B&B Transcript Tuesday 3/12/19

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 3/12/19


Episode #8054 ~ Reese attempts to convince Flo and Zoe that there is no good time to reveal the truth about the baby-switch; Wyatt assures Sally about his love for her and his commitment to reviving Spectra fashions.

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Flo: You can't stop me, reese. Hope is going to know the truth about her baby. Tonight.

Hope: Who are you texting?

Liam: Uh, wyatt. I, uh -- thanks -- wanted to thank him and sally again for having us over tonight.

Hope: Mm, it was a pretty surprising evening.

Liam: Now, why would you say that? I mean, it's not as if phoebe's birth mom ended up being wyatt's high school girl-- oh! Okay.

Hope: [ Chuckles ] It was a pretty amazing coincidence, for sure. Unless it's not.

[ Cellphone chimes ]

Wyatt: [ Grunts ]

Sally: Oh, no, no, no. No, no, no, no. Cellphones are off-limits for the rest of the evening.

Wyatt: It could be important!

Sally: It's not, no. It's already gone bye-bye.

Wyatt: I have my ways, you know.

Sally: Oh, really? How?

Wyatt: I could -- I'll turn up the charm. No? Did that --

Sally: Mm, sorry. Seen it. [ Smacks lips ]

Wyatt: I mean, I'll sing that song that you hate until you give up.

Sally: Uh, mnh-mnh. La, la, la, la, la, la, la

Wyatt: Really? You can't hear me?

Sally: I -- I can't hear you.

[ Humming ]

Wyatt: Fine. Then maybe I will just come in here, and... mm-hmm.

Sally: Mnh-mnh. No! You --

Wyatt: I have to see this!

Sally: You cheated.

Wyatt: I know! It's from liam. He's thanking us for having them over, and apparently he and hope think that you are the consummate hostess.

Sally: He did not say that.

Wyatt: I know. I did, but it's true! Like, you know, given everything that happened, it could have gotten a little dicey there. And, uh, I'm proud of you, babe. You know, you really went with the "flo."

Sally: [ Laughs ]

Wyatt: That was a good one.

Sally: What is with you and all the bad puns?

Wyatt: What? Those were not bad puns, okay? And a pun is a sign of wit and intellect.

Sally: Oh.

Wyatt: I can't help it if they just...flo[W] Out of my mouth.

Sally: Oh, my god. Did you torture flo with your so-called sense of humor when you guys were dating?

Wyatt: Torture? I'll have you know, all my exes thought I was hilarious.

Sally: Oh, really?

Wyatt: Mm-hmm.

Sally: Well, maybe your humor is the reason that they were your ex-girlfriend.

Wyatt: [ Scoffs ] Hurtful! Rude! Rude!

Sally: Were all of your exes as beautiful as flo?

Wyatt: I mean, what can i say? I always had a really good taste in women, but none better than the woman that I have in my arms right now.

Sally: Nice save.

Wyatt: Thank you.

Hope: I mean, don't get me wrong, I really like flo. It's just -- I don't know, there's something about her, you know, like there's more going on with her than what she's just saying.

Liam: Do you think she's in some kind of trouble, or...?

Hope: I don't know, I just -- I hope she's okay.

Reese: Flo, sweetheart, listen --

Flo: No, I -- I am through listening to you. I am sick of living this way. This secret, it's killing me inside. No more! I know you came all this way to try to keep me quiet, and it is not happening.

Wyatt: Now, talking about the past, let's talk about the future, specifically your future at spencer.

Sally: Have you heard from your dad since we last met with him?

Wyatt: No.

Sally: You don't think he's getting cold feet?

Wyatt: No, why -- why would you think that?

Sally: [ Scoffs ] Well, call me paranoid, but I have been burned by the man before. I -- you know, I would hate to think that he would do it again...

Wyatt: It's not gonna happen. All right? Not if it means losing me, too. And dad knows that, you know? That's why he agreed to our terms in the first place.

Sally: Yeah, but we still haven't ironed out all the details, just that it won't be called spectra fashions, but... spencer...whatever.

Wyatt: I mean, are you -- are you still gonna be okay with that? Or, better yet, are you sure that your great aunt sally is gonna be okay with that?

