B&B Transcript Wednesday 1/17/18

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 1/17/18


Episode #7756 ~ Arriving to share her and Ridge's good news, Brooke is shocked to find Steffy in emotional dismay; Rick, Ridge and Ivy ponder the identity of the possible new woman in Bill's life.

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Brooke: [ Chuckles ]

Ridge: Well, that looks a lot better on your finger than it did in the box.

Brooke: Now that bill signed the annulment papers, I'll never have to take it off.

Ridge: So now we need a wedding band, huh?

Brooke: I'm just glad hope is here to help me plan the ceremony.

Ridge: All right, can you guys hurry up with that a little bit?

Brooke: Well, there's a lot of options.

Ridge: Here's one option. How about we miss this meeting and take the jet to vegas?

Brooke: [ Laughs ] Really? R.J. Would never forgive us.

Ridge: He's annoyed with me anyway because I wouldn't tell him what the meeting is about.

Brooke: Like he couldn't guess?

Ridge: Maybe he had an idea when I said not to say anything to thorne.

Brooke: Do you think that was a good idea?

Ridge: Yeah, I want the whole family to be excited. And if he's not on board, then i don't want him here.

Brooke: So you told everybody else?

Ridge: Yeah, and I know it's short notice, but I think everyone that can be here will be here. I was just hoping that steffy would show up, but she didn't come to the office this morning.

Brooke: She hasn't been coming here lately.

Ridge: No, she hasn'T. Wonder what's going on with her.

Steffy: [ Sniffles ]

[ Door opens ]

[ Seagulls calling ]

Bill: I texted you. I thought liam might have come home.

Steffy: He did. To say goodbye. As far as he's concerned... our marriage can't be saved.

Hope: Ivy! Oh, my gosh! Your hair!

Ivy: Oh, I know. I just needed to find out if blondes really do have more fun.

[ Laughter ]

R.J.: So, how do you feel about being back?

Hope: Oh, you know, like i never left.

Nicole: I know it's selfish, but I was looking forward to kicking it with you in europe.

Hope: I know. I was looking forward to it, too, but L.A. Just felt like the right place for me right now.

Ivy: Wait, is -- is this what this meeting is about?

Hope: I got the memo like everyone else.

Eric: Sorry. I was stuck in another meeting.

Pam: I dragged him out.

Brooke: Oh, good.

Rick: If this is gonna take too long, I'm gonna have to push back by tokyo phone call.

Brooke: Sorry for the mystery.

Ridge: We want to make an announcement to everyone.

Maya: An announcement? What?

[ Gasps ]

Hope: You're wearing your ring!

[ Laughter ]

R.J.: Wait, that means...

Ridge: That means bill signed the papers. Brooke's no longer married.

R.J.: Guys, let's get carter in here now. We'll get you started.

Brooke: Soon! Soon.

Eric: [ Laughs ] Congratulations. So happy for both of you.

Brooke: Thank you.

Eric: All of us.

Brooke: [ Laughs ] We don't know where or when this is going to happen, but we do know that the forresters are at their strongest when we're united. This is such a beautiful time for all of us. There's so many happy marriages. There's eric and quinn, and rick and maya, nicole and zende.

Ridge: Steffy and liam.

Brooke: Yes, of course. Steffy and liam. Even after everything they've been through, they're still a very strong and happy, wonderful couple.

Bill: Liam's hurt.

Steffy: He's gone, bill.

Bill: Did he take his things? If he hasn't moved out, he might not. Believe me, he didn't waste any time clearing out his office.

Steffy: He was at the office?

Bill: He quit. The company and me. And almost convinced his brother to go with him.

Steffy: [ Sighs ] Bill, you shouldn't be here.

Bill: I'm here because i care.

Steffy: Well, you care too much. I shouldn't have gone to the guesthouse. I should have just stayed here and worked things out with liam. He was honest with me. He didn't lie, and then we just...

[ Sighs ] ...Did what we did. And now I'm pregnant, and... and liam's gone. My husband, the father of my baby, doesn't want anything to do with me.

Bill: It's gonna be all right.

Steffy: How? How am I supposed to do this on my own?

Bill: You won't have to. I won't let you be alone.

Rick: Mom, I want to celebrate with you. I really do. I just...want to make sure this is what you want.

Brooke: I'm absolutely sure.

Hope: Yeah, rick, she wouldn't have said yes if she wasn'T.

Rick: I know, hope, but this annulment came out of the blue.

