B&B Transcript Tuesday 1/8/19

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 1/8/19


Episode #8010 ~ Shaken by what transpired on Catalina Island, Reese agrees to the thug's demands; Brooke gives Ridge valuable step-parenting advice about Hope.

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Taylor: Morning. So, did it happen? It must have by now.

Steffy: I don't know. Liam knows I'm waiting to hear. Maybe catalina lost cell service from the storm.

Taylor: Oh, I know they've had a lot of trees knocked down.

Steffy: Or maybe hope's one of those unlucky moms, where her contractions start and stop over and over again.

Taylor: Oh, whatever it is, it'll all be forgotten when they bring that little baby home.

Steffy: Starting to feel real. I still hope we can find a way to be one big family.

Taylor: Yeah, me too. Never had much of a family feeling for brooke. But, then again, a child can heal everything.

Hope: It's just as we left it.

Brooke: I'm gonna take some of these gifts and things up to the house, okay?

Hope: It's all right, mom. It can't be wrong to remember all the excitement and planning before... everything changed.

Liam: It's not wrong. It's just... it's not easy.

Zoe: Dad, there was nothing you could do.

Reese: You don't know. You weren't there.

Zoe: No, but from what i heard through the forresters --

Reese: I'm -- I'm a doctor. I heal people. That's the job description.

Zoe: But you can't do the impossible. And as sad as it is, if hope's baby wasn't meant to live --

Reese: We were all meant to live, zoe! You, me, that little girl.

Zoe: You're exhausted. You just need to go back and lie down.

Reese: And every time I close my eyes... I re-live the worst night of my life.

Zoe: All right, then. Tell me. Tell me what you think you did wrong.

Reese: [ Sighs ]

Zoe: You see? You can'T.

Reese: There's still such a thing as confidentiality.

Zoe: People already know what happened. And by tonight, everyone will.

Reese: They don't know everything.

Zoe: They know your staff abandoned you.

Reese: No. They were almost finished with their shift. We knew the wind was coming. I told them to go ahead, make it home safe. I hope they did. How was I to know that, an hour later, the roads would be blocked by trees, and that the next shift wouldn't make it in?

Zoe: So there you were, all by yourself, in the dark.

Reese: Thank god the back-up generator came on.

Zoe: Dad, what went wrong for the baby happened inside of hope, didn't it? Before delivery. So what exactly is it that you think you could have done?

Taylor: Good morning. Are you all right?

Ridge: Yeah, I'm okay. Where's steffy?

[ Sighs ] And how's kelly? Is kelly okay?

Taylor: Her temperature was normal this morning. Everything's good.

Steffy: Hey, dad.

Ridge: You guys can't just assume that everything's gonna be okay. You got to -- you got to talk to a doctor if she's got any kind of fever.

Steffy: We have a doctor right here. Have you talked to liam?

Ridge: Yeah, I talked to liam.

Steffy: He must have gotten into catalina before the winds kicked in.

Ridge: Nope. None of us did.

Taylor: What are you saying?

Steffy: Was hope alone?

Ridge: She was alone for most of it.

Steffy: Is she okay?

Ridge: She's gonna be okay eventually, I think.

Taylor: Is the baby all right?

Steffy: Oh, my god.

Ridge: Uh, her name was beth. She didn't make it.

Steffy: Oh!

Liam: Hey, hope, do you maybe -- you want some breakfast?

Brooke: That's a wonderful idea.

Hope: Maybe later.

Brooke: I'll go make some coffee.

Liam: Do you think maybe she just wants to lie down?

Brooke: Well, that's an even better idea.

Hope: I know you both have things to do.

New theraflu powerpods.

Zoe: You aren't saying anything.

Reese: [ Sighs ] You asked me what I could have done. If I knew, I would have done it.

Zoe: Exactly my point. If you couldn't save that child, nobody could. Dad, is someone threatening you?

Reese: Why? Did someone say that? If someone said that, they don't know what they're talking about.

Zoe: Nobody said anything. But is that it? Your concerned that there'll be a malpractice suit?

Reese: No. You -- you just never know. But you hope not. Okay. Okay, look. We have exhausted the subject of me, which is not why I came.

Zoe: You don't need a reason to come see me.

Reese: Well, I have one. Have you and xander moved in together?

Zoe: I've been spending more time with xander. But, no, he hasn't moved in.

Reese: M-maybe he should. Maybe you should ask him.

Zoe: Where is this sudden interest in my love life coming from?

Reese: Maybe I just don't want my baby girl alone in this strange city.

Zoe: L.A. Is no stranger than london. Except for the whole sunshine.

Reese: [ Sighs ]

Zoe: Look, can't you just prescribe yourself something to get some sleep? I've never even seen you like this. Not that you don't have your own reasons.

Steffy: Could you watch kelly? No need to take her temperature. I just checked.

Taylor: Yeah, sure. But why? Where are you going?

Steffy: I take it hope's still at the clinic?

Ridge: No, we brought her home.

Steffy: If I go, do you think she'll want to see me?

Ridge: I think she would love to see you. It's important that you go see her. But not today.

Taylor: Is there anything we can do or send or...?

Ridge: I think we're doing it. And brooke is giving her daughter everything that she needs right now.

Steffy: Except the child she's been carrying inside of her all these months. And the future they planned for her.

[ Sighs ] Oh, god.

Hope: This is from emma. She was so excited I was having a baby girl. My beth.

Liam: Hope...

Brooke: Honey...

Hope: Please... don't ask me not to say her name.

Liam: No. No, of course not. Of course not. But, um... maybe I should take some of these things.

