B&B Transcript Wednesday 2/21/18

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 2/21/18


Episode #7782 ~ On the heels of a heart-to-heart with Liam, Wyatt delivers really bad news to Bill; Liam shares his joy about his unborn child with Hope.

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Wyatt: You gain a granddaughter, I gain a niece.

Bill: Liam wanted a boy.

Wyatt: No, he didn'T. Besides, we have enough boys in the spencer clan as-is. We could start a bowling team.

Bill: Steffy gave him the news, so that's a -- that's a good sign.

Wyatt: No. He was there for the ultrasound. The doctor told them together.

Bill: So, do you think that means they're gonna work things out?

Wyatt: I am not making any assumptions. I have no idea.

Bill: Well, did liam seem happy? Or did he have that -- that face he gets, that hangdog -- like, "this is my duty." You know, that face.

Wyatt: He seemed happy when he told me.

Steffy: Your granddaughter takes after you.

Ridge: Yeesh. Hopefully she'll grow out of that.

Steffy: Oh, you're the most handsome man on the planet. At least, you think you are.

[ Laughs ]

Ridge: You should have left this with liam. Let him think about it.

Steffy: Oh, dr. Phillips printed out two copies. I gave him one.

Ridge: Good plan.

Steffy: I'm not trying to con him. He's part of her. And part of me.

Liam: I'm glad I got to meet you. And I'm glad hope convinced me to go.

Katie: Looks familiar.

Hope: Okay! Are we all here? Yes, we are.

Pam: Now, am I supposed to be taking notes, or is this an unofficial whatever?

Hope: Oh, pam, this is the first meeting of the hope for the future re-launch.

Maya: And it is about time.

Katie: I agree. So, do we have a designer?

Rick: Ridge tapped thorne to be the designer.

Katie: Huh. Look what a little best-manning can do.

Thorne: Excuse me. I was promoted on merit, not on my role in the wedding party, or you'd have a new job, also.

Katie: Of course. Of course. Uh, no. That's already been tried. Remind me to tell you about my brief career as a jewelry designer.

Thorne: Really?

Katie: [ Laughs ]

Pam: Roses are red, ledgers are weighty. Fruit flies don't last long, and neither did katie.

Thorne: Oh, that is terrible.

[ Laughter ]

Hope: Could we come to order, please?

Ridge: Yes. I'll have the tuna melt.

[ Laughter ]

Hope: You know, I would hate for my brother to be the first one I have to fire.

Maya: [ Laughs ]

Ridge: Side of fries?

Maya: Don't worry, rick. I'll protect you.

Bill: What were his exact words?

Wyatt: I am not venturing into a conversation with you about steffy.

Bill: Spare me your high standards, wyatt.

Wyatt: Oh, I'm sorry. Our family came crashing down because of who? Me? You?

Bill: Yeah, I know that I'm the town pariah.

Wyatt: Ugh.

Bill: But, damn it, I have a right to be part of my granddaughter's life.

Wyatt: I would not push that angle, dad.

Bill: [ Sighs ] The best thing liam could do is reconcile with his wife. That's all I'm saying.

Wyatt: Yeah. It could happen. It's not impossible. But reconciling with you? I think that's a much more distant prospect.

Steffy: [Crying] A little girl? Oh!

Liam: That's our daughter. That's our beautiful daughter.

Steffy: Oh! [ Crying ]

Steffy: Okay, that's enough.

Bill: You think I'm gonna mess it up?

Steffy: You laugh, but this is all I got.

Ridge: You afraid?

Steffy: Yeah. Yeah. Kind of. Sometimes I wake up in a sweat thinking something's wrong, but then everything's fine. I just got to stay positive and keep chasing away the fears.

Ridge: Well, at least liam is stepping up.

Steffy: Yeah. And to think I owe it all to hope.

Bill: How hard would it be for you to get me a copy of that ultrasound picture?

Wyatt: No. Look, I -- I'm sure she's gonna be an awesome little girl, but right now all she looks like is like a little gray ghost.

Bill: You can just have that little lady friend of yours call steffy's doctor, pretend to be steffy, and ask for another copy.

Wyatt: Okay, and then what happens when the person who shows up is me?

Bill: Get a chauffeur's costume. A little hat, mustache. Say you're her driver. Then you get me my picture, and you can, you know, play dress-up. You'll have fun with that.

Wyatt: What makes you think I like to play dress-up? And do I look like a chauffeur to you?

Bill: Sure. Why not?

Wyatt: Anyway. My mystery date is no longer in the picture.

Bill: Well, you don't seem happy about that.

Wyatt: It was my choice.

Bill: Was it a dumb choice?

Wyatt: [ Scoffs ] Not as dumb as walking into your office today.

Bill: You should have introduced me to her. Maybe I could have, uh, helped you guys work things out. I have charm.

Wyatt: No, I have charm.

