B&B Transcript Friday 1/11/19

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 1/11/19


Episode #8013 ~ As Ridge and Bill review their tumultuous history, Brooke makes her allegiance known; Reese tells Taylor he wants to show her how much he cares about her.

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Bill: I just checked on liam and hope. Had some food sent down to the cabin.

Brooke: Thank you for doing that. How did they seem?

Bill: Oh, I don't know. They're just taking it easy.

Ridge: Well, that's good.

Bill: I think the memorial meant a lot to them.

Ridge: Yeah, I'm -- I'm glad we got to do this.

Bill: Thank you, brooke, for putting all this together. And please thank eric again for me for opening his house to all of us.

Ridge: Eric and quinn, they went back to work. Just taking care of things at the office today.

Brooke: Hope has a lot of healing to do, both physically and emotionally. My poor daughter.

Bill: I still can't believe it.

Ridge: This is the worst thing that could happen to somebody. The worst thing. And I just wish there was more we could do.

Bill: We just have to be there for them. As parents, we have to let them know that we're grieving right along with them.

Brooke: They're being so brave.

Ridge: And they'll get through it.

Brooke: Yeah. It's a long road. It's not gonna be easy.

Bill: No. But today was a good start. Having friends and family gather together. You did a wonderful thing, brooke.

Ridge: You did do a wonderful thing. It was important, and it was necessary, and now the three of us need to do something that's necessary for our family.

Taylor: You are an excellent doctor. You did everything you could to save hope and liam's baby.

Reese: I took an oath. "Do no harm." There's always more that a doctor can do.

Taylor: I-I can't even imagine what you're going through.

Reese: This shouldn't be about me. Hope and liam lost their baby.

Taylor: Well, I'm devastated. All of us are. But I'm also sad for you. I want to help you. You need to let it out. Open up and tell me everything that happened.

Reese: That's exactly what I want to do.

Taylor: It had to be so traumatic, what you went through. I-I'm sure most of it is a blur.

Reese: I remember. All of it. Every detail.

Taylor: I know it's difficult, re-living it, but it will help you move forward.

Reese: It was a nightmare. That innocent little girl... I -- I wish there was more that I could have done to help.

Taylor: Hope did not lose her baby because of you.

Reese: I did everything that I could, taylor.

Taylor: Of course you did.

Reese: I -- I should have seen the signs. I should have known what was coming. But...I thought I had it all handled. It all happened so fast.

Taylor: The delivery?

Reese: Yes. Yeah, the delivery. I-I want to talk to you about everything.

Taylor: It's very therapeutic. You've been through a shocking ordeal. So tell me. Tell me what happened. Tell me everything that happened that night.

Ridge: This is about healing.

Bill: The three of us?

Brooke: Now's not the time, ridge.

Ridge: I think this is exactly the right time. We were thrown into this, all of us, because hope and liam got married. And now they lost their daughter, and we got to try to be on the same page so we can -- we can guide our family through this.

Brooke: I would like nothing more than to see that happen. But the two of you --

Ridge: I know. We don't like each other. There's -- there's a lot of history here.

Bill: Well, I think we can all agree on that. What the hell are you getting at, forrester?

Ridge: Brooke is my wife. Until death do us part. And that's how it's gonna be.

Reese: What happened that night, it's always been my biggest fear since medical school, what every doctor dreads the most. Nothing can prepare you for it. You don't know how you're gonna react until it happens.

Taylor: Losing a patient's child.

Reese: You feel helpless. And it's my job to help. That's what I do. I help people. I deliver healthy babies.

Taylor: Unfortunately, not every baby is born healthy.

Reese: There were signs all over that day. Omens. The winds were angry. The power went out. We were short staffed. She came into the clinic in full-on labor. We had to deliver. It should have been routine. No complications. I -- I'd done this hundreds of times before. Then [Sighs] Things started to spiral. The placenta detached from the uterus. It's very rare. It usually doesn't happen. But it happened that night. And that beautiful little girl... she wasn't getting any oxygen in the womb. I tried to get her breathing again, but... she was already gone.

Taylor: You're not to blame. It was beyond your control.

Reese: That whole situation was totally out of control.

Taylor: My heart just breaks for hope. But at least she got to hold beth, and -- and see her. I can't imagine how heartbreaking it was for her to have to let her go. But I know this is difficult for you to talk about, and that's why I urge you to continue to seek help to work through this.

Reese: Thank you for listening. I -- I know you really care.

Taylor: I do. I -- I care a lot.

Reese: And I care about you, too, taylor. That's the other reason that I asked you to come. It's about you.

Bill: How does this have anything to do with our kids experiencing the worst tragedy of their lives?

Brooke: I have to agree with bill, ridge. I can't handle another fight, not between the two of you.

Ridge: I'm not looking for a fight. I don't want to fight with you. I'm trying to get on with him.

Bill: That'd be great if it was possible.

Ridge: But how? How is it possible? I don't know who you are now that you've taken off your necklace.

Bill: My priorities have shifted. I'm more devoted to my boys. I am trying to see the good in people. I've mellowed a bit. And I'm, uh -- I'm less reactive, as you can plainly see.

Ridge: See, I don't buy that. I think it's a ploy.

Bill: A ploy?

Ridge: I think it's a ploy to woo my wife. Tell me I'm wrong.

Brooke: Oh, my god. Okay. Can we talk about this some other time?

Ridge: No, this is a great time. What this -- yes, a horrible thing happened today. It was awful. But maybe that -- that can kick us into a place where you can take care of your family, and I can take care of mine.

