B&B Transcript Tuesday 11/28/17

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 11/28/17


Episode # 7723 ~ Thorne makes a heartfelt confession to Brooke about why he stayed away for so long; Liam is grateful to be back in good graces with Steffy and Bill, unaware of the secret that they are keeping from him.

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Thorne: I like the cut.

Brooke: Oh, thanks. My girl had an opening, and i just wanted to change things up a bit.

Thorne: Well, it looks really good.

Brooke: [ Laughs ] Okay, you don't have to butter me up. You're welcome to stay here for as long as you need.

Thorne: I appreciate it. I'm sure I'll find another place soon.

Brooke: It's okay. I'm just so glad you're here.

Thorne: It's time. I've missed this crazy city.

Brooke: And our crazy family?

Thorne: How could I not?

Brooke: I heard you and ridge getting into it earlier. I hope there's no tension there.

Thorne: No, we're fine. It just rubs me the wrong way when he calls me "little brother," you know? It was funny when we were kids, but...it's not so funny anymore.

Ridge: Wow, that's beautiful.

Quinn: I'm glad you approve. I wasn't sure if it would work, but I think it's gonna go really well with the earrings.

Ridge: Yeah, the clients will eat it up.

Quinn: That's the hope.

Ridge: Hey.

Quinn: Mm-hmm?

Ridge: Thanks again for thanksgiving. Feeding the family.

Quinn: Oh, well, pam and charlie really deserve all the credit. But it was a really nice holiday. The best part is sheila carter didn't crash it.

Pam: Thank you, luca.

Sheila: Bread?

Pam: [ Gasps ] Geez louise! Sheila! You scared me.

Sheila: [ Chuckles ] I'm sorry, pam.

Pam: I thought you left los angeles?

Sheila: Well, I... I was thinking about that, but I really can't afford to lose this job.

Pam: Does eric know you're still in town?

Sheila: I don't know. But don't worry, I'm -- I'm not gonna bother eric or anyone else.

Liam: Well, I'm excited to be back, dad. Working with you and, uh, wyatt again.

Bill: It's good to have you, son. And I meant what I said about wanting to help sally and the spectras as much as possible. Anything they need. It's the least I can do.

Liam: I really appreciate that, and I'm sure sally will, too.

Wyatt: So that's it? One big jolly family?

Liam: [ Chuckles ] Well, it sure appears that way. And I owe it all to steffy.

Pam: You better not make any more trouble for eric.

Sheila: I won'T. I won't, pam. I swear.

Pam: I heard about your latest stunt with mateo, the estate manager.

Sheila: That was very wrong of me. I should not have done that.

Pam: You could have wrecked eric's marriage. Broken his heart.

Sheila: Look, I know. But I have to admit, I still have concerns about quinn. I don't think that she can be the loyal wife to eric that he deserves.

Quinn: How are you and brooke now that she left bill?

Ridge: She's ending her marriage, hopefully for good.

Quinn: Leaving you and brooke to finally have another chance.

Thorne: Honestly, I'm kind of embarrassed to admit this, but... ridge's attitude is part of the reason I stayed away.

Brooke: Like when he calls you "little brother"? Thorne, I had no idea that bothered you so much.

Thorne: Well, it's his way of putting me in my place. To remind me that he's leader of this company and this family.

Brooke: Are you sure it's not just a term of endearment?

Thorne: Ha! Yeah, no, I'm sure about that. That's not at all what it is.

Bill: I know I've hurt you, liam.

Liam: Yeah, but you're not the only one to blame. I mean, we've all made mistakes.

Bill: No, I... I went too far. I've done some things that a father should never do to his son.

Liam: Well, it's important that I own my part, too.

Bill: Whatever you've done, liam, it -- it doesn't compare to what I did. But I can promise you that, um, I will never be that man again.

Sheila: Would you like some more iced tea?

Pam: Oh, no, thanks. I actually have to go soon. To the cemetery. I'm visiting stephanie's grave.

Sheila: Oh, that's nice. Are you and charlie going?

Pam: No, I -- I usually go alone.

Sheila: Well, that's got to be hard.

Pam: I've asked other people to come with me, but the truth is, it either creeps them out or makes them too sad. I don't know, it -- it gives me comfort.

Sheila: Being close to your sister.

Pam: Yeah. Ridge still visits alone once in a while, and eric not so much since he married quinn. It's okay, though. I don't mind going by myself.

Sheila: Well, I mean, you know how I feel about stephanie, given our past, but I... I always had tremendous respect for her.

Pam: Thanks, sheila. That means a lot.

Sheila: I don't mean to overstep, pam... but I'd go with you, if you want the company.

Ridge: You know what I am, quinn?

Quinn: Hm?

Ridge: I am optimistic.

Quinn: Well, that's the right attitude.

Ridge: It is, right? I'm not gonna screw this up. I'm gonna -- I'm gonna put our family back together. I'm -- I'm not messing this up this time.

Quinn: You better not.

Ridge: I won't, because i have learned my lesson. And I'm not gonna push her. Not -- not too much. I'm gonna give her space.

