B&B Transcript Monday 2/4/19

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 2/4/19


Episode #8029 ~ Zoe is taken aback when Reese makes an announcement about their immediate future; emotion runs high when Hope holds Steffy's adopted baby daughter for the first time.

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Ridge: I hope seeing steffy's new baby isn't too hard on your daughter.

Brooke: [ Clears throat ] Yeah. She had so many questions. It was just consuming her. So I thought it would be good for hope to do that. I mean, maybe I was wrong.

Ridge: No, I-I don't think you were. I don't think she would have gone if she didn't think she was ready.

Brooke: And liam's there, so she's not gonna be alone.

Ridge: You know what i appreciate? I appreciate your daughter trying to be excited for steffy.

Brooke: Me too. She's being very brave about this adoption.

Ridge: It's amazing how fast it all happened, huh?

Brooke: I know. Steffy is accepting another little girl into her family, and that's wonderful. But I can't help but wonder how it's going to affect hope.

Hope: Look at you. It's nice to meet you, phoebe. We're so glad you came into this world, and... now you're a part of this family.

Hope: You're gonna have the best life. And you're gonna be so, so loved.

Charlie: Ladies, what have I told you about riding those scooters up and down the hallway? Hm? Hm? Hm?

Tiffany: You saw that?

Charlie: I'm head of security. I got eyes everywhere.

Zoe: Okay, well, then, obviously you can see how quickly we've been getting things done. Yeah. We've been zipping from here to there, and it's been a lot more efficient.

Tiffany: You should try it, charlie. Think of how fast you could take down a perp on one of those bad boys.

Charlie: You know, I guess i would look pretty good on one of those copper scooters, huh?

[ Zoe and tiffany chuckle ]

Reese: Hey.

Zoe: Dad! Oh, I'm so glad that you're here. I've really been worried about you.

Reese: Well, you don't need to worry about me anymore. And, thank god, I don't have to worry about you, either.

Zoe: Dad, what are you talking about?

Charlie: Well, I can assure you, dr. Buckingham, you don't have to have any safety concerns here at forrester creations. I have everything under control.

Reese: [ Chuckles ] I appreciate that, charlie. In fact, I'm counting on you to take care of my little girl and her buddy tiffany, there.

Tiffany: Thanks, dr. B.

Zoe: Uh, sorry, but you're just acting rather weird, okay? So what's going on?

Reese: Well, honey, that's part of why I came, is to say goodbye.

Zoe: What?

Reese: I'm leaving los angeles. I'm headed back to london.

Ridge: We can worry about this as much as we want. It's not gonna change anything. It's gonna be difficult. It's gonna bring up a lot of feelings for your daughter.

Brooke: I'm glad you understand.

Ridge: I do.

Taylor: Hey -- oh.

Ridge: Oh.

Taylor: Whoa. Wow.

Ridge: Hey.

Taylor: Uh, sorry.

Brooke: Taylor.

Taylor: Uh...

Brooke: Uh, I didn't realize that you were here.

Taylor: Yeah. Um, brooke, I wanted to talk to you. I'm -- I'm sure you know by now about baby phoebe.

Brooke: Oh, yes. Congratulations.

Ridge: And we're excited to meet our new granddaughter. How's she doing?

Taylor: She's doing great. Um... and steffy, she's overwhelmed, of course, but ecstatic. But I want to talk to you about how this whole thing might be affecting hope.

Ridge: Well, hope already knows. It was only fair to give her a heads up.

Taylor: [ Inhales sharply ] How did she react?

Brooke: She's emotional. But she's very excited for steffy. In fact, she's over there with liam, meeting baby phoebe right now.

Hope: She's beautiful, steffy.

Steffy: I wish I could take the credit, but the birth parents are responsible for that. She's just so tiny. So innocent. You're gonna be a good little sister to kelly, aren't you? She's just gonna adore you. She's gonna be protective of you, and she might even let you borrow her clothes. Yeah. She's such a sweetheart. She feels like family. Every day, people are fighting type 2 diabetes with food,

Brooke: You think it was a mistake?

Taylor: Well, I -- I just don't think it was very wise for her emotions to go and see phoebe right now.

Brooke: I'm the one who suggested it, but hope decided to go over there to steffy'S.

Ridge: She wants to be supportive. She knows it's an important time for steffy.