Brooke: I know. I was surprised that bill agreed to it, but he did, and I'm glad.

Hope: Yeah. We are, too. We just -- we want you to be happy, mom.

Brooke: I am. I am. [ Laughs ] Ohh.

Ivy: Well, I guess steffy and thorne didn't get the memo.

Pam: Thorne wasn't on the list.

Ridge: Well, I wish he could have been.

Eric: I thought you wanted this wedding to bring the family together.

Ridge: I do want that. And whether thorne wants to be part of this or not, that's up to him, but he's not being supportive. It's a long journey to get here, dad, and I need everyone to be positive. Everyone in this family.

Brooke: [ Laughs ]

[ Indistinct conversations ]

Maya: Hey. Everything okay?

Nicole: So, the big question is, have you set a date?

Brooke: Oh.

Pam: I haven'gotten a call about a reception yet.

Brooke: You will.

Hope: Yeah, tell charlie to get ready to tie on his apron.

Pam: [ Chuckles ]

Brooke: I'm just happy that hope's back in town insisting on helping me with these plans.

R.J.: Oh, seems like someone's angling to be maid of honor.

Brooke: Uh, I just want you to know, hope, that, uh, I'm so happy you're back home, and i hope I don't disappoint you with this. But I thought in the spirit of bringing everybody together, it would be important to ask steffy to stand up for me, to be my matron of honor. What do you think?

Hope: I think that's a wonderful idea.

Brooke: Really?

Hope: Yes, I told you i just -- I just want you to be happy.

Brooke: [ Sighs ] Honey, thank you. I-I'm so happy that you understand.

Hope: Of course.

Brooke: It's just that I know I have your support. It's really important to me to have steffy's support, too.

Steffy: Liam said he wanted to talk about our future, and i just thought...

[ Sighs ] I was kidding myself thinking i could just apologize and everything would be okay. He said he's nothing without his principles.

Bill: The same principles that got him involved with sally and spectra to the extent that he did? Showing total disregard for you and your feelings? All those principles were misguided then, and they are meaningless now if they allow him to abandon his family. He's all about generosity and compassion. Well, how about he shows you some?

Steffy: My husband can't even look at me.

[ Sniffles ] The thought of just us being in this house together, sharing the same bed...

Bill: That's what he says now. But liam doesn't know how he's going to feel when he sees you holding his child in your arms.

Steffy: He gave me annulment papers.

Bill: No. Damn it. No! If he wanted to punish somebody, he should punish me!

Steffy: It's not about you.

Bill: He asked you to forgive him, renew your vows, forget everything he did wrong, but he doesn't show you the same consideration?

Steffy: It's not the same, bill, and you know that.

Bill: It doesn't have to be the same! There are all kinds of ways to compromise the integrity of a marriage. If we're keeping scorecards, you're pregnant. That changes everything! I warned him. I warned him. I told him walking away from you would be the biggest mistake he could make.

Steffy: I'm not angry with him. And you shouldn't be, either. He wasn't cruel about it. He's in pain, all right?

Bill: You're trying to keep the family together, and he's talking to lawyers. That didn't surprise me, your father pulling the same thing on me, but liam?

Steffy: What about my father?

Bill: You're not the only one who had annulment papers shoved in their face.

Steffy: You and brooke?

Bill: Yes. We're done. I signed the papers. Our marriage is officially over.

Ridge: Hey. If you want to talk to steffy, i would think she might be at home right now.

Brooke: Oh.

Hope: You'll want to talk to her before pam puts the word out.

Maya: I'm sure she'll say yes.

Brooke: Oh, I certainly hope so.

Ridge: I hope so, too.

Eric: Here's what I want to do. I want to commend you for your commitment and your perseverance.

Ridge: Well, I think everyone in this family knows a little something about that. But this one made me dig even deeper. You think because we've known each other for so long that the passion would just go away, but it hasn'T. It just gets stronger and stronger. Hey. I learned my lesson. Never gonna let you down again.

Brooke: Well, [Chuckles] Thank you, ridge, for giving us a preview of the wedding vows. Now, I better go talk to the matron of honor. And I just want to thank all of you for being here and showing so much support. It's gonna be such a joy having you all at the wedding. Come here. Mm! Thank you. See you later.

R.J.: See you, mom.

Eric: So happy. Bye.

Brooke: Thanks for coming.

Pam: Thank you.

Rick: I think she's right about steffy.