Bill: I have magnetism.

Wyatt: You got an ego the size of alaska. That is not the same thing.

Bill: Did you tell her your daddy is the incredibly wealthy and powerful dollar bill spencer?

Wyatt: She knows all about you. As I said, she and I are apparently done, so I'm not entertaining anymore fraudulent schemes to get you an ultrasound photo.

Bill: Fine. Whatever. I should just be content that liam had the good grace to show up for the scan.

Wyatt: Well, I mean, i wouldn't call it good grace. More like good hope.

Bill: What?

Wyatt: Logan. Hope logan is back from milan.

Bill: What the hell does she have to do with any of this?

Wyatt: She's the one that got him to go to the ultrasound. Liam's apparently been leaning on her a lot lately.

Bill: Oh, boy. That can't be good.

Hope: One of the reasons i came back home was to start up hope for the future again. And not just because of the fashion, but because a percentage of the profits would go to charity --

Liam: Yeah, yeah. No, I like that. I always like that you incorporated your work with good causes.

Hope: If forrester starts it up again, would you want to help?

Pam: I'm not sure that i understand this.

Maya: I second that emotion.

Katie: Talk to us about design values.

Thorne: Those are just the standards we want to meet, right?

Hope: Yes. And I don't need to tell anyone here to raise their standards. I mean, you all are the best. But we will be designing for a demographic whose values are strong but often overlooked. I mean, you hear the way people talk about millennials. We're lazy, entitled, shallow, dependant.

Ridge: Yes, but -- but dumping on the new generation, that's an age-old tradition, isn't it?

Hope: I wouldn't know. I've only been in this one, and we want to have a voice.

Thorne: Am I too old for this job?

[ Laughter ]

Hope: No. And I am glad you asked. It is all about inclusion. We want a world where everyone's talents are respected and have an opportunity to shine.

Ridge: But how does that translate into a business plan?

Katie: Exactly. I mean, people are jaded, even 25-year-olds. How will they know if what we're selling them has any special meaning other than fattening our wallets?

Hope: Well, because they will see a reflection of what matters to them. Sustainability. Care for our planet. In the fabrics we choose, the dyes, the treatments, the finishes. Care for our hiring. You know, who we choose to put on the runway. Care in our business plan. We will designate a cut of our revenues to non-profits empowering women, you know, the homeless, vulnerable seniors. And, by the way, I think I have the perfect consultant for you. You know, our clientele won't just feel beautiful. They'll feel a part of something. A better future.

Ridge: Hope is a good person.

Steffy: Yeah. Yeah, considering the things she said to me yesterday. She's willing to fight for my marriage in spite of everything.

Ridge: Mm. General rule about good people -- they do good things for good reasons, but they're their reasons, not ours. They may not even be aware of it, but I think they want to be seen in a certain light.

Steffy: I really don't think hope has anything to gain from helping me stay in my marriage.

Ridge: Well, unless she wants to spend a little more time with liam. And listen, I don't know. I don't think she's doing anything underhanded. She probably doesn't even think about it. But just... be mindful of the time she spends with liam.

Katie: Sure. I would love to take a message. Okay. Yep. I'll tell him. Thanks. Ugh. How did this happen that I'm sitting here answering phones? Pam just took off.

Thorne: Well, maybe she has a secret boyfriend.

Katie: Ha, ha. He's not so secret. His name is charlie.

Thorne: No, I mean, like, a secret boyfriend. You know, one on the side.

Katie: There's nothing secret about pam's love life. Trust me. You don't want to know.

Thorne: Oh, people never really tell you everything. Everyone's got their secrets, right?

Wyatt: Okay, what is this thing you have against hope?

Bill: She's not a safe place for your brother.

Wyatt: Uh, he seems to disagree.

Bill: Why is she circling now, when he's separated from his wife?

Wyatt: Okay. Number one, after your last four or five big disasters, you don't get to accuse anyone of anything for at least three years. And number two, she's not circling. She's trying to help him put his marriage and his new little family back together.

Bill: I don't buy it. Nobody's that good. Steffy better watch her back.

Steffy: There has been no self-righteousness from hope since she came home. She's been nothing but gracious. And she convinced liam to come to the ultrasound.

Ridge: Okay. I'm not trashing her. I'm impressed with her. I have to like her. I'm married to her mother. But hope and liam, they had a pretty deep connection, and once that exists, you... just be careful, ok?

[ Cellphone ringing ]

Hope: Hi. Congratulations, by the way. I hear it's a girl.

Liam: Uh, yeah. Yeah, it is. A beautiful, perfect little girl. And I think she waved at me, so now I want to buy her a baseball bat and a tutu. Is that weird?

Hope: Oh, no. I am never without either of mine.

Liam: [ Laughs ] Uh, so what are you doing right now?

