B&B Transcript Tuesday 1/29/19

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 1/29/19


Episode #8025 ~ Flo realizes the severity of Reese's actions and worries about the consequences; Liam breaks the news to Hope that Steffy is adopting a baby girl.

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Steffy: Amelia should be coming up the hill by now.

Taylor: Oh, I told her to wait until I call.

Steffy: Mom, what?

Taylor: I can stay with kelly.

Steffy: So you're not gonna come with me?

Taylor: I know this is a special day for all of the family, but this is your day.

Steffy: I can't believe it. I could be bringing home kelly's new sister. Your new granddaughter. As long as nothing goes wrong.

Liam: Who are you talking to?

Hope: I forgot that I have one last appointment scheduled with my ob's office.

Liam: I'll take you.

Hope: No. I mean, I should cancel, right? What's the point? I'm not pregnant. I'm not sick.

Liam: Are you feeling well?

Hope: Hi. Uh, yeah, sorry. Um... no, I'll -- I'll keep the appointment with dr. Lin. Thank you. So, um, what were you saying before?

Liam: [ Clears throat ] Uh, yeah. Um... it was -- it was about steffy.

Hope: Oh. Right. Uh, um... yeah, when she brought up adoption?

Liam: Yeah.

Hope: Well, that was just because she was upset with me for asking for distance between her mother and our daughter, and... obviously that's not an issue anymore, so...

Liam: Uh, well, actually, um... she's still serious about wanting a sister for kelly.

Hope: We tried, liam.

Liam: And she thinks she's found one.

[ Poker game warbles ]

Reese: [ Scoffs ] When will I learn?

Flo: Just changed her.

Reese: Told you you'd get the hang of it.

Flo: Yeah. For maybe the last time, right? Shouldn't she be sleeping in a beautiful cliffside house in malibu tonight?

Reese: Hopefully. That depends on you and taylor.

Flo: Well, I've done everything that you've asked me to.

Reese: Just do not hand that baby over until you hear from me that the account's settled.

Flo: Okay. How much money are you getting for her?

Reese: Flo, don't be crass in front of steffy. She is not buying a baby, nor are we selling one.

Flo: Okay. So, how much are you getting for not selling that little bundle of joy, then?

Flo: What exactly are the stakes here? How much money are we talking?

Reese: $250...thousand.

Flo: $250,000?!

Reese: That's what I need.

Flo: For what?!

Reese: To keep my daughter safe.

Flo: That's what you owe?

Steffy: You don't think florence could change her mind now that we're ready to make it official?

Taylor: Could she freeze up before she signs away her parental rights? Uh, yes. I mean... but she isn'T. She isn't going to.

Steffy: She was so sweet with the baby.

Taylor: Honey, you have to remember why she came to L.A. In the first place. And also, you have to think about -- she never named that baby because she didn't want to bond with her. It's almost like... she already knew that that baby was going to be somebody else's child.

Hope: Found?

Liam: Yeah.

Hope: What, like, in another country, or...?

Liam: No. Los angeles. Um, the birth mother is from somewhere else.

Hope: So, boy or a girl?

Liam: A girl.

Hope: Right. Yeah. Uh... o-obviously 'cause of steffy wanting a sister for kelly.

Liam: Uh, yeah.

Hope: A sister that wasn't beth.

Liam: Hey, I got to tell you, you know, I -- I really believe that we would have worked through all that.

Hope: Yeah. No, you're right. I-I want to believe that, too. Um... [ Sighs ] So, uh, what -- has she started the process or...?

Liam: Actually, I -- I'm pretty sure it's well on its way.

Reese: Which one should she wear for her big day?

Flo: I have some questions about these papers.

Reese: No, you don'T. I told you to familiarize yourself with them. You don't have to understand them. That's for your attorney.

Flo: Which is who, exactly? Do I know him?

Reese: I do.

Flo: You know him or you invented him?

Reese: She has to have a birth certificate. There's a copy for steffy and for her lawyer. And her date of birth is just a few days before her actual one, just in case.

Flo: She has a social security number and -- how? Reese, where did you get all of this?

Reese: Flo, hear me, please. In the unlikely event that someone asks you those same questions, it's best if you don't have the answers. Understood?

Flo: But I'm -- I'm gonna have to sign this one. I have to sign this one. I'm -- I'm gonna be breaking the law.