Bill: Are you finished? I mean, brooke just asked you not to get into this right now.

Brooke: All right. All right, fine. Fine. I-I really didn't want to go here, but now that it's on the table, I guess I will address it.

[ Sighs ] I haven't been thrilled with some of ridge's choices lately. But he is my husband. He's my soul mate. We share a child together. And our marriage is going to last.

Ridge: You heard that, right? This doesn't have to be bad. Why can't this be a defining moment for us? It's not about us. It's about our kids. So let's -- let's focus on that. You focus on will. I focus on my kids. And together we can look after our granddaughter. But before all that, you have to respect my marriage, our marriage. What do you say?

Brooke: Now may not be the best time to have this conversation. I know that you're suffering over the loss of beth, too. But I have to say that I disagree with ridge. I do think that you're changing. I think that you're working on yourself. You're committed to becoming a better man. But you have to do that for yourself, bill. And for your sons, and for their future. Don't do it for me. Now, that's not to say that I'm not proud of you, because I am. And I do respect you. And I will always care about you. Whether ridge likes it or not. Now, you two, you share something very sacred. Your son and your daughter, they had a child. You are kelly's grandfathers. And it would really help if you tried to get along for her sake. We are one big, complicated family. And we're gonna interact for a very long time. So it'd be nice if we could do it without tension.

Bill: I'm listening.

Brooke: Hope is going to need me. And your son is going to need you. Your son's always going to need you, bill. Our children are so important in our lives. We need to think about them, and what matters to them. What can we do for them? What do they need? Our children have to come first. You do understand that, don't you?

Bill: I understand. I hear you loud and clear.

Ridge: [ Clears throat ] I hope he means it.

Brooke: I believe he does.

Ridge: I just don't trust the guy.

Brooke: Well, maybe you should give him a chance if you really want to make this work, ridge.

Ridge: [ Sighs ] I like what you said about the kids, and I agree.

Brooke: Well, I meant it. I mean, we're never gonna see beth smile or [Sighs] Never going to hear her laughter. You know, I'm gonna -- I'm gonna go check on hope.

Ridge: Hey. We're gonna get through this. We'll get through it together.

Brooke: Okay.

Reese: Well... [ Sighs ] You wanted me to be open with you, so this is me... being vulnerable. I hope it's not too much.

Taylor: No, I'm -- I'm glad you feel safe being honest with me.

Reese: Honesty. Yes. Uh... I asked you here because I need someone to confide in. Obviously I'm going through a tough time. I feel terrible about hope's loss, and I'm going to carry the guilt of that with me for the rest of my life. But there's another reason that I asked you to come here. I know we haven't known each other very long. But I care about you, taylor. And I want to show you just how much.

Brooke: I love you, sweetheart. I'm so sorry.

Hope: How do I do this, mom?

[ Gasps ] How do I go on without my baby?

Brooke: [ Sighs ]

Hope: Liam went out for a bit.

Brooke: Okay.

Hope: He didn't want to leave me alone, but I insisted.

Brooke: Well, were you able to get some rest?

Hope: [ Scoffs ] I can't sleep. I know you're worried about me, mom.

Brooke: Yes, I am worried about you. I want you to take it easy. You need to be gentle with yourself. It was a nice gathering.

Hope: It was.

Brooke: You know, you have a good community of people around you, honey. Your family and your friends. We all want to be there for you, so now is the time to lean on everybody. Especially me.

Hope: I can't stop looking at her.

[ Crying ] I only got to hold her for a minute, and she was already gone.

Brooke: Oh, I'm sorry, honey. I'm sorry.

[ Sighs ] This shouldn't have happened to you.

Hope: I just... I never want to forget the memory of holding her in my hands. You know? She was my daughter. This beautiful life that liam and I created...

[ Sobs ] My precious girl that i carried inside of me.

Brooke: Oh...

Hope: And then that was it. She was gone. And I'll never be able to hold her again.

[ Sobs ] And this is the only thing I have left of beth.

[ Sobs ] I just -- I don't understand why, mom. Why? Why did I have to lose her?

Brooke: I-I don't know. I don't know, sweetheart.

Hope: [ Sobs ]

Brooke: I -- I'm sorry. It's just -- it's terrible. This shouldn't have happened to you. I don't understand.

Hope: [ Sniffles ]

[ Sighs ] I'll never believe -- never believe that she wasn't meant to be. No one could ever tell me otherwise. But she should be here. I should be holding her now. And... [ Sighs ] Mom, I know -- I know that this is going to sound crazy, but part of me feels like she isn't gone.

Brooke: Oh...

Hope: She isn'T. No.

Brooke: [ Crying ] Oh, baby. My baby. I love you. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

Taylor: Reese, I really -- I appreciate your kind words, and I-I really think you're just so sweet and sensitive, a-and very attractive, and I-I'm so flattered. But I'm just going through so much in my life right now, and I'm not really ready for a relationship.

Reese: I understand. But that's not why i brought you here.

Taylor: Oh. You're being very mysterious, reese. What's going on?

Reese: I'll show you, i promise. Just -- just stay here a moment.

Taylor: Wait a minute. What a-- what are you doing? Where are you going?

Reese: You'll see. You'll see. This is it, taylor. This is why I asked you to come.

Taylor: A baby?

Reese: What a beautiful child. You want to hold her?

Taylor: Reese, why do you have a baby? Where did it come from? Reese, answer me. Where did you get this baby?

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