B&B Transcript Thursday 3/28/19

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 3/28/19


Episode #8064 ~ Quinn gives Sally a reluctant apology after Wyatt forces her to right a recent wrong; Sally stuns Wyatt when she reveals that she is reconsidering her decision to work at Spencer.

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Ridge: You do agree with me asking sally to stay here, right?

Eric: Yes. I think it's absolutely the right thing to do. You just surprised us both. I wonder if she's going to accept.

Brooke: How could she not accept? You just gave sally an opportunity to have a great future here at forrester creations.

Sally: You guys were just catching up. We will talk at home.

Wyatt: No, sally. Stop. My mother and flo were just reminiscing about old times, and my mother clearly knows that i am in a committed relationship because we live together.

Flo: In such a beautiful home, and I-I can't thank you enough for having me over. It was really nice.

Quinn: Aww.

Sally: It was our pleasure.

Wyatt: Yeah, and -- and we're hoping to have you over again, maybe, but I would like my mother to stop making things so awkward all the time.

Quinn: I was talking to flo. I didn't even know sally was there.

Wyatt: Mom!

Quinn: I am really sorry if you misconstrued what I said and took it as a slight.

Wyatt: Could have just stopped at "I'm sorry," but...

Quinn: Oh, come on. Sally knows that I wasn't trying to denigrate whatever it is you two have with each other and hurt her feelings. I was just excited to see flo, you know? And I think if anyone's making this awkward, I'd say it's you.

Wyatt: Mom...

Sally: Okay, look. I just needed to talk to wyatt. There was no one at reception. The door was open. I thought you would be alone.

Flo: Well, we're gonna head out, then, anyway.

Sally: No, no, no. I'm not trying to run you off.

Quinn: No, no, no, no. You two need to talk.

Sally: [ Sighs ]

Quinn: [ Clears throat ]

Flo: I-I really hope I can see you again.

Sally: Soon.

Quinn: Yes, soon! Do you have time for coffee? I want to have coffee with you. I love you, sweetheart. Mm. So handsome.

Wyatt: Yeah, great.

Quinn: Okay. Bye!

Wyatt: Thanks for a fun day.

Sally: Well, I guess it's pretty clear who your mother's favorite is.

Wyatt: My mother didn't mean to hurt your feelings, okay?

Sally: Look, I'm a tough cookie, wyatt, okay? I'm not scared of your mother or a little competition. What I do care about, though, is if you and your ex were perfect back in the day. It's how quinn said it.

Wyatt: Well, I-I hadn't even told her that flo was in town. Like, it surprised her. That's all.

Sally: Try "elated."

Wyatt: [ Groans ] Okay, fine. A little bit. But that is no reflection on how my mother feels about you.

Sally: Quinn has never been warm and fuzzy with me, but, then again, she's never been warm and fuzzy with anyone except for you and eric, so i didn't really take it personally 'cause I just thought, "you know what? No woman is ever gonna be good enough for her precious, darling wyatt." Clearly... no woman except flo.

Flo: I'll have a coffee with almond milk.

Quinn: Uh, yeah. I'll have the same but with cream, and we'll probably order food in a little bit.

Flo: Thank you.

Quinn: Oh. I cannot believe this.

Flo: [ Laughing ] I know.

Quinn: I have thought about you so much over the years, and here you are in L.A.

Flo: Yeah, yeah. I was thinking about heading back to vegas, and then I ran in to wyatt.

Quinn: No, no, no! You can't! You can't! This is meant to be!

Flo: It really is the best thing that's happened to me since I've been here.

Quinn: I think it's wonderful. And I'm not the only one. I still know my son better than anyone. That hasn't changed.

Flo: [ Laughs ]

Quinn: And I can tell that he is thrilled to see you, too.

Fit me foundation

Flo: Um, it has been so good to catch up with wyatt...

Quinn: Mm-hmm.

Flo: ...And to meet sally, too.

Quinn: Yeah, yeah. I'm just...getting to know her myself. They haven't really been together that long.

