B&B Transcript Tuesday 1/15/19

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 1/15/19


Episode #8015 ~ The history between Reese and Florence comes to light when he asks her for a considerable favor. Taylor presents Steffy with an opportunity that she's always wanted.

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Taylor: [ Sighs ] She's such a beautiful child. You've given me a lot to think about, heh.

Florence: Dr. Buckingham has been an angel to take care of her here, but I'm just -- I'm just not gonna feel right until I know that she has a real home.

Taylor: I don't know if my daughter's ready.

Reese: The big things in life don't ask if you're ready.

Taylor: I'll talk to her.

Reese: I'll go put her down. I hope to hear from you soon, taylor.

Taylor: So, how did you say you found reese?

Florence: Well, I wanted my baby to be adopted right away, so someone at the agency suggested I look into private adoption, and that's when I was put in touch with dr. Buckingham.

Taylor: That's quite a bit of trust you have.

Florence: You see what kind of man he is.

Taylor: Yeah, but --

Florence: Look, if -- if I had put her in foster care for months -- or years, even -- while all the interviews and attorneys and red tape was being done, who would take care of her? How many times would she change hands? This way, I-I know. I can see it.

Taylor: Oh, florence. You've had a lot of tough decisions to make.

Florence: What is your daughter like? Is she like you?

Taylor: Um... some people say there's a resemblance.

Florence: No, I mean is she, um -- is she kind, professional?

Taylor: Oh, e-extremely. Uh, she's grounded. Very strong-willed. Independent.

Florence: She sounds wonderful.

Taylor: Oh, she is.

Florence: Thank you so much for coming by. I really appreciate it.

Taylor: Yeah. It's been a revelation.

Florence: I assume you were listening. How did I do?

Reese: You could have said less.

Florence: Well, she had questions.

Reese: The more you say, the greater the risk of you getting it wrong.

Florence: Did I?

Reese: No. I owe you, flo. I knew you could pull it off, and you did.

Florence: Yeah, well, you know me. Flo goes with the flow.

Reese: [ Scoffs ]

Xander: You know, they're gonna call you for a fitting.

Zoe: Yeah, well, yours is before mine. I'm getting closer... closer... see? I knew it. And you said you weren't gonna kiss me any more.

Xander: You kissed me!

Zende: I did no such thing. And, plus, that was a test. And when faced with temptation, you fail.

Xander: I mean, if you're the temptation, yeah.

[ Laughs ] Mwah! You know, I like the new us. 2.0. Taking our time. Reconnecting.

Zoe: Well, what was wrong with the old us? Apart from my bouts of being possessive --

Xander: Stop. That was then. Uh, plus, I feel like i understand what went wrong in london a little better now. And at the risk of oversimplifying, I think you have a fear of abandonment.

Zoe: Well, that just means that you've been paying attention.

Xander: Well, letting me in on more about your father explains a lot.

Florence: Seriously? There's an app for that?

Reese: What am I supposed to do, go to the supermarket and get it myself?

Florence: [ Scoffs ] I'm assuming that "yes" is the wrong answer. How big of a secret is this little bundle of joy that you're hiding?

Reese: What are you looking for?

Florence: My phone. Just want to see if work's trying to add me to the schedule this week.

Reese: The casino?

Florence: I told them I'd be gone for a few days, but they've been really weird about me taking time off, so...

Reese: Tony always said you were his best craps dealer.

Florence: And you always said that I was your favorite.

Reese: [ Chuckles ]

Florence: Is that why you were always the best tipper?

Reese: You said you were gonna make it up to me someday.

Florence: I think I just did.

Reese: [ Snorts softly ]

Florence: [ Chuckles ] So, am I gonna see more of you now that you're not in london?

Reese: Uh, I don't know how much longer I'll be here. I've got some stuff I need to square away.

Florence: Is taylor one of them?

Reese: There's a connection.

Florence: What's really going on, reese? You can tell me.

Steffy: Hi. I was starting to get worried.

Taylor: Oh, you've worried about me enough for one lifetime.

[ Sighs ] Now it's my turn. You busy?

Steffy: Uh, no. Just doing some work mail. Why? What's up?

Taylor: Uh, something pretty incredible happened today. I met a woman who's giving up her little girl for adoption. I think you might want to meet her, too. (Cat 1) friskies world...

Xander: You know, I-I'm glad you and your dad are trying to reconnect.

Zoe: It's been a bit of a process. But yeah. I was even thinking about getting a bigger place so he could come stay with me. Just until he sorts himself out.

