B&B Transcript Tuesday 1/16/18

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 1/16/18


Episode #7755 ~ Thorne and Rick attempt to convince Eric to allow them to oust Ridge from Forrester Creations; Brooke, Ridge and Justin are stunned when Bill makes a swift decision regarding his life.

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Ridge: Logan!

Brooke: Be out in a sec!

Ridge: Well, I need you in bed!

Brooke: [ Gasps ] Oh, boy. Your style needs work, unless of course you're going for early caveman.

Ridge: No, I -- I just -- I just have a tray. Didn't matter. Hi. Wow.

Brooke: You should be happy i like your style.

Ridge: Hmm?

Justin: Ooh! You look like a rough night.

Bill: I haven't been sleeping well lately.

Justin: Understandable. Heard from liam?

Bill: Nothing.

Justin: Has steffy?

Bill: Not that I'm aware of. I mean, I'm sure she would tell me if liam came home, right?

Justin: I mean, depends on how it turned out. He might be too upset to talk.

Bill: Well, thanks, mr. Gloom and doom, that's what I need from you.

Justin: I'm just saying, liam and steffy may not make it through this one.

Bill: They'll make it!

Justin: Why, because you said so?

Bill: Yeah, because I said so. Liam and steffy are gonna work through this, and they're gonna raise that kid together.

Justin: Okay, well, in the meantime, carter walton's coming in.

Bill: Carter walton? What does he want?

Justin: I'm assuming it's about you ending your marriage to brooke.

Carter: Eric's behind closed doors so I won't interrupt. If he asks, I'm headed to spencer publications on ridge's behalf. Maya.

Maya: Hmm? What?

Carter: Did you hear me?

Maya: Uh, yes. Spencer publications. On your way. [ Chuckles ]

Carter: You seem distracted.

Maya: Mnh-mnh, just focused.

Carter: Huh.

Maya: What?

Carter: Is this about us?

Maya: There is no us.

Carter: I know, I know. You made that abundantly clear.

Maya: Yes, I did.

Carter: Did something happen? Wait, did you tell rick?

Rick: Thorne's replacement's doing great at international.

Thorne: Yeah, see? What did I tell you? Seamless transition.

Eric: Never doubted it.

Rick: Well, there's no reason to. Thorne takes his commitments seriously, unlike others that i could mention.

Eric: That's a loaded statement. Look, I saw that. Anything other than business on your mind?

Rick: Well, I haven't said anything, but I feel bad for you and mom.

Eric: Why?

Rick: Well, I told rick about ridge, how he betrayed you and brooke with quinn.

Rick: Really, dad? Ridge and quinn?

Thorne: Yep, and now brooke is supposed to marry him.

Carter: Did you tell rick how I feel about you?

Maya: Felt, and no. I kept my word. I didn't tell him.

Carter: Good.

Maya: I still don't get it, though. I mean, why would you bring it up after all of this time?

Carter: I know. I wasn't thinking. Well, I was, but... you're married.

Maya: Happily.

Carter: With a kid.

Maya: Not helping your case.

Carter: I know. I know. It's just -- it's just losing you is one of my biggest regrets, and as inappropriate and as selfish as it was, it would have been a bigger regret not telling you. In case, by some off chance, you felt the same. You ask a question, the worst you can hear is no, right? And, boy, did I hear it loud and clear.

Maya: [ Chuckles ] Well, as inappropriate as it was, I was, um, flattered. And I'm glad we cleared the air.

Carter: So we're good?

Maya: Yeah.

Carter: Good. I -- I should get going to spencer.

Maya: Hey, um, carter.

Carter: Yeah?

Maya: You're a sweet guy. And I know you will find that special someone. Like I found rick.

Rick: Ridge and quinn. I can't even wrap my head around it.

Eric: No reason you should have to. That's all behind us now.

Thorne: It never should have happened in the first place.

Rick: Yeah, nothing is sacred with ridge.

Eric: I guess I should be happy that you're not automatically blaming quinn.

Rick: Oh, no, no. She's at fault, too. But we know how ridge is when it comes to women.

Eric: Why is this coming up now?

Rick: Actually, I've known about it for a while. I didn't say anything because i wanted to avoid some unnecessary drama, but now that ridge is marrying my mom, it's clear to me that he's not trustworthy.

Thorne: Dad. Rick has every right to be concerned.

Brooke: You got me my favorite pressed juice!

Ridge: Mm-hmm.

Brooke: Now that is a surprise! Among many lately.

Ridge: And I'm not done yet.

Brooke: But no surprise is better than having hope come back home.