Reese: [ Scoffs ] We crossed that line a while ago.

Flo: What if steffy finds out?

Steffy: Carter will be here any minute. I should call liam, let him know what's happening.

Taylor: That's up to you. But I -- I wouldn'T.

Steffy: Why? He's been nothing but supportive.

Taylor: What if hope overhears? I don't think liam's had time to talk to her yet.

Steffy: He's just waiting for the right time.

Taylor: [ Sighs ] Well, honey, I wouldn't wade into that.

Steffy: I want her to know i wasn't purposely trying to jump-start an adoption.

Taylor: Well, liam will just tell her that an opportunity arose, and you couldn't turn your back.

Steffy: I don't know. She's been through a lot.

Taylor: I know, honey. I know it's heartbreaking. But that's what I'm trying to tell you -- there is going to be some resentment. But she will get past it in time.

Hope: I just didn't think -- I mean, I knew maybe someday.

Liam: Steffy's very aware of how sensitive the timing is for us, and -- and I think that -- I think she's mourning beth, too, in her own way.

Hope: No, I know. I know.

Liam: And, you know, steffy was considering adoption before any of this even happened. You know, she talked to people, she met with some -- some social workers. And -- and then, out of nowhere, this child shows up, and -- and it just -- it just fit. I-it just fit in a way that doesn't seem like it ever will again. But the problem was, she -- she couldn't wait. There was no option to wait. She had to say yes or no now.

Hope: So she said yes.

Liam: You know, I'm -- I'm actually not sure how she got to the yes. Um... I think she was gently testing the news out on me.

Hope: [ Sighs ]

Liam: And if I had said, "no. Absolutely not. This is too painful"... she would have let it go. I just -- I-I don't know.

Hope: But you -- you didn'T.

Liam: Would you have wanted me to?

Carter: What is all of this?

Steffy: Oh, for the birth mother. My background check, financial statements.

Carter: Well, the social worker who did the home study saw these, right? Okay. Then I just need... the document saying it was all completed. You should be glad you got all this done when you first started thinking about adoption.

Steffy: Yeah. My mom said I would need it.

Carter: Heh. Now, what I don't have that I thought florence's attorney would have messengered is the birth certificate.

Taylor: Um, well, I-I -- I'm pretty sure my contact would have gotten that to florence by now.

Carter: And I take it that the adoption costs are being settled separately?

Taylor: I'm taking care of that.

Carter: That's cool.

[ Chuckles ] That's cool. Uh, in an independent adoption, I don't need to know what they are, just that it's being handled.

Steffy: Okay.

Carter: You ready?

Steffy: Yeah.

Carter: Yeah?

Taylor: [ Chuckles ] So, don't worry about kelly. I'll be here with her until amelia arrives.

Steffy: Oh!

Taylor: Good luck, honey. I love you.

Steffy: I love you. Thank you so much. This wouldn't be possible without you. Thank you

Taylor: See you later.

Reese: Flo, you're looking a little shaky.

Flo: Yeah, I'm feeling that way, too.

Reese: Steffy is not going to question this. We have all the proper documentation. We're at the home stretch now.

Flo: How much trouble are you in, reese?

Reese: I told you, they are threatening to hurt my daughter or -- or worse.

Flo: How do you even know that they're gonna back off once you pay them?

Reese: All they want is -- is the rest of their $200,000.

Flo: I thought you said it was $250,000?

Reese: The other $50,000 is for you. I told you that I'd take care of you.

Flo: But if I -- if I take that, then that makes me an -- an accomplice or whatever.

Reese: [ Sighs ] That ship has already sailed. I'll text you once I have the money in hand.

[ Sighs ] Good luck. You're gonna do great. And -- and, flo, nobody is going to challenge this.

Flo: How can you be so sure?

Reese: Because nobody has a reason. Everybody gets what they want. The sharks get their money. I get safety for zoe. You get a nest egg for the future. And steffy forrester gets a baby that she's already fallen in love with. And that child gets a life full of every advantage.

> Flo: And what about the real mother? What does she get?

Reese: A lifetime to forget the worst night of her life. And mine. Helped by the healthy, beautiful children that I know she'll have one day.

Liam: It's, uh, um, an independent adoption, they call it. Um... apparently taylor has some contacts in that world.

