B&B Transcript Wednesday 2/20/19

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 2/20/19


Episode #8041 ~ Taken aback by Bill's proposal to Wyatt, Sally gets all the feels upon hearing his intended counter. Justin arranges a secret meeting between him and Donna to discuss Katie and Bill.

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Sally: When you said you wanted to stay in bed, I thought you wanted to back to sleep.

Wyatt: With you lookin' like that? Like this? I mean, come on, this is -- this is -- I've been awake. Wide awake.

Mm-hmm, yeah, and you have been for a while.


You sigh you when you have a lot on your mind.

Wyatt: [ Sighs ] Um... well...

Sally: Yep.

Wyatt: Okay.

[ Clears throat ]

Sally: [ Sighs ]

Wyatt: I, um... I need to talk to you about something. My father asked me to come back to work at spencer publications.

Justin: So thorne gave katie annulment papers and headed back to paris.

Bill: Must have learned that move from his brother. Two loser peas in a pod.

Justin: I must say, dollar bill, I feel for her, but this may not be a bad thing. Will's the best part of your life. You have a great future with him. And no matter how you cut it, that future involves katie.

Katie: You don't have to hang out here with me if you don't want to.

Donna: I just thought while will is at a friend's house, you might want to talk. About things.

Katie: [ Sighs ] I guess I'm just trying to wrap my head around everything. I mean... thorne was supposed to bring stability to our lives, and now everything is turned upside-down.

Donna: I'm so sorry, honey.

Katie: Yeah. Me, too.

Donna: Are you okay? That's what I want to know. Tell me the truth. How are you doing?

Katie: I guess I'm just in shock. It never crossed my mind that thorne would end our marriage.

Donna: It's just so sad. You know, after all these years, he's still not over losing darla and aly.

Katie: Well, I think if that was our only issue, he would have been able to deal with it, but... that's not the only thing that drove thorne away.

Donna: No, he thinks you're still in love with bill. And if I'm being a good sister, I have to ask -- are you?

Bill: Will and katie will always be a big part of my life.

Justin: And thanks to your new attitude, you have an important place in theirs. Again. You know, but you really have changed.

Bill: And that change is finally starting to pay dividends. I am -- I am pulling my family back together. Will and katie were the first step. And now I've taken another one. I reached out to wyatt, practically begged him to come back to spencer publications.

Justin: Ooh! I would have loved to have seen that.

Bill: Okay, I don't mean that I literally begged him,. I mean -- look, you know what i mean! Why do you have to aggravate me?

Justin: All right, so what did he say?&

Bill: [ Sighs ]

Sally: So, your father wants to work with you again.

Wyatt: Yeah. Look, I -- I understand that you have your issues with him. I mean, what he did to you was despicable. Like, he literally turned spectra fashions into rubble. And I know that you're not exactly thrilled about this, but...

Sally: Is this what you want?

Wyatt: I've been -- I've been thinking about it.

Sally: Look, wyatt, I -- I don't want my issues with bill to interfere with your relationship with him.

Wyatt: Because you're amazing like that. But there is something I want to talk to you about. I have an idea, okay? Let me show you something, yeah?

Sally: Okay.

Wyatt: Yeah.

Sally: [ Sighs ]

Justin: I know how badly you want wyatt back. Have you made a formal offer?

Bill: I promised him I was gonna be a better father, somebody they could actually stand to be around. I want my boys back in this company, justin. Spencer publications is their legacy.

Justin: Well, what did he say?

Bill: [ Sighs ] He hasn't given me an answer yet.

Justin: Oh, so he's still thinking about it.

Bill: Yes!

Justin: Ooh! That must have been some hell of a pitch!

Bill: Well, wyatt and I, we, you know, speak the same language. Liam and I -- [ Groans ] It's gonna take me a little bit longer to win back his trust. But I'll get there! With wyatt's help, I am gonna reunite this family.

Justin: Well, you are off to a good start, sir.

Bill: Putting family first. In fact, I'm gonna do that right now.

Justin: All righty. So where are you going?

Bill: I'm gonna check on will, see how he's doing with forrester having left.

Justin: Well, have you heard from katie?

Bill: I'm gonna check on her, as well.

Justin: Well, she might not be in the mood for company.

Bill: We're family! Family doesn't need an invitation. Will and katie need to know they have my support.

Justin: Okay, just do me a favor. Take it easy on her. She may not be in the mood for, you know, "I told you so."

Bill: I'm not that guy anymore!

