B&B Transcript Tuesday 1/2/18

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 1/2/18


Episode # 7745 ~ Carter delivers a surprising amends and admission to a startled Maya; Liam demands answers from Steffy about why she had a paternity test.

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Liam: What is this? Is that a paternity test? Why would your doctor order that? Why would there be any reason to order that?

Steffy: I-I-I need -- I need some -- some water.

Bill: Liam can never find out what happened.

Justin: Yeah, but you slept with his wife. Do you really think you can hide that? That you can be in the same room with her?

Bill: I can, and I will.

Justin: What about steffy?

Bill: She's not gonna say anything. And neither will you.

Justin: You have my silence. Always.

Rick: [ Chuckles ]

Maya: You working late?

Rick: I shouldn't be working too late. Just until I finish this report for ridge.

Maya: I have to commend you, by the way, because I know that you wanted to confront him at christmas, and you didn'T.

Rick: What ridge did with quinn was disgusting. And he's gonna hear about it from me, but christmas was not the place and time. I have to run downstairs for a bit. I'll see you soon, okay?

Maya: Yes, please. Okay.

Rick: Okay.

Maya: Okay.

Rick: Bye.

Maya: Bye.

[ Sighs ]

Nicole: Oh, hey, rick.

Rick: Hey.

Nicole: Do you -- do you need any help?

Rick: No, that's okay. I'm just wrapping things up. Let me guess. You just came from the daycare.

Nicole: I couldn't help it. I had to check on lizzy.

Rick: Maya, too. I think she checks on her like every hour.

Nicole: Well, so do you, from what I hear.

Rick: [ Chuckles ] Guilty. You know, I don't say this enough. Thank you. Thank you for giving us a family.

Carter: And one more right here.

Maya: Okay.

Carter: New year, new docs.

Maya: New headache for you.

Carter: It's fine. It's part of the gig.

Maya: How was the holiday?

Carter: It was good. It was pretty quiet, but nice to get a break. How about you?

Maya: It was great. Christmas at eric's, too much food, holiday cheer, all that.

[ Chuckles ] Carter? What's going on?

Justin: Hey, you made a mistake, but you're a good dad. Look, I mean it, bill. You are. Stepping aside like this.

Bill: They're married, justin. They have a baby on the way! It's the only option!

Justin: [ Scoffs ] You can have steffy if you want. But you're being loyal to your son.

Bill: I'm trying.

Justin: I repeat -- you are a good dad.

Liam: Explain this.

Steffy: Uh, I-I-I had a doctor's appointment. It was just a-a test, a routine test.

Liam: No, no. This is not routine. They only order this if you're not sure who the father is.

Steffy: It's you! You're the father! No question!

Liam: But there was. You questioned it. You ordered this, didn't you?

Steffy: I asked the doctor for a complete checkup! Liam, I'm -- I'm having your baby! It's our child! Why can't we just leave it at that?

Liam: Leave it -- forget that you didn't know who the father was?!

Steffy: It's you! W-w-what were you doing in my purse, anyways?

Liam: Are you -- are you kidding me? Your phone went off. I heard it. I was gonna bring it to you, and then I found this! It was sticking right out, steffy! Why did you order a paternity test?

Rick: So, how long you in town?

Nicole: Well, I promised katie I'd stay at least until the new website launches. Of course, then I'll have to fly back again for the next showing.

Rick: It's a good thing we have that jet.

Nicole: Right? Hey, you and maya should fly back with me next time, take a vacation.

Rick: Vacation? Blah.

Nicole: No, seriously. You and maya are so busy. I'm concerned.

Rick: We're fine.

Nicole: Okay. Just promise me that in between parenting and your careers, you will take time for each other.

Maya: Carter? I know you. Looks like you got a lot on your mind.

Carter: Kinda, but it's fine, maya. It's no big deal.

Maya: Come on! You can talk to me. All right. What's up?

Carter: Maybe it's the holidays or maybe it's seeing you so happy. I want to apologize, maya. I should have handled things better when I first found out.

Maya: Oh. Hey, forget about it. I've had worse reactions, believe me.

Carter: Well, I have forgotten about it, all of it. How you're born is a nonissue. All that matters is who you are right now. Beautiful, strong woman.

Maya: Carter, what are you...

Carter: I miss you.

Maya: What?

Carter: I miss us.

Bill: You sound like liam. I just keep hearing his voice in my head over and over again about -- about how loyal I am, how grateful he is for my support after everything that happened. And he has no idea. And he never will.

Justin: Don't feel guilty.

Bill: I won't let him down. I'll be the father he thinks i am.

[ Sighs ]

[ Seagulls calling ]

Steffy: It turns out the test wasn't even necessary. I didn't even need it.

Liam: "Turns out"?

Steffy: Can we just forget about this, please?

Liam: N-- no. I need answers right now.

Steffy: I don't even know what you're asking. The doctor does all sorts of tests.

Liam: Don't -- don't -- please don't try to convince me this is some kind of standard test. You obviously had some reason to doubt that I'm the father, that

I'm the father! Now, why would that be? Why would that be? 'Cause I-I-I sure as hell know that you wouldn'T... was it that night? Was it that night we had a fight after I kissed sally? It was one kiss, and I told you everything right away because that's what we do, right? That's who I thought we are to each other.

Steffy: We are, liam! We are!

Liam: Then what?! What, steffy? You just -- you just ran off and -- and... the guesthouse. The -- the -- it was the guesthouse. Quinn told me you went to the guesthouse, and you -- you said you were just driving around! You lied to me!