Flo: Well, I mean, they've been nothing but generous, inviting me over to their house and wyatt being able to see me in his office.

Quinn: Mm-hmm. Well, that is my son -- as sweet and caring as ever.

Flo: He really is, isn't he?

Quinn: Well, he was never sweeter than he was when he was with you.

Flo: I kind of just think that's how he is, right?

Quinn: No, no, 'cause that's what made you two a perfect couple. You and your mother are just the most generous people. Oh. So, you said she's good?

Flo: She is. She's just as you remember.

Quinn: And she's still in marketing?

Flo: Yeah, a little.

Quinn: We were so busy. We were...trying to support our families and -- and make a living and raise our kids. Oh, god. You have no idea how -- how much we talked about you and wyatt. We planned your entire lives at your kitchen table.

Flo: It is crazy how things turned out.

Quinn: Yeah. You running in to wyatt again after all these years.

Flo: Yeah, and him being this high-powered executive with this beautiful office and gorgeous beach house. I mean, god, he's not even wyatt fuller anymore. He's wyatt spencer, of all things.

Quinn: I know. I know. It was a real turning point for wyatt when he -- when he met his father. I mean, meeting bill definitely changed his life.

Eric: Sally was intrigued with the offer. She really was.

Ridge: Well, you always say follow your instincts, so I did. I had to make an offer.

Eric: Look, I think she would be standing here right now if this was purely a business decision.

Brooke: But it's not, and we have to be sensitive to that.

Ridge: I get that, but wyatt wants what's best for sally. He wants her to have a career, and...I don't know. I think she can have -- she can have it here, no?

Eric: Even wyatt is now working for his father.

Brooke: That's right, and that could affect her decision.

Ridge: [ Sighs ] There's nothing better than working with the woman you love, and I love coming here in the morning, knowing I get to look at you all day. But sally -- she's her own person. She's got to make her own decision.

Eric: You're not gonna let her say no, are you?

Ridge: No. This is a golden opportunity for us and even better for her. I just hope she takes it.

Wyatt: What can I do to put my mom out of your mind?

Sally: There's not really much room for her in there right now, actually.

Wyatt: Okay. I mean, have you been making plans for the, uh, spencer fashions line?

Sally: Yeah. That's actually what I wanted to talk to you about.

Wyatt: Okay. I mean, we haven't figured out the office-space situation yet, but if you want me to order you a new drafting table, I can do that.

Sally: Um, wyatt, I-I would hold off on all of that. We need to discuss something... something that could mean significant changes in my future... and yours.

Wyatt: Okay.

Sally: [ Sighs ] I am so grateful... for your love and support, wyatt. Having you in my corner has changed...the way I feel about myself and what I am capable of. The idea of -- of working here with you and creating... a future together was really... exciting to me.

Wyatt: "Was"?

Sally: I'm reconsidering coming to spencer publications.

Quinn: I never wanted wyatt to know his father.

Flo: D-did you not get along or something?

Quinn: Well, he just wasn't the kind of man that I wanted in wyatt's life... especially when he was young. I know. I know that's hard to understand, keeping your son away from his father's wealth and power, but... there just -- there just wasn't anything more important than wyatt's well-being for me.

Flo: Well, I mean, that was a long time ago. I'm sure he's changed since then, right?

Quinn: [ Chuckles ] Well, bill likes to think so.

[ Both chuckle ] I mean...I don't know. I guess he has. But, I mean, it's wyatt who's really changed, right? He's grown up, so he can look out for himself.

Flo: You know, he wondered a lot about his dad when we were growing up.

Quinn: Yeah, yeah. That's another thing that you two had in common. Neither of you knew your fathers.

Flo: I still don'T.

Quinn: Really?! Oh, honey, I am so sorry. I didn't mean to bring up a touchy subject.

Flo: No, no, no. You didn'T. It's -- it's not something i ever think about.

Quinn: You don't? I mean, you're not curious? Even after all these years? You never...thought to... find out who he is?