Ridge: Well, maybe it's not better, but it could be life-altering.

[ Sighs ] I did what we talked about. I got carter to draw up the annulment papers.

Justin: Checked in on steffy?

Bill: She doesn't want to hear from me right now.

Justin: Sure about that?

Bill: She's all about liam. As she should be.

Justin: What about your feelings for her?

Bill: All I care about is pulling my family out of this tailspin.

Justin: Can't help but wonder how things would be different if you and brooke hadn't fallen apart.

Eric: So, my two sons are looking out for me. I appreciate that, but it's really unnecessary. I'm a very happy man.

Rick: Ridge betrayed you and mom.

Thorne: Right under your nose, he was fooling around with your wife. I mean, in how many ways can one guy be wrong, dad?

Eric: This has all been taken care of, thorne, as you well know. I have no desire to revisit that time.

Rick: You might have the luxury of not thinking about it, but I don'T.

Eric: And how is it your business?

Rick: Hello, dad. It's rick you're talking to, the guy who always picks mom off the floor every time ridge hurts her.

Eric: [ Sighs ] Brooke is convinced that that's not gonna happen again.

Rick: You know, mom might be naive to ridge, but you shouldn't be. Let's just be straight about this. It's not the first time he targeted your wife.

Eric: Wow. You're gonna bring that up again?

Rick: Look, you're taking it the wrong way. I love you, dad. I'm not trying to hurt you.

Eric: Good to know. Then what is your intention here?

Rick: I just want you to open your eyes, put your guard up. You know ridge destroys relationships.

Thorne: Ridge sees something he likes, takes it, and discards it.

Rick: You and quinn have gotten past what happened. And that's good, that's great. But my mom's back in harm's way. She forgave ridge, and now she's gonna believe him again.

Thorne: I think we all know how this is going to turn out.

Rick: He's gonna break my mother's heart.

Thorne: You can count on it.

Ridge: You seem surprised. We did talk about this.

Brooke: No, yeah, I know. I just --

[ Sighs ] I didn't expect you to act on it so quickly after we discussed it.

Ridge: Why not? I want a future with you now. You don't want that with me?

Brooke: [ Scoffs ] Yes, of course.

Ridge: Okay, good. Good. So we'll start our future now. You, me, and R.J. Put our family back together. And I know he's getting older, and he doesn't want to be with us all the time, but when he is here, he'll see us, committed, together. When he's not here, it's just gonna be you and me, all day and night, doing whatever. Thank you.

Brooke: [ Giggles ] For what?

Ridge: Giving me another chance. You won't regret it.

Brooke: I'm not worried. So, what's next?

Ridge: Carter's taking the papers to spencer. He's probably on his way over there right now.

Bill: Brooke left. That's what happened. Now you're speculating about "what-ifs." I deal with what is and I move forward. Now, enough with the therapy session, dr. Freud. I'm getting off the couch.

Justin: Whatever you say, dollar bill. Whatever you say.

Bill: Don't you forget it.

Justin: Yeah.

[ Knocking on door ]

Carter: Alison said it was okay if I came in.

Bill: We've been expecting you.

Carter: Justin. I think we all know why I'm here.

Bill: Yes, you're the grim reaper, here to drive a stake through my marriage.

Carter: Brooke's ready to move on with her life. Are you ready to move on with yours?

Eric: I don't like this. I don't like the direction that this conversation has taken.

Rick: Look, I appreciate that he loves her, but he hurts her, and then he says he's not gonna do it again.

Eric: Your mother knows her history with ridge. She has decided to marry him in spite of that. There's nothing we can do but support her decision.

Thorne: How about we don't support her? How about you don't co-sign everything ridge does?

Rick: Yeah, how about we stop rewarding ridge for his bad behavior?

Thorne: Yeah, he's marrying brooke, he's running the company with steffy.

Rick: He's still lead designer.

Thorne: Yeah, what about us, dad? What about your real sons?

Rick: Yeah, what about your real sons?

Eric: You're all my sons.

Rick: Steffy hasn't even bothered showing up to work lately.

Eric: I'm well aware. I'm concerned about that.

Thorne: So why don't you give rick another shot?

Eric: That's premature.

Rick: Okay...

Thorne: Debatable.

Rick: All we're saying... is just think about giving us another chance.

Thorne: See ridge for who he is, dad, not who you want him to be.

Eric: You're not exactly objective, are you, thorne?

Thorne: It's not secret my feelings for brooke. I just think I'm the better man for her. And I intend to use this time until her divorce is final to make her see that.

