B&B Transcript Friday 12/22/17

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 12/22/17


Episode # 7741 ~ The Logan, Forrester and Avant families come together for Christmas; Eric and Brooke make toasts about the history of their families; a couple announce their engagement.

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Brooke: [ Sighs ] It's so beautiful.

Ridge: Merry christmas. Everything's come full circle, hasn't it?

Brooke: Yeah, it all started here in this room.

Ridge: What's wrong?

Brooke: Nothing.

Ridge: It's 'cause we've been talking about christmas, right? And the famous logan sisters together. Is that it?

Brooke: I wish we could all be together for christmas. But I have you and R.J.

Ridge: You always will. Mmm.

Brooke: [ Chuckles ]

Quinn: I think it's gonna be good.

Eric: Oh, I heard the front door. I thought so.

Ridge: Hey.

Brooke: Ah!

Ridge: Merry christmas, dad. Thanks for having us.

Quinn: Merry christmas.

Brooke: Merry christmas.

Quinn: Merry christmas.

Brooke: I smell something great!

Quinn: Well, you should. Pam and charlie have been holed up in the kitchen since we got back from the shelter.

Eric: They're like a couple of kids in there. Ivy and katie are helping them, so...

Ridge: Well, speaking of kids, look at that.

Rick: Kids? You mean adults.

Eric: Were you up there long enough? You think?

Maya: Hi! Hi!

Ridge: Good to see you.

Maya: Aw, look at you! Hello. Merry christmas. Hi. Merry christmas.

Brooke: Merry christmas. So where's my lovely granddaughter?

Maya: She is upstairs taking a nap.

[ Cellphone rings ]

Ridge: Oh, excuse me.

Eric: Zende's flight was postponed again?

Ridge: Hey. You made it? Good. I've got a car waiting for you. All right, this is gonna be great.

[ Chatter ]

Eric: Is everything all right?

Ridge: Yeah, no, I get to spend christmas with you guys and with this beautiful woman. What could possibly make it better?

All: Aww.

Eric: Your mom and dad are coming, right?

Nicole: Yes, they are coming.

Eric: Where are they?

Katie: So, this is it? I just -- I just keep...

Pam: Just keep stirring, katie. Stirring.

Charlie: But gently. Very gently.

Ivy: So, uh, so will is spending christmas with his dad?

Katie: Uh, yeah, yeah, I'm gonna head over there later on.

Pam: We'll save him a big piece of the yule log.

Charlie: Yule log. My god, pammy, did you put the cake in the fridge?!

Pam: Katie did. She's the one logan we can trust in the kitchen.

Katie: Thanks, pam.

Pam: Thank you, katie.

Brooke: Oh, well, hello! Eric said you were all hard at work in here.

Charlie: [ Chuckles ]

Brooke: So, is there anything I can do to help?

Eric: This one thorne made.

Vivienne: Oh.

Julius: [ Chuckles ] That's, uh, that's interesting.

Thorne: Yeah, I had an eye for design before I even knew it.

Eric: It's another reason I'm glad you're home.

Thorne: Ha!

Eric: Keep learning.

[ Laughter ]

Steffy: Hello.

Ridge: Oh!

Steffy: Hi.

Ridge: Wow! Look at you. Hi, sweetie.

Steffy: Hi.

Ridge: Merry christmas.

Steffy: Merry christmas.

Ridge: Merry christmas.

Liam: Merry christmas.

Brooke: Well, looks like almost everybody's here.

Ridge: Almost.

Wyatt: Hey, hey. Look who I found outside in the bushes looking for mistletoe.

R.J.: Hey.

Quinn: Ohh! Oh, sweetheart!

Wyatt: Hi.

Quinn: Ohh!

Wyatt: Merry christmas.

Quinn: Merry christmas!

Wyatt: These are for you.

Quinn: Oh, thank you. Get a drink. I'm gonna put them under the tree.

Wyatt: Okay, all right.

Brooke: Oh, honey.

Coco: Thank you so much for letting me spend this day with you all.

Brooke: Of course. That's what this holiday's all about.

R.J.: I'm sorry that hope and bridget didn't make it.

Brooke: Oh, I know. Me, too. But they're really busy. At least you're here. Oh, I wish aunt donna could be here, too. You know how much fun she has with me and katie at the holidays.

Eric: Everyone, just a second, please!

Quinn: Ahem!

Eric: Everybody.

[ Clears throat ] Thank you very much.

