B&B Transcript Monday 1/15/18

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 1/15/18


Episode #7754 ~ Sally makes her intentions for Liam clear to Hope; an emotional moment between Liam and Steffy leaves them heartbroken for their future.

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Liam: You don't know what you're asking.

Steffy: I do know. The impossible. I know this is hard for you, and... if it weren't for this baby... but there is a baby.

Liam: I know.

Steffy: A baby that we made.

Liam: I know!

Steffy: Liam, I'm always gonna regret that night. Always. But this baby is yours. This child is our child to raise and love. If you agree. If you forgive.

Hope: I feel for liam. This can't be good. If he's moved out?

Sally: Look, I didn't mean to worry you, okay? I'm sure you didn't expect to come back to L.A. To deal with your ex-husband's marital problems.

Hope: Well, I'll be there for him, whatever he needs.

Sally: Or did you?

Hope: What?

Sally: Did you expect this? Did liam already call you and that's why you're back?

Hope: [ Sighs ] I didn't move back to los angeles for liam. I-I didn't even know he moved out, that he and steffy were having problems.

[ Sighs ] They'll work through this. They always do.

Justin: Got to drop the hammer on these guys. Can't dictate how we do business. Dollar bill. Hey, are you with me? Never mind. I'll show myself out.

Bill: Hey, hold up, justin. Everybody's been walking out that door today. I don't need you joining the procession, too.

Justin: Uh-oh. What happened? Is it liam?

Bill: Swears he wants nothing to do with me. I can't say I blame him. Wyatt's ticked off. Katie. So many people left disappointed, hurt. Steffy most of all. She doesn't deserve any of this.

Hope: I was just with my mom and ridge, and neither of them said anything.

Sally: Maybe they don't know. I mean, I got the feeling that whatever the problem is, it's very private, 'cause liam did not want to talk about it.

Hope: Well, at least he sought you out. I mean, that's good.

Sally: Yeah, I mean, I-i followed him to the hotel, but it's just because I ran into him at spencer, and he was just so weird. I was really worried about him. I realize now it was because he was walking away from his job.

Hope: Which makes no sense. He loves working there side by side with his father. Bill must be livid.

Justin: You want me to try talking to liam?

Bill: I don't think it'll do any good. He feels too hurt, betrayed. But he's got to find a way to rise above it, justin, realize how lucky he is to have steffy carrying his child. He can throw me away if he wants to, but not her. He can't be that foolish.

Steffy: I know it won't be easy. But it'll be worth it. Years from now, we'll look back knowing we did right by our child. You know we didn't have the best childhood, when there was only one parent. We could give our child something better -- access to us always. I don't want to be a stranger to you. I don't want to be co-parenting, passing our child back and forth, talking through our lawyers. We're not gonna do that. That's not -- no, not our family. Not our child. We can do it, liam. We have to.

Hope: Ignorance is bliss. I've been away living in italy, just assuming everything was fine with liam.

Sally: Well, yeah. I mean, why wouldn't you? On the surface, everything was great. I was really happy for them. But today when I saw him, just this man with such energy and spirit, this man that just loves life, and all of that spirit was just gone.

Hope: I should talk to him.

Sally: Yeah, I mean, assuming he gets in touch with you.

Hope: No, I mean now. What was the hotel that you said? I mean, this is why you're telling me all this, right? Because you're worried about liam and you want him to have my support?

Sally: Definitely. Yeah, I, um... you know, I just -- I don't want to get him any more upset.

Hope: Excuse me?

Sally: Don't take this the wrong way, okay? I know you were married to him and that you really care about him.

Hope: I do, and I always will.

Sally: Yeah, and I get that. I do. I just... he wants to be alone, and I just don't feel right just blurting out where he's staying. But, I mean, I could tell him that you're there for him and maybe he could reach out to you.

Hope: You're seriously not gonna tell me where he's staying?

Sally: No. I'm not.

Justin: You said wyatt's upset. Did he chew you out, too?

Bill: Of course he did. He was standing up for his brother. He was walking out. Actually, I was proud of him. I want my boys protecting each other. I just never thought it would be from me.

Justin: So you convinced wyatt not to leave?

Bill: I told him I needed him to stay, help me hold the family together. And that's what I'm gonna do. Family's at risk, but I can save it. Not for my sake, but for my boys and for the next generation, for the baby that steffy's carrying and for any other kids that might come along. This is not the end of the spencers.

Steffy: You won't even try?

Liam: All I ever wanted was a family with you. Be my greatest accomplishment. Honestly. It really would be. To be the kind of father my dad wasn'T.

Steffy: You can.

Liam: You'd think, right? I just -- just put it behind me, just focus on our family and our future. I can'T. Physically... emotionally...I can'T. I... when I look at you, all I see is what you did. All I see are his hands on you.

Steffy: If... if you can just give yourself some time to forgive...

Liam: Forgiveness is not... it's about perception. My perception of you is changed. Permanently. What you did with my... what you did with my father is a part of me now. It's like a scar. It's not going away. As much as I want it to, it's not. And I don't see that changing.

Hope: Okay, I don't want to be rude.

Sally: I don't either, okay? Please know that I'm trying to look out for liam and respect his needs.

