B&B Transcript Thursday 1/18/18

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 1/18/18


Episode #7757 ~ Maya informs a very unhappy Thorne that Brooke and Ridge are moving forward with their wedding; Bill ponders Justin's theory about a possible future with Steffy.

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Brooke: Honey, did you and liam have a fight?

Steffy: It wasn't like that.

Brooke: All couples go through that now and then. I know it seems like the end of the world --

Steffy: I-I know you're trying to help out, and if you could, I'd let you, but... I can'T.

Brooke: I've never seen you like this before. I'm not gonna leave you.

Steffy: I've never lost a love like this before.

Brooke: I had so much faith in you and liam.

Steffy: So did I. So did he.

Brooke: What happened?

[ Knock on door ]

Bill: If you're knocking, i know who you aren't but not who you are.

Ridge: You're alone. Good.

Bill: Alison is horrible at the "screening visitors" part of her job.

Ridge: Yeah. But vanita -- is it vanita downstairs? -- She's amazing.

Bill: Oh, no, she's -- she's just as bad. She's got to keep out the riffraff, and obviously she failed miserably.

Ridge: You don't want to know why I'm here? Maybe you guessed already.

Rick: Better give zende a heads up, clear some time on his calendar.

Nicole: We don't even have a date yet, right?

Thorne: Date for what?

Rick: Mom's wedding.

Thorne: Well, they won't be getting married any time soon. It still takes, what, six months to get a divorce in this state? Am I right?

Maya: Yes, but an annulment is a little different.

Thorne: An annulment?

Rick: Naturally, it was ridge's idea.

Maya: And it worked.

Rick: Bill spencer's already signed off on the annulment.

Thorne: Why wasn't I told?

Nicole: Ridge called a meeting and made the announcement.

Thorne: Oh. Well, it's the first I've heard of it. Which I'm guessing was not an oversight.

Ridge: Well, I never thought I'd say this, but I would like to shake your hand.

Bill: Hmm. Germophobe. How about this? Six letters, starts with an O.

Ridge: Oh, um, "obnoxious." No, that's nine, right? Eight?

Bill: The word is "office," a place of business. You're standing in mine for the purpose of selling what?

Ridge: For the purpose of thanking you for signing those papers, setting brooke free.

Bill: Well, there's no point staying married to a woman who is sleeping with...you.

Ridge: Hmm. There it is. Loveable crassness.

Bill: Okay, how about, uh, you're welcome? Now, I've enjoyed this little, uh, exchange, and we're done.

Ridge: Okay. No, you know what? No.

[ Sighs ] I wanted to tell you that I'm gonna try harder to...

[ Sighs ] ...Respect you, because you are my daughter's father-in-law, right?

Bill: Guilty as charged.

Steffy: Brooke, this isn't something I can discuss with you.

Brooke: I swear to you, it won't go any further.

Steffy: I just wish you would take me at my word.

Brooke: You really believe that your marriage to liam is over?

Steffy: Yeah. Yeah, it is.

Brooke: Is that why you haven't been coming into the office? Your father has no idea.

Steffy: I'm sure he'll find out now. Everyone will know sooner or later.

Brooke: And bill?

Steffy: What about him?

Brooke: Well, bill is liam's father, and this is gonna affect him, too. Does he know?

Ridge: Thanksgiving, christmas, new year's, and 4th of july. Those are the family parties. We're just gonna try to be nicer.

Bill: Oh, no, we have to take new year's eve and the 4th off the table. You know, you, me, fireworks. Somebody could lose an eye.

Ridge: You okay? You seem strangely subdued.

Bill: No, I'm good.

Ridge: Really? 'Cause you're usually much louder than this.

Bill: Oh, well, the day is young.

Ridge: It is also unlike you to help brooke and me to get married.

Bill: I'll give you that.

Ridge: Is there another woman in your life?

Bill: You would be the last person I would share that with.

Ridge: So that's a yes, isn't it? Another trophy wife waiting in the wings.

Bill: Well, clearly you're not self-aware enough, but, uh, the trophy-wife thing, that's what you're about, not me. Now, you got what you wanted. Your thanks are accepted. So, bye.

[ Door opens ]

[ Door closes ]

Brooke: Are you and liam at least talking?

Steffy: No.

Brooke: Well, that's not gonna really resolve anything. Maybe bill could help. Do I at least have your permission to talk to bill?

Steffy: No, no, please don'T. It's -- no.

Brooke: Well, we're in an okay place right now. He didn't oppose the annulment.

Steffy: It wouldn't change anything.

Brooke: Really? I've seen bill. He can get through to liam when other people can'T. Besides, he really adores you. I think more than you even know.