Xander: Well, that's big of you. Where does he live now?

Zoe: Well, I don't know. Last night, I gave him a call, and offered to come by with dinner and a movie to watch. But he said no.

Xander: Why?

Zoe: Well, I think he's just proud, you know? Probably doesn't want me to see him like this. I know he's still numb over what happened with hope's baby. Considering his past, I hope that's all it is, and that he's not in any kind of trouble.

Reese: [ Chuckles ] Baby spit up on me.

Florence: Yeah, I wouldn't know anything about that.

Reese: Fair enough. You know I couldn't do this without you.

Florence: Do what, exactly?

Reese: Find the baby a good home with a loving family.

Florence: With that taylor -- or her daughter?

Reese: They're good people.

Florence: Oh, no doubt. But taylor looks at you with more than just humanitarian interests in mind.

Reese: Don't give me a hard time. You don't know what it's been like here.

Florence: You know, maybe we should take a little getaway once your tiny roommate is relocated, right? Maybe we can do san diego, or... you know, I've still never been to catalina.

Reese: No. I'm not going back there. I worked at a clinic there. And, uh, it didn't end well. I had to make a tough decision. Take a big gamble.

Florence: You're not exactly sounding like your normal, unsinkable self.

Reese: [ Inhales sharply ] This project I've taken on, it is not easy. And you came when I called you. No one does that for me.

Florence: I wouldn't do it for anyone else. I mean, the drive alone, and taking care of a baby and pretending to be its mom?

Reese: [ Scoffs ] There's a little money in it for you once I take care of everything. I've always been able to trust you. I need your trust now.

Florence: You know what's gonna help you find that little baby a home? A birth certificate.

Reese: Easy enough to draw one up.

Florence: You -- you can do all that? I mean, you're gonna need a social security number and everything.

Reese: The less you know, the better.

Florence: Okay, I -- I have to just come out and say it. Reese, are you in trouble?

Steffy: Okay, slow down. I'm missing something. A woman came up to you and asked if you wanted her baby?

Taylor: A -- a while back, I-I had told a trusted colleague that my daughter was interested in adopting a baby. I had no idea that it would go anywhere.

Steffy: Have you met the mother?

Taylor: Well, it's only fair to treat what she told me as confidential, but she -- she's very decent and -- and honest, and healthy. And she's single, a-and she has no family to support her, and the baby's father isn't around.

Steffy: Is she working with an agency?

Taylor: No. I-it would be a private adoption. A-and my colleague has experience doing that, and he's facilitating it for her. She wants it to go faster so the baby can form proper attachments and bond with her new family.

Steffy: It's a girl?

Taylor: Yes. Yes! And she's so beautiful. She's just precious. And a newborn. I didn't commit to anything, I swear. But suddenly, right there in front of me, there it was. The way for you to have the sister for kelly that you wanted for her so badly.

Reese: Trouble? What for?

Florence: You're in a city you don't live in with a baby that isn't yours, with no traveling papers to go with her. That's not exactly an everyday occurrence.

Reese: So, I try to do something nice for someone, and a-- and all of a sudden, I'm what, a -- a wanted criminal?

Florence: Reese, this is me. There's really not much i wouldn't do for you. But if this situation is stressing you out, maybe it's time you just return little baby nameless to whoever you got her from.

Reese: [ Sighs ] If I seem off, it's because I'm worried about my daughter.

Florence: I thought you said zoe was okay?

Reese: She's young. There are some realities she's a stranger to. I know none of this makes sense right now, but trust me, we are doing something good, flo.

[ Cellphone rings ] I got to take this.

[ Cellphone beeps ] I can't talk right now.

You can't do much is my impression. You told my associate a week.

Reese: I-I -- I'm -- I'm almost there.

And we're almost at little zoe's front door.

Reese: I-I've almost got the money.

All of it?

Reese: Just tell your boss I need a few days.

[ Chuckles ] Those are his least favorite words. I've got my orders. You got yours.

[ Cellphone beeps ]

Steffy: And the baby's healthy?

Taylor: Mm-hmm. And she's in a doctor's care to make sure she stays that way. Honey, I-I know this is a lot to process. I'm still in shock. But I really have to believe that things like this happen for a reason.

Steffy: Up till now, it's only been an idea. A maybe. When I met with the agency, I just had so many questions about the time line, interviews, home visits. But now that I'm faced with an actual option, it's like, can I do it? Am I ready? I-I don't know.

