B&B Transcript Friday 2/22/19

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 2/22/19


Episode #8043 ~ Wyatt issues his ultimatum to Bill about returning to work at Spencer Publications. Steffy and Liam share their mutual concern that Hope has become obsessed with Phoebe.

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Hope: I don't want steffy's daughters deprived of their father!

Brooke: Liam is kelly's father, not phoebe'S.

Hope: It doesn't matter that he's not phoebe's biological father. Kelly is her sister, and she deserves to have a father.

Brooke: Honey, please, stop! Don't do this to yourself!

Hope: No. I can't take it. Okay, mom? As much joy and comfort that i get from holding phoebe, the guilt is still there. Liam needs to be in her life. This is wrong, and I have fix it.

Liam: Well, I guess I better get back home to hope. Even though hope thinks I should spend more time with kelly and phoebe.

Steffy: Well, that'd be great. You know, kelly loves her daddy. But you have to be there for hope.

Liam: Yeah, I do. I keep thinking things are gonna get better, and then... you know.

Steffy: Look, I don't want to say this, but... it seems like she's getting worse.

Liam: She's just -- she's just adjusting to not being a mom, you know? To living life without beth in it.

Steffy: I think she's transferring her feelings of motherhood onto kelly and phoebe.

Liam: Yeah, I think she is, too.

Bill: You want me to revive spectra fashions?

Wyatt: Yeah. You want me to come back to work here, and I want to do that, but you also said earlier that sally could come along.

Bill: Yeah, I said she could come along, that I'd find a place for her. I didn't say anything about --

Wyatt: You want me to help put this family back together, that's my one condition.

Bill: Sally's fashion house?

Wyatt: Then I'm all yours.

Bill: [ Sighs ]

Wyatt: Dad wants me back at


Well, he's got to make amends

for what he did to your company

and everything he put you


Because we're a package deal.

Eric: Sally? What are you doing here?

Sally: Oh, um, I was just looking for a quiet place to --

Eric: No, no, no. That's all right. I've been hoping to run into you. I wanted, to, uh -- I wanted to tell you how impressed I've been with your contributions to the intimates line.

Sally: Well, thank you, eric. Working for forrester has been an honor, and I really appreciate the opportunity.

Eric: My pleasure. We're very happy to have you here.

Sally: I heard that thorne was going back to international.

Eric: Yes, we're gonna be, uh, shorthanded without him around here. We're gonna miss him.

Sally: You know, I was -- i wonderins there a chance at all that I might be considered for lead design position on hope for the future?

Eric: Thorne's departure has created quite a void in the hope for the future line.

Sally: I'm sure you haven't had any time to think about staffing changes.

Eric: No, we haven'T. You're throwing your hat right into that ring, aren't you? You've proven your talent, sally. We'll definitely keep you in mind.

Wyatt: I know this isn't exactly what you want to hear --

Bill: [ Chuckles ]

Wyatt: But sally deserves this. You did nothing but sabotage her career, and I think it's only fair that you give her a chance to run her own company again.

Bill: Wyatt, wyatt -- this is spencer publications, not a freaking fashion house.

Wyatt: You always say we're looking to diversify, right? This could make us a lot of money, and the new spectra fashions can be held under the spencer umbrella.

Bill: You won't come back to your family business unless I revive spectra "three ring circus" fashions.

Wyatt: Yes. We can't call it that.

Hope: This has been eating away at me, mom. I could be ruining the lives of two little girls.

Brooke: Honey, no, you're not.

Hope: I have to be realistic. You know how they say, when -- when you love someone, you have to set them free.

Brooke: So what are you going to do? You're going to set liam free? (Dog) mmm.

Eric: We're happy with your work here, sally.

Sally: Well, I really appreciate you saying that. It means the most coming from you.

Eric: Designing is not easy. I've been doing it for 50 years. It's hard to keep the ideas coming and to keep them fresh and to try to anticipate trends...

Sally: Yeah, well, never getting too trendy.

Eric: Exactly. Always got to be a little unpredictable.

Sally: Yeah, well, unpredictability is something i don't really seem to have trouble with.

Eric: [ Laughs ] No, that's true. You're an out-of-the-box person, aren't you? Just like your aunt.