Steffy: I haven't always been kind to you. And I'm sorry. You have a big heart. Just keep loving my father. That's the best thing, really, the only thing you can do for me.

Maya: Thank you, pam. I will pass it on. Ridge is wanting the year-end work-up from international.

Thorne: Oh.

Rick: What?

Thorne: Well, we're still waiting on reports from, uh, hong kong, athens, barcelona, and tokyo.

Maya: I have to go down there anyway to bring him some headshots -- models for the caribbean shoot.

Thorne: I'll talk to him.

Nicole: Maybe you should let maya.

Thorne: Why? We haven't strangled each other yet.

Maya: [ Sighs ] Don't you think it's a good idea to let things settle first?

Thorne: What? My brother's yo-yo routine with brooke? That's hardly news. Hey, I may not like this, but they're adults.

Rick: It's frequently a matter of opinion.

Nicole: Well, I've seen you with brooke, and you're very sweet with her.

Thorne: Well, you would be, too, if you knew what was in store for her and if you'd seen it a dozen times.

Brooke: Hi.

Ridge: Hey! You're back.

Brooke: Yeah.

Ridge: Guess what I did today. I went and saw spencer.

Brooke: Why?

Ridge: Why? Because I wanted to thank him for signing those annulment papers. He didn't have to do that. And it's weird, because he -- he just seemed...I don't want to say friendly 'cause he's never friendly, but he just -- he seemed less obnoxious than he usually is. Anyway, what did she say?

Brooke: Who?

Ridge: Steffy. What did she say about being your matron of honor? And I just called my daughter matron of honor. I'm sorry. That just sounds...

Brooke: Um, yeah, well, the conversation didn't really... go that way.

Ridge: What? Why not?

Brooke: When you saw bill, did he mention anything about steffy and liam?

Ridge: Bill didn't really mention anything about anything. What are you...?

Brooke: Well, there's some trouble. Steffy's not in a good place right now.

Rick: You know what I don't get is why bill spencer would sign the annulment.

Maya: Maybe he was trying to be nice.

Rick: You know bill spencer doesn't do nice. He was crazy about mom. I thought he'd fight for her.

Nicole: Maybe it's like maya said earlier. He might have a new girlfriend.

Thorne: How many departments need this report?

Rick: Three.

Maya: Four.

Rick: I'll make copies.

Nicole: I'm gonna come with you. I just sent some down.

[ Door closes ]

Maya: Brooke really is the best, huh? You know, we didn't quite hit it off when we first met, which was probably more my fault than hers. But since then, I have seen how loving and loyal and consistent she is. It's no wonder everyone loves her.

Thorne: She's always been loving and loyal. Consistent came later.

Maya: [ Chuckles ]

Thorne: Virtue's kind of a luxury when you have to fight for everything, and she did, especially with my mother.

Maya: I know you're disappointed, and I'm sorry, thorne. But since it's her choice, i hope ridge can make her happy this time.

Justin: I should have been here.

Bill: No, it was nothing. Well, it was something, but no kind of fight.

Justin: I knew something was wrong when I saw him in the lobby. Man, you should have called me!

Bill: What? It turns out that all forrester wanted was to be friends.

Justin: What?

Bill: Yeah, I know. It's never gonna happen.

Justin: I'd say that's a major impediment, wouldn't you? Namely his daughter.

Bill: Obviously he doesn't know. Hopefully he never will.

Justin: I hate to always have to be the one to say, "time for a reality check." Now, with steffy and liam breaking up, how long will it be before someone asks why and gets an answer?

Bill: [ Sighs ]

Ridge: What did she say exactly?

Brooke: She said that liam isn't coming home.

Ridge: I don't know what that means. It could -- it could be anything. It could be an excuse for something.

Brooke: No, ridge.

Ridge: I know what this is. This is on me. I... this whole matron of honor thing, maybe she thinks she's being disloyal to her mom.

Brooke: No, it isn't that. We talked about that. It's just, she was -- she was really distraught. I mean, I thought maybe she was overreacting or overemotional or something.

Ridge: That's not her. She doesn't -- she doesn't get overemotional about anything. You know that.

Brooke: No, I know. I -- [ Sighs ] I was just shocked to find out that there was trouble in their marriage. They've been so happy lately.

Ridge: Well, then what is it? What's the crisis?

Brooke: I don't know. She didn't tell me exactly.

Ridge: Maybe it's because hope is back.

Brooke: I don't even think she knows that hope is back.

Ridge: Well, then, I don't know. Liam was unfaithful. That's got to be it, then.

Brooke: Well, then why would liam walk out?

Ridge: [ Sighs ]

Brooke: That's not the kind of hurt that she was feeling.