Sally: She just wants me to do the thing that I love, and design is what I love the most.

Wyatt: Mm.

Sally: Next to you.

Wyatt: Oh.

Sally: I still cannot believe that you are willing to give up your future at your family's company for my sake.

Wyatt: What? I think that you deserve this opportunity. You're owed this opportunity, and I know you're gonna make the best of it. Make the best of this opportunity with you here, like this, you know?

Liam: You know what amazes me about tonight?

Hope: What?

Liam: How sally reacted to wyatt's ex-high-school-girlfriend. I mean, because there wasn't, like, a hint of jealousy there.

Hope: But why would sally be jealous? I mean, it's obvious how much wyatt adores her.

Liam: No, no, no. Yeah, of course. I'm just saying clearly there was the potential for some awkwardness tonight, and sally didn't let that happen, and I'm just saying kudos to her, that's all.

[ Knocks on door ] That is probably your mom...

Hope: Mm.

Liam: ...Checking up on us. Hey! You're not brooke! Come on in.

Tiffany: [ Chuckles ] Sorry for stopping by so late.

Hope: Oh, tiffany! Hi!

Tiffany: Hey, hope. These are the new designs for hope for the future. I volunteered to bring them by on my way home.

Hope: Oh, you didn't need to go out of your way.

Tiffany: Ah, it's nothing. Besides, I never got to tell you how sorry I am about your little girl.

Hope: Thank you.

Tiffany: I should go.

Liam: Um, yeah. Drive safe, okay?

Tiffany: Yep.

Hope: [ Clears throat ]

Liam: You okay?

Hope: I know she meant well. Everyone means well when they say how sorry they are, but... it will always be a reminder that our little girl isn't here.

Flo: Who are you, reese? You know, I thought you were a good guy, a doctor, someone who brings life into the world, but you're not. You took a life. You stole a baby from an innocent mother during labor. And for what? Why? You did it for money? You did it for money.

Reese: I needed the money to protect my daughter, my flesh and blood.

Flo: You did it for a gambling debt because you had a gambling debt. You needed money to pay off a gambling debt. You did it for you! You created this whole entire situation! And you sucked me into it, too, and I -- and I tried to help you. It was the worst decision of my life, and you just -- you just asked me to move on, to just -- just forget about it... how can I possibly forget? Every time I close my eyes, I see hope. I see poor hope, her heart completely ripped out.

Reese: You don't think this is killing me, too? You know who I am, both of you! Sweetheart. Baby, I -- I am your father. I'm not the best father, but I'm not a monster. I am a good man who -- who got caught up in something he couldn't control! Why? Because I was trying to protect you, zoe! I love you! Baby, I'm so sorry that I put your in this position, but... but no one can know. This truth cannot get out.

Sally: Do you want to heat up some food?

Wyatt: Mmm. Yeah, I mean, we did just work up an appetite.

Sally: Mm.

Wyatt: You, ms. Spectra, are insatiable... and it's totally understandable. I am quite the catch, as well, just so you know.

Sally: Shall I list the reasons why?

Wyatt: No, you do not have to. I know how you feel about me.

Sally: Oh, but what I want to say it again? And then keep saying it. Everything that you brought to my life...

Wyatt: What about everything that you brought to my life? Your infectious laughter, your fearless spirit... we're good, you know, as a couple. For the next, uh, I don't know millennium or two, beyond!

Sally: I believe you whenever you say that.

Wyatt: Good.

Sally: Which is a big deal, considering that I'd pretty much given up on men. And also myself.

Wyatt: You know I'd never let you do that.

Sally: I know you wouldn'T. Everything changed when we got together.

Wyatt: [ Chuckles ]

Sally: The way I feel about myself and my life... I owe all of that to you.

Wyatt: [ Chuckles ]

Sally: Chicken legs.

Wyatt: Now, why would you do that? Like, you were being all sweet and cute, and then you go ahead call me "chicken legs?"

Sally: No, I --

Wyatt: Seriously, I'm proud of these. These are not chicken legs, okay?

Sally: No. No! The food that we are going to heat up. I want leftover chicken legs.

Wyatt: Oh! Right. That's --

[ Laughs ] From the barbecue.