Ridge: Hey. I get it. I -- I guess you must feel some sadness because no one goes into a marriage wanting it to fail.

Brooke: I didn't think it would fail. I mean, I thought we'd be together forever. We've been through so much. And survived so much. Anything else was unthinkable.

Ridge: He let you down. I won'T. Never again. I'll prove to you every day that you made the right choice.

Brooke: Mm, I don't think there ever was a choice. You staked a claim on my heart a long time ago.

Ridge: [ Chuckles ] You humble me.

Brooke: I doubt that.

Ridge: You do. I am painfully aware that i wasn't always there for you, that I didn't honor you. Honor us. Always out there chasing something. Something that I already had. The most incredible woman in this breathtaking package. So you do. You humble me. For allowing me back into your heart. I love you.

Brooke: I love you.

Carter: As you can see, brooke's not asking for anything.

Bill: That's not entirely true, is it? She's asking for an end to our marriage.

Carter: I was under the impression that wouldn't be a problem.

Bill: Where'd you get that impression? Oh, let me guess -- that would be, uh, ridge, in his rush to get to the courthouse, am I right? Never thought it would end like this. I thought brooke and I would be together for the rest of our lives. Then there was a ground shift. A new path opens up. It changes your course forever. We tried.

Carter: For what it's worth, I'm sorry.

Bill: What?

Justin: You just signed annulment papers knowing ridge had his hand in it with no pushback. Kind of shows where your mind's at when it comes to steffy.

Rick: What's your take on this, thorne?

Thorne: I don't know. I think we got through to him a little bit. It's a start. It always blows my mind just how wiling, how eager he is to give ridge the benefit of the doubt.

Thorne: Yeah, and no one deserves it less.

Rick: Finally, another voice of reason. You know, now that we're both saying the same thing, dad's gonna have to pay attention to us, right? Put ridge in his place, object to his marriage? Because that's what this is about, right? You getting another shot with my mom.

Thorne: I know what a treasure brooke is. I would like nothing more than another chance to be the man in her life.

Justin: You moved heaven and earth to be with brooke. Happiest I've ever seen you was the day you got married to brooke.

Bill: I'm sure you have a point.

Justin: You don't give up easy. But you signed those annulment papers pretty quick.

Bill: Sometimes you got to know when to walk away.

Justin: Yeah. Easier when you have other possibilities ahead.

Bill: You must be seeing something I'm missing.

Justin: You and I both know how precarious it is between liam and steffy. He's got a lot to come back from, and, frankly, I don't think he's gonna be able to do it.

Bill: Liam loves steffy.

Justin: That's not the point. He doesn't trust her anymore. And if those two can't make it...

Bill: Don't even go there.

Justin: You're telling me you haven't?

Bill: I'm not telling you anything. Now, drop it!

Justin: [ Chuckling ] Okay. Have you thought about this? If liam and steffy break up, people are gonna want to know why, folks that are forresters. And eventually, everything's gonna come out, ridge is gonna know about you and steffy, and he is gonna lose his mind!

Ridge: I can't believe you haven't heard from bill in weeks. I would have thought he'd hound you to get back with him.

Brooke: Maybe there's another woman in his life.

Ridge: That fast? Really?

Brooke: It's possible.

Ridge: Ahh! I don't even care. As long as it's not you.

[ Cellphone rings ] Hey. What's happening?

Carter: Got the signed papers in my hand.

Ridge: Really?

Carter: Yeah. Go celebrate with your lady.

Ridge: Thank you, carter. Boom!

Brooke: What? He did it?

Ridge: Bill signed the papers. You're a free woman.

Brooke: What? I -- [ Gasps ] I'm so...shocked. I mean, I -- I didn't expect this. You know how stubborn bill can be. So what does that mean? It means I'm --

[ Laughs ] I'm single?

Ridge: No. Yeah, but no. No! We can now -- we can give R.J. What he wants and what his dad wants.

Brooke: And what his mom wants. I can't believe this is happening.

Ridge: Well, it's not happening.

Brooke: Oh! What do you mean?

Ridge: It's not happening yet, not until... ...it's official.

Brooke: [ Gasps ]

Ridge: Hi.

Brooke: [ Giggles ]

Ridge: Will you make me the happiest man in the world and marry me?

Brooke: [ Giggling ] Yes! Of course! Oh, my god!

Ridge: Okay. All right.

Brooke: Okay.

Ridge: Here we go.

Brooke: [ Gasps ]

[ Giggles ]

Ridge: This is gonna stay on your finger forever.

Brooke: Forever.

Ridge: I love you so much.

Brooke: I love you so much.

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