B&B Transcript Wednesday 1/31/18

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 1/31/18


Episode #7767 ~ Ridge extends an olive branch to Thorne and the two share a rare moment of brotherly love; Rick gives Brooke a stipulation when she asks him for his blessing before marrying Ridge.

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Brooke: Oh, gosh!

Katie: I'm so happy for you, sissy.

Brooke: I'm so happy that you agreed to be my maid of honor.

Katie: Of course! Of course! Why does this feel different?

[ Laughs ]

Brooke: I don't know, I keep asking myself the same thing. I think that ridge and i discovered something, it's like an awareness.

Katie: An awareness of what?

Brooke: Of each other. What our life together has meant to both of us. And it's something we don't want to lose.

Katie: Well, I always thought that you would end up together.

Brooke: [ Giggles ]

Katie: And it's gonna be a beautiful wedding. We just got to make sure that thorne is on board.

Brooke: Yeah. Okay.

[ Both chuckle ] Let's do that.

Ridge: You're gonna do this?

Thorne: I am.

Ridge: Do you know what this means to me?

Thorne: You don't have to hit the street looking for a best man?

Ridge: That's exactly right, that's what it means.

Thorne: Don't screw this up.

Ridge: I won'T.

Thorne: You better not. I take this stuff seriously.

Ridge: I know you do, and i appreciate it.

Thorne: You're getting one hell of a woman.

Ridge: Okay, you don't have to tell me that.

Thorne: Well, I am.

Ridge: All right! And I won't forget it. And I won't forget what you did, missing piece of the puzzle. My best man.

Ivy: That's exactly what i feel like.

R.J.: Man, I can't believe mom and katie are still talking.

Hope: Yeah, well, the bride and the soon-to-be maid of honor, I presume.

Quinn: That would be my guess.

Eric: It's those two I'm worried about.

Pam: Oh, ridge and thorne will be fine, eric.

Charlie: Or they'll have to answer to their aunt pam.

Ivy: Yeah, and nobody wants to witness that.

[ Laughter ]

Rick: Hey. Sorry we're late.

Eric: Hey, hey, hey.

Maya: Sorry, we, uh, dropped nicole at the airport.

Rick: So, uh, what did we miss?

Maya: Yeah.

R.J.: Why don't you talk to mom? She's in there.

Maya: In here?

Rick: Mom? Hi. Aunt katie.

Katie: Hi.

Brooke: Oh, hi, honey! Hi! How are you?

Rick: Sorry we missed the meeting.

Brooke: Oh, no, no. That's okay. Did nicole get off okay?

Maya: Yes, the flight was delayed, and so were we, but she is very happy to get back to zende and, of course, her life in paris.

Rick: So? What's going on?

Brooke: Uh, well, you know how ridge and I announced that my annulment's going through, and we're gonna get married?

Rick: Yeah.

Brooke: Well... we decided that we're gonna get married right away. We figured -- why wait? We want to bring the family together. And katie agreed to be my maid of honor.

Katie: Yay!

Maya: Aww!

Rick: Wow. Uh, a lot has happened since your last announcement -- a sudden wedding, aunt katie standing up for you. I mean, you're not pregnant, are you?

Katie: Oh, my god, really?

Brooke: Rick...

Maya: Honey, honey.

Rick: Come on, I'm just --

Maya: I think congratulations are in order.

Brooke: Thank you. Really, I don't expect you to be jumping up and down for joy, but I would like your blessing. And I need your support.

Ridge: Good, I'm glad you accepted the challenge.

Thorne: Look, since we're, uh, clearing the air...

Ridge: Oh, here it is.

Thorne: It's about the "little brother" thing.

Ridge: That still bothers you, huh?

Thorne: Yeah, well, it was okay when we were in grade school, but now I just think it's disrespectful.

Ridge: It really isn'T.

Thorne: It's condescending, all right? It's your subtle way of keeping me in my place. So if you really want to work on our relationship...

