B&B Transcript Friday 2/15/19

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 2/15/19


Episode #8038 ~ Katie reveals to shocked Wyatt what Thorne gave her for Valentine's Day; Bill uses Justin as a sounding board as he strategizes how to get his family back.

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[ Knock on door ]

Steffy: Hope.

Hope: I hope this isn't too early.

Steffy: Oh, no, the girls are early risers. Trust me.

Hope: Good. I'm here to help.

Zoe: He said he landed in lax about 20 minutes ago.

Well, they say that going through customs always slows everything down.

Zoe: Yeah. True. Look, flo, what did you mean by "switch babies?" You said that my father had switched babies.

I told you everything that your father told me.

Zoe: Yeah, but, I mean, this little phoebe, who you were pretending was yours, I mean, it was switched with another baby. What baby was it switched with? There was a second mother.

Wyatt: Hey. You busy?

Katie: Customer e-mails. The interns left me some real special ones.

Wyatt: Well, um, I know you've been handling all of the, uh, press inquiries, but... I don't think hope's personal life should be on social media.

Katie: Yeah, no, I agree. I don't think so, either.

Wyatt: Well, I was thinking something a little more subtle, maybe. Uh, quietly making it known that we're supporting such-and-such, childbirth-related foundations, et cetera, et cetera. You see where I'm going with this?

Katie: Yeah, that sounds great.

Wyatt: Well, thorne spent several years at international. Maybe he knows of some research institutes in europe.

Katie: I guess you'll have to call there and ask.

Wyatt: Uh, is he not coming in today?

Katie: No.

Wyatt: Where is he?

Katie: Thorne left.

Bill: I hold in my hand the jumbo coin! I place it in the wallet. Uh, audience member -- uh, you, sir! Would you please blow on this wallet for me?

Justin: I'm not blowing on that.

Bill: Never mind! Oh! Where's the coin, huh? Where is the coin?

Justin: I don't know, it's probably in your pocket with the rest of the cash that you stole from old ladies and orphans.

Bill: Wow. Why do you have to attack the great spencerini like that?

Justin: [ Chuckles ]

Bill: I mean, did you not have a childhood at all? Have you always been like this? Because I'm telling you right now, will's gonna love this magic.

Justin: I'm sure he will.

Bill: What? When did you start wearing an earring?

Justin: What?

Bill: I see some bling right there. What?

[ Laughing ] Oh! That's pretty good, right? I'm getting good.

Justin: That's horrible. You need to work more on your magic, for sure.

Bill: [ Sighs ] You're right. I do need to work on my magic because I need some magic to get my sons back in my life because I'm the one who made them disappear.

Justin: Oh, wow. [ Laughs ] You know that wyatt and liam are still in your life.

Bill: If you count them dropping by on a regular basis to give me a hard time...

Justin: It wasn't like that the last couple of times.

Bill: Yeah, well, I was on good behavior.

Justin: Yeah, okay, was that so painful?

Bill: Okay, well, you know, how long do I have to be on good behavior, all right, until my sons start resenting me intermittently like normal kids? Why did I build all this, justin? I mean, why, if my older boys are gonna spend their working lives at that dress farm?

Wyatt: Thorne left?

Katie: Yes, he went back to paris.

Wyatt: For forrester?

Katie: I honestly don't know what he'll be doing, but i imagine the international office will know how to reach him.

Wyatt: Are you saying you don't?

Katie: No. I'm saying that we ended our marriage.

Hope: Do you want me to fold? I mean, I can fold. You have so many onesies and towels and...

Steffy: Yeah, it's usually not this bad, um... did liam tell you I needed help?

Hope: No, I just figured with two babies... are they awake?

Steffy: Oh, they just dozed off after breakfast. But it won't last.

Hope: I just want to make sure what you said about me coming over here at any time...

Steffy: Of course. I meant it. I just didn't know how you're feeling. Plus, my mom lives here now, and I know that you guys have issues.

Hope: That was before. I'm the reason I lost my baby.

If I had all the answers, we wouldn't be waiting her for your father.

Zoe: I do have a question only you could answer. Why would you even go along with this?

Look, zoe... when someone you really care about says that they're in trouble and need your help, would you just ask for more information first, or would you drop everything and say yes?

[ Door unlocks ]

Reese: So, I see everyone's home.

Zoe: Except for a certain child that was stolen from her mother.