Hope: And how old is she?

Liam: She -- she's, like -- like, a newborn. Like, a month.

Hope: A newborn.

Liam: Yeah. I -- I know.

Hope: Well, has, um, steffy seen her yet?

Liam: She has. Um... in fact, that's what made her decide to go through with it now.

Hope: She fell in love with her right away?

Liam: Honestly, she couldn't not. I mean, this is just a perfect, beautiful little baby girl.

Hope: So steffy sent you a photo? Can I see?

Liam: Um... actually, um... I met her. Daddy diaper duty...

Hope: I, uh... I didn't realize.

Liam: I've been debating when and how to tell you.

Hope: I've been closed off lately, and not exactly easy to talk to.

Liam: And you've had every right to be.

Hope: Well, I am -- I'm listening now.

Liam: Uh, I don't know how I'm gonna talk about this.

Hope: Well, it can't be harder than what we've already lived through. So.

Liam: I just -- phew! I just wasn't, um... I wasn't prepared for how it would feel to hold a -- a newborn so soon. I mean, she was just so... tiny and -- and trusting and beautiful. It was like there was this light coming from her, and -- and I'm not saying this to add to the pain. I'm just saying it because it's true -- I thought of beth. And... I mean, I'm -- I'm holding this -- this little miracle, this perfect little creature, and suddenly the nightmare didn't hurt so much anymore. And I realized that I can't possibly be bitter toward other parents bringing children into the world and giving them happy, fulfilling lives. I-I -- I can'T.

Hope: Of course you can'T. We're grieving parents. We're not monsters.

Liam: Yeah.

Hope: Is steffy happy?

Liam: Yeah.

Hope: And if it works, does she have a name?

Liam: Phoebe.

Hope: Well, yeah. That's perfect. Heh... I'm really happy for steffy. The way -- you know, what happened to her sister was so -- so awful...

Liam: It still haunts her. Yeah.

Hope: Yeah, so... maybe it feels like she's giving phoebe a second beginning, and replacing... death with life. And kelly lost a sister, too, and maybe this is just god's way of providing one.

Liam: I love you so much.

[ Knock on door ]

Steffy: Florence, hi. I hope we didn't keep you waiting.

Flo: Not at all. Come on in.

Steffy: This is my friend and attorney, carter walton.

Carter: It's good to meet you, florence. Thank you so much for all the thought and care you've put into the process. Made my job so much easier.

Flo: Oh, that's good to hear. Make yourselves comfortable, please.

Carter: Will your attorney be joining us?

Flo: I didn't know he would need to.

Steffy: Oh, is that a problem?

Carter: Perhaps I should call him.

Flo: Okay.

Carter: Is that his stationery?

Flo: Yeah.

Carter: May I?

Flo: Of course.

Carter: Perfect.

Steffy: Does everything look god?

Carter: A certified copy of the birth certificate...

Flo: You'll get a copy of that too.

Carter: And the icpc clearance -- required when you adopt a child that was born in another state. And the, uh... the most important one -- the termination of parental rights.

Flo: I haven't really looked at that one yet.

Carter: You'll want to do that now, before you sign.

Flo: Okay.

Steffy: The social worker said that's one of the biggest problems they run into -- a parent refusing to sign off.

Flo: I don't even know where we'd be able to find him.

Carter: Well, look, the -- the hospital lists the father as absent/unknown.

Flo: Guess that's pretty accurate.

Carter: Well, a father who doesn't claim paternity has no parental rights. So, all we need is your signature, florence.

[ Baby cooing on monitor ]

Steffy: Oh! I love that sound.

Carter: [ Chuckles ] Can't wait to meet her.

Steffy: She never seems to cry.

Flo: Not really.

Steffy: And does her mother? Oh, I'm -- I'm sorry. Oh, I'm sorry!

Flo: It's okay.

Steffy: No, I-I -- I'm -- I'm sorry. I just -- I-I keep -- I keep forgetting that it's, uh, a happy day for me, and a sad day for you. Your daughter is an angel. I'm already in love with her, and I want you to know that I'm gonna cherish her, I'm gonna protect her. But if -- if you need time...

[ Flo sniffles ] If you change your mind... I respect your decision.

Flo: No.

Steffy: No?

Flo: I'm ready. At least, I think I am.

[ Sniffles ]

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