Ridge: I do want to work on it, I do!

Thorne: Okay.

Ridge: All right, I will -- I will try not to say it anymore.

Thorne: You mean it?

Ridge: I do mean it. Listen, if you're sensitive to it, then I just -- I won't do it. That's why brooke and I are getting married. Not just because we love each other, but because we want to reinforce the peace and harmony in this family and in this company.

Thorne: I want that, too.

Ridge: All right, then let's try to get along.

Thorne: All right. I mean, I've always wanted that. I never want to fight with you. I want to be close.

Ridge: Then why don't you bring it in?

Thorne: What, another hug?

Ridge: Yep, I'm a hugger. Come on. Come here.

Thorne: Oh, boy. Okay. All right.

Ridge: [ Chuckles ]

[ Door closes ]

Pam: A family reunited -- it's always a good thing.

Quinn: It is indeed.

Charlie: So, big day for you, huh, kid?

R.J.: Yeah. Yeah. I've been waiting for this a long time.

Hope: Well, I'm just glad I'm back for all this.

R.J.: You know, I can't remember a time when we were all under the same roof.

Hope: Yeah, I just want her to be happy. She deserves that.

Pam: She will be.

Quinn: She has three generations under the same roof. Brooke and ridge, they're in paradise. They've come home.

Charlie: Just like the two of you.

Ivy: And now they're getting married in your grandfather's home.

Hope: With all of us supporting them. I mean, how poetic is that?

Brooke: Ugh, rick, can you please just take a little joy in my joy?

Rick: You are, aren't you? You're happy?

Brooke: Yes.

Katie: And I can attest to that because, I don't know, there's just something different about her, even from when i first found out about the news this morning.

Maya: She does look a little bit glowy, rick, right?

Katie: Mm-hmm, a little bit.

[ Laughter ]

Rick: You know all I've ever wanted is your happiness.

Brooke: You're my rock, you're my fierce protector. And you've always been so supportive of me.

Rick: And I always will be, mom. I'll always be there for you.

Brooke: Oh, honey, I don't doubt that.

Rick: Because I think I know maybe better than most people when you're happy and when you're not.

Brooke: And I am happy. Because of you. Because of the whole family. And especially my soon-to-be husband. It's always been that way, rick.

Eric: Was this a hug just now, or was there some kind of conflict?

Thorne: Well, if it were the latter, we'd be on the floor.

Ridge: And I'd be on top.

Thorne: Doubt that, old man.

Ridge: Wow, this whole age, brother thing, that goes both ways, you know that, right?

Thorne: Yeah. Oh, yeah, I'll take it back.

Ridge: Okay, good.

Eric: So you two... are getting along?

Ridge: Is that what this is? I -- I don'T...

Thorne: We've come to an agreement.

Ridge: Yeah. We've agreed that I'm the superior brother, and he --

Thorne: I'm the more intelligent one.

Ridge: Mm.

Eric: I can't tell you how happy that makes me.

Ridge: All right, don't get too sappy.

Thorne: Yeah, it's still a trial period.

Ridge: Yeah, we're just gonna put our differences aside for the time being.

Thorne: Until after the wedding.

Ridge: And then it's back in the ring, to fight it out. Oh, one other piece of information -- this one here, the intelligent one, has decided to stand up for me at my wedding.

Eric: Best man?

Ridge: Best I could find.

Thorne: And in return?

Ridge: In return, I've agreed to stop calling him "little brother." But that doesn't mean that he has to stop calling me "big brother." But maybe that's too orwellian. I don't know, is it?

Thorne: Yeah.

Eric: My boys. I love you. I've always wanted this day to come, when you put your differences aside. I'm more proud of both of you right now than I've ever been in my life.

Ridge: He's getting sappy again, I told you --

Eric: Come on, come on. Sappy? You've always liked sappy.

Ridge: I've never been a sap.

Eric: He doesn't like sappy.

Katie: Your mother and ridge want a life together, rick. Family... support... ...and no drama!