Justin: You know, dollar bill, I think you're on the right track. You know, I just wouldn't offer the boys their jobs back right out of the blue.

Bill: Oh, of course not.

Justin: Oh, my gosh...

Bill: There's got to be some way for me to put this family back together.

Justin: I say if you want a do-over with wyatt and liam, go for it. Let me tell you this, though. The connection you have with them is just a few years old. The biggest part of their history, you'll never share because they were brought up without you. Now you have an opportunity to create a lifetime bond that can never be broken with your other son will.

Wyatt: Thorne said what?

Katie: He thinks I'm still in love with bill.

Wyatt: Well, why?

Katie: I don't know, I guess he thought he was signing up for the role of husband and father only to find out that that part had already been cast. I mean, where is this coming from, really, wyatt? I mean, I -- I've been divorced from bill for years. I've divorced him twice! I mean, I don't get it!

Wyatt: Katie, come on. Like, you didn't see that you and thorne had completely different objectives at the custody hearing? Thorne wanted dad out of will's life completely. You were just trying to rescue dad's relationship with will by throwing out the joint custody promises that you knew he couldn't keep.

Katie: I'm so happy we're friends. It's nice to talk to somebody who understands.

Wyatt: [ Chuckles ] Um, I mean, dad understands, though, right? I mean, he's kind of had a change of heart lately.

[ Cellphone chimes ]

Wyatt: Uh, are you not gonna get that?

Katie: No. That's the alert I have set when thorne texts me.

Wyatt: Well, maybe he's having a change of heart.

Katie: The annulment papers. He filed them.

Hope: Look, I know you don't really need the extra help, but... I do. And being here with your daughters, it helps me. And, no -- no, no, no. Please don't look sad for me. I just seem to bring sadness everywhere I go, and I just -- I can't stand it.

Steffy: I just know this must be hard on you.

Hope: No. Staying home alone in the dark wondering why -- why beth? Why liam? Why me? That -- that's hard.

Steffy: Hope, I'm very aware that phoebe's about the same age as...

Hope: About the same age that beth would have been? Yeah.

Steffy: Which must make you think of her.

Hope: But not in a sad way. It just gives all that love i have stored up for beth someplace to go.

Zoe: What do you have to say for yourself?

Reese: [ Sighs ] Zoe...

Zoe: No, do not look at her. Look at me. Okay? You sold a baby to pay off a gambling debt.

Reese: I didn't sell anybody!

Zoe: No, no, no. Those are my words, not hers. I'm the one that found those fake adoption papers. Flo has been way more loyal to you than you deserve. And what else would you call a child-for-cash transaction if not a sale?

Reese: The terrible price of keeping you safe.

Zoe: Do not pretend like you did this for me.

Reese: Zoe, baby, they -- they were gonna hurt you, maybe worse.

Zoe: If I were ever in danger, it was because of you. How could you, dad? Want to know persil's deepest secret?

Katie: Thorne thought that we would look better as a couple at the custody hearing, and I have to admit, having a father figure for my son was very appealing.

Wyatt: And now you have that, and it's actually dad this time.

Katie: It's true. Bill has reclaimed his place in will's life.

Wyatt: What about his place in yours?

Katie: He's my ex-husband. He's held that place for a while.

Wyatt: I know that, but the last time that he was your ex-husband, you went ahead and got married to him again.

Bill: Thanks, david. Thanks again for sending that magic kit to me. I really do appreciate it. All right, have a good show. Thank you, justin. Thank for you reminding me that I'm not a completely incompetent father. I actually did repair my relationship with will.

Justin: With a powerful ally -- katie. She wanted will to have his father back.

Bill: That's true. Even with all the yelling and threatening I did.

Justin: Well, she's just like me -- rolls right off her back.

Hope: I know you must feel like you're being pulled in a dozen different directions all day long. You know, if you want, you can take a nap. I can listen for the phone and the babies.

Steffy: Aww, thanks. I'm kind of liking the adult company.

Hope: I know you also have taylor.

Steffy: Would you like your mother's company 24/7?

Hope: Good point.

Steffy: [ Chuckles ]

[ Babies crying ]

Hope: It's phoebe.

Steffy: Wow, you're good. My mom can't even tell them apart. I want to grab her before kelly wakes up. If you could grab the formula in the fridge in the bottle and just warm it up?

Hope: Yeah, yeah. I got it.

