B&B Transcript Monday 4/1/19

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 4/1/19


Episode #8066 ~ Bill and Katie decide it's time to find out who is behind setting up their dates; Brooke accuses Taylor of using Hope and Steffy to continue their decades-long rivalry.

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Brooke: What is it? What did taylor say? Tell me. Something about hope? And what does it have to do with thomas and douglas?

Hope: I'll always be here for you, douglas. Always.

Douglas: But something could happen toyou, too.

Hope: Hey. You miss your mom, don't you? Yeah, well, I understand.

Douglas: Because of your baby? You miss beth?

Hope: Exactly. Yeah. Just like the same way you miss mommy.

Katie: Well, this has been delicious.

Bill: Mmm. Very.

Katie: You can admit it, you know. That you're the one setting up all the surprises.

Bill: How many times do I have to deny it? It wasn't me.

Katie: Well, who else would know that I love a good fillet?

Bill: Uh, brooke, donna, maybe even pam and charlie, and the member of every waitstaff at any restaurant you've ever eaten at.

Katie: Okay. All right. Fine. You're -- you're right. But if it's not you and it's not me, then... who's setting us up?

Bill: I don't know. But I'll tell you what. It is time to find out. Let's go.

Katie: Let's go.

Bill: Hmph!

Brooke: You can't just bring it up and then just not tell me.

Ridge: I know. I just... I-it seems, when you say left, then taylor says right, and maybe we don't need that kind of friction right now.

Brooke: Look, the friction is there regardless, so you might as well just say it.

Ridge: Okay. It's not -- it's not a big deal. It's just... taylor thinks it's a good idea that hope and douglas spend some time together.

Hope: Is that it?

Brooke: I don't disagree with that. I don't know why you think I would. So I think taylor's right in this case. I think it would be good for hope and douglas to spend some time together.

Hope: Hey, you want to make a deal?

Douglas: What kind of deal?

Hope: Well, you know, we both get sad every now and then, and you might want to talk about your mommy, and sometimes I want to talk about my daughter. Maybe we could help each other out.

Douglas: How?

Hope: Well, you know, we could tell stories and memories, and we could watch movies together and play games, and imagine your mom and beth in heaven together, taking care of each other.

Douglas: She's a great mommy, so beth will be all right.

Hope: Well, good. I'm counting on that.

Thomas: Well, something tells me that caroline will be telling beth the same thing right about now. Hey. That sounds like a pretty good deal. If I were you, I'd shake on it.

Douglas: Deal.

Hope: Deal.

Justin: You raised it how much?

Will: $5.

Justin: Five doll-- he couldn't possibly have another winning hand?

Donna: Oh, I wouldn't put it past him.

Will: It's only 5 bucks. You spent more on your coffee this morning.

Donna: Yeah, and I'd like to buy my coffee tomorrow, so...

[ Knock on door ] ...I fold.

Justin: Ahh, same here. Little pair of threes won't do much change.

Will: Not if you stop betting.

Donna: Hi, wyatt.

Wyatt: Hi.

Donna: What's up?

Wyatt: Dad texted me. Said to meet her?

Donna: Oh, okay. Well, come in.& He's not here, though.

Wyatt: Okay. Yeah.

Justin: Wait a minute. You said you had nothing.

Will: A queen-high isn't nothing when you know how to bluff.

Justin: You think I don't know how to bluff? Huh? I know how to bluff, buddy. Okay?

Will: Sure you do. The problem is it's just so painfully obvious.

Wyatt: Poker, huh?

Donna: [ Chuckles ]

Will: Hope you brought your wallet.

Wyatt: Oh, no. I learned my lesson the last time I played cards with him.

Justin: You know, I think I'm starting to learn mine, too. Unless katie has an atm installed in this house, I only have two or three hands left.

Wyatt: [ Chuckles ]

Katie: What is going on here? You -- you're playing with real money? I told you, only chips.

Will: It's just for fun. I'm giving it back.

Donna: You are? Thank goodness!

Will: Who's in for the next hand?

Bill: I think you better move on to solitaire, pal. The adults need to talk.

Bill: So we narrowed it down to the three of you jokers.

Wyatt: Uh, narrowed what down?

Katie: One of you has been playing matchmaker.

Bill: Starting with the accidental meeting at il giardino.

Katie: Right. Which, you know, was a little suspect, but plausible that we could be in the same place at the same time, both with botched schedules.

Bill: Yeah, but tonight was the clincher.

Katie: Mm-hmm. Someone arranged for me to go to bill's office.

Bill: And arranged for a caterer, as well.

Katie: Which, you know, I'm not complaining about that. The food was fantastic.

Bill: Company even better.

Katie: Oh. Likewise.

Bill: So we're not angry.

Katie: No, no. But enough is enough. Donna.

Donna: What? What, me? What? Me?

Katie: Yeah. You haven't been subtle about pushing me toward bill.

Donna: Well, yeah, pushing, but not -- not "setting up on dates" kind of pushing, I-I promise.

Justin: No. Well, don't even give me that look. Look, I know better, okay? You two have always been a good couple, and I'm glad you're spending time together, but if someone is setting you up, it isn't me.

