B&B Transcript Wednesday 4/3/19

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 4/3/19


Episode #8068 ~ Brooke makes a deal of secrecy with her son-in-law; Quinn and Sally disagree on Wyatt's intentions for Sally.

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 Sally: Obviously there's still some details we need to work out.

 Ridge: We will. You won't be unhappy.

 Wyatt: Uh, I'd like to see the final agreement, if you don't mind.

 Quinn: Why? What are you, her agent?

 Wyatt: Boyfriend. Same idea, I just don't get paid.

 Ridge: What did bill say when you told him?

 Wyatt: Look, I appreciate the effort he made in trying to get us working at spencer together, but, um, I don't think he wanted to be in the fashion industry in the first place.

 Eric: So you're back on board at forrester?

 Sally: I think this collaboration with the music video will be a great launch for my athletic-wear line. But most importantly, your support and belief in me... I promise, I will not let you down.

 Liam: So, uh, hope is still at the office.

 Brooke: She stopped by the house on the way out to make sure that douglas liked the cereal that she picked up.

 Liam: [ Chuckles ]

 Brooke: Those two certainly have bonded.

 Liam: Yeah. I think they're good for each other. I mean, hope so knows the loss that he's feeling with caroline.

 Brooke: Well, you're suffering a loss of your own, so how do you find comfort?

 Liam: I'm okay. Yeah.

 Brooke: You do have your other family.

 Liam: It's not really another family. I-I mean, I think it's all one family.

 Brooke: I'm glad to hear you say that. Because I have to tell you, there is one person who doesn't think that way.

 Hope: I keep hoping one of these designers jumps out at me to fill thorne's position ever since he went back to paris, but...

 Zoe: Yeah, he was the one who hired me. I wasn't sure I was still on the team.

 Hope: Well, right now, you and I pretty much are the team.

 Zoe: So, we're looking for someone who can take over when you're not around?

 Hope: No, it's not like I'm going anywhere.

 Zoe: Well, things come up. For instance, another pregnancy. You know, I'm sure that you and liam will be trying again. Well, when -- when you're ready.

 Ridge: It's official, then.

 Eric: Forrester will add sally spectra athletic wear to its portfolio.

 Wyatt: Yeah, and that's not the only idea she has in her bag of tricks.

 Eric: I see how you can adapt. One concept doesn't work, you got 10 more. Welcome back. What about you, wyatt?

 Wyatt: I mean, I think I'll stick around spencer for a little while, try to keep my dad honest.

 Quinn: Oh, I hope that's not your job description.

 Sally: I'm gonna miss working with you.

 Wyatt: Aw.

 Quinn: Well, there is such a thing as too much togetherness.

 Wyatt: Well, you and eric don't seem to think so.

 Quinn: Well, that's different, dear.

 Zoe: I'm sorry. Did I, uh, overstep?

 Hope: No. I mean, it's natural that you might think that.

 Zoe: I just remember how happy you were when you were expecting. How excited both of you were about being parents.

 Hope: Well [Sighs] That didn't happen.

 Zoe: Yet. No, if there's anyone who's meant to be a mother...

 Brooke: Taylor still confides in ridge.

 Liam: Ah.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah, well, taylor confides in everyone. She's not exactly repressed.

 Brooke: Well, she believes that you should be off raising those girls with steffy.

 Liam: I know. That's not news to me.

 Brooke: And she believes that hope and thomas should be together raising his son.

 Quinn: You don't have to run off?

 Wyatt: I am training dad to expect me to make my own schedule. Why?

 Quinn: I want to fill you in on my little sit-down with flo fulton the other day.

 Wyatt: Okay. Here we go. What'd you do? Did you invite her to live with you at the forrester mansion or something? My job is to rag on you, remember?

 Quinn: Oh, silly. She is as sweet as ever.

 Wyatt: [ Scoffs ]

 Quinn: I mean, I know las vegas isn't known for its wholesomeness, but, you know, then there's flo. I always loved you two as a couple.

 Wyatt: Yeah, you weren't really subtle about that, either.

 Quinn: [ Sighs ] And I'm so sad that i lost touch with shauna -- you remember her mom?

 Wyatt: I do. But that's what happens when you vanish in the middle of the night.

 Quinn: Hey. Shh. Moving on. She was remarking about how different your life has become since you reconnected with bill.

 Wyatt: Yeah.

 Quinn: And that got me to thinking about her trying to find out who her father is, you know?

 Wyatt: Right, but first she has to want to, mom.

 Quinn: I know, but, you know, I think she's just scared.

 Wyatt: Of?

 Quinn: Of the unknown. Like most people. So? Maybe...you...could help her.

 Flo: Do you want slices or wedges?

 Danny: More wedges than slices.

 Flo: All right. You got it.

 Danny: Excuse me, we don't open -- zoe, hey.

 Zoe: So, uh, what time does your shirt close?

 Danny: Ha, ha.

 Zoe: [ Chuckles ] Hey, um, could I get a coffee to go?

 Flo: Mm-hmm. Sure.

 Zoe: I, uh, spent the morning with hope.

 Flo: I imagine that happens a lot since you guys work together and everything.