Hope: Oh, you know, basking in the temporary glory of a meeting that went well. Why?

Liam: I was thinking about that offer you made me, and, um, yeah, I've been feeling kind of aimless lately. A little stuck. And I thought maybe working with hope for the future would un-stick me.

Hope: Well, I have good news for you, then. Ridge approved the re-launch.

Liam: No, he didn'T. Really?

Hope: Mm-hmm!

Liam: That's amazing. Congratulations!

Hope: Thanks.

Liam: Uh, yeah, so, um... I have a-a few idea for you, if -- if you want to hear them. Would I be able to see you?

Hope: Gosh, do you have to ask?

Liam: Yeah, well, it's just i don't want to go to the forrester office right now.

Hope: Oh. Y-yeah. No explanation necessary. Um, is now good for you?

Liam: Uh...yeah.

Hope: Okay. I'm on my way.

Wyatt: Okay. Call me crazy, but somehow I think steffy and liam are not gonna want marital advice from you.

Bill: Yeah, nobody wants anything from me. I'm well aware.

Wyatt: [ Sighs ]

Bill: Except for jobs. And money. And, oh yeah, the occasional beach house. So I'm enjoining you to look out for your brother and his daughter-to-be.

Wyatt: Okay. Is this some kind of twisted wishful thinking you've got going on here? Like, hope's not acting like the threat, but you're acting like you wish she was.

Bill: What are you saying, wyatt?

Wyatt: I don't know. If steffy can't put the pieces of her marriage back together, hm, what does that mean for you?

Bill: All right. That'll be enough of that. Steff is carrying my son's child. That's a good thing. Something I've always wanted for them, and I still do. Even if it means I get cut out of both their lives. So I will not let hope logan waltz in here and undo any possibility of something good being salvaged from the damage I've caused.

Steffy: I'm not naive. I haven't forgotten about hope's history with my husband. But I don't have a lot of defenders at the moment. And if I did, liam wouldn't listen to them. He'll listen to hope, whether I trust her or not. I know you're looking out for me, but I've just got to lean on hope right now.

Ridge: Well, you should lean on her. I think she's sincere when she says that she wants the baby to grow up under a roof with both her parents. But what if it's too much for her? What if there's a trigger that brings it all back? The way she lost liam. How she felt when that happened, how much she loved him. And how maybe, just maybe, there's a chance she can get him back.

[ Knock on door ]

Hope: Wow! Look at you.

Liam: Uh, yeah. Well, you and my brother took the liberty of telling me i looked like hell, so, thanks.

Hope: Oh, I didn't mean to...

Liam: No, I'm kidding. I appreciate it.

Hope: [ Chuckles ]

Liam: That's you looking out for me. Come on in.

Hope: Okay.

Liam: So -- so, what's the deal? Did you get your pilot's license in milan?

Hope: What?

Liam: Hope, it is not physically possible for someone to drive to here from forrester in the time you made it.

Hope: No, it is just not possible for you.

Liam: Don't -- no. Don't start with me. Don't start that.

Hope: No. You know you drive like a little old lady.

Liam: A little -- okay, at least I am the one who's never gotten a speeding ticket.

Hope: It was not a speeding ticket! It was just that stupid brake light that I --

Liam: No. Okay, you got pulled over for the -- all right. However you got here,

[Laughs] Thank you.

Hope: Yeah, well, I had to make a triumphant exit while I still could.

Liam: Ah, so the, uh -- the launch is going well?

Hope: There's so much to do. I mean, I know what I want to do with hope for the future, I just feel like I have so many rabbits to pull out of so many hats in order to make it happen.

Liam: Uh, actually, do you think I could be one of those hats? Here. Have a seat. Have a seat.

Hope: Okay.

Liam: Um... okay, so, I know that you wanted to funnel a portion of your profits into charity. I know that. But you also want to expand outreach, correct?

Hope: Exactly right.

Liam: Okay. So check this out. Each one of these tabs links to some non-profit that I worked with or researched during my time at spencer. Now, they're all good. They're all transparent financially. They have low administrative costs, good leadership, and a really good track record. I may have mentioned hftf to them in a totally, like, non-committal way, and all of them had some awareness of what you were doing back in the day. But there's a few of them -- this one I think would be a really good fit for the value, specifically the -- the -- hey, what is it?

Hope: Nothing. I --

Liam: Oh! This? I -- actually, I thought I put this away.

Hope: It's -- it's fine. She's beautiful, just like you said.

Liam: Hope, are you --

Hope: It just -- it took me by surprise. Uh...

Liam: Oh. I'm -- I'm really sorry. I didn't mean to, like --

Hope: No, no. I -- I'm fine. I'm fine. Um, and this is exactly what we need. But let's talk about it when i have more time, okay?

Liam: Whoa, what are you doing? Are you leaving? Hey! No, no -- hope!

Hope: [ Sobs ]

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