B&B Transcript Tuesday 1/9/18

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 1/9/18


Episode #7750 ~ Brooke is overjoyed at Hope's return, but overwhelmed at how quickly Hope and Rick begin to quarrel; Liam floors Wyatt by sharing the news that their father, Bill, slept with Liam's wife, Steffy.

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Steffy: I need my husband. And this child is gonna need its father.

Bill: Liam's well aware of that.

Steffy: But he's not here. And I'm not sure he's ever gonna come back.

Bill: He has to.

Steffy: [ Sighs ]

Liam: You are passing the spencer family legacy down onto me. Spencer men not there to raise their children. Congratulations.

Wyatt: Rob, how you doing? Hey, bro. What's, uh, what's going on?

Liam: Packing.

Wyatt: Yeah, I got a lot of junk in here I got to clear out, too. Uh, hey, you got some time to go over these numbers? 'Cause, uh, I had a couple of questions about them, and, uh... hey. You okay? Dude, what -- what is going on?

Liam: I can't really do this right now, okay?

Wyatt: Is it steffy? Did something happen with the pregnancy?

Liam: Wyatt, I don't have time for this!

Brooke: [ Chuckles ]

Ridge: Here you go. There.

Hope: What made you so sure?

Ridge: Hope, hope, hope, i keep telling you, I have this special power. I knew how much you missed your mom and obviously how much you missed me.

Hope: [ Scoffs ] He really hasn't changed, has he?

Brooke: Oh, he's been teasing you since you've been crawling on the floor. Why would he stop now?

Hope: Well, he was right. I missed you both.

Maya: I am a fabulous driver.

Rick: You think you're a fabulous driver, but I always get carsick when you drive.

[ Laughs ] What am I seeing here?

Hope: The prodigal sister returns.

[ Laughter ] What are you doing here?!

Hope: Hi. Oh, my favorite sister-in-law.

Maya: Well, your only sister-in-law, but I'll take it.

[ Laughs ] How did this happen?

Rick: Well, obviously hope is missing her brother.

Hope: Ah. Uh-huh.

Rick: How long are you here?

Brooke: Well, that's the best news of all. Thanks to my fiancÚ's persuasive abilities, hope is here to stay.

[ Seagulls calling ]

Steffy: Bill, you can't -- you can't be here. You can'T.

Bill: No, in the state you're in, you shouldn't be alone.

Steffy: No, no, if liam comes home and he sees you here. No, you got to -- bill, you got to go. Please just go.

Bill: Liam's gonna be back.

Steffy: [ Sighs ]

Bill: He's angry, but he's not foolish enough to abandon the mother of his child. Especially a woman as incredible as you.

Wyatt: Okay. Something's obviously very wrong here. Like, did I do something to upset you again or --

Liam: No, it's not you.

Wyatt: Okay, good. Then we can talk about this.

Liam: No, we can'T. We can't talk about it because it's over, for one, and I got to get out of here.

Wyatt: What's over? What are you talking --

Liam: Wyatt, will you please just stop? I need to leave before dad gets in.

Wyatt: Okay, so this is about dad, then?

Liam: Yes.

Wyatt: Does that bandage have something to do with dad? And -- and why aren't you wearing your necklace? Liam, what did dad do?

Liam: Something I'll never forgive him for.

[ Chatter ]

Maya: I know that look. You haven't confronted him yet.

Rick: He cheated on my mom with quinn. My father's wife.

Maya: Yeah, I know. It's disgusting. But now is not the time, rick.

Brooke: I love that one.

Hope: She's gotten so big!

Brooke: I know. Just wait until you see her.

Hope: Aww! Maya, when do I get to see my little niece?

Maya: Oh, after her nap.

Brooke: That's right. I put her down before you came here, and she should be waking up really soon.

Rick: So, what's the plan? I know you didn't come home to sit around the pool all day.

Hope: Uh, you have a problem with that?

Rick: No, but I know that you would.

Hope: I will be going back to work.

Rick: Oh. Maybe a revamp of hope for the future?

Hope: I've been giving it some thought.

Ridge: Yeah, you've mentioned it a couple of times. I'm not opposed to the idea, but I think let's just take a breath for a minute.

Hope: Why?

Ridge: Why? The line was doing well a couple of years ago, but now it's a different market. Things change all the time, so we'll crunch some numbers. And just settle in for a minute, then we'll discuss it.