Justin: Oh, that's right. You're dollar bill spencer, family man.

Bill: Yes!

Justin: Yeah. That's your new focus, huh?

Bill: Nothing more important. Later.

Justin: Okay.

Sally: Wyatt, if you want to work for your dad, just tell me.

Wyatt: No, you just -- you have to see this first, and then we can talk about my dad all you want, all right?

Sally: [ Sighs ] Okay, smart guy, what is your big idea?

Wyatt: Ah! This.

Sally: I don't know why i still have that.

Wyatt: Reviving spectra fashions was your dream, sally.

Sally: [ Sighs ] Yeah, before your father blew it up.

Wyatt: Well, he wants me back at spencer. In fact, he said he would do anything to make that happen.

Sally: But you love your job at forrester.

Wyatt: I do, but I could do that at spencer. And a whole lot more. My dad says he wants to make things right. Maybe we should give him a chance.

Donna: I'm not trying to put you on the spot.

Katie: [ Sighs ] I'm not trying to avoid answering questions.

Donna: I'm sorry, I just can't stop thinking about it ever since you told us what happened.

Katie: What you're suggesting is ridiculous. After everything that bill and i have been through, this last year alone -- custody battle, arguments, threats...

Donna: Yeah, but you said that you put all that behind you.

Katie: Well, I did because of will, but not because I think there's a future for the two of us.

Donna: Tell me the truth. Do you still have feelings for him?

Katie: [ Sighs ] Donna --

[ Knocks on door ] Hi.

Bill: Hey. I was just thinking about you and will, thought I'd check it.

Katie: Oh, well, come in.

Donna: Talk about timing.

Bill: Hey, donna. Um, uh, thanks for helping will with that history project, by the way.

Donna: Yeah, it was fun.

Katie: Dioramas were always donna's thing in school.

Donna: My imagination always working overtime. Well, you know, I was actually just gonna go, so, um, I'll let you two talk. Okay, see you later.

Katie: See ya. Um, so, checking in?

Bill: Yeah, uh... wyatt told me about you and thorne, the annulment papers.

Katie: [ Sighs ] Okay, all right, well, you know, I'm really not in the mood for a diatribe about thorne and how i shouldn't have rushed into marriage.

Bill: Katie. Katie. I'm not here to go off on thorne. Actually, I don't give a damn about him. I'm just concerned about you and will. That's really the only thing i care about.

Wyatt: I would only consider going back if dad does right by you.

Sally: Me?

Wyatt: If he wants me back at spencer publications, well, then he's gonna have to resurrect spectra fashions, too. That's it.

Sally: What?

Wyatt: That's the least he could do, after everything he put you through.

Sally: I'm designing for forrester now, and I'm really happy.

Wyatt: Me, too! But I'm only happy working there because of you. And we could do that at spencer. You know? You'd be the lead designer, calling all the shots.

Wyatt: And I -- I know my father doesn't deserve your forgiveness, and, trust me, that is the last thing I'm asking you to give him. But what I'm talking about is a business arrangement, you know? A chance for him to, like, prove to me that he's really changed. But my commitment to you comes first, foremost.

Sally: Before this spectra idea?

Wyatt: Before everything.

Sally: Okay, so what exactly are you saying?

Wyatt: I'm not going back to spencer unless you're a part of it.

Donna: Justin?

Justin: Donna. Thanks for coming.

Donna: Hi!

Justin: Wow. You look great. Wow.

Donna: [ Chuckles ] Is this what you do when bill's out of the building? Arrange secret meetings in his office?

Justin: Well, I, uh, spend so much time in here, it feels like it's my office. [ Chuckles ] I just wanted to ask you something in private.

Donna: Promise it's not about marcus. I just talked to our son, and he said everything was fine.

Justin: No, yeah, it is. It is. You know, he's great. He's great.

Donna: Oh, good.

Justin: Yeah.

Donna: I am -- I am so proud of him, everything he's doing.

Justin: Yeah. Me, too. We raised a great kid, didn't we?

Donna: We sure did. But that's not the reason you want to see me.

Justin: Uh, no, donna. I wanted to ask you something. It involves bill and your sister katie.

Bill: Wyatt says that will's handling it okay. Is that true?

Katie: Yeah, I think so.

Bill: He knows that thorne's leaving had nothing to do with him...

Ktie: We made that very, very clear.

Bill: Look, I'm gonna be completely honest. I'm not gonna miss bumping into thorne when I -- when I come over. But I am sorry for you and will.