Quinn: I imagine the divorce is still a few months away.

Ridge: Bill doesn't want it. He says that brooke is the one for him. He's not gonna make it easy.

Quinn: That guy is so selfish. Does he ever make anything easy?

Ridge: No. But we'll figure it out. We will. Let's talk about something else.

Quinn: All right. Oh! Have you heard back from international about all those orders?

Ridge: I have not. But the good news is, thorne has moved back to los angeles. You can ask him yourself.

Thorne: Ridge is the oldest. It's natural to want to mess with your younger siblings. And apparently it's something you never grow out of.

Brooke: Ridge can be a little rough around the edges, but... that's what makes him so irresistible.

Thorne: Oh, is that what it is? Well, he is charming. I'll give him that. And ambitious. But I have to admit, I did get all the good looks.

Brooke: You both are very handsome.

Thorne: It's amazing how different we are, though, considering we're half-brothers.

Brooke: Yeah. You're really nothing alike. But you're both incredible men.

Thorne: Thanks. I will try to be patient with him, okay? I'm not perfect, either. But ridge has been given a lot. He's got it all. Run of the company. Dad's affection. Your love. And maybe he deserves it. I don't know. I just hope he appreciates you, brooke.

Wyatt: So, you two are all warm and fuzzy now? Spencers reunited as one!

Bill: What's wrong with you?

Wyatt: What?

Bill: You should be supporting this. It's a positive step.

Wyatt: I'm just a little surprised, that's all.

Liam: Well, maybe dad and i got tired of being at odds with each other and decided to move on.

Wyatt: Well, I hope it sticks, and that you two aren't at each other's throats by this time next week.

Liam: Yeah, well, I don't think steffy's gonna let that happen. She's, after all, responsible for all of this, and I know I owe her.

Steffy: I don't deserve any credit.

Liam: Stop. None of us would be here right now if it weren't for you.

Steffy: You're the one who made it possible for me to believe that we can move forward. Renewing our vows. Reminding me that we can create blank slate, and we can forget about yesterday and start focusing on tomorrow. And that's exactly what we're gonna do. All of us.

Sheila: You know, I-I really meant what I said. I really think that we have more in common than we realize.

Pam: What do you mean by that?

Sheila: Well, I... I heard about what happened between you and donna logan. I mean, up at big bear. With the bears and the honey.

Pam: Yeah...

Donna: [ Yells, gasping ]

[ Bear growling ]

Pam: [ Laughs ]

Donna: [ Gasps ]

[ Screams ]

[ Bear roars ]

Pam: [ Scoffs ] I don't really like to talk about that.

[ Chuckles nervously ]

Sheila: Pam, I'm not judging you. Believe me, I've had plenty of moments of my own.

Pam: Yeah. I've heard.

Sheila: I just -- I think that people have misunderstood you. They call you the crazy sister from chicago. And they refer to me as "crazy sheila." And you know what, I probably deserve a lot of that. But like you, I've changed. I-I want to be a better person. And -- and one way to start with that is to reach out and create new friendships. You know what?

Pam: What?

Sheila: What do you think, pam? You think we could be friends?

Thorne: I'm not here to complain about my brother. I don't want any more conflict between us.

Brooke: I'm sure he doesn't want that, either.

Thorne: Well, it would be nice if we could see eye-to-eye for a change. You know, dad's getting older. He wants peace between us. I want that, too.

Brooke: You've both grown, and both matured.

Thorne: Yeah, well, we've always gotten along when we're on separate continents. It's when you put us in the same room together that's the problem.

Brooke: [ Scoffs ] Thorne, you guys are brothers! I know you care about each other. Why can't you just be friends?

Thorne: I would like to bring the family together. It seems like there's been a lot of turmoil lately.

Brooke: [ Sighs ] More than usual.

Thorne: You know, no one ever told me why you and ridge broke up. You had the wedding planned in australia. Why didn't that happen?

Quinn: Really? Eric must be so happy that he's home.

Ridge: It's his son. Of course he's happy.

Quinn: He's been in europe for a few years now.

Ridge: He pulled away after his daughter died.

Quinn: Oh, aly. That's right. Poor thing. Well, how is he doing? Is he dating anyone?

Thorne: I don't know. I guess not.

Quinn: You seem irritated. Are you not happy that he's back?

Ridge: I'm not irritated at all. He gets on my nerves sometimes, but we... we used to lock horns when we were kids, but there's no reason for that now.

Quinn: Ohh. But you're so competitive. All that testosterone.

Ridge: There is nothing to compete about.

Quinn: No? You're not afraid he's gonna take your job?

Ridge: Well, listen, I-I'm sure he's good at whatever it is that he does, and I'm good at running things. So, now, I am not worried about my little brother.

Liam: So, I scheduled a meeting with the city next week. We might have to tweak a few of the plans.

Wyatt: Uh, dad's not gonna budge on the parking garage, so, I don't --

Liam: Well, he might have to. I mean, five floors is a lot, and you know most of that's gonna go to valet. And if he wants a second helipad, then we're gonna have to give up on the solar panels, and I already told him I'm not giving up on the solar panels.