Sally: Yeah, well, not everyone sees that as a good thing.

Eric: Well, I do. You have all your aunt sally's best qualities.

Sally: Well, thank you, eric. You're always so supportive and forgiving.

Eric: You're good for this company. And for wyatt. I'm glad you two are still going strong.

Sally: Well, he's amazing. He always looks out for me, goes above and beyond.

Eric: Too bad he has bill for a father.

Wyatt: Sally is extremely talented, and forrester sees that.

Bill: Wyatt... I don't think the kings and queens of fashion were exactly, uh, quakin' in their boots when sally was out on her own.

Wyatt: Well, she's learned a ton since then! She was working with the hope for the future team. Then she became lead designer of intimates, and that thing went huge! All I'm saying is that I believe she could do a whole lot more.

Bill: Son... wyatt, you got to be real here, all right? Owning publications that cover fashion and actually manufacturing clothes are two very different things.

Wyatt: I know that.

Bill: I'm not in the dress-making business, and i don't want to be!

Wyatt: I know that, but the only reason why spectra went under is because of you! You manipulated her so much to fail! And then when she found a way to even go on, you blew up her building. For what, some ego-gratification project? Dad, come on. This could be good for all of us. With the company's backing and support, I truly believe that sally could make this work.

Bill: You really believe in her that much.

Wyatt: I do. And, look, I know that this is asking a lot, but sally and i are trying to build a future together. So why not let spencer publications be a part of that?

Steffy: I wish I knew you were coming. Sorry for the mess. The girls are still sleeping.

Brooke: Oh, don't worry about that. I just wanted to talk to you. I'm concerned about hope. And I know that liam was just here.

Steffy: Yeah. Yeah, it's really sweet of him to want to be here for kelly and phoebe. And he says hope feels the same way.

[ Door opens ]

Hope: You should have stayed the rest of the day with the girls.

Liam: The girls are fine. I wanted to be home with you, make sure you're okay.

Hope: Liam, I'm okay, all right? You need to stop worrying about me. Look, I appreciate the time that we have together, but this is -- this is killing me. I feel guilty all the time. You should be with those precious little girls. What are you even doing here?

Liam: What am I doing here? I'm your husband. I want to make sure you're okay. I want to take care of you.

Hope: No, I don't need you to take care of me. I can take care of myself. Those children, they are the ones that need you.

Andrew wanted nothing to do with his volcano demonstration.

Eric: It's too bad bill has ruined his relationship with his two sons.

Sally: Yeah, I think, um, wyatt and bill might be getting back on track. At least I hope so.

Bill: I didn't realize you and sally were that close.

Wyatt: Uh, we live together. You know all this.

Bill: No, yeah, no, I mean -- I mean, you felt strongly enough that you're -- you're coming at me with this all-or-nothing deal.

Wyatt: Of course I feel that strongly about her! You'd know this if you were around a little more!

Bill: Yeah. Yeah, I hate the way I have alienated my family.

Wyatt: Yeah, well, it doesn't have to be that way, now, does it?

Bill: You know, my -- my greatest fear is turning out like my father. I mean, we met each other later in life. Having said that, you know, he never showed me any affection, never said he was proud of me. All he cared about was his money and, uh, building his company. So that's the way I proved myself. There was no other way. I guess I inherited that way of thinking, and the result of that is... I'm on top. But alone, just like he was. I don't want to have that kind of life, no way. I'm not gonna do it. So if it means you coming back to the business... if it means reuniting our family...

Wyatt: Wait, are you -- are you saying you're gonna restore spectra fashions?

Bill: Before I answer that question, I have one for you. You're sure you feel that strongly about sally?

Wyatt: Yeah, dad. I do. I -- I'm in love with her.

Brooke: Liam told you what hope said?

Steffy: Yeah. Apparently, hope wants liam here with the girls as much as possible.

Brooke: Liam is a good father. He's very caring, and he will be here for kelly. But he's not phoebe's dad. Hope and liam lost a child, and they're both suffering because of it. And hope, she's -- she's overwhelmed with grief. She's very vulnerable, and now she's taken on this misplaced sense of guilt thinking that liam should be here with the girls.

Steffy: Well, I wish she didn't feel that way. You know, it's a tough situation, and I have so much sympathy for both of them.

