B&B Transcript Friday 2/23/18

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 2/23/18


Episode #7784 ~ Sally confronts Bill about reneging on Liam's promise; Katie and Wyatt come to a realization about their cross-communication.

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Katie: You said it.

Wyatt: You did, too.

Katie: Hmm.

Wyatt: I mean, it's too late to take it back now, though, right?

Katie: Yeah, I guess it is too late.

Wyatt: I mean, do you want to? Take -- take it -- take it back?

Katie: Um, saying that I love you? No. Do you?

Wyatt: [ Murmuring ]

[ Katie giggles ]

Wyatt: No.

Katie: Hmm.

Wyatt: I should have said it much, much sooner. I don't want to hide my feelings for you anymore, katie.

Katie: Well, you know what this means.

Wyatt: Hmm?

Katie: We're gonna have to tell your father.

Justin: You actually told sally you weren't honoring your promise to help relocate spectra fashions?

Bill: There was a lot going on when I made that so-called promise. I was under duress. Compromised my business judgment. And anyway, sally was liam's pet project, not mine.

Justin: I know, but --

Bill: He doesn't work here anymore, so I don't feel I'm under any obligation to follow through on his charity cases.

Justin: Okay. She couldn't have taken that well.

Bill: Well, that's an understatement. She lost it. She came at me like a raging madwoman.

[ Gunshots, shells clattering ]

Sally: [ Sighs ]

Saul: So hot.

Shirley: What has got you all riled up?

Sally: Bill spencer. God, I hate that man! After everything that he has done to me and to us...

Shirley: Sally girl, I know you're upset. You knew you were gonna have to speak to bill about relocating spectra.

Saul: Is he still dragging his feet? No wonder you're here blowing off steam.

Sally: Oh, it is worse than dragging his feet. He is totally reneging.

Shirley: What?!

Saul: What?!

Sally: He says since liam isn't working there anymore, he's no longer going to honor his agreement to relocate spectra.

Shirley: No.

Sally: Like I said. I hate that man.

[ Gunshot ]

Saul: Spencer can't do this. He made a promise.

Sally: Yeah, like promises mean anything to that soulless monster.

Shirley: Well, nobody does this to the spectras and gets away with it. You're picturing bill spencer's face on that target, aren't you, sally girl? Go ahead. Pop him. I wouldn't miss the guy.

Saul: Me neither. But -- but we would miss sally, because she'd be behind bars.

Sally: You know, he thinks he's so tough. This mafia boss. Well, he may scare other people, but he does not scare me. Mess with me and mine. Somebody's got to put him in his place once and for all.

[ Gunshots, shells clattering ]

Bill: I don't want to waste another moment thinking about that carnival barker and her freak show. I'm not helping sally resurrect her so-called fashion house. End of story.

Justin: Okay. Well, what about liam?

Bill: What about him?

Justin: Any improvements in your relationship?

Bill: No. Unfortunately.

Justin: Well, have you reached out to him?

Bill: How am I supposed to do that, justin? He doesn't want to hear from me or talk to me.

Justin: Okay. All right. Getting upset and angry isn't gonna help.

Bill: Well, it's frustrating! I'm about to have a granddaughter, and liam's gonna cut me out of her life.

Justin: Hey. Still got wyatt.

Bill: Yeah. Yeah, I've got wyatt. He's loyal to me.

Wyatt: I wonder...

Katie: Hm? What do you wonder?

Wyatt: That if I hadn't seen you and thorne kissing, would we be here in this moment right now?

Katie: You mean, would we have realized how much we mean to each other?

Wyatt: Yeah. I kept saying no strings, and that there wasn't something deeper going on, and then I saw you two locking lips, and I just --

Katie: Oh, my god. I feel bad about that.

Wyatt: Don'T. I mean, I was the one who was touting an open relationship and wasn't ready for commitment, and -- and I don't blame you for ending up in thorne's arms.

Katie: [ Chuckles ] Did you really think you were gonna lose me?