Steffy: No, no, no, I didn't lie to you!

Liam: Then tell me the truth, steffy! I need to know right now!

Steffy: Liam, please don't let me relive it!

Liam: So you -- it is -- it is true. Oh, my god. Oh, my god. Oh! We renewed our vows that night! You -- we -- we renewed our vows, and you were so hesitant because -- I thought because of what I did, but --

Steffy: We -- we renewed our vows! You wanted to start fresh! We wanted to forget about the past!

Liam: How can I forget what i don't even know in the first place?! What did you do, steffy?! Were you -- were you with someone that night? Were you?

Rick: Maybe you're right. Maybe I should surprise maya with a trip. We have been exhausted lately between work and lizzy. Don't get me wrong. Parenthood is what we both wanted. But it's constant work. It's worth it, but it's constant.

Nicole: I get it. I mean, it doesn't have to be anything exotic. It could just be taking her out to dinner or spending the night at a hotel. It's the little things that add up that keep the relationship alive. What? It's important. I mean, I spend a lot of time, more time than I'd like to, away from my husband, so trust me, i know.

Maya: Carter, I'm married. I'm a mother.

Carter: That's why I didn't want to say anything, but it's -- it's been eating away at me. And I don't know how things are going with you and rick --

Maya: They're great! Look at me! Pure bliss.

Carter: Well, yeah, you know, but, you know, things happen. Sometimes marriages work. They don'T.

Maya: You know what? That's not funny.

Carter: I'm sorry. But for real, you have to remember what we were to each other. We had some good times, maya, acting for "room 8." We were engaged. We had fun times, maya. We were great together. Look, if your situation changes, if you think you're out of options...you're not.

Justin: Part of you had to wonder about having a life with steffy.

Bill: It's true. I did. Briefly. But I have a second chance with my son, and I'm grateful for it. I'm not gonna blow it.

Justin: A second chance because of steffy.

Bill: I owe everything to her. She gave me my son back. And liam's gonna be part of his kid's life from the start. I mean, you and I both know what it costs missing out on that. But liam? Liam will bond with his baby from day one. I'm not gonna deprive him of that. My dreams, my desires... this time they take a backseat.

Liam: It doesn't even make any sense. I mean, you were -- you were so upset with me kissing someone, and then you run off and --

Steffy: I was upset! I wasn't even thinking!

Liam: That doesn't explain you sleeping with someone!

Steffy: [ Voice breaking ] Liam, liam, you don't understand.

Liam: Then make me, steffy! Make me understand!

Steffy: [ Sobbing ] If i could take this all back...

Liam: What did you do? Tell me what you did.

Steffy: I drove around. That part is true, and I... I went to my grandfather's guesthouse. I just -- I didn't want to see anyone. I just wanted to be alone.

Liam: Until you didn'T. Until you invited... someone over.

Steffy: I didn't invite him! He just showed up! It was innocent at first. I don't even know when it turned. Liam, I was just in so much pain. I -- he was just there. And I-I don'T...

Liam: He has a name, steffy. You can use it. Wyatt.

Steffy: No.

Liam: You slept with my brother.

Steffy: No. Not your brother.

Carter: The last thing I want to do is interfere with your marriage, maya. Rick's a good guy. I just wonder if he's right for you.

Maya: Well, I married him, so yeah.

Carter: You said you know me? I know you, too. I can't help but feel like something's missing.

Maya: Nothing is missing.

Carter: You sure?

Maya: Yes. I'm sure. Look, carter, you are so sweet. And I will always care for you, but not like this. Not anymore. I am very happy with rick, so i won't mention this to him. But I need to make sure we're clear. You are a wonderful man, and there is a woman out there for you. But it's not me.

Justin: So your feelings for steffy, you think they'll just fade?

Bill: [ Sighs ] I put them away before. But there was a connection, justin, a powerful connection. Might say there was a, I don't know, a-a knowing from the moment we met. And we locked into eye contact, and there was this undeniable understanding. Things would be very different today if I hadn't ended it with steffy when katie had her health concerns. But I locked my feelings away then. And I can do it again. There's a family. There's -- there's a baby on the way. And I want to do everything i can to support that. Liam and steffy, they -- they must be celebrating right now. And you know what? I'm gonna celebrate right along with them.

Justin: All right.

Bill: To liam and steffy.

Justin: Liam and steffy.

Bill: My son deserves the best. And now he's got it.

Steffy: I don't even know how to explain what happened. I just lost my mind.

Liam: You still haven't said who.

Steffy: It doesn't matter.

Liam: You don't decide that. Do I know him?

Steffy: It doesn't matter! It doesn't matter! He was like a -- like a sounding board, like a -- like a friendly ear! Liam, I should have told you, and I tried to tell you! And then carter showed up to renew our vows, and I started to believe that this fresh start that you were pushing for was possible. But I couldn'T. I couldn't forget. I kept hating myself until today. I finally, finally had a moment of peace. Knowing that I'm having your baby, I knew that everything was okay and that we were gonna have the life we dreamed of.

Liam: Who...was it?

Steffy: I can'T.

Liam: I need to know, steffy.

Steffy: No, you don't! No, you don't! I will be the best wife! I will be the best mother! You will never have to question me devotion to you or our marriage!

Liam: What kind of marriage is that where I am always wondering who it is that slept with my wife, steffy?! Tell me!

Steffy: I can'T.

Liam: Yes, you can!

Steffy: No, I can't!

Liam: Tell me! You have to! Tell me right now!

Steffy: It was bill! It was your father. . .

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