Ridge: That's not the kind of hurt? What kind of hurt was she feeling? There's different kinds of hurt?

Brooke: I don't know. She was kind of impatient with me, but she didn't have one bad word to say about liam. She was just heartbroken and afraid. Did bill say anything? You said he seemed a little bit different.

Ridge: He didn't say anything about anything. I don't --

Brooke: Yeah, but maybe he knows what happened, why liam walked out.

Ridge: You're making it sound like steffy did something wrong. Why?

Brooke: No, no, I didn't mean to sound like that at all. I'm just saying, remember when we used to have misunderstandings and all those reasons we had for breaking up? People wanted to help us and spare us the heartbreak. They couldn't, but they tried. So maybe steffy needs to talk to her father.

Ridge: Yeah.

[ Door closes ]

[ Door opens ]

Rick: Hey. Where's thorne? I thought he wanted these.

Maya: Uh, I think he's a little on autopilot.

Nicole: Well, we could have been more tactful in telling him about brooke's engagement. But he's sweet, your other brother.

Rick: Yeah. Mentally, I was rooting for him and mom. But I kind of knew it was gonna turn out this way. And I think he probably did, too.

[ Door opens ]

Brooke: Hi.

Thorne: Hey.

Brooke: Ridge stepped out.

Thorne: What he does best.

Brooke: You're welcome to leave a note if you would like.

Thorne: That's fine. Just tell him to cool his jets on the 2017 figures. There are a few offices that haven't reported in yet.

Brooke: Okay, will do.

Thorne: So, I hear on the grapevine that, uh, congratulations are in order.

Brooke: Oh, wow. You shouldn't have heard that way. Ridge was gonna tell you.

Thorne: Well, I think this is his way of telling me.

Brooke: Oh.

Thorne: You know, you got to be careful, um, when you're brushing your hair with the weight of that thing. That -- that's pretty big.

Brooke: Ha ha. It's very funny.

Thorne: So what's the, uh, hurry anyway? An annulment?

Brooke: Oh. You know, I was surprised that bill agreed to that, and ridge just doesn't want to wait.

Thorne: He doesn't want you to realize what you're doing because you might not do it.

[ Chuckles ] Come on.

Brooke: I really wish you could be happy for me, thorne.

Thorne: I wish I could be happy for you, too. So, when is he coming back?

Brooke: I don't know. It's a family matter. I went to see steffy this morning, and she said that she and liam are over.

Thorne: They seemed so solid.

Brooke: I know. But I guess something came between them, or should I say


Justin: I thought forrester was on security's no admit list.

Bill: I guess I took him off it.

Justin: Yeah, but why?

Bill: I don't know! As a courtesy! I mean, his daughter is married to my son, right?

Justin: Well, is she though still?

Bill: I haven't heard the fat lady singing.

Justin: I know you are hoping that they're gonna work it out, but what if they don't? Leaving the door wide open.

Bill: Don't even!

Justin: Oh, come on. Like it's unthinkable. You and steffy making it official?

Bill: This discussion is

officially over.

Justin: Oh, I'd love to hear ridge call you "son."

[ Laughs ] I'll be in my office.

[ Door opens ]

[ Door closes ]

Ridge: Liam home?

Steffy: You know he's not, dad. Congratulations on your engagement.

Ridge: Yeah, thank you. I didn't think that bill was gonna agree to an annulment.

Steffy: He's not as bad as you think he is.

Ridge: Oh, he is. But maybe he's found a new girlfriend.

Steffy: Look, I don't -- i don't want to talk right now, okay?

Ridge: I get that. But maybe we should. I could go find liam and beat him up if you want.

Steffy: No. I don't even know where he is.

Ridge: Well, he'll be back. All his stuff is here.

Steffy: He doesn't want any of it.

Ridge: And why is that? What happened? You guys just renewed your vows, didn't you?

Steffy: Hey, it doesn't count when someone lies.

Ridge: Liam lied to you?

Steffy: I didn't say it was him.

[ Sniffles ]

Ridge: Then what are you saying?

Steffy: Dad, please. I don't want to talk about this. Please.

Ridge: Okay. Hey. I'm your dad. I love you.

Steffy: You say that now.

Ridge: I'm gonna say that till the day I die.

Steffy: [ Sighs ] I'm just afraid.

Ridge: Afraid of what?

Steffy: I don't want you to hate me.

Ridge: Look at me. I'm never gonna hate you. It doesn't matter -- [ Sighs ] What I hate is you going through something and I can't help you with it.

Steffy: [ Sighs ] Okay. Okay. Uh...

[ Sniffles ] As awful as it is, you, uh... you need to know the truth.

[ Sighs ]

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