Wyatt: Well, yeah. But I guess that was the wake-up call that I needed. And I am never going to lose you again.

[ Buzzer sounds ]

Saul: Who taught you to shoot like that?

Shirley: Who do you think? A single woman with two small girls? I wanted to be sure I could protect myself and my loved ones. Besides, if somebody came into my bakery and tried to rob me...

Saul: Oh, you -- you would have blown them all away.

Shirley: Mm-hmm.

Sally: Exactly what somebody needs to do to bill.

Shirley: [ Sighs ] Well... he definitely deserves it, double-crossing us this way. Like we haven't put up with enough from that blowhard so far!

Sally: He basically laughed in my face when I called him out on all of the horrible things that he had done to spectra and me.

Saul: You should have told him that you were an expert marksman, 'cause maybe then he'd take you seriously.

Sally: Oh, he's gonna take me seriously, all right.

Shirley: Like what have you got in mind, sally girl?

Saul: Yeah. Can we help?

Sally: He took away our honor. Undermined us. This wold would be a heck of a lot better place without bill spencer in it. Our lives would be much better.

[ Gunshots ]

Bill: Wyatt's really stepped up since liam left.

Justin: Yeah. Yeah, he's, uh... he's got good instincts.

Bill: Yeah, he does. And I trust him. You know, this whole situation, at least in terms of the company, it's, uh -- it's brought us closer. I hate being estranged from liam. And I -- and I know I only have myself to blame. But come on! I mean... enough time's gone by. Liam's got to find forgiveness. Not just for me. For steffy.

Justin: You know, I, uh... really hate having to say this, but... what if he can't? What if you've lost him?

Bill: Well, I hope to god I haven'T. I really do. But liam's not my only son. I have will. And obviously he's too young at this point, but wyatt -- wyatt is ready, willing, and loyal. You know, I -- I thought it was gonna be liam. Liam is the son leading spencer into the future. But maybe it's meant to be wyatt.

Katie: I still can't believe that thorne deleted your text. I mean, I'm sure he just thought he was looking out for me, but still.

Wyatt: Yeah, lucky for us it worked out anyway. You know, everything was okay. Better than okay, actually.

Katie: Yeah, I just hope that everyone else feels the same way.

Wyatt: You're worried about all the people that aren't gonna understand our relationship.

Katie: Yeah. Aren't you?

Wyatt: No. Because it's our life, katie. Yours and mine. We make each other happy. That's what we need to focus on. Our happiness. And our future. Agreed?

Katie: 'Kay. Agreed.

Wyatt: Okay.

[ Clears throat ]

Katie: Whoa. Hey. Uh, wait. Wait, wait, wait, wait. Where are you going?

Wyatt: Oh, I'm just gonna be gone for a little bit. I got to go pick up a small surprise.

Katie: Ooh. I like surprises.

Wyatt: Yeah, I know. You're gonna love this one.

Katie: Okay. Well, I guess I will just wait for you upstairs. I might have a little surprise of my own.

Wyatt: You minx, you.

[ Katie giggles ]

Bill: [ Chuckles ]

Justin: Ah.

Bill: Isn't she beautiful? Huh?

Justin: Nice.

Bill: It's quite a gun. A real showpiece. And worth a small fortune, I might add.

Justin: So where'd you get it?

Bill: It was a gift. Can I help it if people love me?

Justin: [ Laughs ] All right, whatever.

Bill: I was just cleaning out the safe, and I came across it. Been meaning to take her home.

Justin: You really want a gun lying around your house?

Bill: Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah. This is not just a gun, justin. She is a work of art. I mean, look at her, huh? Look at that handle. What are you doing here?

Sally: I decided to give you one last chance.

Bill: Excuse me?

Sally: To follow through on your promise to help relocate spectra.

Bill: Which part of "it ain't happening" don't you understand?

Sally: We had a verbal agreement!

Bill: We had nothing!

Sally: You calling me a liar?