 Zoe: Okay, she needs to be a mother, flo.

 Flo: One phone call from either of us, and she will be.

 Zoe: Sarcasm? Is that really necessary?

 Flo: It's not sarcasm, zoe. It's a fact.

 Zoe: She couldn't even talk about the prospect of future children. That's how shattered she was. I just -- I pray to god that liam can change her mind.

 Flo: Zoe, if you want to go to hope together and tell her everything, I am ready.

 Zoe: How is that even still a possibility anymore? He daughter is with steffy in europe. Every day, their bond becomes --

 Flo: And we can change that.

 Zoe: No, we can'T.

 Flo: [ Scoffs ] Okay. Why are you here, zoe?

 Zoe: I think it's time you take my father's advice and go back to las vegas.

 Brooke: You don't seem very upset.

 Liam: Eh. [ Scoffs ] I mean, hope and I are kind of used to other people telling us how to live our lives.

 Brooke: You don't think I'm doing that, do you?

 Liam: No, no, no. But even if you were, I know how parents can get crazy, right? I mean, I-I -- hell, I wish the city of malibu would drain the pacific ocean to six inches deep so that kelly doesn't wander in over her head.

 Brooke: [ Chuckles ] You know what I hate? I hate how taylor gets an idea, and she expects everybody to fall in step.

 Liam: Yeah. But she is in europe with steffy. I mean, we're not even in step with her time zone right now.

 Brooke: Well, I have to ask, did she have any conversations with hope before she left?

 Liam: I mean, they've been cordial lately, which is progress, I guess. But like deep, personal conversations? No.

 Brooke: I'm sorry. I shouldn't even be bothering you with this right now. I mean, I know that you're grieving, as well. It's just... [ Sighs ] Liam, I want you to be aware. You know how it weighs on hope that there's two girls over there living with steffy without a dad. She took off her ring and she -- she tried to give you back like you were stolen property.

 Liam: Yeah, she did do that. But I don't think you have to worry. I love your daughter. I'm her husband. I'm not just gonna let her slip away.

 Brooke: [ Sighs ] Okay. Well, just... keep telling her that, okay? Just keep reminding her just how much you love her.

 Brooke: Oh! Wow. Somebody's home early.

 Hope: Did something happen?

[ Knock on door ]

[ Knock on door ]

 Sally: Quinn?

 Quinn: Wyatt's not here.

 Sally: [ Clears throat ] Um, I actually wasn't looking for him. Look, are you and I okay to work together?

 Quinn: I don't really know how much we're gonna be working together. You know, workout clothes and jewelry. Could be dangerous.

 Sally: That's how women dress up their yoga pants for work. Never mind that. Spectra at forrester is gonna be more than just yoga pants, and I sense that you have some reservations about me. Given my spotty track record, I don't blame you.

 Quinn: My husband supports you. I support my husband.

 Sally: Look, quinn, we are more than just co-workers, okay? You're wyatt's mother. And I get it -- you want what's best for him. And it's safe to say that the picture in most people's heads of "the best" is not me. But I love him, and he loves me. And I am gonna do everything I can to make him happy, okay?

 Flo: Zoe, if and when I do leave L.A., It's gonna be on my terms. It's not gonna be on your marching orders.

 Zoe: [ Scoffs ] If your reason for staying is wyatt, then you're setting yourself up for some heartache. He and sally -- they're in it for the long haul.

 Flo: Thank you so much for your concern.

 Zoe: You know, at what point did you decide that you can't believe a word I say?

 Flo: Zoe, I-I don't think you're lying, I just don't think you're trying very hard to be a good person.

 Zoe: And yet I'm not the one who passed off that little girl as mine.

 Wyatt: Hey. Well, it's 5:00 somewhere. Give me a double.

 Danny: We could lose our license.

 Wyatt: Oh, come on. What, do I look like the inspector, danny?

 Danny: You don't want to know what I think you look like.

 Wyatt: Hey, go --

 Danny: [ Laughs ]

 Wyatt: Just get -- anyway.

 Flo: How about a coffee? Zoe was just leaving. Hers is to go.

 Zoe: Good to see you, wyatt.

 Wyatt: Oh, you, too. Uh, that was weird.

 Flo: Oh, you know, not everyone is as charming and sweet as you are at all times.

 Wyatt: [ Chuckles ] Right. Uh, how do you know zoe? And, uh, what was that all about?

 Ridge: Hey.

 Brooke: [ Sighs ]

 Ridge: The cereal that hope got for douglas is good. It doesn't taste like dirt. Where'd you wander off to?

 Brooke: Down to the cabin.

 Ridge: I thought hope was at work.

 Brooke: To visit with liam.

 Ridge: Tell me you didn't talk to him about that crazy idea that taylor had.

 Brooke: Um...

 Liam: So, you're home early.

 Hope: Mm-hmm. What did mom want?

 Liam: Just to talk.

 Hope: Let me guess. Uh, mom thinks that you're not doing something for me that you should be doing.

 Liam: [ Sighs ] She loves you very much, you know.

 Hope: Yes, she does.

