B&B Transcript Thursday 2/14/19

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 2/14/19


Episode #8037 ~ Hope tries to remember the details from the night that Beth died; stunned by the tale that Flo has told, Zoe calls Reese and demands further explanation.

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Sally: I kind of like having a valentine.

Wyatt: Me, too.

Sally: I think about where i was last year at this time...

Wyatt: Mm-hmm.

Sally: And I am so much happier now.

Wyatt: I mean, I feel pretty damn lucky myself. And I'm not just trying to sweet-talk you because it's valentine's day. I feel like that every day.

Sally: Oh, no, you're definitely trying to sweet-talk me.

Wyatt: Yeah.

Sally: But that's okay. I like it.

Wyatt: Good.

Hope: I mean, everyone was being really sweet. I guess I thought work would be a better distraction than it was.

Liam: Well, I'm just proud of you for going back to the office again. What is this?

Hope: It's a gift someone gave us around beth's shower. I don't know, I just -- I just imagined dressing her up in it today. It would have been our first holiday together as a family.

Liam: I know.

Hope: I have to move on, don't I?

Liam: You just have to give yourself time. Be patient with yourself.

Hope: Time was the one thing I was looking forward to. All those years we could have spent with our daughter.

Zoe: No. You're lying.

Flo: I wish I was.

Zoe: You said my father helped arrange steffy's adoption. Well, if the baby wasn't yours, then how did he get his hands on a baby?

Flo: He switched them.

Zoe: The babies?

Flo: Yes, zoe, your father. He switched the babies.

Hope: [ Screaming ]

Reese: The baby's coming, but you need to help us out, all right?

Hope: [ Sobbing ] Mommy! She needs her mommy!

Katie: Annulment papers? On valentine's day.

Thorne: I --

Katie: You want to end our marriage like it never even happened.

Katie: You -- you don't mean this, thorne. You don'T. We got married, we said vows to each other. We made a commitment to each other.

Thorne: I meant every word i said to you on our wedding day.

Katie: Well, then why are you doing this?

Thorne: I'm doing this out of love for you and will.

Wyatt: What?

Sally: [ Sighs ] I'm sorry. I just was thinking...

Wyatt: Oh, don't do that again.

Sally: No, you don't think i overstepped?

Wyatt: Uh, no. We were just about to, you know...

Sally: No, I -- I meant earlier with hope.

Wyatt: Oh.

Sally: You know, with the sketches that I gave her.

Wyatt: No way. No. I was super impressed by those and how you reached out to hope like that.

Sally: I mean, I don't -- I don't care if she ever uses them, I just, you know, wanted to help her out in some way, get her focused on work, start the healing process.

Wyatt: I think that it was a great idea, and I thought that it was very sweet.

Sally: Okay.

Liam: Hey, um... we should try to do something for valentine's day. Whatever you're up for.

Hope: Uh, no, the flowers are enough, thank you. I mean, they're really beautiful.

Liam: No, I know, I know, but we should go out, you know? Let's -- let's have dinner at that restaurant in the canyon, or we can go to a movie, or just something -- anything to get your mind off of things.

Hope: I know you're trying, and I know you want to take away this pain, but... I don't know, I just -- I can'T. I can't fight this feeling, I --

Liam: I get it, I get it.

Zoe: Switched babies?

[ Scoffs ] No. Okay, he would never. My father would never.

Flo: He did it, zoe, and he did it to protect you.

Katie: Okay, we -- we need to talk about this.

Thorne: I've already made the decision, katie. I just hope that we can come to some kind of understanding.

Katie: No, I -- we -- you're handing me annulment papers. I didn't even realize we were having problems.

Thorne: No, we're not. Look, I wanted this to work. I wanted to be married and have a family, but I realized that I'm not ready.

Katie: [ Sighs ]

Thorne: There's so much that I haven't dealt with.

Katie: Well, then we will -- we will deal with it together, okay? I'm your wife, I'm supposed to help you with these things.

Thorne: You've already helped me, and this isn't about anything that you've done. This is about me and my unresolved issues with losing aly and darla. If I'm honest with myself... I don't want to get hurt.

Katie: Hurt? Why would you say that?

Thorne: Because I've -- I've seen the way you are with bill and the way he is with will now.