Sally: Oh, my god.

Wyatt: That was a miscommunication right there, is what that was.

Sally: I think so.

Wyatt: Sorry.

Sally: [ Sighs ] Don't be.

Reese: If I could go back, change that night, but I can'T. Catalina and the storms, and me alone at that damn clinic. The first mother came in. She had the stillborn. Then hope comes in. She's in active labor. Then as I start tending to her, those bastards call demanding their money, threatening you! And then hope, she's -- she's pushing and she's pushing and pushing, and then she passes out. Liam comes in, and I have to do the hardest thing that I have ever done in my life! I lie to their faces and I put a dead baby in hope's arms.

Flo: Do you have any idea how awful that is?

Reese: Of course I do! But the only thing that I could hear at that moment was those animals threatening to kill my daughter! I had to do something! Sweetheart, sweetheart, please, look, I -- I'm so sorry. But I just wanted to protect you. And I swear to you, all I could think of at that moment was keeping you safe.

Flo: And hope has been devastated ever since.

Reese: Yes! She is a wonderful woman who didn't deserve that, but she will heal with time. She and liam will have another child!

Flo: No! Hope said that she can'T. She's already lost two babies. She doesn't want to go through this pain again!

Reese: No. No, no, no, no. She has to. Look, zoe, you work with her. You -- you work with her. You talk to her, make that your mission. You convince her that she and liam have to have another child, and then maybe that way, she can on with her life like we have to! Okay. [ Sighs ] I apologize for involving you in this. But I don't -- I don't want to see my beautiful little baby girl go to jail for something that I did.

Flo: You're just trying to protect yourself.

Reese: I don't want any of us to go to jail! Okay, look, flo... I -- I know you feel awful, okay? Go back to vegas. Put all this out of your head. It's just torture for you to stay here, okay? And promise me, zoe, you will talk to hope. Don't let her give up on becoming a mother. Convince her to have another child, and then... and then we will never speak of this again, okay? Not another word.

Zoe: My dad's right.

Flo: What?

Zoe: We'll all go to prison. Look, I -- I hate this, too, but I'll get through to hope, i swear, okay? She and liam will still have their family. But we -- we can't ever talk about this, okay? No one can ever know. [ Sighs ]

Reese: I love you both. Now, we all agree, something horrible happened. But if we open this up... you'll go to prison. And I don't want to see that happen. I believe in you, honey. You talk to hope. You convince her to have another child so she can go on with her life. And you have to go on with yours, too, flo. Go back to vegas and forget all of this happened. Do we understand each other, sweetheart?

Zoe: Yes.

Reese: Flo? Okay. I love you. Never doubt that, okay?

Liam: You, uh -- you want to get ready for bed soon? It's been a long day.

Hope: Yeah, it has, but I'm not sure I could fall asleep.

Liam: You still flo on the mind?

Hope: [ Chuckles ] Is it strange to say that I want to get to know her better?

Liam: No, not really. I mean, you both suffered the same loss, you both know what it's like to lose a child. It's not exactly the same circumstance, but still...

Hope: She said that she knows I'm meant to be a mother with such conviction, and I know it's what you've been saying to me all along...

Liam: Well, yeah, I've been saying it because it's true. You're always gonna be beth's mom. You know that, right? You're gonna love and cherish and honor her for the rest of your life. But there's not a limit to that love. It's not like it runs out. And there's certainly not a limit to the love that you have to give a child. I mean, I see it whenever you hold phoebe, the love you obviously have for her. Yeah, your heart was... shattered into a million pieces, but it's a really big heart. Look at me. You are meant to be a mother. There is a child waiting to be loved by you. Waiting for you to be his or her mom.

Flo: I cannot believe you. Your dad comes in here and just says he's sorry, like we haven't heard that a million times before. We made a decision to tell the truth, no matter what the consequences.

Zoe: Well, maybe my dad was right, okay? Think about our futures! Do you want to go to prison? I don't! Okay, I'll speak to hope. I'll get through to her. But you just have to do what my dad says, you -- you have to go back to vegas.

Flo: I am not going back to vegas!

Zoe: Okay, okay. But please, please -- not a word. No one can ever know. Especially not hope.

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