Quinn: [ Laughs ]

Eric: Thanks for being here. And most especially, I want to thank you for being at the homeless shelter this morning serving breakfast with us. It means a lot to me this time of the year. It's a very, very important tradition for this family. It's something I'm very proud to share with all of you. Happy holidays.

All: Happy holidays!

Coco: Happy holidays.

Maya: Happy holidays!

Ridge: Happy holidays.

Katie: Hi. Merry christmas. Do you guys want anything?

Steffy: I'm okay, thank you.

Katie: Good? All right.

Wyatt: Nice earrings, by the way.

Katie: Uh...

Ridge: Hey.

Katie: Do you, um, want, um, hors d'oeuvres?

Brooke: Thank you.

Ridge: Thank you.

Katie: Sure.

Ridge: All right.

Katie: Hi.

Eric: Katie, pam let you out of the kitchen?

Katie: Yeah, yeah, just, um, you know, briefly. I just wanted to say merry christmas to everyone. So I'm gonna leave these here.

Eric: Thank you. Thanks.

Steffy: Zende caught his flight?

Nicole: He's still waiting. Oh, you know, have a drink. Here.

Steffy: Oh.

Nicole: Cheers.

Liam: Cheers.

Nicole: I haven't gotten to talk to you guys. How are you doing?

Liam: Uh, amazing.

Steffy: Yeah. Yeah.

Nicole: Sure seems like it.

Steffy: [ Chuckles ]

[ Cellphone rings ]

Nicole: Excuse me. Sorry.

Liam: No, no worries.

Steffy: It's fine.

Liam: Can you believe that by this time next year we are gonna have our own baby here celebrating its first christmas? People are gonna freak out when we tell them.

Steffy: Not yet, though. It's still early.

Liam: No, I know. I know that. But doesn't mean we don't have a lot to be excited about.

Wyatt: Hi.

Katie: Wyatt, someone's gonna see us.

Wyatt: No, no, no, it's fine. I got us mistletoe.

Katie: Oh? Oh. Oh.

[ Laughs ] There's no mistletoe.

Wyatt: No, there's no mistletoe. I'm glad we got to spend christmas together.

Katie: Yeah, me, too.

Wyatt: Yeah?

Vivienne: The family is so excited to have you back home, thorne.

Thorne: Yeah, well, I loved paris. I learned a lot there. But it was time to come home. Everything I love is here.

Brooke: Oh, excuse me. Uh, katie.

Katie: Yeah?

Brooke: I saw you and wyatt. I don't think anybody else did.

Katie: Okay, okay. I'll -- I'll -- we'll be more careful.

Brooke: But you both looked very happy.

Katie: Yeah, we are. I hope you're happy with ridge.

Brooke: Oh. Thanks.

R.J.: Dad.

Ridge: Uh-huh?

R.J.: It seems like mom's really missing her family.

Coco: It's too bad they couldn't make it.

Ridge: Well, this is the time of year when you start missing people. But you never know what a little holiday magic can do.

Katie: Donna?! Oh, my gosh! Oh, I can't believe it!

Brooke: I know. I have been trying to call you.

Donna: Oh, I am so sorry i didn't answer. I-I-I was afraid I'd give it away. Ridge made me promise not to spoil the surprise.

Brooke: [ Sighs ] Ridge? You did this?

Ridge: Merry christmas.

Brooke: Oh. I can't believe it.

Ridge: This is nice. Is this new?

Thorne: It's good to see the logan sisters back together again.

Ridge: Well, when I heard that bridget and hope weren't coming, I had to do something.

Eric: It was a wonderful surprise, ridge.

Thorne: It sure was.

Ridge: This season has been full of them, hasn't it?

Donna: Oh! Come on, pammy! Admit it. You miss me.

Pam: Well -- oh, no, no!

Brooke: Ah! I think we should find some aprons and pitch in.

Pam: Oh.

Donna: Oh.

Pam: No, that's okay.

Donna: I forgot how much fun this can be.

Katie: Come on, pam. The more, the merrier, right?

Pam: Well... oh, you --

[ Laughter ]

Brooke: Hey!

Julius: You know, we used to go dancing like this.

Maya: What are you trying to do to my husband?

[ Laughter ]

Rick: Is lizzy still asleep?

Maya: Yes. I was hoping that she'd be awake for presents, but, uh, you know...

Julius: Listen, your beautiful daughter already has everything she could possibly need.