Brooke: And for kelly. She always wants to put the children first.

Ridge: It's true. They made that bargain. Whatever happens between the three of them, the kids always come first. You got to admire that.

Taylor: Okay. Well, I mean, it seems like hope is handling the adoption very well so far, and I appreciate the effort she's making, but...

[ Sighs ] You know, it just seems to me... being around phoebe, it's got to be so painful for her to -- to -- it's got to be a reminder of what she lost.

Brooke: Well, you know what's remarkable to me is that an infant was placed with steffy so quickly. So, you said this was through a connection of yours?

Taylor: Yes. Heh... it all just sort of fell into place. Steffy was very lucky.

Ridge: And that baby's pretty lucky, too.

Taylor: Yeah. I mean, the timing is not great. I know that. But a baby is a gift. I mean, I really believe that this baby was always meant to be a part of our family.

Zoe: Dad, you can't just spring this on me. I mean, when were you even planning on leaving?

Reese: Today. [ Sighs ]

Zoe: Today?! Why? Did -- did something happen?

Reese: Look, I'm -- I'm not in any trouble, if that's what you're wondering. I'm just transferring back. There's been a lot of re-shuffling. Plus, I can re-focus on my research. I just think that going back to london is the best idea, especially for your sake.

Zoe: Why would you say that? I-I don't want you to go.

Reese: Zoe, me being here stresses you out. I know it does.

Zoe: Okay, at first. I mean, I'll admit, when you just showed up out of the blue, it really did worry me. But... dad, I've actually enjoyed having you here.

Reese: And I've loved our time together. But I don't want to complicate your life any more than I have. Plus, I have my work.

Zoe: Yeah, but you have your job at the hospital, and the clinic on catalina. Okay, you don't need to go back to england.

Reese: I wish it --

Zoe: You can just -- listen. You can build your practice here.

Reese: I wish it were that simple. You'll be good. I know you will be. You're a kind, honest person. And I love you more than anything. I've loved being here with you. And I couldn't be any prouder. My girl, modeling for forrester creations? What? That is something!

Zoe: Dad...

[ Voice breaking ] You really don't have to leave.

Reese: I'll come back, and I'll visit, and you'll come home, and you'll see me. It doesn't matter where I am or how grown you are. I'll always be your dad. And anytime you need me, I'll come running. You keep making your dreams happen. You keep it up with your painting.

Zoe: [ Sobs, sighs ]

Reese: You do what makes you happy. You don't let this city change you.

Zoe: I won'T.

Reese: I love you more than anything, kiddo. You mean the world to me.

Zoe: [ Sniffles ] I love you, too, dad.

Hope: I can't stop staring at her.

Steffy: Yeah, she has that effect on me, too. Look, she's already falling in love with her aunt hope. Looks like you two have a special bond.

Hope: Gosh, she's such a good baby. I'm so happy that she found her family.

Steffy: I'm glad you got to meet her.

Liam: Um, I mean, maybe -- maybe it's time for a bottle?

Steffy: Oh, no. She'll let us know when she's hungry.

Liam: Okay.

Hope: Are you hungry, phoebe? No? You're all cozy right here?

[ Chuckles ] Yeah, me too.

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help stop your cold sore?

Ridge: That went as well as could be expected.

Brooke: Ah, taylor and I know how to put aside our differences and focus on the children.

Ridge: Hey. I'm proud of you. I'm proud of how you're handling this adoption.

Brooke: Well, it does bother me on some level, being so close to losing beth.

Ridge: Well, you're dealing with your own grief. And you're there for hope. It's not an easy position to be in.

Brooke: And I would do anything I could to take away hope's pain. But I think it's just gonna take some time. Time for her to heal.

Ridge: And family. If she allows us to be there.

Brooke: [ Sighs ] I just can't believe that steffy is going to have two daughters in her family, and hope... do you think she'll ever hold her own child?

Ridge: [ Sighs ] Yeah, she will.

Brooke: I mean, it would break my heart if she -- she never got to experience that bond between a mother and a-a baby.

Ridge: Well, she's still struggling. But she's got you. She's got us. She's got liam.

Brooke: [ Sighs ]

Ridge: We'll get her through this.

Brooke: Yeah, I know. I know.

Ridge: And phoebe is gonna be great for everybody.

Brooke: Heh.

Ridge: Right? Even hope. Kids, little babies, they're -- they heal things, right?

