Is it because I'm focused too much on beth? Is that it?

Flo: No, no. That's -- that's not it.

Hope: I-I can talk about other things, I swear. It's just that, you know, we were pregnant at the same time, and we both gave birth to daughters who aren't with us anymore, and I just... I just -- I feel like you can understand what I'm going through.

Flo: I guess that's, um, fair to say.

Zoe: Sorry for interrupting.

Hope: Um, zoe. You know flo, of course.

Zoe: Yeah, yeah. I was there when you called her. Hey, if I could just have a moment?

> Hope: I'll -- I'll come find you when we're done.

Zoe: Yeah. It's just, um, the graphics department, they have new label concepts.

Hope: And I'll be sure to take a look at them by the end of the day. Thank you. So... look, I know what you said before. I was just... really hoping, flo... is there any way you could help me?

[ Siren wails ]

Shauna: Quinn.

Quinn: Oh, honey, this is your story to tell, not mine.

Bill: It's a story as old as dirt, with no happy ending.

Quinn: [ Sighs ]

Bill: Maybe now you understand why I called you here, wyatt.

Wyatt: My mind has gone completely blank, so, no.

Bill: Are you sure you don't have something to tell us?

Quinn: Oh, stop. What your father is trying to say is, are you sure you --

Bill: Are you sure you don't have something to tell us --

Quinn: Stop it! About you and flo.

Wyatt: All right, you know what? I need answers from you. And from you. Go.

Bill: [ Sighs ] Once.

Wyatt: "Once" what? Once upon a time?

Bill: It was one time. A long time ago, wyatt. One time.

Wyatt: You -- you and dad? No. No! It can'T. Like, obviously it can't -- she's nothing like you or me. And -- and who has a kid after just one time?

Quinn: Um, almost every single mother on this planet. It's not a cumulative process, wyatt.

Wyatt: You know, don't -- don't talk to me about process. I know about the process, all right? What -- what am I even doing here?

Quinn: No, no, no. That's why, honey, we are asking you this. I mean, think back to prom night, okay? I mean, did anything happen?

Wyatt: No -- no! I am not going there. All right? You even said yourself you don't believe it, right?

Bill: I don'T.

Wyatt: But then you said that it could be a possibility. And you -- you're -- you're not sure? You -- you have no idea who flo's father is?

Shauna: I was young, having fun...

Wyatt: Oh, my god. Oh, no.

Reese's eggs are back

and we hid them

Xander: [ Exhales softly ] You're, uh... you're looking very... in charge.

Zoe: [ Scoffs ] It's the desk.

Xander: It's sexy. Your itinerary?

Zoe: Um, I was just coming to look for you.

Xander: Are you whisking me a way for spring break?

Zoe: Uh, real life doesn't have spring breaks. Just spring.

Xander: So, where we going?

Zoe: Xander, I'm sorry. It's just, this is something i have to do by myself.

Xander: What is?

Zoe: This trip to london.

Xander: Oh. It doesn't sound like you're going for pleasure.

Zoe: Well, it can't be helped. Sometimes the only place to be is far away.

Xander: From what?

Hope: I'm going to be kind of blunt. I want what you have.

Flo: Your -- your family owns this business, right? And your father-in-law is one of the richest men in the country, and -- and you want what -- what I have?

Hope: Well, don't most people want what they don't have?

Flo: Not like that.

Hope: Like, when you look at me, what do you see? Sadness. I walk into a room and everything changes. It gets quiet. People immediately get concerned and want to know if they can get me coffee or tea or water or chocolate --

Flo: That's because people love you, and they want to help make you feel better but they don't know how.

Hope: And I don't, either. And -- and I -- if I could help them help me, I would. I just -- I don't know how. I-I -- I can't seem to find peace. I, um... I don't really have an appetite anymore. I don't sleep. And when I do, it's just for hours at a time, and then suddenly I'm woken up because i have this panic like something's missing. And then I realize that something is, and then I lie awake for hours, until the sun comes up.

[ Sighs ] I've barely been a wife to my husband.

Flo: I'm sure he doesn't say that.

Hope: Well, he wouldn't, of course.

Flo: I'm sure he doesn't think it, either.

Hope: Has wyatt said something?