Katie: [ Scoffs ]

Thorne: I -- I think, deep down, that you would rather be with him.

Katie: [ Scoffs ]

Wyatt: [ Grunting ] Are you sure that there's no place you'd rather be than right here, right now? Because I could take you paintballing, I could take your miniature golfing.

[ Gasps ] One of those escape rooms, huh?

Sally: Oh, god, you are so romantic.

Wyatt: Oh, you have no idea. I mean, I would pull out all the stops for you, you know? Anything. You say the word, and we can go horseback riding in the hollywood hills.

Sally: Well, there is nowhere on this earth that I would rather be than right here in this bed with you.

Wyatt: I was hoping you'd say that.

[ Grunts ] Hyah! Agh!

Sally: [ Chuckles ]

Hope: I'd rather just stay here. Be alone with you.

Liam: Yeah, okay, that sounds good to me.

Hope: [ Chuckles ] I wouldn't be that much fun anyway. Look, I know everyone keeps telling me not to blame myself and that I did nothing wrong...

Liam: Yeah, because you didn'T.

Hope: Part of me is trying to believe that, that, you know, it wasn't in our control that we lost our baby, but another part of me -- it's just this feeling that... I don't know, I keep going back to it, I can't explain it. Everything was fine. Then there was darkness. And I failed. I failed. I wasn't awake when I lost our baby girl. I wasn't awake when she was born.

Your dad was really desperate to keep you safe.

Zoe: Safe from what?

Oh, come on, zoe. You know your dad's history. You don't need me to remind you.

Zoe: Just tell me what he's involved in, flo. Tell me why he would do something like this.

Flo: Your dad's not just a gambler. He likes to take big risks. And, more often than not, he loses.

Zoe: Are you saying he needed money to pay off some bookie? So he just got ahold of a baby and sold it to steffy and her mom? (Dr. Kloecker) it's an encouraging time to be treating advanced lung cancer.

Katie: Thorne, I got over my feelings for bill a long time ago. We've been divorced for years. I -- I married you!

Thorne: I don't regret anything that we've done together. What we had was amazing.

Katie: Had? Had? You're talking like it's already over! I don't want to give up on our relationship. We're just -- we're just starting our life together!

Thorne: [ Sighs ] Yeah. No, we were a family -- you, me, and will -- you know, when you had sole custody, but that's no longer the case. Bill's really, you know, stepping it up. He's the father and the man you've always wanted him to be.

Katie: No, no, no. Okay, bill finally is reaching out to our son and bonding with him, and I'm thrilled about that, I'm happy about that. They're creating a normal, healthy relationship. But that is as far as it goes.

Thorne: Well, I don't think you're aware of it because there are moments between you and bill. I know how you feel.

Katie: I'm telling you. You're wrong. I don't even know where you're coming up with this. I mean, you just -- you, what, you don't even talk to me, you just hand me those papers and just -- just say goodbye?

Will: Bye, aunt donna!

Katie: Oh, god. Hey! Hey, bud.

Will: Hi, mom.

Thorne: How was the sleepover?

Will: Good. I made these for you guys.

Katie: Oh!

Thorne: Thanks.

Katie: Thank you.

Will: I made one for dad, too. What's going on? Are you okay?

Katie: Yeah, we were just, um, talking about a few things.

Will: Why do you guys seem so sad?

Thorne: I was just telling your mom that I have to go away for a while.

Sally: This day did not disappoint.

Wyatt: I mean, it's not over yet. We got plenty of time.

Sally: You know, I wouldn't be mad if you wanted to go out and surf.

Wyatt: Me? [ Scoffs ] Why would I -- no.

Sally: No, really, that is my present to you, wyatt. Me not complaining about you going out and surfing.

Wyatt: And my present to you is not taking you up on your present.

Sally: Mm, smooth, I see what you did there.

Wyatt: Yeah?

Sally: Mm-hmm. Yeah. I like it.

Wyatt: Good.

Sally: Happy valentine's day.

Wyatt: Happy valentine's day.

Hope: Why couldn't I stay awake, liam? I have been preparing for this moment for so long. To give birth to our beautiful baby girl. It's one of the most important experiences that a woman could have, and I...

Liam: Hope, you experienced a traumatic medical emergency. You are lucky to be alive.

Hope: It should have been me and not her.