Ridge: Well, hats off to wyatt. He got sally pretty much everything she wanted over there.

Brooke: Bill owed her that.

Eric: [ Chuckling ] He sure does -- at least that. I mean, if it wasn't for him, sally never would have lost spectra fashions.

Ridge: Yeah. Now she can start from scratch with no one to advise her. Real nice.

Eric: Wyatt helped quinn run her business for years.

Ridge: Her business is -- that's not -- that's not running a fashion house, dad. He doesn't know how to do that. And bill doesn't know how to do that, either.

Brooke: Yeah, but they wouldn't be running it. It would be sally's company.

Ridge: It's not sally's company. It's -- it's bill's company. And you know how he is. He's an egomaniac. He's gonna be all over that place, gonna touch everything.

Brooke: Ridge, you like to have your hands in everything here.

Ridge: How is that the same thing? That's very different. I'm a designer. I know what I'm talking about. I-I -- everything I do is for the best of this company. And spencer -- all he wants is a good bottom line. He doesn't care about sally. She's just an employee to him. And what's gonna happen if -- if she has a question about design or about fashion? You've seen how he dresses. What is he gonna do? He dresses like -- like an unemployed pirate.

Brooke: Ridge, his company publishes one of the world's most respected fashion magazines.

Ridge: So what?! He doesn't write it. He sells advertising. Right? The content comes from somewhere else, and sally, she -- she's passionate about this business. She has fashion running through her blood. And wyatt loves her, and he wants her to have a shot. He wants her to do well. And he thinks it can happen at spencer. I just don't think it can. The best thing for sally is to be right here with us.

Sally: You're disappointed in me.

Wyatt: No, I-I'm just -- I-I'm confused. Like, you said that you're excited to work with me, but then now this?

Sally: I didn't know this was gonna happen, okay? Nobody could have predicted. I was leaving, okay? I was in ridge's office, saying goodbye, when xander and tiffany barged in. They wore some of my athleticwear designs to lunch, and the most incredible thing happened. Look. Here. Let me show you. I had tiffany send me the photo. Wait.

Wyatt: Oh, my god. Is that...?

Sally: Yes, and she's getting ready to shoot a new music video, and she wants to wear my designs in it.

Wyatt: What?

Sally: Yeah. Can you believe it? Right? I-I mean, my designs on the biggest superstar in the entire world and all of her dancers, too. She loved them, wyatt, and she asked xander and tiffany who designed them, and they told her all about me and my connection to forrester, which got them even more excited.

Wyatt: That's incredible.

Sally: Ridge thought so, too. He asked me to stay. And he made me an incredible offer. And it's like you said. You know, starting over at spencer -- it's gonna be a process. It's a big risk. And forrester -- they're already a known successful fashion house, you know? They already have the infrastructure and the experience. This could be a really good thing, wyatt. Please say something.

Wyatt: We had a plan.

Sally: I know.

Wyatt: The two of us were gonna work here together to -- to rebuild the spectra legacy, and -- and one conversation with ridge and that just -- that all changes? Like, what about us, sally? What about our future together?

Quinn: I am so sorry. I-I-I didn't mean to pry or make you feel uncomfortable.

Flo: You didn'T.

Quinn: I just assumed your mother would have told you by now.

Flo: My dad just isn't something we talk about.

Quinn: Never? I mean...everybody wants to know where they come from, flo.

Flo: Yeah. Well, I've, um -- I've done some things in my life that make me question a lot about myself, about who I am, but my dad is just not one of those things I think about. He's never been in my life.

Quinn: Well, bill was never part of wyatt's life, but he is now.

Flo: Yeah, and it sounds like it turned out amazingly well, and I'm so happy for wyatt, but let's be honest. I mean, how often does your long-lost father turn out to be some billionaire?

Quinn: [ Chuckles ] Never.

Flo: Yeah.

Quinn: That never will ever happen to anyone ever again, ever. But it's -- I mean, it's not about money. It -- I don't know. There are other reasons.

Flo: Not for me.