Wyatt: Okay, what's going on here?

Liam: I told you, I'm not backing down on the environmental stuff. I think that's really important for the building.

Wyatt: No, I'm not talking about the -- forget about the building, here. I'm talking about you and dad. Because I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Liam: What are you talking about? Dad and I called a truce. What, that bothers you?

Wyatt: No, I'm just saying, not long ago you were blackmailing him and threatening to put him in jail, and he was pissed. I have never seen him so angry. And now, all of a sudden, he's what, mr. Forgiveness?

Liam: Listen, dad made a mistake, I almost died. That woke us both up.

[ Wyatt scoffs ] That doesn't mean I'm giving up on the cause I was fighting for. But I apologized to dad. We worked it out. And you should be grateful, by the way, that our family's not falling apart anymore.

Wyatt: I am. I'm fine. I-I just -- I don't know. I-I... I don't get it. I still think that there's something going on here. More than you even realize.

Bill: I'm glad you came in with liam.

Steffy: He insisted.

Bill: I hate seeing you so upset, steffy. I don't want things to be difficult between us.

Steffy: We shouldn't have done what we did. How did we let that happen?

Pam: I can't believe that I'm saying this right now, but I really like talking to you, sheila. I know that I shouldn'T. But I do.

Sheila: Well, thank you. You know, I'm gonna take that as a compliment.

Pam: Okay. [ Chuckles ]

Sheila: A-and I mean it. If -- if you want to get together for -- for coffee or -- or dinner sometime... I'm here all alone, pam. I-I really don't have anyone. I-I know you have charlie. And he seems like a great guy.

Pam: He is. But, truthfully, I-I don't have that many girlfriends at the moment. Had kind of a falling out at the baking club.

Sheila: Well, those ladies, they just don't appreciate you. But I do. And if you'd let me, I'D... I'd really like to be your friend.

Quinn: I know you agreed to give brooke some space --

Ridge: I reluctantly agreed.

Quinn: Yeah, but it's got to be so hard for you. I mean, I know you adore her. You -- you love your family, you love your son. It's got to go against every instinct for you not to run over there and sweep her off her feet.

Ridge: Oh, I get doubts, but I have to be patient. Ask me again tomorrow if I can be patient. But I have to try. We have a chance. And nothing and no one is gonna get in our way.

Thorne: You and my brother were supposed to get married in sydney. What happened? He cheat on you? Was there someone else? Of course. There's always another woman with my brother.

Brooke: Thorne, I know you're looking out for me, and I appreciate the concern. Really, I do. I just... I don't want to talk about it.

Thorne: So I'm right. He betrayed you right before the wedding. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I know you don't want to talk about it. But if you ever do, I'm here for you, okay?

Brooke: Thank you. It's good to have you home.

Liam: Okay. Let's hear it. What are you getting at?

Wyatt: I don't know. It's just... it's too easy.

Liam: Too easy?

Wyatt: Yeah.

Liam: Too -- dad and I just went to hell and back. Don't give me "too easy," wyatt.

Wyatt: Exactly. He's -- he's -- he's not the most forgiving person that we know, right? He holds grudges like nobody's business. He never lets anything go. Why now?

Liam: Maybe he learned from the experience? I-I don't know. I mean, I-I did, right? I made bad choices. I went too far. But I have learned to -- to put the past behind me and start clean.

Wyatt: Okay. I hear you. But the way he's acting... I don't know. I think something's up.

Steffy: [ Sighs ] This is killing me. This never should have happened.

Bill: I hate seeing you so upset, steffy. What can I do?

Steffy: Nothing. There's nothing we can do to erase that night. Nothing! I betrayed my husband. I betrayed my vows. My marriage. My husband has faith in me and I-I let him down.

Bill: We. We let him down. I'm his father. I mean, how could I do that to my boy?

Steffy: I know. I know. It was so wrong. I know. I know. [ Sighs ]

Bill: Yes. But put all that aside... and what happened between us that night, with our history and our connection... it wasn't ugly. It wasn't awful. It was... it was beautiful.

Steffy: Bill, I can't be hearing that right now. This never should have happened.

Bill: I'm trying to make it right. I'm trying to make amends with liam, unite the family. But I have mister -- mr. Paranoid, I've got wyatt suspicious, wondering what the hell is going on. I mean, he's a smart guy. He senses something.

Steffy: What? Wyatt cannot know.

Bill: No, of course he can't know.

Steffy: Okay, then, maybe --

Bill: But I'm telling you steffy, his wheels are turning.

Steffy: Maybe I should just tell liam. I can just confess everything.

Bill: No! You can--

Steffy: I can't keep this from him!

Bill: You can't do that. We made a pact, and we're gonna keep it. Liam cannot know. That night with you, it reawakened feelings in me that I had locked away. And I was ready to run away with you. Figure it out. Start a life together. But you want to stay with your husband, my son, who finally forgave me. Then liam can never know. We have to stay quiet. It would devastate him. It would kill him. So we have to keep this secret between us. No one will ever know. .

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