[ Laughter ]

Rick: I want that, too. Mom, I don't want to fight you on this. And I hope that this marriage is everything that you've ever wanted. But, then again, that depends on ridge, doesn't it?

Brooke: On both of us, honey. It takes two.

Rick: I want to believe that he's gonna give you the commitment and the devotion that you deserve.

Maya: I agree.

Thorne: Me, too. I don't mean to interrupt, but could I have a moment alone with the bride-to-be?

Katie: Come on. Let's go!

Brooke: Okay. Oh, thank you, baby. All right, I want today to be as positive and joyful as it possibly can be. So I'm not sure what more you have to say.

Thorne: Well, how about "congratulations?" I want what's best for you and my brother. I'm choosing to believe that it's going to work out for both of you. Which is why I agreed to be the best man.

Brooke: [ Laughs ] You have?

Thorne: Yes. Ridge asked, and I accepted.

Brooke: Seriously? Why?

Thorne: Well, for you, brooke. I know how much you want this to work, and it's only gonna work if you have everyone's support. Rick's, your family, and especially mine. You need that.

Brooke: I do.

Thorne: It's going to be a beautiful wedding day. You're gonna have a beautiful life together. I'm gonna do my part to make that happen, okay?

Brooke: Okay. Thank you. Thanks, thorne. You're amazing. [ Laughs ] Really. I mean, you're -- you're a wonderful guy. There's gonna be a great woman out there for you someday.

Eric: All right. To the newly betrothed and... and to the family who supports them.

Hear, hear! Hear, hear!

Ridge: Another wedding!

[ Cheering ]

Maya: Well, this isn't just any wedding. It's a ridge and brooke wedding.

Yeah. Yes!

Maya: And a long time in the making, if I do say so myself. No, I -- honestly, we're just so happy for you.


Ivy: Well, you know, growing up in australia, I tried to keep up with your story as much as i could, you know, over the years, and I guess it was a little hard at times, but...

Eric: But now here you are, and you're a part of the ridge and brooke story.

Ivy: I am, and I am so grateful to be here.

Charlie: You know, you two are a lot like me and pammy.

Pam: [ Scoffs ] With a lot less drama.

[ Laughter ] Cheers! [ Laughs ]

R.J.: I am so proud to call you two my parents. I am, it's -- you guys have shown me what true love, persistence, forgiveness, what it all really is. You know, when I was back at school, I dreamed of coming home and seeing you two together again. And here we are.

Hope: And no matter what challenges you've faced, you always found your way back to each other. I like to think it was mom's big heart ridge just couldn't resist.

[ Laughter ] Tell me this is forever.

Brooke: Forever.

Ridge: Forever. Come here.

Rick: I always wondered if that house, with all of its rooms, was big enough for the two of us.

Maya: And now with R.J. And hope and rick and me and lizzy...

Rick: I guess what I'm trying to say is, it's time for us to mend some fences. I want this to work for the two of you. I want it to work for all of us.

Ridge: I want that, too.

[ Cheering ]

Maya: Cheers.

Rick: That wasn't too bad.

Thorne: As best man, I see this upcoming wedding as a new beginning for all of us.

Brooke: Yes.

Eric: Cheers.

Katie: I remember the night you came home from that catering gig at the forresters'. I don't think you've ever been the same since.

Brooke: Well, ridge did make an impact.

Quinn: Still does, from the look of it.

Katie: I've been hearing about the ridge and brooke destiny for most of my life. And I've always believed in it. I wish you all the best. I love you so, so much.

Brooke: Oh, thank you, sis.

Eric: This is an epic moment for this family, truly. I mean, ridge and brooke, they've weather many storms. I couldn't be more proud of you than I am right now. And now you're gonna be joined in the same house, in the very same room where you first laid eyes on each other, with your family celebrating your love once again. Let's raise our glasses to the next chapter of their book of destiny.

[ Laughter ] To our very own, ridge and brooke.

To ridge and brooke!