Brooke: Yes. You're right. Children are a blessing. And we're gonna love this phoebe. Welcome her into our family. And eventually... hope will do that, too.

[ Knock on door ]

Taylor: Reese?

Reese: Taylor.

Taylor: Whoa! Heh... hi. Wow, you -- it's true. You really are leaving.

Reese: Yep. The transfer came through. I'm leaving on a red-eye tonight.

Taylor: Well, I'm -- I'm glad I caught you before you left.

Reese: Me too. How's the baby?

Taylor: Oh, phoebe is amazing. Steffy's just absolutely thrilled.

Reese: Well, I'm glad to hear that.

Taylor: She is a wonderful mother, reese.

Reese: I have no doubt. That's why I felt comfortable introducing you to the birth mother.

Taylor: Yes, and I'm so grateful.

[ Stammers ] I will never be able to thank you enough for what you've done for me and steffy.

[ Kelly cries on monitor ]

Steffy: Oh. Did you hear that? Phoebe, your older sister's up. I'll be right back.

Liam: Okay.

Steffy: Ohh. Look who it is.

Liam: Hi, kelly!

Hope: Hi.

Steffy: Kelly, here she is. Do you remember your little sister?

Hope: Oh, my gosh. I swear I just saw a smile.

Steffy: [ Chuckles ]

Hope: Did you just smile, phoebe?

Liam: I'm telling you, they're already in cahoots with each other.

Steffy: Well -- ha -- that's already destroying my life, clearly.

[ Laughs ]

Liam: [ Chuckles ]

Hope: Oh, they're gonna be the best of friends.

Steffy: Yeah, yeah.

Hope: Can you imagine all the fun they're gonna have together?

Steffy: Gosh! Kelly is so much bigger than phoebe.

Liam: I was just thinking the same thing.

Hope: They're so lucky to have each other. And this is how we originally saw it. Me holding my daughter, and you holding kelly. That's how it was supposed to be with beth.

Steffy: Hope, I'm gonna need some help. And phoebe's gonna need all the family she can get. I understand if this is difficult for you, but I'd like for you to be part of her life.

Hope: I'd like that, too.

Taylor: Well, I'm sad to see you go. I-I didn't know you were going back to london so soon.

Reese: It's time.

Taylor: You weren't here that long.

Reese: I accomplished what I needed to do.

Taylor: Right, right. And one of those things was making sure your daughter got settled into L.A.

Reese: Yeah. My daughter means the world to me. I would do anything to make sure that she is safe and happy.

Taylor: I am gonna miss you, reese. And you've made such a huge impact on steffy and my life in such a short amount of time. The way you came into our life, and you -- you helped us find that beautiful little girl... I believe it's like divine intervention, you know? Steffy has suffered so much in her life -- so much loss and so much disappointment. She lost her twin. She lost liam. She lost a baby of her own before kelly. And she puts up a strong front, but... this gift you've provided has truly given her a lot of hope. Thank you.

Liam: Well? That couldn't have been easy.

Hope: I wanted to meet her.

Liam: Yeah. Given all the hell you've been through, the courage it must have taken to put your pain aside, to go over to that house, to hold that baby, to welcome her into the family... I'm proud of you.

Hope: Well, phoebe's gonna be part of our lives for a very long time.

Liam: Yeah. She's my daughter's sister. We're gonna be seeing a lot of her.

Hope: She was beautiful.

Liam: Yeah, she was.

Hope: I-I can't stop thinking about her. You know, when I held her, it was like... I don't know. This... energy just went throughout my body, this warmth. And -- and I know I don't -- it's hard to explain, but...

Liam: No, I -- I felt the same thing. I mean, I'm surprised you held it together. You've been dealing with so much.

Hope: Yeah. You know, that precious little girl, it was surreal, holding her. It was like... I wanted to close my eyes and pretend like she was mine. Pretend like it was our beth. And I know that's a terrible thing to say. I know it is steffy's baby, and our baby died. But, you know, just for that moment, I just wanted to know what it would be like to hold my own daughter. What it would feel like to be a mom. Liam, I can't help but feel like that that life should have been ours. That that little baby that I was holding in our arms, that it should have been beth.

[ Crying ] Our sweet little baby beth.

Steffy: I'm here. Mommy's here, sweetheart. Mommy's here.

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