Vivienne: Yeah. Growing up surrounded by love and good people. I wish that for every child.

[ Chatter ]

Ridge: Hi.

Brooke: Hi. [ Laughs ]

Ridge: What was that commotion in the kitchen?

Brooke: Oh, just too much excitement.

Ridge: Too many logan girls in one place, huh?

Brooke: Yeah. Thank you.

Ridge: I love you.

Brooke: Speaking of logan girls...

Ridge: Okay. Dad. Hey. Thank you for this. Thank you for hosting.

Eric: Of course. I look forward to this all year long. You know that. But this year, having thorne here and seeing you and brooke together, it's -- it's more special than ever.

Ridge: More special than you know.

[ Sighs ] Excuse me! Could I -- could I please have everyone's attention just for a moment? And when I say a moment, I mean that because I know my dad wants to thank everybody, and that's gonna take a little while.

[ Laughter ] I just -- I want to say how grateful I am to be here, here in this house that has so many wonderful memories for so many of us. And thank you, dad, quinn, for filling this house with christmas spirit and with people that we love and cherish and adore. And this is no reflection on any of you guys, but there is one person here that I love and cherish and adore more than any of you.

[ Laughter ] My beautiful logan. And I don't even know why. Maybe it's because we have a really cool family together or maybe because we have a history. And despite that history, we still keep finding our way back to each other, and that makes my heart sing. Um... christmas came early for me this year. I asked this beautiful creature to marry me, and she said yes.

[ All cheering ]

[ Applause ] I love you.

Brooke: I love you.

R.J.: Wait, wait. Really?

Brooke: Yes. Really.

R.J.: [ Laughing ] Guys! Guys! Congratulations!

Ridge: Thank you.

Brooke: [ Laughs ]

Pam: To ridge and brooke!

[ Cheers and applause ]

Thorne: Congratulations from all of us! Cheers.

[ Chatter ]

Katie: Aww, sissy!

[ Laughter ]

Maya: Your mom looks happy.

Rick: That's all I want for her.

Maya: Sounds like ridge wants that, too.

Katie: This is amazing. I knew that you would make the right decision for you.

Donna: It's your destiny. I am so happy I could be here for this announcement.

Brooke: Me, too.

Donna: Aww, come here.

Katie: We're all together! Oh, my gosh.

Steffy: Wow. You and brooke have gone through a lot to get back here.

Ridge: Well, like we said, hard times can give you a really good appreciation of what you have together.

Eric: Everyone, uh, just a moment, if you will. I was going to say in a speech right now that I am the happiest man in the world tonight. But I think maybe ridge would take exception to that.

[ Laughter ] Congratulations to you two. I-I couldn't be happier. Having my family here in this room like this, celebrating the holidays together again after so many years, it just fills my heart with -- with pride and -- and with joy. And it's not just how beautiful it is and how beautiful you all are or the food and the decorations and all the music. What I love most is seeing how much you love each other, the love that surpasses any difficulties and differences you've had. I see it and I cherish it. I'm so glad we could all be here today.

Brooke: Thank you, eric, for making us all feel so welcome.

Katie: Hear, hear.

Brooke: Here we are again, all of us together in the forrester mansion -- the forresters, the logans, spencers, the avants. We're all carrying on the same tradition, and we're making new memories, new holiday memories to add to our history. Sometimes I wish that christmas was every single day, because people are so kind and so generous, and not just to their family members but to people they've just met. I think that's what makes christmas so meaningful, and that's why we look forward to it every single year. Just go outside and look around and to see how people treat each other with kindness and respect, gratitude. No smile and no kind gesture goes unnoticed. And everybody is celebrating each unique, beautiful tradition around the world. So thank you, everybody, for being here today and celebrating this special occasion with all of us. Happy holidays to each and every one of you.

All: Happy holidays!

[ Glasses clinking ]

[ Chatter ]

Julius: Silent night

holy night

Maya: All is calm

all is bright

Nicole: Round yon virgin

mother and child

Rick: Holy infant so tender and mild

All: Sleep in heavenly peace

sleep in heavenly peace

Eric: Well, that was beautiful. That was so beautiful. All right, here we are.

All: Joy to the world

the lord has come

let earth receive her king

let every heart prepare him room

and heaven and nature sing

and heaven and nature sing

and heaven and heaven and nature sing

Mccook: From our family to yours...

All: Happy holidays!

[ Cheers and applause ]

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