Brooke: That picture always takes me back in time.

Steffy: Oh, yeah, it's up there for kelly so she can see that her parents were once happy together.

Brooke: Well, that was just a moment in time, in the past.

Steffy: I know.

Brooke: Steffy... I just expect you to be there for them. Liam and hope are married now, so I need you to help them and support their relationship as much as possible. Especially while they're going through this trying time.

Steffy: Brooke, despite what you may think, I genuinely care about hope. My heart breaks for hope and liam. I would never do anything to undermine their marriage.

Liam: Hope... I'm kelly's father. I'm gonna be there for her. And phoebe. But so will you. I mean, we're -- we're still gonna be that blended family you talked about.

Hope: It's not the same.

Liam: Okay, listen -- listen to me, listen to me. I know your heart is broken and you can't see a way out of this, but you are not going to feel this way forever. It will get better. You just have to -- you have to let me help you through it because we are a family.

Hope: Liam, I know how desperately you want us to be a family, but you already have one. And it's over there with steffy. And we know how much you care about her.

Liam: What are you -- what are you trying to do right now?

Hope: No, no, no, no, no. It's all right! It's all right. Go, liam. Just go be with steffy. Go... go be with your children. (Announcer) do you push through migraine?

Bill: Wow, you're -- you're in love with sally. Well, you know what, wyatt, I -- I just want you to be happy, son. I miss you. I don't want you working at forrester creations. I want you back here, with this company, your company. Your legacy is here. This is where you belong.

Wyatt: Wait, so... what are you saying?

Bill: I'll do it.

Wyatt: You will? You'll bring back spectra fashions?

Bill: Yes. It's the least I can do.

Wyatt: Dad, I -- oh, thank you. Like, I know this is asking a lot...

Bill: Well, let's just hang on one second.

Wyatt: Yeah.

Bill: I just want to make something crystal-clear, okay?

Wyatt: Yeah. Yeah.

Bill: If you even one time -- one time -- refer to me as a dressmaker...

Wyatt: What? No.

Bill: ...It's off, done.

Wyatt: I would never -- never do that.

Bill: You sure?

Wyatt: Yes. 100%.

Bill: Okay. Then I guess we have a deal. We're gonna have to iron out some of the details, but, uh... wow. We're in the fashion business!

Wyatt: I guess so!

Bill: I guess so...

Wyatt: It just -- this feels good, you know, being back here and everything. I just -- dad, I want our family to be the best that it can be, you know?

Bill: Me too, wyatt. And I'm sorry. I really am. I'm sorry about all the problems I caused with you and your brother.

Wyatt: Yeah.

Bill: And I hope liam can forgive me someday. But, in the meantime, it's you and me.

Wyatt: And sally, you know, with the whole thing.

Bill: And sally.

Wyatt: [ Chuckles ]

Bill: Yeah. Spencer publications, our family -- it's gonna be a place of honor and mutual respect.

Wyatt: Yeah, I mean, I hope so.

Bill no, no. I know so, wyatt. I'm gonna do it right this time.

Liam: We have to stick together right now. You can't be pushing me away.

Hope: It's not you. It's the thought of steffy alone over there with two girls. I mean, we're adults! But those children, they need a father, and I am keeping them away from that.

Liam: You don't -- you don't even know what you're saying right now. I'm married to you. I'm committed to you. I'm sorry, I'm not going down this road. This is not the answer.

Hope: No, liam, I am standing in the way of you and those girls, your family. That is what keeps me up at night. I didn't get to my daddy when i was little, and I am not about to keep kelly and phoebe away from that, and you're -- you're a good father!

Liam: I know, I know. Babe, this is not the time for you to be a hero.

Hope: I am not trying to be heroic, I'm trying to do what is right for those kids.

Liam: Okay. What about what's right for you? You ever think about that? What about what's right for us?

Hope: I know that you love me... but you also love steffy, and she's the mother of your child, not me. So you should go make a life with her and those girls.

Liam: Oh, my god. Oh, my god.

Hope: And, liam, you need to find forgiveness, and you need to be happy and move on, okay? I can still be auntie hope. I can still be there sharing in the joy and being a part of the family, but, liam... your life is with them, okay? Your life is with steffy and those girls.

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