Flo: A-about liam? N-no. No. I can... I can just tell. You know, by the way he looks at you, with so much devotion. Hope, look, you... you're hurting right now, and you're grieving, but --

Hope: But how are you not?

Flo: Because what happened to you did not happen to me.

Hope: [ Sniffles ] I know. I know our circumstance are different. And you did what was best for everyone. Um, it's just that the doctors tell me that I'm -- I'm, uh... not balanced, you know, with my hormones -- the highs and the lows. And I just figured that maybe physically it might be the same for you? I mean, phoebe can't be that much older than beth, right?

Flo: I'm not experiencing those things.

Hope: [ Exclaims ] Okay. I just -- I can't imagine tending bar for eight hours and making jokes with customers. It just seems really easy for you, and -- and I-I want that. You know, you seem to have found peace in your life without your daughter, and...

[Voice breaking] I really want that for myself. And I was just -- I don't know. I was hoping you could tell me how you do it.

Flo: I am not as carefree as you think I am, hope.

Bill: Wyatt, get away from that door. You're not going anywhere.

Wyatt: Has anyone even thought about mentioning this to flo?

Bill: I hope not. And you're not going to, either.

Shauna: Thank you.

Quinn: No, don't thank him. And you're the one in the hot seat here. Stop yelling at my son.

Bill: Hey, I'm the one with the most at stake. And what are we gonna tell her, anyway? We really don't know anything. Oh, oh, but, "hey, here's one theory."

Wyatt: No, you reserved that torture for me.

Shauna: Why didn't I tell her a story and make something up?

Wyatt: Oh, I don't know. Ask -- ask my mother how that strategy worked out for her.

Quinn: [ Sighs ]

Bill: We don't need a strategy. We need facts.

Quinn: We need a dna test.

Shauna: Well, how long would those results take? Because I don't want to tell flo until we have to.

Wyatt: Um, well, we should -- we should actually have some today.

Quinn: What? What do you mean?

Wyatt: She -- she already took a dna test.

Xander: Thought you said you burned all your bridges back home.

Zoe: [ Scoffs ] If there's one thing london's never short of, it's bridges.

Xander: So, what exactly do you want to be far away from?

Zoe: Well, me and my father have some unfinished business that can't wait. Things that must be discussed.

Xander: Well, wouldn't a phone call be quicker? And cheaper?

Xander: No doubt. But this needs to be face-to-face.

Xander: Why?

Zoe: So I can tell if he's lying to me.

Xander: Okay, zoe, you're starting to worry me. Is reese in trouble? Are you?

Zoe: I'll tell you when you should worry, okay? But I do have something that you can do for me.

Xander: Name it.

Zoe: If something happens with hope...

Xander: And by "something" you mean...?

Zoe: I mean personally. Okay, there's someone with her right now -- look, never mind. But if hope makes a surprise announcement, if she suddenly takes off for paris, text me, okay? Call me any time, day or night. It could even happen today.

Shauna: Why would flo do this without telling me?

Wyatt: She -- she ran the dna test because she wanted to, and because I... actually encouraged it.

Shauna: It's not your place to do that.

Wyatt: I was trying to be a supportive friend here, okay? If she wants to know who both of her parents are, she deserves to know that, if that information exists. Trust me -- I lived it. Besides, all you ever did was -- was stonewall her. I mean, I heard you on the phone with her the other day.

Shauna: What am I supposed to say? "By the way, your father, i don't really know who he is, but I've got a short list of names for you"?

Quinn: [ Sighs ] Look, what did you mean that you -- you might have the results today?

Wyatt: I-I -- I paid extra for the results to be rushed. They're gonna notify both of us.

Quinn: Why are you standing there looking like you're so above it all.

Bill: Because wherever the dna points, it won't be to me. I'm not in any database. My father's dead and buried, and that's all I ever needed to know about my ancestry.

Wyatt: Look, a dna test is not a paternity test. It will tell you what ethnicities it can find, potential health concerns. And, yes, if it finds a potential match, it'll tell you that, too.

Bill: [ Chuckles ] Well, I won't be one of them, as I said.

Wyatt: Karen could be.

Shauna: Who's that?

Quinn: Bill's sister.

Wyatt: And obviously if any spencer is a potential match to flo's dna...