 Liam: And she worries, and she can't help it.

 Hope: A lot of people worry about me. And I know they mean well, but --

 Liam: I know, but they just want you to feel better.

 Hope: I don't want to feel like I'm letting everyone down because I'm not bouncing back on some unwritten schedule. Liam, I can't pretend that I am the same as I was before beth.

 Quinn: Wow. This is very unexpected.

 Sally: What is?

 Quinn: These feelings of inadequacy that you are expressing.

[ Sighs ]

 Sally: Is that how it sounded? 'Cause I must have used the wrong words.

 Quinn: Okay, look, my advice to you is to not let your past failures dictate how you approach this new situation. And as for wyatt -- who I don't really think is relevant to this conversation, but whatever -- um... in the past, he's had many wonderful women come in and out of his life, and some not-so-wonderful ones. I'm glad you appreciate the... free spirit that he is.

 Sally: He doesn't want to be a free spirit. He wants to be my boyfriend.

 Quinn: Of course he does.

 Danny: Lunch crowd in t-minus 20.

 Flo: I'm ready.

 Danny: Was zoe waiting for me?

 Wyatt: That's the connection. Danny and zoe work together at forrester.

 Flo: They do.

 Wyatt: Was she being difficult or something?

 Flo: No, just a little demanding. Nothing I can't handle, though. She seems to think she knows what's best, like most people do.

 Wyatt: Mm.

 Flo: How's hope, by the way?

 Wyatt: Uh, I don't know. I-I don't really see her that much. Uh, I don't think anyone has, really. Um, but I did see your number-one fan this morning.

 Flo: I have a fan?

 Wyatt: Mm-hmm. My mother.

 Flo: [ Laughs ]

 Wyatt: I hear she grilled you the other day over coffee.

 Flo: No, no, no. She -- she was sweet.

 Wyatt: [ Chuckles ] I have heard my mother called a lot of things, and that has never been one of them.

 Flo: You know, when most people give you advice, it's usually for their benefit, not yours. But your mom, she has this way of just putting herself in someone else's shoes and really just thinking about what's best for me.

 Wyatt: Which I hear included a heavy suggestion on finding your father?

 Flo: It did. Yeah.

 Wyatt: [ Inhales ] Okay, listen. It might not have been my mother's place to suggest that -- not that that's ever stopped her from that before -- but I just -- I don't want you to be under the impression that the only benefit of me finding my father was that he was this billionaire, you know? I mean, yes, his net worth and his rank on my pain-in-the-butt scale are pretty high up there...

 Flo: [ Chuckles ]

 Wyatt: Um... I don't know. Just... knowing his name and hearing him call me son... I mean, it felt less like finding hidden treasure, and more like finding something that connected me to the world, you know?

 Flo: Yeah. It just, uh... it sounds very, um...

 Wyatt: Overwhelming?

 Flo: Yeah. Yeah.

 Wyatt: No, I know. But I just -- I want you to know that if you -- if you want to try and find your father, I'd be happy to help.

 Ridge: Why would you talk to liam about something that's never gonna happen?

 Brooke: Ridge, it's the idea of it! Hope is so full of guilt and self-doubt. She needs reassurance right now.

 Ridge: And you think this is gonna reassure her?

 Brooke: [ Sighs ]

 Hope: You know what sent me running out of the office today? Zoe making some innocent remark about a possible future maternity leave. You know, she remembered how happy and excited I was when i was pregnant, planning our future. So naturally she assumed that I would want to try again.

 Liam: If I'm being honest, I mean, I'm kind of hoping for that, too.

 Hope: I know you are.

 Liam: Because we had a vision of the family we would build. And I-I'm not quite ready to give up on that.

 Hope: Yeah, well, how much forgetting would I need to do to get back to that?

 Liam: None. Beth is your firstborn. That's a fact. And her brothers and sisters will know all about her.

 Hope: I already sacrificed two children to this need to be a mother. How selfish can I be?

 Liam: How selfish? Wow. So, how selfish do you think you are with kelly? How selfish are you with phoebe or douglas?

 Hope: I don't know. Maybe... maybe that's my purpose. To be maternal with other people's children and -- and not have any of my own.

 Liam: Yeah, I don't believe that.

 Hope: Well, not every dream can come true, liam.

 Liam: Right. But this one can. Both your doctors say so. They say you're fine.

 Hope: Yeah, well, they also said that beth would be fine, so...

 Liam: Okay. I love you too much to stand here and watch you do this to yourself. Yes, there is more than one way to start a family, and if it comes time to make that decision, we will. But you can't -- you can't be afraid of your own body. You -- you can't believe that there is no happiness waiting for us, that -- that life is like this -- this series of painful disappointments. I mean, if that's the case, wh-what are we even doing on this planet?

 Hope: And when I tell you that I don't think I can go through that again...?

 Liam: I'm your husband. And I'm -- I'm kind of gonna stay your husband. Like, forever. And when you hurt, I hurt. But I also have faith. And all I'm asking is that you share that faith with me a little bit. There is a child that you will love as much as you love beth. And you are the only mother that child is gonna need. He or she is out there waiting for you. I promise you that.

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