Rick: Says the co-C.E.O.

[ Chuckles ] You know what I would do if i were you, hope? I'd talk to steffy about this.

Steffy: Liam, you want nothing to do with me, I get that. But we're having a baby, liam. I'm having your child. Please just call me.

[ Sighs ]

[ Knock on door ]

Katie: Is liam...?

Steffy: No. No, I've been calling, I've been texting. His cellphone is off.

[ Sniffles ]

[ Sighs ]

Katie: Steffy... you're having his baby. He's not gonna abandon that child. That's not who he is.

Steffy: Katie, I betrayed him. You didn't see him when he found out. I honestly don't know what liam's gonna do anymore.

Wyatt: What now? What did he do this time?

Liam: You don't want to know.

Wyatt: What? Did he renege on --

Liam: I don't want to play 20 questions with you right now, okay, please? Just I -- what dad did, I don't want to talk about it, I don't want to think about it. I just -- I want to be done with it.

Wyatt: It's that bad, huh?

Liam: Trust me. Let it go. Just let it go.

Wyatt: I can't do that, bro.

Liam: Wyatt, believe me, you do not want to be involved in this.

Wyatt: You're my brother! He's my father! I can't not be involved in this!

Liam: All right --

Wyatt: Tell me what he did!

Liam: You want to know?!

Wyatt: Yes!

Liam: You really want to -- you want to know what dear, old dad is actually capable of?! He slept with steffy!

Wyatt: What?

Liam: He slept with steffy.

Wyatt: No. No way. That -- what? Dad and steffy? Like, I-I don't understand that.

Liam: You know steffy and i were having problems, right? You know that.

Wyatt: Yeah. Kissing sally and everything that happened.

Liam: Which meant nothing, but I still -- I still told the truth. I told steffy everything about that.

Wyatt: Which is why she walked out on you. I know that.

Liam: She said that she spent the night in her car that night. That's not...that's not true. She went to eric's guesthouse.

Wyatt: Okay, but then she came back home and forgave you, like all -- all was right in the world. Like, you even renewed your wedding vows! What the hell happened?!

Liam: What happened was that when steffy was at the guesthouse, our father showed up.

Wyatt: And then what?

Liam: Then they slept together.

Rick: Seriously, though, i gave you three to six months.

Hope: I did, too, but then i realized I needed a little more time.

Brooke: You were dealing with a lot.

Hope: Yeah, putting my so-called life back together.

Ridge: Well, you did that, according to milan.

Hope: No, I mean, they were great. I made so many new friends.

Maya: Any special friends?

Rick: Hey.

Hope: Not like that.

[ Chuckles ]

Rick: I do have to ask. Did you stay away so long because of liam and steffy?

Brooke: Rick, you don't need to bring that up. We already talked about that.

Hope: No, it's okay. Liam and steffy are married, and I'm good with that.

Steffy: I wish you hadn't seen the paternity test.

[ Sighs ]

Katie: Yeah, I-I wish i hadn't, either.

[ Seagulls calling ] You and bill... I don't even want to think about it.

Steffy: I'm sure liam feels the same.

Katie: And you?

Steffy: [ Sighs ] The whole night was crazy. Liam and sally -- I mean, it seems so frivolous now, but at the time... I mean, this is the guy that i trusted. I never questioned his love. But then he told me about sally, and I don't know, I just... I started spiraling, and I was just so upset. So I left. I left. And it doesn't excuse what i did. I take full responsibility for that. I just hate myself right now.

Katie: You were hurt. You should never have been put in that position by liam and certainly not by bill.

Justin: I found liam.

Bill: Where is he?

Justin: Id badge swipe. He's in the building.

Wyatt: What the hell are you even talking about here? Steffy wouldn't do that to you! Dad wouldn't! Like... you must have some misinformation here, because I-i don't know about this. Where did you hear this?

Liam: Steffy.

Wyatt: What?

Liam: My wife, wyatt. Your ex-wife. Steffy's the one who told me all of this.

Wyatt: So what? She just confessed to this? She admitted to actually doing this? I-I can't believe that.

Liam: It's a long story. She -- she had gotten home from work. We were out back overlooking the ocean, you know, talking about the only thing we ever talk about these days -- the baby. Counting our blessings. And then at some point, her phone goes off, and I was closer to it, so I thought I would just bring it to her, but sticking out of her purse was this piece of paper. It was this paternity test.