Liam: You got to stop saying things like that, honestly. That's not healthy for you.

Hope: No. No, I -- I wasn't there for her when she needed it. I failed. I gave up.

Liam: You didn't -- you didn't -- no, you didn't give up, hope. Your blood pressure dropped and you lost consciousness. This is what dr. Buckingham tried to tell you.

Hope: No! It's more than that!

Liam: Okay.

Hope: Something happened when I was unconscious, and I know that it sounds... I can't explain it, but if I had stayed awake -- really, if I had stayed awake, I really believe that beth would still be here right now.

Zoe: My father switched babies?

Yes, because he loves you more than anything else in the entire world.

Zoe: If this is true, steffy's adoption isn't legal. Those papers are fake.

Talk to your father. I can't tell you anything else.

Zoe: No. You know more than you're letting on, and I want more details, flo. Tell me everything, or I will go to the cops.

Zoe, I can't tell you anything else, okay? Call your dad. Talk to him. But just don't call the cops. Leave me out of it!

Zoe: Your name is already on those papers. Sorry, but you're involved. So if you're not phoebe's mother, then who is? Who is the mother?

I don't know!

Zoe: Who is she? Just tell me, or I will go to the cops.

Zoe, I -- I don't -- I don't know anything about her. All I remember is your dad said that the mother's name is hope.

Zoe: Hope?

Will: So, you're leaving, like, on a trip?

Thorne: Yeah. Yeah, but I'll take this with me.

Will: How long will you be gone?

Thorne: I'm not sure. I might be gone for a while.

Will: I don't understand. Your home is here with us.

Thorne: [ Sighs ] Look, I hate to spring this on you. I know it's confusing, but... I always want you to remember how much I love you and that I'm very proud of you.

Will: Then why are you leaving?

Thorne: Do you remember when we talked about my family that i used to have, my daughter aly and her mom darla?

Will: Yeah. It's sad they both died.

Thorne: Yeah, it is. And I realized that I haven't fully dealt with losing them. You know, I wasn't strong enough before, but... I think I am now. So I'm -- I'm gonna go back to paris for a little while and deal with it.

Will: Can you get texts in paris?

Thorne: [ Chuckles ] Yes. You can. I promise I'll text you right back. You know, you're gonna be okay because you have your mom. All right? And your dad is very happy to be back in your life. I can see how much he loves you.

Will: I'm gonna miss you, thorne.

Thorne: Oh, buddy. I'm gonna miss you, too.

Will: Are you gonna be okay?

Katie: I'm really sad, but I'm gonna be okay. We're all gonna be okay.

Liam: Hey, hope?

Zoe: Hope's the birth mother's name?

Well, that's -- that's what he said.

Zoe: What's the last name?

I don't know. He didn't tell me.

Zoe: Hope? No, that -- that can't be because hope lost her child. So...

Okay, I don't know who you're talking about, but I had nothing to do with any of this. This was all your father. It was all reese.

Zoe: [ Sighs ]

Zoe, what are you doing? No, please, please, don't call the cops. Please! Zoe, please! I am begging you.

[ Cellphone rings ]

Reese: [ Sighs ] Hey, sweetheart. How are you?

Zoe: I'm at your apartment with your friend flo, and she told me everything. Steffy's adoption is illegal, and flo is not phoebe's mother. And you made this happen. You got phoebe for steffy to pay off some gambling debts?

Reese: Baby, calm down.

Zoe: Calm down? I asked her how you got your hands on a child, and she said that you switched babies.

Reese: Zoe, please.

Zoe: And she told me something else. She said that the birth mother's name... is hope! Hope?! You were with her when she lost her child!

Reese: Yes, uh, it -- it was very tragic.

Zoe: Dad, what are you doing?

Reese: Look, baby, I -- I know you're upset. That's why I'm gonna come out there, okay? I will hop on the first plane out of london, but I need you to not say anything to anyone, okay?

Zoe: No, I want to know what's going on.

Reese: I'll tell you tomorrow. I will explain everything when I see you tomorrow.

Zoe: Explain? Explain switching babies? Or flo posing as phoebe's birth mother? And the worst part about all of this is I'm afraid I already know what you did. Please, dad, tell me that I'm wrong.

Reese: Promise me, sweetheart, you won't say a word to anyone, especially not to steffy or hope.

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