Taylor: Another infant. I know. It's a lot.

Steffy: [ Sighs ] Yeah, of course I can do it. I know I could. It's just... the timing, mom. Then again, liam was here earlier to see kelly, and he brought up adoption. I never would have. He knows that his loss is our loss. That kelly lost her half-sister.

Taylor: Is liam opposed to you adopting?

Steffy: Liam wouldn't tell me what to do. Did you get a picture of the baby?

Taylor: Oh, no. I didn't think to at the time. But she's -- [ Sighs ] She's so beautiful.

Steffy: All babies are, mom.

Taylor: Sweetheart, I know you sometimes think that I get caught up in wishing for a fairy-tale ending, but I'm telling you, if this worked out, you could give kelly the sister you wanted for her.

Tech: At safelite autoglass

Zoe: Uh, question. How would you go about asking your father if he needs to borrow money?

Xander: I'd just ask.

Zoe: Never. He'd be way too offended.

Xander: So I guess we're talking about your father.

Zoe: How about I just -- I don't know. Let's just say I give him $5,000, right? And I do the whole, "what do i know about money?" Thing. And if I don't get it back, then I know what kind of investment it was. You don't approve.

Xander: No, you just reminded me of something.

Zoe: What?

Xander: Just that wise, generous girl I fell in love with in london. And suddenly I remembered, she's right here. I'm looking right at her. And I'm falling in love with her all over again.

Florence: Hush, little baby, don't say a word

papa's gonna buy you a thunderbird

and if that thunderbird won't drive

we'll hot-wire another one on the 405 sorry, sweetie. [ Murmuring ]

[ Cellphone ringing ]

Taylor: Oh. It's that colleague of mine.

Steffy: Take it.

Taylor: What do you want me to say?

Steffy: Say that we're talking.

Taylor: [ Sighs ] Hello, again.

Reese: Hey. I was just checking to see if you got home safely.

Taylor: Yeah, I did. Thanks.

Reese: Good, good. Um... you talk to your daughter?

Taylor: We're doing that right now.

Reese: Great. I'm -- I'm sure she'll have questions. But remember --

Taylor: Yes, no names.

Reese: Thank you. Um... could be awkward, seeing as how my daughter works for yours.

Taylor: Understood. Um... it's just, th-this was so unexpected. We may need a little more time to make it all come together.

Reese: I can't promise you time.

Taylor: Well, then, maybe this won't work.

Steffy: Mom!

Reese: I'm -- I'm so sorry. Look, that came out wrong. Just understand that I would never have a child in my apartment unless I thought it was gonna be short term. This little girl is gonna be placed quickly, and there are other families out there wanting to adopt. And florence may reconsider.

Taylor: Well, of course, the mother is welcome to look at other options.

Reese: Seeing her with you today, I just -- I just had this strong feeling that -- that that little girl belongs with you and your daughter.

Taylor: Thank you. I-I'll get back to you soon.

[ Line disconnects ]

Reese: Uh -- [ Sighs ]

Steffy: So the mom's looking at other options?

Taylor: Uh, maybe. But she didn't come off that way. Th-then again, I don't really know how private adoptions really work. I mean, ma-maybe in a general way. I understand that an agreement is made between the birth mother and the adoptive parents -- or in your case, parent -- and then the baby moves directly into her new home, and she never has to go into foster care.

Steffy: While adoptions through the state can take a very long time.

Taylor: And -- and that's what I don't want you to have to worry about. You have enough going on. You're running forrester with your father. You're maintaining this house. You're raising one child. And now, maybe, another daughter.

[ Sighs ] But I do understand why you want to do this. It all goes back to phoebe. I know, for me, as a mother, I will never get over losing her.

Steffy: Yeah, I realize a big part of me is... because of phoebe. I want kelly to have that. I want her to have that kind of lifelong bond right from the start.

Taylor: I think that's a beautiful thing you want.

Steffy: Does this little girl have a name?

Taylor: Not that I heard.

Steffy: Well, if I -- if I were to adopt her... I already have a name picked out.

Taylor: Phoebe. Honey, maybe I shouldn't say this, but... I think when... if you meet her, you -- you're absolutely going to fall in love with her.

Steffy: Oh! Why?

[ Chuckles, sniffles ]

Taylor: I don't -- I don't know. It's just -- she'S... the minute I looked at her, it's like -- [ Sighs ] I want to say perfect. I don't know what you call it. But... it's like she was meant to be kelly's sister.

Steffy: [ Laughs ]

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