Hope: Do you remember when i picked this out? I had...such a clear image of how it would look on her. You know, when the doctors placed her in my arms, I knew... she was almost exactly how I had dreamed her.

Reese: I should have never come.

Zoe: Why not?

Reese: Because you're working. I've got to go home and shower, and I need a change of clothes, and...

[ Sighs ] Come here. Mm!

[ Sighs ] I just wanted to hold you and see you and tell you how much I love you.

Zoe: Do you want to come stay with me a few days?

Reese: Bad luck follows me around.

Zoe: I'm not worried about it.

Reese: Well, I am. Think about what I said about xander moving in.

Zoe: He's not a german shepherd.

Reese: A german shepherd would be good, too.

Ridge: I didn't know how much I needed to hold her. Thank you. All right. I'll see you later. I'm going home.

Steffy: Come here. Come here. I got you.

Ridge: [ Sighs ] Oh, man.

Taylor: Will you tell brooke and hope that I'm keeping them in my prayers, please?

Ridge: I will do that. Thank you. Hey. Nothing's ever gonna happen to you or to you. Promise me that.

Steffy: I'll do my best.

Ridge: Okay. And, please, can you just go to the doctor and get a clean bill of health? It's easy.

Steffy: Okay, okay. We will.

Ridge: All right. Later.

Steffy: [ Sighs ]

Taylor: [ Sighs ] This is just so sad for hope. I'm afraid the loss of beth is going to affect all of us for a very long time.

Brooke: Chamomile.

Hope: Thank you.

Hope: Where are you going with those?

Liam: I'm just... I'm just getting them out of the way for now.

Hope: No, I don't want them thrown away.

Liam: Hope, they'll be right here. Whenever you want to look at them.

Brooke: Honey, um, I'm gonna go up to the house, okay? You need some rest.

Hope: Okay. Yeah. Um... liam will take good care of me.

Brooke: Do you think that i should call your brothers and your sister? They would want to know.

Hope: Could you?

Brooke: Yeah.

Hope: Tell them? 'Cause...

Brooke: I will. I'll just -- I'll tell them to give you a couple of days, okay?

Hope: Thank you. Heh...

Brooke: Of course. And what about liam? Do you think I should call wyatt for him?

Hope: Not today.

Brooke: Okay. Um... okay. [ Sniffles ] I'm gonna -- I'm gonna make dinner, okay? No arguments. All right, sweetheart?

Hope: Okay. I love you, mom.

Brooke: Oh! I love you. I'll be back.

Liam: Do, you um...

[ Sniffles ] Do you hurt? Do you want, maybe, like those pain pills that dr. Buckingham prescribed, or...?

Hope: No. I don't want a pill.

[ Inhales sharply ] I can still feel her.

Liam: Maybe she just wasn't ready.

[ Sniffles ]

Hope: [ Sniffles ] Maybe she was too good for this world.

Reese: What are you doing here?

It's a free country.

Reese: Not in the forrester lot it isn'T. How'd you get past the gate?

Maybe I didn't drive.

Reese: You -- you stay away from my daughter. Kids, ah!

You don't make the rules for me. It's the other way around.

Reese: I hear you. Okay? Mr. Thigpen will get what he wants.

All of it?

Reese: Yes, all $200,000.

If you're telling the truth, how soon?

Reese: A week, maybe less. If you leave zoe out of this. Otherwise, you get nothing.

You have no weight to throw around here. If I get nothing, I have instructions to give you something you're not gonna like.

Steffy: It's hard to lose a sister. I can't even tell you what she looked like. We need to be strong for daddy, okay? He'll be so brokenhearted.

Brooke: I didn't know that you were back.

Ridge: Yeah, I just went for a drive. Went and saw steffy. And taylor said she's gonna pray for hope and beth.

Brooke: How did that go?

Ridge: [ Scoffs ] They were shocked. Upset. And, um... they want to come talk to you, and talk to hope, and I said that's --

Brooke: [ Sighs ]

Ridge: We -- just, we can't do that tonight, you know? Just, um... I'm so sorry.

Brooke: [ Groans ] I just can'T...

Ridge: [ Sighs ]

Brooke: I can't stand that hope is going to blame herself for this.

[ Sobs quietly ] This wasn't her fault.

Ridge: It's nobody's fault.

Brooke: [ Sniffles ]

Ridge: But she's young, and she's strong, and...

Brooke: [ Sighs ]

Ridge: You know, maybe in a little while, maybe they can try again.

Brooke: You just plan so much around a child. Even before she's born. You take time to -- to pick out a name, and you plan their first birthday party.

Ridge: [ Sighs ]

Brooke: You try to figure out what schools they're gonna go to. Pick out those cute little clothes.

[ Crying ] You know, you just try to figure out their life.

[ Sighs ] Then it's just -- [ Sighs ] Just empty.

[ Sniffling ]

Ridge: What can I do?

Brooke: [ Sighs ] Just hold me.

Liam: You know, they say everything happens for a reason, but... I don't believe that here.

Hope: Well, then, why, then? Why?

Liam: I don't know. I mean, maybe... maybe she just couldn't stay.

[ Voice breaking ] And then, you know, next time --

Hope: Liam... I really can't hear that right now.

Liam: [ Sniffles ] You can't be afraid of that.

Hope: [ Sobs ]

Liam: We're gonna have a family. We're gonna have another child. And it's not gonna be to replace beth, because that's impossible. She's our firstborn. And we're always gonna remember her.

Hope: I'm just so grateful to have you.

Liam: [ Sniffles ] I'm grateful to have you. I love you.

Hope: I love you.

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