Bill: I'm calling you what you are -- a grifter who roped in my bleeding-heart son to championing your cause. But liam doesn't work here anymore. So if you're looking for a handout, go find some other sucker to con, 'cause you will get nothing -- nothing! -- From me. Now get out!

Justin: I'll escort her to the lobby. Hey! Get back here.

Sally: You can't just make promises in life and break them. You are messing with the wrong woman.

Katie: It was a one-time thing. We were just, uh... caught up in the moment.

Wyatt: Mm-hmm. One time. Possibly...

Katie: And there are a million reasons why we should never, ever do it again.

Wyatt: Mamma mia!

Katie: I don't care what bill or anyone else thinks or says. I want to stay right here... in this moment with you.

[ Knock on door ] Who is it?

Wyatt: Uh, it's the plumber, ma'am. You called me again. It seems you have a re-occurring problem.

Katie: Oh. Hm. Uh, you know, that's odd, because I was expecting the pizza boy. You didn't happen to see him on the way up here, did you?

Wyatt: The kid with the mustache and the pizza box?

Katie: Uh-huh. Yeah, him.

Wyatt: I told him to get lost.

Katie: Hmm. That's too bad, because I am hungry.

Wyatt: Oh. So am I.

Wyatt: Mmph...

Katie: No, no, no, no. Don't stop. Don't stop.

Wyatt: Trust me, I do not want to right now. But -- but there is something important that I want to tell you.

Katie: [ Sighs ] It can't wait?

Wyatt: No.

Katie: Okay. Okay. What is it?

Wyatt: Come here. All right. You and I have had a history of being...unlucky in love.

Katie: Hm.

Wyatt: Uh, but I think that luck changed when we found each other. Not that this is a conventional relationship by any means. I mean, there's so many reasons why we probably shouldn't be together. But... sometimes you just -- you got to go for it. Because it feels right. You -- you and I, what we have together, it just -- it feels right to me. And I almost lost you once. I-I tried to play it cool with no strings, no commitments, and all that, but I just -- I want to change all that.

Katie: Change it how?

Wyatt: Well... when I left earlier, I had to go get something. Something to, uh, prove to you how much our future means to me. And, of course, it's easier for someone like me, knowing the jewelry biz and all that, uh, to find that special something. And a while back, I did. And I put it away in hopes of one day finding a woman to give it to. A woman like you.

Katie: Oh, my god.

[ Gasps ]

Wyatt: I mean, who knows how anyone's gonna react to this, but you know what? Who cares? It doesn't matter, because I-I love you.

Katie: You have brought so much to my life. You've taught me how to -- how to love, and be loved, and how to just take a leap of faith and -- you make me really, really happy. And I love you, too.

Wyatt: So, is that a yes?

Katie: [ Laughs ]

Wyatt: Are you gonna marry me?

Katie: Oh... yes. [ Laughs ] Yes. Heh... I --

Wyatt: The box is just way too big.

Katie: I would love to be your wife.

Justin: You want me to call security?

Bill: No, no, no, no. That would be pathetic. I got this. You can go. Really. We're good.

Sally: How can a father and a son be so different?

Bill: [ Sighs ]

Sally: Liam wanted to take what you did to me and my company and make it right, and you -- you couldn't care less.

Bill: On that, we agree.

Sally: I came out to L.A. To live out my dream. To reboot my great-aunt's company. And I had all great intentions. And it all could have happened if it weren't for you.

Bill: You got to wake up and smell the coffee. That never would have happened. You got to have talent to succeed. See this? This is what talent looks like. See? Talent. You don't have what it takes.

Sally: Yes, I do. I have it, and I still have it. Only you did everything you could to stop me. You left me broke, destitute. You blew up my building all for that damn skyscraper!

Bill: All right, enough! I am at my wit's end with you! Get out of my office! I don't want to see your face in here again!

Sally: You are not gonna get away with this.

Bill: Leave!

[ Bill grunts ]

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