Hope: And if you're the only one who knows where he's staying, you can make sure you're one of those needs, right?

Sally: What?

Hope: What is it you aren't telling me? Are you downplaying this kiss between you and liam? Was it an affair? Is that why he and steffy are having --

Sally: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! No, it was a kiss, and that was it. Right? Steffy forgave him. They were fine. They even renewed their vows.

Hope: Obviously they're not fine.

Sally: Yeah, liam is upset, but it is not because of an affair. Come on. You know liam and how loyal he is. There is no way he would be after another woman.

Hope: But if he were?

Sally: You know what? Yeah. Yeah. If he were... I would like to be that woman.

Justin: Well, good to see you're motivated. Hope it pays off.

Bill: It will. I won't let my grandchild carry on the spencer legacy of not being raised by a father.

Justin: You don't have to worry. Liam will be a part of that kid's life, regardless of what happens to his marriage.

Bill: Not good enough. And liam has to realize that.

Justin: I don't know, what if -- what if he and steffy don't make it?

Bill: I told him it would be the biggest mistake he could make if he doesn't forgive her and hold on to the life he has with steffy and that baby. The biggest mistake.

Steffy: So, what are you saying? This is it? Liam, please. Just forgive me. If you could just find a way to try --

Liam: I'm trying, steffy. I've been trying. I keep telling myself that i have to, that our child's happiness depends on it. It's not true, though. We'll still care for our child. We'll raise him or her with compassion. We will be loving, thoughtful parents. And it's not what we pictured, but it's -- it is the way it has to be.

Steffy: But I thought... I thought you wanted to talk about our future. You came here because we -- we -- we had decisions that we needed to make.

Liam: Yeah, we do.

Steffy: [ Sniffles ]

Liam: I've decided.

Steffy: Liam, no. No, no, please don't do this.

Liam: It has to be this way.

Steffy: Liam, no, no!

Liam: I also had these drawn up.

Steffy: What? [ Gasps ]

Liam: These are annulment papers.

Steffy: [ Sobbing ] No, liam, please don't do this.

Liam: We leave the marriage with everything we came into it with financially.

Steffy: Financially? I don't -- I don't care about that!

Liam: I just want you to know I'm not asking anything of you. I'm not -- I'm not taking advantage.

Steffy: I don't think you're taking advantage!

Liam: We have to come up with a parenting plan, some kind of parenting plan. I want to be involved in this child's life.

Steffy: No!

Liam: It's not ideal, but we have to do it. We just...can't do it together.

Steffy: No! No! No! No. No.

Liam: It has to be this way.

Steffy: No, no! I know you can't look at me right now, and I know you can't hear my voice, but please.

[ Sniffles ] Please don't do this. I'm begging you. Don'T.

Hope: Okay. I thought maybe you'd deny it.

Sally: There's no reason. Life's too short to hide from the truth. Liam's a catch. If he ever becomes available, sure, count me in.

Hope: Does he know you feel this way?

Sally: I mean, he knows i respect him and that I care about him. I told him I loved him. Not like I was coming on to him. It was when we were trapped inside the building, and I just needed him to know how much i appreciate him. Liam is the most honest, sensitive man I have ever met.

Hope: Wow. You really do have feelings for him, don't you?

Sally: Yes. But I am not wishing for his marriage to end. I hate seeing him in so much pain. But if they split up... I'll be there for him. And I need you to know that, hope. If the worst happens, I will make sure that liam's all right.

Justin: [ Sighs ] Want another drink?

Bill: No thanks. You trying to get something out of me?

Justin: No, you've been, uh, more than open. I was just curious.

Bill: Get the hell out of here. I know you. I know when you're sniffing around for something.

Justin: Like I said, I'm just curious.

Bill: About?

Justin: You seem very committed to reunite liam and steffy.

Bill: I am.

Justin: But you were ready to run off with her. You had me get the stella maris ready. I saw that look of love in your eyes, that intensity. There has got to be a part of you that would love to step in, to be there for steffy if liam decides he can'T.

Liam: I didn't want this. I didn't want any of this. But here we are.

Steffy: Well, rip them up like you did in aspen.

Liam: I've been thinking about that a lot lately, how different things would be if -- if I had allowed myself to let go of you back then instead of waiting until now. But then we wouldn't have this child, so... I feel pretty lost. But there's one thing I'm clear about, and that's that years from now, I'll look back and I'll be glad that I went through all of this for our son or daughter. You'll be a wonderful mother. Our child will be blessed to have your spirit inside of them. Half you, half me. I can't wait to meet the kid. We'll make it work. It won't be easy. But we will.

Steffy: We can try to make this work.

Liam: Parenting. We'll make parenting work. Not a marriage. Maybe I shouldn't be so honest with you, but it's true. I... I don't think this feeling is ever gonna go away. I can forgive a lot, but... this? My father? No. I can'T. I can'T. But I don't regret it, you know. I cherish all of our years together, every moment. And I'm grateful that we tried. We tried for as long as we could. We tried. And I'll always remember the good times. So many good times.

Steffy: [ Sniffles, sighs ]

[ Sniffles ]

Steffy: [ Sobbing ]

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