Pam: What about steffy?

Rick: That she'll stand up with mom now that bill signed the annulment papers.

Pam: Because otherwise it would have been too complicated?

Maya: Okay, I'm not the only one who thinks it's odd that bill agreed to sign the annulment, am I? I don't want to speculate, but maybe bill spencer has another woman in his life.

Steffy: You and brooke might be over, but liam and I aren'T. Once my baby is born, we will never be.

Bill: It won't always hurt like this.

Steffy: I betrayed the man i love, bill. And I'm gonna think about that for the rest of my life. Sitting across a conference table, trying to work out a custody deal, knowing that we could have been a family, we could have been happy for the rest of our lives.

Bill: Once upon a time, i felt that way about brooke. I thought she would be the woman that would stand by my side through anything, that she would understand. She would call me on my behavior but rein in the judgment. But every time there was a problem, she was out the door. That's what allowed me to sign those annulment papers. Because it didn't just happen once. It was a pattern of behavior, one that I know you're familiar with. It's a harsh reality, but once i was willing to face it... things became clear for me.

Steffy: Those papers aren't gonna make things easier for me, bill. Even if we're not married, we're still connected.

Bill: He doesn't want to see that. He'd rather turn his back on you. I would never do that. I would be there for you and that baby no matter what.

Steffy: Bill, I don't need this right now. You need to go.

Bill: I'll go. But just know that I'm a phone call away. Any time, day or night. You need me, I'll be there. You don't have to be alone.

Steffy: [ Sniffles ]

[ Door opens ]

[ Door closes ]

Rick: You know, I would have thought bill would have fought for my mom forever.

Ridge: Well, maybe maya's right. Maybe there's a new woman in his life.

Maya: Any idea who?

Ridge: I don't really care as long as it's not logan.

[ Knock on door ]

Steffy: Liam?

Ridge: Hey, I like this. It's good news for our family. We're moving forward. And yes, bill spencer is still steffy's father-in-law, but that's it. We're not gonna have to deal with him anymore.

Brooke: Steffy? Are you okay?

Steffy: Uh, yeah, yeah, I'm fine. I'm just tired.

Brooke: Well, we really missed you at the office, especially today.

Steffy: Oh, yeah, the, uh, family meeting, right?

Brooke: Oh, so you got the e-mail?

Steffy: Yeah, I must have forgot to respond.

[ Sniffles ]

Brooke: We wish you were there.

Steffy: Is that why you're here? To fill me in on what happened?

Brooke: Well, I thought maybe you would notice, but you seem a little distracted.

Steffy: Oh, congratulations. So you and dad are actually going through with it.

Brooke: Yeah. I mean, I was, um... thinking I had to wait until my divorce was final with bill, but your dad got bill to sign the annulment papers.

Steffy: That's great. That's great. Good for you.

Brooke: Are you okay, steffy? You don't seem yourself today.

Steffy: No, um, this is big news. I'm really -- I'm really happy for you.

Brooke: Well, I'm glad you feel that way, because I have a favor to ask you. You know your father loves you very much, and so do I, and we want our wedding to be a celebration of family and togetherness, unity. So we're asking for all of your support.

Steffy: Sure.

Brooke: But I'd be asking a little bit more of you. It would mean the world to me, really, if you were to stand up for me, be my matron of honor.

Steffy: Oh, uh... I don't -- I don't know if i can.

Brooke: Well, we don't have a set date or time or anything like that. We could be flexible.

Steffy: I mean, I just -- i don't -- I don't know.

Brooke: Why? Is it because of your mother and our history? Is that why you don't want me with your father?

Steffy: No, no, I know you make my father happy, and you're gonna have a beautiful wedding and a wonderful marriage. I just -- I can't be a part of it.

Brooke: [ Sighs ] I don't understand. Ridge and I would love to have you and liam at our wedding. You both are amazing, and you're so inspiring. Look, why don't -- why don't you just think about it, okay? And then talk to liam when he gets home.

Steffy: Because he's not coming home.

Brooke: He's not coming home?

Steffy: He walked -- he walked out.

Brooke: He walked out?

Steffy: On me. Our marriage. He doesn't want to be with me anymore.

Brooke: But liam loves you. I know he does. And you love him.

Steffy: Of course I do, more than anything.

Brooke: Okay. I don't understand what's happening. And obviously you're very upset. I just wish you would talk to me, steffy. Maybe I could help. Just tell me, what is it? What happened?

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