[ Cheering ]

Katie: All right, mr. Best man.

Thorne: My maid of honor.

Katie: We have an awful lot of work to do.

Thorne: Yeah, it sounds like these two want to put a wrap on things pretty quick.

Katie: Yeah, like, yesterday. So we better get to it.

Thorne: Like...? Like what? Like flowers and catering? That kind of thing?

Katie: Yeah. I mean, who else is gonna do it?

Thorne: Oh, I thought I'd just have to get ridge to the church on time.

Katie: Oh, I see. I see how it is, you just expect me to do all the heavy lifting. All right, cool.

Thorne: Oh, no, no, no. No, no! I'm in! I'm in. We'll throw them a wedding that they'll never forget.

Katie: Great. Cool.

Thorne: Okay. Or we could bring in aunt pam and we could just let her run the whole thing.

Katie: We could call it "delegating." I like the way you think.

Thorne: There you go. Hmm.

Katie: I think, um... you're being kind of amazing about this.

Thorne: What do you mean, exactly?

Katie: Well, I know you and ridge aren't the closest of siblings.

Thorne: Yeah, you noticed that, huh?

Katie: Yeah, I picked up a vibe.

Thorne: Plus, I told you.

Katie: Plus that.

Thorne: Yeah. Well, I'm very protective of brooke.

Katie: I know.

Thorne: You know, we had some great times together. She's not an easy one to get over.

Katie: Yeah, I've heard that.

Thorne: And I think that she never really stopped loving ridge.

Katie: And you're okay with that?

Thorne: Well, yeah. I'm okay with that. I want them to be happy.

Katie: You're a good guy, thorne. And there's a good girl out there for you. And she doesn't know it yet, but she is really, really, really lucky.

[ Giggles ] What?

Thorne: Well, your sister just said exactly the same thing.

Katie: Well, see? We logan girls are really perceptive.

Thorne: I hope so.

Katie: Especially when it comes to special men.

Ridge: Finally. Got rid of the riffraff.

Brooke: [ Laughs ] Hey, that's family you're talking about.

Ridge: I know, I'm just kidding. They did great, didn't they?

Brooke: Yeah, just like we thought they would. Sweet and supportive and sentimental.

Ridge: Well, that's because of you.

Brooke: Because of both of us.

Ridge: No, listen, I -- no, people aren't sweet for me.

Brooke: No, I think it's our commitment. I mean, look at how thorne agreed to be your best man. Who ever would have guessed that?

Ridge: That's true.

Brooke: And rick, the way he was joking around with you, i thought that was so nice. I didn't think I'd ever see that. It made me feel good.

Ridge: And it should, but that's what I mean. You bring that out in people.

Brooke: Ridge...

Ridge: No, let me finish, because there'S...I don't know, there's goodness in you. And it just comes out. You didn't even have to try. It comes out of your eyes and your smile and... I don't know, people want to be around that. People want to be around you. They want to love you. Do you remember the first time we met?

Brooke: [ Laughs ] Yes.

Ridge: At my mom's house. Looking across, and I saw you standing there. Mm.

Brooke: You thought I was caroline.

Ridge: Yeah, and then i realized you weren'T.

Brooke: And I said I was sorry.

Ridge: What did I say?

Brooke: "Me, too."

Ridge: Something happened that night, something you... something about you just grabbed me. And even after all these years, you're still here, you never let go.

Brooke: You always know the right words to say.

Ridge: Yeah. They're just words, aren't they? I sometimes think that I don't deserve your goodness at all.

Brooke: We've both made mistakes.

Ridge: Well, I'm not gonna make any more.

Brooke: Look, you and I have had quite a journey.

Ridge: [ Chuckles ]

Brooke: It's been a long road.

Ridge: Yeah.

Brooke: But we keep ending up here. You and me. Together. You're worthy, ridge. We both are. And I can't wait to say vows to you one last time. To commit to you one last time. To be your wife, mrs. Brooke forrester.

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