Wyatt: A paternity test?

Liam: Yeah. See? See that look? I had that exact look on my face. And so I asked her. I said, "explain this." And -- and that's when it all came out.

Wyatt: Wait. Wait, it's -- it's not...

Liam: No, I'm the father.

Wyatt: Oh, my god. Liam, I...

Liam: I just, you know, i didn't -- I didn't -- I didn't like talking about the baby because -- because of steffy's fertility issues, you know. But just the thought -- the thought of -- of being a father, you know, of -- of two parents raising a child in a home where it's loved and doted on and cared for, that's all I wanted. That's all I ever wanted. And -- and when steffy said she was pregnant, it... it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter now. Because my wife and my father ruined it.

Wyatt: I...

Liam: [ Sniffles ]

[ Sobs ]

Hope: Believe it or not, I am actually looking forward to seeing steffy.

Rick: That's good to hear.

Ridge: Considering she's your stepsister and you have to work together, so...

Maya: And -- and you and steffy always had a great working relationship, right?

Hope: Most of the time, yes. But, I mean, that's not what I'm talking about. I know steffy and I had our differences, but she's liam's wife. And I respect that. And I would like it if the two of us could make a fresh start.

Brooke: That would be good for both of you.

Ridge: Yes, it would. Steffy could use a friend right now.

Steffy: How did I let this happen?

Katie: You weren't alone. You were vulnerable, and bill knew that.

Steffy: No, I was just focused on my own pain, what this was doing to me, to us. I wasn't thinking about liam. And then bill showed up and... he wanted to make everything okay.

Katie: Yeah, well, he did a lot more than just that.

Steffy: No, I'm as much to blame for this as bill.

Justin: Bill, I wouldn'T.

Bill: I need to see my son, justin.

Justin: You already have. Might be best to give liam some space.

Bill: To do what? Walk out of my life forever? Hell no. I'm gonna fix this.

Wyatt: Look, I'm here for you, okay? Whatever you need.

Liam: There's nothing you can do. There's nothing anyone can do.

Wyatt: I just -- like, steffy? I thought you said she was distressed that night. Like, had -- had she been drinking? Did dad take advantage of her?

Liam: It's funny, I asked all the same questions, but no, she swears none of that happened, which -- which leaves two consenting adults, my wife and my father.

Wyatt: Geez. How? Why?

Liam: He was consoling her over a kiss that I confessed to and apologized for. But it doesn't matter. They're... they both consented, which means they're both responsible.

Wyatt: Steffy didn't even defend herself? What did -- what did she say to you?

Liam: She -- she begged me for forgiveness. What do you think? But I... how am I -- how am I supposed to forgive something like that? I mean, even if logic is telling me that we have a baby coming, i can't -- I can't look at my own damn wife in the eye. That doesn't -- that's not gonna change. What -- what she and dad did... that is the most disgusting, heinous thing they could do to me.

Wyatt: What -- what about the baby?

Liam: Yeah, well, that's -- that's the tragedy, isn't it, is that baby's the real victim. I feel sick to my stomach. I-I got to get out of here, i think.

Wyatt: Where you going?

Liam: I got a -- I got a hotel room.

Wyatt: Dude, you can stay with me.

Liam: What? With dad and steffy camped outside? I can't do that.

Wyatt: [ Sighs ]

Liam: I got to get lost. I got to pick up whatever pieces of me are left. It's moment to moment, breath to breath, you know? Thank you. Thank you for listening.

Wyatt: Yeah, I mean...

Bill: Can we please talk?

Liam: I have nothing to say to you.

Wyatt: I don't blame him.

Bill: I'm not asking for your forgiveness. I don't deserve it. But you have to find it in your heart to forgive steffy.

Liam: Don't you say her name!

Wyatt: Okay, okay, okay.

Bill: She doesn't deserve your hate, liam. I do. You can't turn your back on your wife and the family you have coming.

Liam: [ Chuckles ] You talking about family is a joke!

Bill: There's nobody better to talk to you about family than me! I wasn't there for mine. Don't make the same mistake i did, liam. Not being there for your children. Not providing a stable, loving home for your son or daughter. Don't do it, son. Don't do it. I'm warning you, liam. You walk out on steffy, it will be the biggest mistake of your life.

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