Katie: Well, he's sad and he's disappointed, but I think he knows that thorne loves us and that he wanted to be a family. His heart is just too broken.

Bill: Will understands that?

Katie: Yeah. I think so.

Bill: You know, um, you might want to go with a sports injury analogy for will.

Katie: Okay.

Bill: Just go with me on this, all right? Um, a basketball player gets injured. He's devastated, he's frustrated because he loves the game. He wants to get back on the court. So he pushes it. Maybe he comes back too soon, and the pain is still there, but he keeps grinding through. What does that do? It just prolongs the injury. Sometimes it's best to just stay away from the game for a little while.

Katie: Wow, bill, I, um... I hadn't really thought of it like that.

Bill: No, I don't imagine you did. Uh, I'm happy to kind of flesh this out for will.

Katie: Um... as long as there's no thorne-bashing...

Bill: [ Scoffs ]

Katie: Oh, come on. No "forrester lite"...

Bill: "Forrester lite" was funny.

Katie: Bill...

Bill: Man, it was funny...

Katie: Bill...

Bill: Okay! Seriously, katie, I'm -- I'm just worried about you and will. And I'm here for you.

Justin: So, you said in your text that bill was at the house. Like, how did he seem?

Donna: Your bill's oldest friend, justin.

Justin: I know, I just want to see him happy. I don't think I've ever seen him happier than he was with will and katie.

Katie: I wasn't quite sure how you would take this news.

Bill: Historically, I would have -- I would have jumped all over it.

Katie: Well, I suppose you did warn me not to rush into marriage, so I wouldn't blame you if you felt vindicated.

Bill: Katie, uh, all I'm concerned about is my family. In fact, that's exactly what i expressed to wyatt. It might have been one of the most important conversations we've ever had.

Katie: I wondered how much wyatt told you. There were things that thorne and I didn't get into with will, concerns thorne had about, um... our connection. And...my feelings for you. Thorne didn't just leave because of aly and darla. He, um... he thought I was still in love with you.

[ Door opens ]

Will: Dad?

Bill: Hey, pal!

Will: What are you doing here?

Bill: Uh, well, I just, uh, came by to check on you and your mom.

Will: She told you about thorne.

Bill: Yes, yes, um, she did, and I'm sorry about that. And -- and I want to talk to you about it. But first, there's something I want you to hear from me, all right? And this goes for you and it goes for your mom, as well. I'm here for you, all right? Always. We're family. Anything you're feeling, I want you to tell me about it. Anything that you're going through, I want you to express it to me.

Will: Thanks, dad.

Sally: Wyatt... I can't ask you to give up this opportunity because clearly your father wants you back.

Wyatt: Well, he's got to understand that we're a package deal, done.

Sally: Yeah, but I don't want you to worry about my issues with your dad or feel like you need to fix them.

Wyatt: That --

Sally: No, I -- I am touched by how much you care, okay? But look at where I am now. With you and at forrester. I mean, I -- I've never been happier.

Wyatt: Sally, I feel the same way that you do, all right? I think about my life and how it's changed and all that I've accomplished, like finding my father after so many years... becoming a spencer. Building my future with my dad and my brothers has been more than I have ever imagined. And then -- and then dad went off the rails, and he went after you and he obsessed over steffy and... everything he did, he turned his back on his family, and it all just -- it fell apart. Now, if there's some way that i could just -- I could put it all back together and, like, reclaim my position at spencer, well... you asked me if I want to do this, and I do.

Sally: Of course you do. It's your birthright. And, believe me... I know how important that is.

Wyatt: Sally, I have never met anyone with more passion for this business than you. And I see that. Forrester does, too. Like, you -- you built your way up in their ranks. But I just -- I believe you can accomplish so much more by yourself. And you would have if my dad didn't sabotage you. But think about it -- everything that you went through, all those frustrations and setbacks and everything just made you stronger. And you learned a lot from forrester. Now, you take all of that, and it's your time to shine now. I truly believe that. I feel like your future can just -- it can be... it can be incredible.

Sally: Your love and support for me means more than any success.

Wyatt: [ Chuckles ]

Sally: No, I -- I was ready to walk away from all of this, but you convinced me to stay. You gave me the confidence to give it another shot. You changed my life. So I have no doubt in my mind that my future will be everything that you say that it could be. As long as you are in it with me.

Wyatt: Always.

Sally: [ Chuckles ]

Wyatt: Hmm?

Sally: You're a crazy, crazy man.

Wyatt: Yeah?

Sally: [ Sighs ] I love you so much.

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