Reese: You want me to say I'm ashamed? Okay. I can do that all day long. But I thought I had no other choice.

Zoe: What about going to the police?

Reese: How are they supposed to stop someone whose last name I don't know or who lives god knows where out of state?

Zoe: Is that true?

Well, I don't -- I don't know these particular loan sharks, but a lot of them get locked up every year, but, you know, they're kind of like cockroaches, they just keep coming back.

Reese: At least my way, nobody died.

Zoe: [ Scoffs ] I call that a pretty low bar for medical ethics.

Look, I think that maybe you two should just talk this out yourselves, so I'm just gonna --

Zoe: I just don't understand you.

Well, I don't need you to understand me.

Zoe: Why aren't you just furious with him?

Why aren't you listening to him? Because, if you were, you would know. You are so important to him that he would do anything for you.Even if it means he'd hate himself for it.

Reese: I'm sorry.

Not as sorry as I am for being part of what you did.

Reese: They were gonna hurt you. They said they were gonna hurt you, and I knew they would. I couldn't raise the money they wanted.

Zoe: How much?

Reese: $200,000.

Zoe: Why does it never occur to you to stop when the money runs out?

Reese: Something... changes inside of me, something else is in control. You have no idea what it's like to walk around every day feeling desperate.

Zoe: I bet hope logan does. Admit it. Say what you did. I know why you did it. Now tell me how. Sometimes,

Katie: I don't get married for a living like my sister, and if you ever tell her I said, i will cut off your texting hand.

Wyatt: I knew you'd turn on me eventually, I knew it.

Katie: Mm. I think will realized when I did not just how much thorne felt like the odd man out. I mean, who was thorne supposed to be to will? The uncle, a coach?

Wyatt: Yeah.

Katie: I mean, it made will feel uncomfortable, and I didn't see the crisis coming, even though I'm the one who created it.

Wyatt: How so?

Katie: By demanding that bill actually grow up and put his responsibility to his son first. Who knew he'd actually do it?

Bill: Abracadabra. Offshore tax haven... not bad, great spencerini. Not bad at all.

Hope: Bottle's ready.

Steffy: Oh, I'm just gonna test it, make sure it's not too hot.

Hope: I can hold her if you want.

Steffy: Uh, yeah, okay. Okay. Phoebe, look who it is! It's auntie hope! Thank you.

Hope: Hi! Hi!

[ Phoebe crying ]

Hope: [ Shushing ]

Steffy: Do you -- do you want to do the honors?

[ Crying stops ]

Zoe: Of course that little girl is hope'S. Just say it.

Reese: You talk like I knew what I was doing. I had no plan. I didn't know who she was until she said her name. It -- it was like a war zone. Branches slamming on the ceiling, crashing through the window, sirens, car alarms screaming.

Zoe: I remember.

Reese: You were at forrester. This was unthinkably worse. I called you, remember?

Zoe: I didn't tell you that i was at work.

Reese: They did.

Zoe: Who?

Reese: They sent me a photo of you arriving at forrester. I had to do something. I'd already abandoned you, you and your mother, and that was not gonna happen again. But I didn't have the cash or any way to raise it. Then I remember that taylor said that her daughter wanted to adopt, and money was no object.

Zoe: So you told hope that her baby had died, and she believed you?

Reese: [ Sighs ] It wasn't an easy delivery.

[ Electricity crackling ] I calmed her down as best as i could, but the contractions were coming hard and fast, and then finally, she pushed, and the baby slid right into my hands just as hope passed out.

Zoe: And then what?

Reese: The baby was fine. A little too early, but the weight was good, heart and lungs strong. There was one other ob patient that night, a young woman who drove herself to the clinic. God knows how she got through. But she was too late. The child was a stillborn. I cleaned her up as best as i could, but... she didn't want to see her lost little girl.

Zoe: Oh, my god. So you...

Reese: I put that baby in hope's arm myself.

Zoe: A dead baby. And sold hope's for $200,000 to steffy and her mom? Do you have any idea what hope's been going through since?

Reese: I've seen hope. I know that she's struggling.

Zoe: No, she's been a shell of herself. She looks into that mirror and all she can see is a mother that let her child die! It's what we do now that matters.

Reese: This is done, zoe.

Zoe: No! These are people in my life, people who trust me! Who gave me opportunities that i would never have had. So how can I know what I know now and say nothing? Hope has to be told that phoebe is her child. If you won't do, I will. . .

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