Bill: And then there was one.

Wyatt: [ Clears throat ]

Ridge: Here.

Brooke: Oh, thank you.

Ridge: Well, I think it's sweet how douglas is leaning on hope.

Brooke: Very sweet. And taylor's right -- they might just be able to help each other.

Ridge: Say what you want about taylor, but she is perceptive.

Brooke: So, what else did taylor say? She's not the only one that's perceptive.

Ridge: It's nothing. It's no big deal. She just -- she is happy that hope is there for douglas.

Brooke: Mm-hmm. And she sees hope as a mother figure for douglas.

Ridge: Exactly. And this whole thomas thing is just --

Brooke: Wait, wait. What? What -- what whole thomas thing? Wait. She wants hope to be a mother figure, but she also wants hope to be with thomas? Is that what this is all a-- oh, my god, ridge! That's what taylor is thinking.

Hope: Here they are.

Douglas: Thank you.

Hope: You're welcome.

Thomas: Oh, you -- you didn't say they were gonna be homemade.

Hope: Ooh, I'm sorry. Is someone regretting turning down my cookie offer?

Thomas: [ Chuckles ]

Hope: I mean, I have more where they came from. Pam's been bringing care packages every day since... the point is that I have plenty. Heh...

Thomas: No, I'm -- I'm -- I'm fine. Thank you, though.

Hope: Yeah.

Douglas: Is that beth?

Hope: What?

Douglas: That picture. Mommy had one of those just of me.

Hope: Oh! Yes, that -- that is my beth.

Douglas: Do you have any other pictures after she was born?

Hope: Um... no. Just her ultrasound. Uh, but you know who I do have pictures of, though? Your mom. I have lots of pictures, and probably some that you've never seen before.

Douglas: Really?

Hope: Yeah, really. Your mom and I had a lot of good times together.

Douglas: Can I see?

Hope: Yes. You know, I think my phone is in the other room. If you want to grab it, it should be on the desk. Yeah?

Thomas: Yeah.

Hope: 'Kay.

[ Both chuckle ]

Thomas: Um... kick us out whenever you want.

Hope: [ Sighs ] Are you kidding? I'm actually enjoying the company.

Thomas: I appreciate what you're doing, reaching out to him. You're good for him.

Hope: Well, we're good for each other. Ok everyone!

Brooke: Unbelievable! The nerve of that woman.

Ridge: Don't blow this out of proportion.

Brooke: Oh, who does she think she is?!

Ridge: She's just trying to do the right thing by her grandson, that's all.

Brooke: What, she's trying to put hope and thomas together to have an instant family for douglas? I'll tell you what she's really doing -- she wants to break up hope and liam.

Thomas: I really mean it. This connection you're making with my son, it's important. You're giving him a lifeline.

Hope: For me, as well.

Thomas: Hey. Beth would have been one lucky kid, growing up with you as a mom.

Hope: Thank you.

Thomas: You know, you... you said a few things about beth with caroline up in heaven. Now, I don't know what your beliefs are, or whether or not you're just saying it to make douglas feel better, but I do know, wherever caroline is, whether she can see us or not, she'd be so pleased that you're stepping in and being there for our son.

Hope: Well, I hope so. Heh. I'm really sorry that things didn't work out between the two of you.

Thomas: Thanks. I-I was at first, when i realized it wasn't happening, but... you know [Sighs] Some things just aren't meant to be.

[ Snorts softly ] We were bad as a couple. But good parents. Or at least I like to think so.

Hope: [ Chuckles ] Douglas is an awesome kid. Be proud.

Thomas: [ Sighs ]

Douglas: Is this it?

Hope: Yes, it is. All right. Let's see what we can dig up. It has been a while, though, so we might have to scroll back quite a bit.

Douglas: You take a lot of photos.

Hope: [ Chuckles ] Yes, I do. But nothing compared to your mother. She was a selfie queen.

Douglas: She was?

Hope: Uh-huh. She taught me everything I know. Let's see.

[ Gasps ] Oh! There's one of us backstage at a fashion show.

Douglas: Really? Is that you?

Hope: Yeah, that's me standing next to her. And that model right there is wearing one of her designs.

Douglas: It's pretty.

Hope: Yes, your mother was quite a talented designer.

Douglas: What was your favorite design she ever made?

Hope: Wow, that -- you know, that is a really good question. Umm...

[ Gasps ] Oooh! There was this one showstopper... you know what, let's see. Let's look through a few more photos and see if I can find it. It was so beautiful.

Bill: Come on, wyatt. You haven't been shy expressing your opinion about my love life, now, have you?

Wyatt: Uh, no, I have not. But I --

Bill: All right. So you arranged a few chance meetings between us. On my dime, I might add.

Wyatt: No. Dad, no. I swear to god, it wasn't me. I didn't do it.

Katie: Well, it has to be one of you. The server said the food was ordered by william spencer, and there are only so many people who would even attempt to get ahold of bill's credit card.

Justin: Huh.

Will: I think I'm gonna head up to bed.