Shauna: Flo will find out who her father is.

[ Cellphone chimes ]

Wyatt: Yes. Oh, this is it. The -- the dna results just came in. I got to -- I got to call flo first.

Flo: My situation is nothing like yours. You keep trying to compare yourself to me, but --

[ Cellphone rings ] I'm sorry.

[ Ringing stops ]

Hope: Look, I-I know that things are different between us, and that you didn't want...

Flo: Didn't want to be a mother. At least not now, anyway. It's okay to say it.

[ Cellphone rings ]

Hope: Someone's really trying to get ahold of you.

Flo: Yeah, just -- I'll make it quick.

Hope: Okay.

Flo: I can't talk right now.

Wyatt: Wait, did you get the e-mail? I did.

Flo: I'm gonna have to call you later.

Wyatt: Flo, we got an e-mail saying that your results are on the website right now.

Flo: I'll check when I get back.

Wyatt: What are you talking a-- are you still at forrester? I can come to you.

Flo: That's not a good idea. I'm in the middle of something.

Wyatt: Are you with hope? Is this about...?

Flo: Everything. I'll call you back.

Wyatt: Wait, no -- flo! Fl--

[ Groans ]

Quinn: What did she say?

Bill: Did she see the results?

Wyatt: No, she said she wants to check later.

Quinn: What? Why is she being so blasť about it?

Shauna: Well, maybe you're wrong. Maybe it's not important to her.

Bill: Oh, no, no, no, no, no.

[ Chuckles ] No, we're not waiting. You're gonna tell us those results, and you're gonna tell us now. Ok everyone!

Flo: Sorry about that.

Hope: Is everything okay?

Flo: I just don't want to be distracted right now.

Hope: Yeah. Heh... um, I mean, do you ever hear from phoebe's father?

Flo: The man who brought phoebe into my life did not turn out to be who I thought he was.

Hope: I see.

Flo: He wanted me to do it. To be phoebe's mother. It's just, um... I did it for him, not for me, and that's just another reason why I am not like you. Plus, I'm -- I'm alone.

Hope: You feel used.

Flo: He's, um... he's not a bad person. I mean, at least, he doesn't think that he is. And I didn't, either, until, um... I just -- I just think that he's weak.

Hope: I feel like that nowadays.

Flo: I-I really... I really wish that you didn't feel that way about yourself.

Hope: See, when you say things like that, it makes me feel like there is some hidden undercurrent between us. You know, that's just -- I don't know. That's how I am these days. I'm just always looking for these -- these hidden messages or a clue or some sort of meaning, that some random stranger might say something that will suddenly trigger an understanding as to why fate... took away my little girl. You know, if it was a test or some kind of lesson, what was I supposed to learn?

Flo: There was no lesson, hope. It wasn't fate who took beth from you.

Wyatt: Look, this -- this is flo's business first, everyone else's second.

Quinn: Flo doesn't care. You heard her.

Wyatt: That's not what she said.

Bill: Maybe now that the results are actually in, she doesn't want to know.

Wyatt: [ Sighs disgustedly ]

Quinn: Everybody gets cold feet.

Wyatt: Mm.

Bill: You know, I was just getting my life back. Making everybody happy or -- or less unhappy. Katie and I, we're friendly again. Will -- will thinks I'm the greatest father in the world. You, wyatt, you're back at the company. I gave you everything you wanted, didn't I? Huh?! And liam, he can actually stand to be in a room with me every once in a while.  I mean, things are on track. Everything's going well. I don't need this aggravation, wyatt. Give me the results.

Wyatt: I --

Quinn: Okay. You know what? You're never gonna hear me say this ever again. Do what your father says.

Bill: Huh?!

Shauna: Wyatt, please. We need to know.

Wyatt: [ Groans ] Fine. But I got to log in. I'm gonna use your computer.

Bill: What does it say, wyatt?

Wyatt: There's a lot of numbers and symbols and charts here. Give me a second.

Quinn: But what does it say?

Wyatt: There's a lot of results! There's a lot of different results. Can I just -- let me check another page. No. That's not it.

Bill: Oh, come on, wyatt. Let me see that.

Wyatt: Fine. You do it.

Bill: Oh, my god.

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