Quinn: Hmm. I told you that I didn't want... bill to be a part of wyatt's life, and I still think I made the right decision, you know, for the beginning part of his life, but, I mean, you said it yourself. Wyatt has changed so much, and -- and -- and a lot of it for the better. I just can't help but think how your life could change if you knew who your father was. I mean... imagine the impact.

Ridge: Sally knows a good deal when she hears it. I think she'll take mine.

Eric: I just hope this decision doesn't drive a wedge between her and wyatt.

Wyatt: I risked my future at spencer here to make a place for you.

Sally: And I have never been so grateful.

Wyatt: Yeah, but now you're telling me you want something else.

Sally: No. I still want to revive spectra fashions and have my own collection. I just can't help but wonder... if ridge is right.

Wyatt: You know he hates my father, right? I mean, that's not unusual because there's a lot of people that hate my father, but -- but ridge is --

Sally: Not a fan. I know. And, honestly... neither am I.

Wyatt: But this was a chance for you and my dad to get past all of that.

Sally: Yeah, and maybe we would have, but it is more than that, wyatt. Okay? Spencer publications is a media company. Bill has never run a fashion house before in his life.

Wyatt: So what?! He owned a portion of forrester creations at one point.

Sally: Yes, but he didn't build it from the ground up.

Wyatt: Ugh!

Sally: Okay? I know what that takes. Even with all of your father's money, there are still people to hire and equipment to buy and finding suppliers.

Wyatt: But you can do that. That's what I'm saying. I believe you can do that, and, plus, I was gonna help you anyway.

Sally: [ Sighs ] And I love you for that, wyatt. But you understand that you're the reason why I have both of these opportunities -- getting into forrester and this deal with your father.

Wyatt: He was gonna give you everything that you wanted here. You didn't think you were gonna be able to do that at forrester.

Sally: I know, but now I can. Okay? Ridge is gonna give me this incredible opportunity. And he said that he would sweeten my deal.

Wyatt: Oh. Okay. So, all of a sudden, he realizes how valuable you are. Okay.

Sally: It was a legitimate offer, wyatt. Brooke and eric backed him up.

Wyatt: So, what did you -- what did you -- what did you say?

Sally: I told them I had to talk to you.

Wyatt: [ Sighs ]

Sally: I love you, wyatt. And the idea of working here and building a future together -- it is... so tempting. But I just don't know if I can pass up this opportunity to be an integral part of forrester creations. Look, I-I-I understand if you're upset with me, okay, or you feel like I'm going back on my word.

Wyatt: No. I just... I-I had all these plans for us. And not just the ones where i lock the office door and we get to be alone together. I'm talking about your line... and our future together. I... I wanted to be a part of your passions and your dreams. And now you're telling me you want something different. Like, I-if you think ridge can do more for you over there, then --

Sally: No one can do more for me than you have, wyatt.

Wyatt: Yeah, but if this is what you want, if this is what you really want, what makes you happy and fulfilled, then... I mean, I-I... I can't tell you not to do it. But spencer is my family company. I have to be here. So it's probably gonna change things for us. I mean, we're not gonna be able to work together, and -- and...

[ Sighs ] I-I am gonna be rooting for you now more than ever. Trust me. I-I... I want everything... that you have ever wanted to accomplish, all the great things -- I want that to happen for you, whether it's here or at forrester or it's with a big celebrity name or not. I don't care. I just -- I-I believe in you. I-I believe you're gonna be a huge success. And ridge knows that, too. So, I mean, I understand why -- why he's -- he wants to keep you. Just -- just know that I'll -- I'm -- I'm never gonna let you go.

Sally: [ Scoffs ] Oh, god. How did I get so lucky? Seriously, this whole thing with ridge and -- and this music video -- it felt like I was winning the lottery, but... nothing compares to how I feel about you. Wyatt, I am so thankful for your faith in me and your support... and understanding. Just when I thought I couldn't love you any more, you go and you do something like this. I love you so much, wyatt. And I will never let you forget that.

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