Katie: Okay.

Bill: Good night, son.

Katie: I'll be up in a minute to tuck you in.

Will: See you all next poker game.

Justin: Yeah, I think I'm gonna take off that night.

Wyatt: Yeah, right?

Justin: Like father, like son. He definitely takes after his namesake.

Bill: [ Chuckles ]

Katie: Yes, he does.

Bill: William.

Katie: Spencer.

My mom's pain from moderate

Brooke: Oh! It would be a lot better if taylor would just let go of the past and stop blaming me for everything that's gone wrong in her life.

Ridge: I don't think she necessarily blames you for anything.

Brooke: She does. That's why she's obsessed with getting steffy and liam back together. It's all a big competition for her. She thinks she lost out to me, so now she's gonna make sure her daughter doesn't lose out to my daughter. Hope and thomas? Does she seriously think she can make that happen?

Hope: Look at this one. Look. It looks like your mom is having so much fun.

Douglas: She always looks like that when she laughs.

Thomas: I don't even need to see the picture. I can see it in my head.

[ Snorts softly ]

Douglas: Can angels laugh? Can they talk?

Hope: Um... I -- I think so.

Douglas: But how? They don't have bodies.

Hope: Oh, well, you know, they -- they don't need to have them.

Thomas: [ Chuckles ]

Douglas: How do we ever see them if mommy comes or beth does?

Hope: Well, honestly, I'm -- I'm not sure. Um... but it's okay if -- if we don't understand that, or if -- if we, um, can't hear them or talk to them. But you know what? You know what? We can sense them. And any time that we want to get a message from mommy, or I want to get a message from beth, all we have to do is close our eyes and feel it.

Douglas: I think you're right. I think she's here now.

Hope: Hmm. Yeah. I think she is, too. I think that she is happy that we're together.

[ Knock on door ]

Will: Who is it?

Katie: It's mom and dad.

Will: Both?

Katie: Yeah.

Bill: Yeah. We wanted to come tuck you in.

Will: Something wrong?

Katie: No.

Bill: No.

Katie: No, why would you think there was something wrong?

Will: It's just different, both of you up here.

Katie: Well, yeah. We wanted to tuck you in together, just like we used to. Is that okay?

Will: Sure. I like it when you do things together.

Katie: All right.

Bill: [ Chuckles ]

Katie: There you go.

Will: Some divorced parents don't get along at all. You should hear the stories in the cafeteria.

Katie: Oh, well, we don't gossip.

Will: I'm not gossiping. I'm just saying, I like it that you two still do things together. Like tucking me in and going to a lakers game, or...

Bill: Eating, uh, meals, maybe.

Katie: Meals.

Bill: In fact, you know, uh, your mom and I, we just had a really beautiful dinner together.

Katie: Mm-hmm. We did.

Will: Really?

Katie: Mm.

Bill: Yeah, it was a pleasant surprise. A surprise that cost me about $3,000. Not even including the very expensive bottle of champagne.

Will: $3,000? It didn't cost that much. And the champagne was supposed to be normal.

Katie: Oh, normal champagne.

Bill: Busted!

Katie: Hmmm.

Will: Oops.

Bill: Yeah, oops.

Katie: Oops.

Bill: You've been the one setting us up.

Will: It's just... I keep hearing you two talking about bringing the family together, and I thought I'd help. If there's a chance that we can be a family again... I want more moments like this -- both of my parents wishing me good night.

Katie: Well, you got to remember that just because, um, daddy and I aren't married anymore doesn't mean that we can't have moments like this. Because we're still a family. And we'll still always be there for you.

Will: I know that. But I also know...

Katie: What?

Bill: What, pal?

Will: Maybe I can see something you can't?

Katie: Listen, honey, it's only natural that you want your parents to be together. Most kids do.

Will: It's not just for me. PI want it for you, too. You're great together. I'm sorry I stole your credit card. I know it was wrong. But I wanted to do something nice for you. Something to help you remember how much you like each other. You keep saying we'll always be a family, but it's not the same. But I want us to be together. I know it will never happen, but --

Bill: Well... you know, you should never say never. They said they've never bring back the $2 bill, but they did.

Will: Are you saying there's a chance?

Bill: I'm saying that I am super proud of you. You took action. You made a power move, and I love that. You know why? Because a lot of people, they have an idea, and they don't do anything about it. And look at you. I mean, you're just a kid, and you're making moves that most adults don't have the bal--

Katie: [ Inhales sharply ]

Bill: ...Don't have the guts to make. And that is the mark of a true spencer.

Katie: [ Chuckles ]

Bill: Your mom. You. Me. If we have a goal, we go after it. Something might seem impossible, but you'll never know if you don't try. You have to make the impossible possible, right?

Will: Right.

Bill: Right. Now, having said that... the credit-card fraud, that will never happen again.

Will: Got it. So, on a scale of 1 to 10, what are the chances of you two getting back together?

Katie: Oh. [ Chuckles ]

Bill: Um... hmm. Well, I can't, uh -- I can't really answer that, pal. There are just no guarantees in life. But anything is possible. Anything.

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